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Cincinnati Chiefs: 2010 News  

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Monday, January 18
The Hunt Begins

The Chiefs will now begin the process of assembling the 2010 squad for the upcoming season. If you have a desire to put your talent on display against the toughest wooden bat Semi-Pro teams in the Tri-State Area, then we want to hear from you. The Chiefs will look to defend their crown as City Champs as the "Top Rec Team" in town in the always tough "CRC Beer League." The open spots are very few this year as almost everyone is returning but we always welcome new players to the mix. You never know what might happen during a summer.


Quote for the 2010 season;

 " If you have a good summer with the Chiefs, you basically got nowhere, if you have a good summer with a certain team from another local league, their coach will make it a point to send you to the next level. The Chiefs are a Rec Team in a beer league, why waste your time and money with them. I can make all your baseball dreams come true."  Author/s to be revealed at a later date!!

Wednesday, May 26
Opening Night
The defending City Champion Chiefs will kick off the 2010 CRC Thursday Night League at 8:45 pm on Roselawn # 1 against "What's It All About." No really, that is who we play. Wear your black tops and white pants and let's be ready to play some ball.

Sunday, May 30
Chiefs lose opener

The Cincinnati Chiefs started the 2010 campaign off on the wrong foot. Having the 8:45 game at Roselawn, we drew the newcomer to the league in the form of Wasted Talent. Well not an exact description of the team. Having 4 guys from Elder, a starting pitcher from the Cincinnati Steam and some guys from Thomas Moore make them pretty good. Chiefs pitching staff dominates the team striking out 16 of the 20 batters they face. But a loan walk and hit and then a throwing error to 3rd base on a steal seal our fate for the night. Sadly, we only get 2 hits and k 11 times as our bats were reportedly seen on 75 north still traveling to the park. Hope they get here before our next game.

Up next on the schedule is the always talented Talons at 6:30 pm on Wednesday at beautiful Testermann Park in Mainville. Wear gray pants and remember to bring some hits.

Friday, June 4
Chiefs take 2 on the night

The Chiefs pulled the double shift last night in the CRC. First up on the night was the Pat's of Cheviot. Chiefs sport a full dugout as Cheviot falls victim to the peanut butter mess on 75 as they have to forfit. So veteran Anthony takes the win and then everyone agrees to play anyway since we are all standing here. So we get 5 innings of work in for the night.

Part 2 of the evening pits us against Sprigg's Flames. This game turns quickly into a fight of who is going to make the last mistake. Flames score early on a single and a wp as Newbie Weathington is on the bump. Not to be out done, the Chiefs score on a walk and a wp in the 2nd. Chiefs commit a throwing error on a runner at 3rd as the Flames go up 2-1. Flames turn around and make a throwing error as Robbie scores on a single. Weathie goes 5 strong innings and gives way to Roe as the defense keeps putting on highlights all night. Two running blunders in the 5th and 6th take us out of scoring chances. Newbie Nuxhall smokes a pitch to the LC fence and moves to 3rd on a bad throw from the OF. One pitch later the Chiefs walk off with a wild pitch win of 3-2. Great game by both clubs as the pitching was tough, the defense flashed the leather all night and both teams just battled each other hard.

Next up for the Tribe will the Ohio Heat College boys for a DH on Saturday at Roselawn. First pitch is set for 1:00 pm. Wear white pants and bring oyur green tops.

Sunday, June 27
Chiefs and Talons game

Wednesday nights game between the Cheifs and the Talons saw the Chiefs jump out to a 3-0 lead before the heavens busted open a big can of thunderstorms. So this game will be continued to another date here in June. Stayed tuned.  Well after waiting 25 days we finally pick a day to finish the game. It would be the hottest damn day in June mind you. So the Chiefs are leading 3-0 behind Nuxhall's 3 run dinger as we put the Talons runner back on first and get going. Sickenger takes the hill and continues on fanning the first 2 batters then trouble arises. Talons score 3 straight to tie the game. Bottom of the 3rd see the Talons plate 3 more runs as the Chiefs are playing flat baseball. Top of the 4th Nuxhall smokes a 2 run dinger to make it 6-5. Things settle down until the 6th when the birds plate 2 more runs for a 8-5 lead as the door is closed on Tyler. Chiefs answer by scoring 2 runs in the 8th to be down by 1 run. In the 9th we tie the game up at 8 all as Stang is in control. Bottom of the 9th sees the Chiefs play smart defense until a single allows the runner to move to 3rd on a goofy bounce in the OF. Next guy singles home the winning run as the Chiefs go down 9-8.

