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Cincinnati Chiefs: 2012 News  

Cincinnati Chiefs

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Thursday, August 9
NABF Regionals

That time of year has desended upon the squad as 4 other teams come to Roselawn for the Cincinnati NABF Regionals. Portland Rockets, Chiefs, Springfield Angels, Cincinnati Brew Crew and Yorkville Indiana round out the field. Draw is set, teams are ready, here we go. Chiefs vs Yorkville and Rockets vs Angels in round 1.

Diehls takes the hill and is impressive in 6 innings of work scattering 2 runs and 6 hits in the win. Kroell throws the 7th with 0's. Chiefs bats strike early and often as Ham delivers the big 3 run shot, Baker is hitting lasers and everyone hits. Chiefs go on to an 11-2 win.

Round 2 of the night is against the Brew Crew. After listening to them run their mouths and trot players in, this one is on. Chappy is up and he is on. Complete game mercy victory allowing only 3 hits with 8 K's. Two Crew members enjoy the view from RF as they are pitched for illegal bats and in turn the team gets a giant 11-0 ass kicking. Ham goes yard again as the lineup is hitting.

Round 3 will see the Chiefs play the Rockets. Both teams at full strength and ready to go. The Tribe send Lefty out, Rockets send out big game Billy. Well both teams are out to show up one another as the Chiefs score first. Rockets plate 4 in the 2nd but the Chiefs answer the bell and tack on 3 runs to tie the game. Portland will add 2 runs in the 5th but the guys in green will add 3 runs behind Flamms 3 run shot to CF. Not done yet, in the 5th the Tribe will plate 5 more runs as Spottz hits a Grand Slam to straight away Cf and Cam tries to hit the train tracks. Comes real close too. Chiefs go on to win 12 -7 as verbal pleasantries are exchanged by both dugouts. So now we redraw with three teams left to see who plays at 8:30. Well to say that the outcome stinks is an understatement. NABF officials inform the Chiefs and Rockets that they will play again and right now. No bye for us and we are undeafted. Go figure.

Okay round 4 is a repeat of round 3 in terms of teams. Chiefs send Roe to the hill, Rockets send out there guy. Roe struggles with command issues as the Rockets are still hitting. They  plate 4 in the 1st as they send 9 batters to the plate. Chiefs get 1 back in their half but Portland puts up 1 more in the 2nd. Then the lights go out at Roselawn. Oh the drama. So we move fields as the lights return. Roe gives way to Nate and he stops the Rockets as the Chiefs plate 4 runs in the 3rd. The Portland pitcher bears down as the Cheifs are held in check. The defense then slips up and 2 runs cross in the 4th and 3 in the 6th as the Rockets are up 10-5. Things continue on as the Rockets plate 2 in the 9th and the Chiefs push their last run in as the Rockets win 12 -6. So now the Chiefs sit as Yorkville plays the Rockets tomorrow, winner plays the Chiefs.

We arrive at the park to see that Portland has crushed Yorkville and the finals are set. Chiefs down to their final 2 pitchers, Portland has a fresh arm from the AABC World Series in FL. What a slick move that was. Chiefs pitcher is not on as Portland scores 4 in the 1st, 1 in the 2nd and 3 in the 4th as we finally dent the plate for 2 runs. To little to late as Mitch has the lead and cruises to the win, 10 - 2. So Portland advances to the World Series in New York for the first ever and the Chiefs go home this season. Congrats to the Rockets and good luck as you will need it in the World Series.

A big thank you to all the guys that pulled on the jersey again this summer. Another great year and a lot of fun. We just came up a little short down the stretch. Two more pitchers and we were going back to the show. But that would involve the teams in Cincinnati putting their egos aside and helping each other. Not going to happen anytime soon, as we are reminded.

Update for the NABF WS, Rockets go 1 -4 in pool play.


Friday, July 20
Final Highlights of Season

Well as the old saying goes, better late then never. Here are the final recaps to the 2012 season.

On a nice Saturday afternoon, the Chiefs traveled to Dearborn High School to play Yorkville in a non league game. Chiefs see missing personal as 8 guys dress including lots of pitchers and Ol Hannah. Some how we manage to leave with a win and to top things off, Jeff Hannah goes yard in his only AB in god knows how many years for a 3 run dinger. So that puts us up and ready to go to the City Tournament.

Up first in the City would be the CoBalts. As usual with this game it turns into a hell of a ballgame. Chiefs trot out ol' lefty to the hill. Balts trot out former Chiefs Adrian. Ahh, that is just funny. Well lefty keeps the CoBalts bats silent giving up 3 hits in a complete game shout out. Chiefs take advantage of some sloppy fielding and catching to plate 2 runs and win 2-0.

Next up in round 2 will be the Cincy Bombers of Mt. St. Joe. Roe take the spot on the hill and allows 4 runs in 3 2/3 innings of work. Nate comes on and pitches lights out to hold the Bombers. Chiefs wake up in the 5th and finally score as Neumann 1b and Hamilton drives him in. 6th inning sees GAbe 1b, Diehl bb, Bolia 1b , Tilley singles driving in Gabe, Reeds walks w/ bases loaded, Neumann singles in Alex and Tilley as we plate 4 runs to lead 5-4. Kroell pitches out of runners on second and third to get the win.

Round 3 sees the Chiefs wait for the winner of CoBalts and Bombers. Its the Bombers again. So here we go. White chocolate starts the contest going 3 inning but giving up 5 runs. Ouch. Bombers get 1 in the first, 2 in the 2nd, 2 in the 3rd. Chiefs goet 1 in first then explode for 6 in the 2nd as Hamilton sends one deep into the night sky for a Grand Slam. But in the 5th sees the Chiefs catch a case of can't catch syndrome and the Bombers plate 5 runs on 2 big errors. We answer with 1 little run. Bombers add 2 more in the 7th to put things away as the Cheifs fall 9-12 and commit 7 stinky errors on the night. Horrible, horrible horrible.

Enter the Championship game, yes it the Bombers and Chiefs for all the Marbles. Chiefs jump out to a big lead as we are crushing the baseball but tonight just wouldnt be are night. Again the staff stumbles and the error syndrome returns as we cough up the lead and end up losing 9-10. 

A great start to the City Tournament quickly turned into an ugly affair for the squad as we settle for a 2nd place Trophy. Grrrrrr

Now the Chiefs prepare for whats next. A return trip to the WBC Tourney in Portland Indiana. The Chiefs being a team of the word make the trip. Bad news is we take 10 guys, 5 of them pitchers, 3 never played for us. Oh ***.

Friday night we arrive at Jay County HS, no head coach, no defense to speak of and very little offense. After hands shakes at the plate and telling our "friends" the Jackers to be nice on us. The game quickly turns into a 9-0 mercy ass kicking as I guess they are wanting to make a point. Not sure what it was but hope you feel better about yourselves.

Saturday afternoon we return for game 2 & 3. Again same talk is had with the Rocket boss but in his normal fashion the rout is on as the starters aren't pulled until a 9-0 lead is built in the 4th inning. Well with our backs to the wall and our pride on the line, the scrappy Chiefs dig down and low and behold we have some knocks. Diehls leads of with a 2b, a single and a base on balls and then the big blow arrives. Reeds sends a shot to LC, 6 feet shot of a granny for a bases loaded 2r double. Oh the look on Randy's face and what he said to the pitcher as he pulled him out of the game. Another single and we looking at a 9-3 deficit. A big zero in the 5th for the Rockets and the Chiefs are laughing and carrying on now. In the 6th the Rockets get there last to runs as the game ends 11-3. We might have lost but we sure had fun pissing Randy off.

Our last game pits us against the Lebanon Merchants. The Chiefs are staring down a loaded gun in this game. Lebanon is rested and younger, we are drenched from sweat and there is one hell of a thunderstorm coming our way. But in normal Chiefs fashion, we say lets do it. Chiefs bat are alive and we start hitting the ball around the park. We plate 3 runs in the second inning. Lebanon pushes across 2 runs as we buckle down on defense. One more run in the 5th see us go up 4-2 as the game is called complete just as Mother Nature opens up. 2 1/2 " of rain falls on the complex and the drive home is a wild one for sure but we leave with our heads high and many good memories and laughs. Now we turn our focus to the real Tournament coming up in three days.