Game 2 is not much to talk about as more sloppy play and the inability to hit with runners in scoring bite us in the ass as the Chiefs lose 6-8 and get swept off the field. BOOOOH!!!

Next game is Thursday night at 8:45 at Roselawn against the much improved Yorkville squad. Wear green tops and white pants. Lets show up with a much better attitude and start doing the small things right or we can kiss the NABF goodbye.

On Sunday July 4th, the Chiefs will travel to Fifth Third Field, the home of the Dayton Dragons, Reds Minor League team. Game time is 12:30. We can enter the stadium at noon. There is no gate fee for fans and they can bring a small cooler with them. The Chiefs will do battle with their League Rivals the CoBalts.

Thursday, June 10
Chiefs & CoBalts broken record
On Thursday night the Chiefs battled their old rivals the CoBalts and for the 3rd dtraight season in CRC play the CoBalts beat the Chiefs 2-1. 1st meeting of the year same result. Not much to write about for the Chiefs as we plate 1 run in the 7th, scrub out 2 hits. All total their were a whopping 7 hits between the 2 clubs and 22 K's, 5 hits and 5 errors. Guess that is what is supposed to happen when two very good clubs meet up. On to the next game which is Saturday in Beavercreek against the Sox. Somebody stop and pick up the offense. Wear green and white.

Thursday, June 17
Another Pitcher's Duel

Last night saw the Chiefs return to action after a week of rainouts. We would see the Flames for the 2nd time in league action and tonight was just as exciting as the last meeting. Both starting pitchers would dominate the game as the bats and a few baserunners were kept in check all night.  Chiefs threating in the 1st but leave a runner on 3rd after a 2 out error in the OF. Flames get a runner to second but a running blunder stop the threat. Chiefs find the plate in the 2nd as Hall singles, Seegs bunts him over, Z singles to put runners on 1st and 3rd as Kenney rips a bullet up the middle to score Hall. Flames pitcher then gets a ground ball to get out of the inning as the Chiefs are up 1-0. Rest of the way both teams get runners on base but good pitching and outstanding defense shuts the door. Wethington goes 6 strong innings recording 11 K's on the night as Roe throws a double play ball to end the game. Chiefs hold on to win 1-0. The offense is starting to show signs of coming around as the defense and pitching just keep getting better.

No rest for the guys as they return to action tonight at Roselawn at 7:00pm against the Chillicothe Capitals in a single 9 inning affair and then a DH at 12:00 at Testermann Park against Yorkville. Wear White pants tonight.

Saturday, June 19
Chiefs Trump the Caps

On Friday the Wahoo guys welcomed the college guys from Chillicothe for a 9 inning affair. Game starts on the unusual side as Roe plunks the 1st batter he sees. A sb, pb, fly out to 1st, k and a single see us down by one. So the Chiefs answer by Cisper singling but is erased stealing 2nd, a walk, k and fly out to left ends the inning. Guess what, pitching and defense again. Oh brother. Caps go 1-2-3 in the 2nd, Chiefs leave Tiny at 2nd. The 3rd see the Caps plate a run as they string some 1b's together to go up 2-0. Okay. Reeds walks, Hannah gets a bunt single, Cisper sac's the runners up, Bobby hits a RBI FC, BC hits an RBI single, Spottz singles putting runners on 1st & 3rd with 2 outs. Hall walks and BC scores on a passed ball as the Chiefs go up 3-2. After that both teams trade outs and baserunners. Tyler throws 3 inning of no hit ball. Chiefs put runners in scoring position but to no avail. Jake throws a 1-2-3 8th but the 9th sees the Caps score another run on a bullet back to Jake. No time to get the runner at home but he nails the runner at 3rd for the last out. Game tied up at 3. I smell something big coming up. Jake leads off the inning with a hard single. Tiny rips a single. Seeg's falls victim to the outside strike call, Reeds singles to load the bases with 1 out. Dami lays down the perfect squeeze bunt for the walk off win 4-3. Nice win tonight as the bats are starting to wake up and the defense and pitching is getting better if that is possible.

Next game is tomorrow at Testermann a DH at 12:00 against Yorkville. Wear all white.

Saturday, June 19
Saturday washed out & updates

Saturday's game against Yorkville has been washed away. BOOOOO!!!!!!  Pay attention to the schedule as new games are being added to make up for the rainouts!!!


Next game is Thursday at Roselawn #1 @ 8:45pm against Receptions. Wear black & white.

Saturday DH at Hille Field @ 1:00pm against the Talons. Wear Green & Gray.

Sunday 1:00pm @ Lakota West Freshman  9 innings vs Ky Royals. Wear all white.


Friday, June 25
We In It to Win It!!
Last night saw the Chiefs play the up and coming Receptions squad. A little improved from last season they trot their ace to the bump. We go 1-2-3. Not to be out done, we trot out our ace, BW. Well he goes 1-2-3 also. Make it 10 straight party goes before a walk sees the end of that. Chiefs cross the plate in the 3rd as Z singles, moves up and scores on Cisper's double for the 1-0 lead. Tack on 2 more in the 5th to give Brent some breathing room and we are looking for the gates. But wait, we gotta finish first. In the 7th sees the first guy aboard on a throw that was spotted leaving the complex from Tiny. Next 2 partiers go K-K. So 2 outs and 2 strikes on the batter a seeing eye single up the middle stops Brent's no-no and shut out. Next guy 2B to creep with in 1 run. Call to the pen goes out as Sickenger gets the final out as the Chiefs walk away with a 3-2 win. Brent goes 6 2/3 of 2 hit, 2 run, 2 bb and 12 punch outs on the night for the W.

Friday, July 2
Chiefs Squeak by Again

As the weather starts to heat there was hope that the Chiefs offense would also. Well not on this night as the Chiefs took on Yorkville in CRC League action. Both teams trot their studs out and you can guess the result. Yup, one of those damn pitcher's duel. Yorkville gets two runners on via an error and a 1B but Anthony coaxes a ground ball for out number 3. Cisper walks, steals second and scores on Robbie's single for the first run and would also turn out to be the only run of the game. With hits and runs at a premium this game would get moving and be over before the fat lady was even warmed up to sing. The top of the 7th sees things get interesting but the defense holds tight as the Chiefs go on to win 1-0. On the night both teams leave more men on base then their are hits. What a game.

Next up for the Tribe will be a battle between Cincinnati's finest two teams at the Minor League home of the Dayton Dragons, Fifth Third Field. That's right, another installment of Chiefs vs CoBalts. First pitch is at 12:45. Wear Black N White.

Thursday, July 8
America's Past Time

On July 4th in America, there are lots of things to do but one thing that holds true to the history of this country is playing baseball. On a beautiful sunday afternoon at the confines of Fifth Third Field, thats what the Chiefs and CoBalts did. Cincy's top two teams locked horns for 9 innings and treated the 100 plus friends to some very exciting baseball. CoBalts run their razzle dazzler to the hill and he puts the Chiefs down in order. Balts take advantage of Roe's wildness and after 2 walks and an error in left plate 2 runs for the early lead. CoBalts keep the pressure on but the Chiefs refuse to buckle playing strong defense. Chiefs finally record a hit in the 3rd as Reeds singles to left center to break up the no-no but is left stranded. In the 5th, the Chiefs find the plate as BC doubles to left, then scores on Robbie's single. The rally ends with 2 more men on base as we are down 1 run. CoBalts manufacture another run in the 7th as the Taylor twin, not sure which one, singles, steals 2nd & 3rd and scores on a grouond out to second base for a 3-1 lead. Spottz leads off the 8th a double to RC, Sickenger runs for the gimp and steals 3rd and scores on Hall's single as the Chiefs pull with in 1. Stone puts the Balts down in order as the Chiefs try to start a rally in the 9th but nothing comes of it as the CoBalts win 3-2.

So we finish a great day at 5/3 Field but come out on the wrong end of the stick. Maybe a little bit more hustle and some sharper play would have seen us some out on the winning side. Thanks to the CoBalts skipper for calling us up and inviting us to play.

Back to the grind on Tuesday at Roselawn #1 at 6:30 against Yorkville for a 9 inning contest. Wear all white for the game.