Wednesday, July 18
Thank You

The Chiefs hit Roselawn with bodies a plenty for the final CRC game. After watching the outcome of the 6:30 game and seeing nobody for the other team, things look good. Royals show up with 7 guys and a forfit win goes to the Chiefs. So we stick around and play 4 innings of baseball and then head for home. That takes care of that.

Next up will be the Capitals of Chillicothe on Thursday night at 7:30 at Roselawn. Saturday we head for South Dearborn HS to play Yorkville.

Next week we will have a few more games as we get ready for either the City Tourney or skip that and head to a big tourney next weekend.

Stay tuned for details as we are sure that some people are just waiting to see what we do. With all the rumors floating around it never ceases to amaze us as to what level some people with stoop to to make themselves look good.

Wednesday, July 18
Chiefs sweep on Sunday
Sunday saw the Chiefs take the Field at Hille for a DH with the Meridans. An old foe of the team made his way into our dugout but this time wore our colors. Tim Turpin of the famous Evansville Outlaws suited up and played 2 games with the guys. Chiefs start out slow in game 1 but find their stride as Hamilton launches one into the pine trees as the offense wakes up. Chiefs score 6 runs in the final 3 frames and cruise to a 6-0 win. Game 2 sees Lefty take the hill as he puts up K after K. Again Hamilton launches one into the trees in CF as we go onto to win 3 zip. Another good day for the gang as they are starting to get that look in their eyes. Last CRC game next Tuesday night at 8:30 at Roselawn.

Tuesday, July 10
The Showdown
Tuesday night sees your Chiefs take on the CoBalts in the final regular season matchup for the clubs. CoBalts get to Roe early as they put 3 on the board. Hamilton sends a pitch deep into the night for a dinger to cut the deficit to 2 runs. Balts put up 2 more runs to go up 5-1. Chiefs pick their spot and explode as they send the Balts starter to the dugout and tie the game up at 5. The teams settle down and play as the Chiefs scratch out a run to lead 6-5. The CoBalts tie the game up at 6 as the bullpen shook a little but Aicheles and Lefty shut down the threats. Chiefs have two chances to win the game but the CoBalts lefty is doing his job well and denying us that last run. Game is then stopped in the Top of the 9th ties 6-6 as the lights go out right after the hand shakes.

Sunday, July 8
Full Steam Ahead
The Chiefs return to the diamond on sunday. Looking to continue their winning ways, the crew play a double dip against the Startunes.  Chiefs go to work and dont look back as they take game #1 4-2 and win game #2 6-2. Next up for the guys is CoBalts and part 3 as we keep building for the NABF Regionals and the World Series.

Tuesday, July 3
Losing Count of this One

Before we can celebrate July 4th, there is a ball game to play. Tonight Yorkville stands in our path as they have for many years. Dating backing to last City game against Yorkville in 2006, the Chiefs havent lost to Larry's crew since. Well tonight will be no different. Roe is on the bump and throwing darts as he carries a no-no thru 5. Spottz puts one to the City Warehouse in left center, Satterwhite tries to match him as the Chiefs put 5 runs on the board. Chappy takes the 6th and 7th frames to hold the win as the Chiefs win 5-1.

Sunday boys we have a DH at 3:30. Everyone plan on showing up and that means everyone damnit.

Sunday, July 1
Roll On Gentleman

The Green and White find themselves looking to extend their win streak to 5 straight today with a DH against another Royals team. Oops, somebody said Royals and the Chiefs get busy. Game 1 sees the Chiefs comeback from 2 down to win 5-2. Nice comeback win. Game 2 again we battle back and go onto to win 9-2. Alright guys, looks better.

Tuesday, June 26
Well Well Well
The Chiefs return to the clover patches of Roselawn to square off against the Royals. Yeah, that team that beat us and acted like they had won the World Series. Not smart guys. When the dust settled and things calmed down, the Royals were staring at a 20-0 ass kicking and were awful quite. Next time win with some class.

Sunday, June 24
Sorry boys, just Playing
On Sunday the Chiefs get prepared for the Chill. To bad the weather is not like that. Game 1 sees Wahoo's guys pound the Chill into chips of ice as the game ends 20-0. Well the bad news for the Chill, game 2 is next. Not showing any kindness on Sunday, this is over before it starts with a 15-0 or so slapping around the park. Sorry Chill, the Chiefs are just in a bad mood these days and you showed up on the wrong day. Tuesday will be the rematch against the Royals, oh this should be a dandy.