Thursday, July 8
A Hit Attack

Tuesday night saw your Chiefs back in action on a hot evening in July at Roselawn. Once again we would play Yorkville but this time something strange happened. In the 1st inning the Chiefs come out swinging and plate run right away. Yorkville gets their lone run off a rocket shot to left. Chiefs answer in the 3rd as three singles and a sac fly give us 2 runs. A single and some running and a sac fly plate another run in the 5th. A leadoff 2b, a FC and an error rings the bell again as the Chiefs are up 5-1. 2 more white streaks across the plate see the Tribe tally hit 7 as we go on to win 7-1 with 11 hits on the night. That's more like it. Chiefs move to 7-5 on the year as the temps go up and the schedule starts to bog down. The month of July is so much fun.

Next up for the guys is Wasted Talent on Thursday night at 6:30 at the dirt patch of Roselawn. Wear black N gray tonight. Notice the location change for Saturday. Instead of Columbus we are heading to Chillicothe to play the Worthington Warthogs in a DH starting at 1:00. White pants with green & black tops and maybe the orange one will appear.

Friday, July 9
Paybacks Delivered

Last saw your Cincinnati Chiefs step up to the plate and deliver one giant size can of whoop ass to the boys of Wasted Talent. First inning see Anthony put them down in order as we also go in order thanks in part to some questionable base running. Second inning the damage has started. Rob 2b to lead off, ground ball moves him to 3rd, scores on an error then Nuxhall, Z and Hannah record singles to push us out in front 4-0. Anythony loses control in the 3rd and gives up 3 runs but the Chiefs are just warming up. Bottomhalf sees Colt with a leadoff bomb to LC, than the hits start coming and infield looks like a circus as 5 runs cross the dish. Anthony gets back on his game as Talent goes 1-2-3. The guys in Black punch in 2 more runs as the rout in on and with 2 more in the 6th we hit the run rule number as the Chiefs ride out of Roselawn. Winner winner chicken dinner at 13-3. Once again the offense lights up a pitching staff and SB's get racked up. So we now stand at 8-5 overall and 6-2 in league as the Balts hold a 1/2 game lead on the NABF bid.

Next up for the Tribe will be the Worhington Warthogs at Unito High School in Chillicothe next door to Ohio's most upstanding citizens. Game time is 1:00 & 3:00. Wear white pants and bring the green and black tops.

Saturday, July 10
Chiefs record 2 in Chilli

On Saturday afternoon, your Cincinnati Chiefs traveled to the hills of Southern Ohio to hunt for Warthogs. Well the small Tribe of Hunters found themselves two big Warthogs that they promptly chased down and manhandled. Brent goes all 7 in the first hunt securing a 6-2 win. Offense shined as bright as the July sun in this one as the hitting is coming alive.

Game 2 saw Rhino Stang take the bump and shot zeros at the Hogs for 5 innings as he gave way to Sickenger. Tyler goes the final 2 frames and preserves the shut out as the Chiefs send the Hogs back to Worthington with their heads riding low.


Monday game is at Rotary Park in Beavercreek. Game time is 7:00 pm, wear Black N Gray. Directions coming from Cincy:

75 North to 675 N towards Columbus. Take US 35 East towards Xenia. On 35 E, the first traffic you will turn left on Factory Rd. Go to the next traffic light and turn right on Dayton-Xenia Rd. Just past the first light on Dayton Xenia is the entrance to Rotary on your left. Follow the driveway back into the complex. Stay to your right where the roads splits and follow that to the gravel parking lot at the big field with the lights. Leave yourself to get thru the highway mess on 75.

Tuesday, July 13
Full Steam Ahead

Last night saw your Chiefs load up and head to the swampy woods of Beavercreek for a 9 inning battle with the Sox. Chiefs become the victim of roster drought or guys just wanting to do other things as only 10 of the 21 rostered players show up. Small numbers just mean more fun for the ones that due show up. Show the guys suit up and go to war and did they ever. Roe takes the pill and is throwing hard as the Sox look a little shocked that a person can pitch like that. Chiefs go thru the order and can't figure out if they are facing a softball pitcher or a magician. Still not sure what that pitch was. Chiefs finally get on the board as Colt singles and moves to 3rd on a throwing error by the catcher and scores on Rex's SAC fly. Sox answer our call and score 3 on 4 straight hits and a sac bunt to go up 3-1. Roe helps his cause as he blasts a shot to lf for a 2b and scores on an error at SS. Chiefs down 1 run now but for some reason we give it back in the home half to be down 4-2. Nuxhall 3b in the 7th and scores on Reed's squeeze bunt to bring the margin to 1 as Roe strikes out the side. Eighth sees us load the bags and walk away empty as the little Sox kids start to chirp. Jake spots them 3 runs in the bottom half as the Tribe is down 7-3. Enter the 9th inning. Hall doubles to lead off and Nuxhall triples again as Hall scores. Off in the distance the sound of war drums banging could be heard as a full on ass whoppin comeback has started. Reeds walks, Jake singles, Dami's hits a grounder to the pitcher who throws to first instead of 2nd or 3rd as runners move up. Roe singles in Reeds and Jake, Cisper singles, Zac gets plunked again, Rex singles in 2 runs, Hall walks, Nuxi walks and Reeds walks as 3 more cross the plate. Final line on the inning is 3 Sox pitchers, 4 BB, 6 hits, 1 HBP, a FC and bad base selection by the Sox as 8 runs score. The Sox's 2nd baseman who had an issue with Zac getting hit twice was seen leaving the field with a yellow stain in pants and had nothing left to say. Jake returns for the 9th and throws some piss balls as the Sox go 1-2-3 and look really sad when the hands are shaken. Chiefs win, Chiefs win and what a great win it was.

Next up for this merry band of Wahooers is Thursday night 6:30pm at Roselawn against Yorkville in the final regular season game of the summer. With a win and some luck we can still snag the NABF Bid. Wear white on white be ready to play.

Friday, July 16
Oh So Close

Last night at Roselawn saw the Chiefs play the final regular season game of the Thursday Night CRC League. Needing a win and a little luck in the late game would push the Chiefs back on top in the standings. Well, we got the first part of the equation to work but not the second. The opponent for the night was Yorkville and as usual when we meet the games are fun and exciting. Chiefs take the field and Brent toes the bump. Once again he is lights out on the mound. Chiefs get 1 run across in the 1st, another in 2nd and 1 more in the 4th for a 3-0 lead. Brent is dealing zeros asYorkville records their first two hits in the 4th but get nothing for their efforts. So the teams start trading zeros until the 7th. Enter the bullpen. Normally the pen is pretty good but tonight not so much. 4 straight hits start the 7th as Yorkville ties up the game. Same team that had only 2 all night. So off we go to the bottom of the 7th for some excitement. BC leads off with a 2b but is out at 3rd on a groundball as we leave 2 runners on base. Jake holds the top of 8th at 3-3. Spottz gets plunked to lead off the 8th, Rob sac Jake the PR to 2nd as Colton hits a hot one to the second baseman who throws it in our dugout for the winning run to score. Wow what a way to end it as the Chiefs win 4-3. We finish at 7-2 in the league a 1/2 game out of first as the 2nd part of the night saw the CoBalts win and secure the NABF bid.

So now we head south on Saturday to Chillicothe again to play the real Chilli team, the Capitals in a DH starting at 2:00. Should be a hot one so wear white pants and tops and bring your green ones for a backup in game 2.

Sunday, July 18
Brooms & Dust Pans- Check

Today your Chiefs loaded up their conaoes and paddled south to Chillicothe to take on the Capitals in a DH. The weather was hot and sticky and we were carrying low numbers. 8 position players + 2 pitchers = ass whoppin' for the guys in white. Right? Wrong. Instead 9 hard nose Indians take to the field and play their butts off for 7 innings and walk away winners 5-2. Anthony was the pitcher of record, the only one mind you. Chiefs put a runner in the 1st but nothing. Got some canoe rust to shake off. Caps go in order. Another runner in the 2nd but still nothing as Chilli loads the bases but Anthony pitchers out of it. 3rd inning still nothing for the gang in white as the Capitals finally cross the dish for a 1-0 lead. Stays like this until the 5th as Reeds singles to lead off, steals 2nd and scores of Cisper's 3b to RC as he scores on the wild throw into the third base dugout. Caps get 2 runners on in their half but a pop up double play stops that mess. In the 7th the Chiefs add some cushion as Roe singles, Cisp gets plunked, colt singles, Hall gets plunked, Zach gets plunked as 3 more runs cross over for a 5-1 lead. Capitals score the leadoff man with a single but easy fly ball to CF ends the games as Chiefs win 5-2. Great job by the fighting 8 Chiefs and Anthony's complete game at the right time.