Tuesday, June 19
Cincy Baseball at its Best

Tuesday night was the 2nd installment of the Chiefs vs CoBalts series. Well this was a complete turnaround from the first meeting. Both pitchers got locked into a pitchers duel. Satterwhite put the Chiefs on the board with a scud launch of a homer. CoBalts answered and tied the game and extra frames were needed. Botttom of the 9 sees the CoBalts load the bags and get the walk off win with a bases loaded free pass. Oh hell what a way to end a game. So the Series is knotted up 1-1.

Tuesday, June 19
Oh man
Sunday at the ballpark turns into double rainouts as the skies give dry Roselawn a much needed drink. However the Chiefs were looking to get a roll started. Next up is CoBalts part 2 on Tuesday night.

Tuesday, June 12
Ahhhh, Yes Sir
On tuesday night the Tribe is looking for some revenge and a wake up call of sorts. Opponent is our buddy Larry and his Yorkville squad. Roe makes his return to Chiefs land and takes the hill. Down Yorkville goes 1-2-3. Bottom of the 1st sees a strange figure in the distance and the sounds of drums and bats. Holy crap, Old School returns and brings bats and baseball and his slump buster shirt. Game is looking like a pitchers duel until the bottom of the 3rd. Old School heads to 3rd base Coaches box and all hell breaks lose. A 5 spot promptly goes up, then 2, then 3 as the Chiefs ransack Yorkville 11-0. Maybe that was all that was needed. I hope.

Sunday, June 10
Oh Brother
On Sunday the Chiefs get a pair against the Cincinnati Bombers. Man this not known who these teams are is scary. Well after 14 innings of playing and sweating with no backups, the losing streak has been run to 3 straight. Hats off to a talent group in the Bombers. Scores were Chiefs 2 & 2 and Bombers 8 & 4. Ok, meeting at the Teepee monday for some pep talking.

Thursday, June 7
Here We Go

Well I have returned to the Captains Chair once again to cover your Cincinnati Chiefs. So here we go with what has happened.

Chiefs open up CRC Sunday play against the Cincy Fire. Huh, anyways the old lefty dazzles the Chiefs as 1st game rust is very evident. Chiefs fall 5-2. Oh how this is getting to be a broken record on opening day.

On Tuesday night, which is the old major division made up of only 4 teams. Yes I said 4 damn teams. This is what has happened to the league. Chiefs draw Yorkville. Guys do a 180 degree turnaround and keep the streak alive against Larry with a 5-2 win.

On Sunday May 27th, Chiefs get a split with the Brew Crew. Loss game 1 6-5 and win game 2 3-2. Well things are starting to look up.

May 29th is the 1st of 3 showdowns with the CoBalts. Game 1 goes to the boys in green as the Chiefs drop a 12 spot on the Balts for a 12-1 win. Ahhh, thats nice, real nice.

On Saturday we cancel the trip to Portland due to lack of bodies. WTF guys, man up and go play a DH on the road. 2 years in a row now we cancel a game with them. Thats BS.

Sunday, bodies are a plenty as the Chiefs sweep the Bandits. Scores to be posted once they are delivered. Game #1 winner 11-0, Game #2 winner 12-1

Tuesday night sees the Chiefs go out and get a Royal ass whipping by the Royals 8-1. Again lack of players is the story. This crap will be ending soon as new bodies will be found and put out there. The Chiefs are an organazation that will play people not cancel due to you not showing up.

Friday, March 9
We're Back!!!!!!

Amid all the rumors and crap floating around Cincinnati, the "my coach wants to know if you want to play for us" phone calls. Wonder who that would be?? Your Cincinnati Chiefs will return for the 2012 season. With that said, anyone interested in pitching or catching for the squad this season should contact Coach Hannah @ 777-9690 as there will be a number of bullpen sessions starting next Saturday, March 17th. Coach will inform players of the location. Any player interested in trying out for the team should check here as dates will be posted and other info concerning tryouts and open positions.

The fact that the Chiefs are back and will a pain in the butt for a few people brings a smile to our faces!! Enjoy

Cincinnati Chiefs
Cincinnati Chiefs
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