After a 30 minute pizza break and couple gallons of water it is go time for the guys. Same 8 hard nose Chiefs plus Roe this time. Hall singles with 2 outs, BC singles and Zach hits a 2b to score them as we go up 2-0. Two singles for the Caps but Roe strikes out the side. 3rd inning sees a walk and a long ball as the Caps tie the game at 2-2. A few sounds were heard coming from their dugout as they thought they had us now. Not so fast my friends. Here comes the Chiefs. Top of 5th we plate 2 runs as Hannah singles, steals 2nd, Cisper walks, Colt singles, Hall singles and BC singles for a 4-2 lead. Capitals leave the bases loaded as Roe gets a Fc to the plate and an Fc to second to stop the threat. Chiefs go right back to work as the bullpen is in we are swinging. 9 batters travel to the dish. 4 walks, 2 singles and some wild pitches see us plate 4 more runs. Other side goes 1-2-3. We add one more in the 7th just good measure and to rub it in some as the Chiefs walk off winners again 9-2 and complete the season sweep of Chillicothe. Roe throws the second big CG of the day as the 8 Chiefs, dirty and tried head for the AC. Great job today by the guys that showed up and wanted to play. As for the 10 others sissies that stayed home, piss on you guys. Just a heads up. On Tuesday, don't whine to hard about not playing when the lineup is made out.

Next game is Tuesday night at Testermann Park at 6:30 pm against Yorkville. Wear black and gray.

Thursday, July 29
World Baseball Championship Information

For the Portland trip, make sure you carry all your uniforms with you to each game. On Friday night we will wear gray pants and black tops to open the tournament. 

The pools are as follows

Pool a will be: Portland Rockets, Cincinatti Chiefs,  Fort Wayne Pirates and Battle Creek Behnke
pool b will be: Decatur Dirty Birds, Northwest Patriots, Illinois Jayhawks and Louisville Angels

The format will be as follows:  All teams will play 3 games on Friday and Saturday.  The winner of pool a and b will face the runner up from the opposite pool.  We will be flipping before each game for the home teams.  Baseballs will be provided for each game.  The tournament will appreciate any help with retrieving foul balls for the tournament play as you would your home field.  Wood bats and wood composite bats are legal.  College slide rules.  There will be no infield allowed between games. 

The games will be 7 inning games with no run rules, you must play all seven.  The championship game on sunday will be a 8 inning contest. all innings will be played.
pool play tiebreakers:
1.head to head competition
2. least amount of defensive runs given up
3. most offensive runs scored
4. coin flip

Ticket prices for the weekend will be $3 per day or $5 for all weekend pass
NO COOLERS will be allowed on the grounds of Jay County high School.  you may bring your drinks in by hand, but no coolers.  (Alcohol will not be tolerated)

game times and locations are as follows

Jay county high school is located at 2072 Indiana highway 67, portland, indiana
Runkle-miller field is located at 515 Blaine Pike portland, in
All fields are within 10 minutes of each other.

Friday night
Jay County high school
3 pm Northwest Patriots vs Louisville Angels
5:15 pm Decatur Dirty Birds vs  Illinois Jayhawks

Runkle-Miller Field
6 pm Fort Wayne Pirates vs Battle Creek Behnke
7:30 pm
Portland Rockets vs Cincinatti Chiefs

Jay County High School
11 am Decatur Dirty Birds vs Northwest Patriots
1 pm Louisville Angels vs Illinois Jayhawks
3 pm Northwest Patriots vs Illinois Jayhawks
5 pm Louisville Angels vs Decatur Dirty Birds

Runkle miller field
11 am Portland Rockets vs Fort Wayne Pirates
1 pm Fort Wayne Pirates vs Cincinatti Chiefs
3 pm Cincinatti Chiefs vs Battle Creek Behnke
5 pm Portland Rockets vs Battle Creek Behnke

Sunday Morning
11 am
pool a champion vs pool b runner up 7 inning at runkle-miller
11 am pool b champion vs pool a runner up 7 inning at Jay county high school

2 pm Championship

Sunday, August 8
Chiefs Win, Chiefs win, Holy Cow the Chiefs Win!!!

Your hard charging Cincinnati Chiefs climb to the top this afternoon at Roselawn Park and defeated the CoBalts in the finals of the NABF Regionals 6-1 to earn a trip to the NABF World Series in Louisville Ky. After being denied on so many occassions, this the guys would not. Series recaps to follow in the next few days.

Congrats to all Chiefs Past and Present!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 12
NABF World Series Updates


Game # 1  9:30am Bellermine Univ

Chiefs 5  Clout 4

Whitt throws a complete victory in the opening round game for the Chiefs. With a first pitch temp reading of about 90 and climbing the Chiefs would have to use smarts in this one. Clout scores first as they plate 2 but the Chiefs answer the bell with 2 also. Spottz sends a blast into the softball field in left for a 5-2 lead. Clout gets to with in 1 run in the 9th as Ronnie digs down and finishes strong for the win.


Game # 2 2:00 pm  Louisville Male High School

Chiefs 9  Milford CT 17

With temps climbing even higher, the soaking wet Chiefs travel to Male High School. After waiting an 1hr for the other team to finally show up game starts with Cisper hitting a laser shot over the RF fence. Game quickly turns into a slug fest as the short and I mean short fence allows Milford to pop up 5 homeruns. Sad thing is on any other field they are routine fly balls. Spottz blasts his second shot of the day, a granny, over the fence, the road, the tall trees and deep into the cemetry. It would not be enough as the heat has wore down the Chiefs and the umps as the game drags to a close and we finish 1-1 on the first day. Just a fun fact for all you NABF fans out there. Rules will not be relaxed for one team but if you are from the East Coast they will be. Non matching uniforms, non conforming bats and uniforms missing patches all have a blind eye turned towards them. Chiefs are told to strip uni off of one player and put on another b/c of a missing patch.


Game # 3   1:00 pm Derby City Fields

Chiefs 10  Tampa Elite 4

Chiefs start off like a buzz saw as 9 batters go to the plate and chase the Tampa Starter off the mound to build a 3-0 lead. Aiches goes the distance in the searing heat for the win. BC launches a no doubter for 3 runs as the Chiefs go onto win 10-4. So heading into our 4th game of pool play they stand 2-1 with the host team Start Drywall up next.


Game # 4   9:30 am Bellermine Univ

Chiefs 7    Star Drywall 1

Final pool play game this morning sees things start off with an hour rain delay. Truth betold it was just that much longer that Star Drywall got to set and wait for their final loss in the World Series this year. Roe takes the pill and continues what the staff has done all season, mowing down the batters. A walk, a pb and an error leads to Stars lone run. Chiefs bats get hot again as they plate 7 runs. Stars look at the book in the bottom of the 9th with 1 out and see that they are staring at no-no in front of them. A dinker from their pitcher is the lone hit today for them as the Chiefs win and are the Pool B winners. Star goes home again 0-4, make that 0-8 in two years. So far the Chiefs have had everything but the kitchen sink tossed at them by the Tournament Officials and the NABF Director.

Now the guys wait for the last game in pool A to finish as we play the runner-ups. Either Jet Box or Beecher at 8:00pm tonight at Derby City. Heavy rains show up and wash away the Semi's on Saturday night. So we spend a night chillin in the L-ville and waiting for sunshine.

Sunday would bring out the sun but a delay was still in play. Sometime around noon the first semi game resumed and after what seemed like a year, A+ Plus would elimanate the Clout. Next up would be the Chiefs and Beecher. Time to see what we got in the tank.

Game starts out quick and goes quick as both teams starters are dealing. Chiefs get a runner on but are turned away. Same for Beecher. Beecher finds the plate behind a hit or two and an error as they go up 3-0. Chiefs however are showing the wear and tear of 4 days in this heat and the month of July. The bats went cold today even thought it was 98 degrees out as Beecher goes on to elimanate us. So the guys in green orange walk away from the World Series with a very proud 3rd place finish and a awesome season. Job well done guys, now we know what to do next year to win it all.

Cincinnati Chiefs
Cincinnati Chiefs
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"Success is a journey, not a destination." - Ben Sweetland