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Cincinnati Chiefs: 2008 News  

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Big bat
back,back,back,back, GONE
Saturday, July 26

The Scalping Squad


Joe Boneau             5

Spottz                    4

Ambrose                1

Eagle                      1

Niemer                   1

Ward                      1

Sunday, May 25
Chiefs win Season Opener
This should help!!
The 2008 Cincinnati Chiefs Season got under Saturday evening at Lakota Freshmen Field. With a thin roster as expected for the opener, the Chiefs suited up and were ready to do battle. The opponent for the contest wore a familiar yellow top with a name that some guys remembered, the Woodpeckers. Now called the Dayton Woodpeckers and with a new face at the helm, a former Chiefs no less, the game was on. Miller took the pill and went straight to work retiring the Peckers in order. Chiefs drew first blood in the bottom half as they plate 2 runs off 1 hit, 2 walks and error. Kyle throws 4 innings of no hit baseball, striking out 5 and walking 1 for a no decision. The Woodies find the plate as Ferone struggles in his 2nd inning of work as they score 5 runs in the 6th to go up 5-2. The Wahooers answer the call and score 4 runs in their half to take a 6-5 lead. John "Tiny " Russ sits down the Peckers in order in the 7th and Cobb repeats it in the 8th as the sun sets on the field for the wrap up. Ferone gets the "W" and Russ gets the hold and Cobb gets the Save on the day. Buch leads the day recording 2 of the Chiefs 6 hits and driving in 5 of the 6 runs for the Scalpers. He slept with bat in the offseason, woke up and just hits the ball. The Chiefs return to action on Thrusday at 6:30 pm at beautiful Roselawn Field against the Hawks/Sting/ God knows who. Everybody should wear Gray Pants for the game and somebody bring some WD-40 to get rid of the Rust. Hey, first game out, the Chiefs can only move up from here.

Friday, May 30
Chiefs Lose CRC Opener

The Chiefs opened up the CRC Thursday night against the Cincinnati Hawks/Sting/Whoever wants to play for Joe Cal. Kyle Miller takes the mound and records a perfect game through 4 innings. Chiefs climb on the board in the 3rd inning as Joe B. singles, steals 2nd and Spottz singles to drive in Joe. Game continues to cruise along at a fast pace. Hawks record their first hit in the 5th and are promptly stopped again. Enter the 7th inning. Jason Green makes his Chiefs debut to close things up. First 2 batters go easy, then a walk, a 2b, a walk, HBP and before we know it the game is tied up. John Miller records final out of inning as the strike zone is vastly shrunken. Chiefs load the bases in the 8th as Mr. Umpire decides to widen strike zone on us as Josh watches ball 4 called for strike 3. Hawks come to the plate in the bottom of the inning as first two batters again go easy. Once again Mr. umpire wants to control things as the next batter is walked on pitches that were strikes just 15 minutes ago. Batter number 10 in their order, who hadn't hit a ball hard enough all night to scare an ant in the grass, is given a freebie on strike 3 at the knees and then sends the next pitch over the left field fence for a walk off 2 run HR. Chiefs lose in 8 innings 3-1.  Lets see, Chiefs out hit, play, run, field, pitch, basically just flat out out play the Hawks but still somehow lose the game. Go figure that one out.

Sunday, June 1
Chiefs and Talons Split

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the Chiefs travled to NKU for a DH with the Cincy Talons to open the SWOL. Chiefs roster is at almost full strength for this one. KC Massie takes the hill for the Chiefs in game 1. First batter of the game reaches via the error as ball goes right through the wickets of the SS. Not good. Chiefs get out of the inning with no damage. In their half they plate a run as Conway BB, steals 2nd, moves to third on a flyout and scores on Jamie's SAC fly. Chiefs basically do nothing after that for 4 innings but go through the motions of baseball. Talons tie it up in the 2nd and then take the lead as the Chiefs bullpen falls apart and starts to give free passes trying to be cute on the mound. Talons go up 3-1 in the 6th. Conway starts the rally again on a BB, steals 2nd again, Joe singles him to third, Joe steals 2nd. Conway scores on Scuba's FC. Chiefs down by one now going into the 7th as bullpen continues their Humanity Campaign on the mound and give up 2 more runs. Final score is 5-2 in this one. Chiefs lose and deserved to lose this game as we show up and are flat and just not into playing today.

Game 2 is a little different outcome. After a pep talk from coach, Chiefs bust out a can of whoop ass from the start and pour it on the Talons. Joe & Spottz go back to back HR in the first for a 2 zip lead. Chiefs score in all 5 frames for a Mercy Beating of 11-0. Everybody in on the fun as the Chiefs record 12 hits and o K's in this one. Venters goes 4 for the win and Buchi gets 2 innings of work for the good guys as the Chiefs even out their record at 2-2 on the young season. Joe's HR was a nice shot to left center but Spottz'z tape measure poke up the hill to the parking in left was a bomb.

Chiefs are back in action Tuesday night at 6:30 at Lakota Freshmen against our old friends from Cheviot. Hopefully Mother Nature doesn't decide to figure in the mix on this one.

Friday, June 6
Chiefs down Heat in CRC

The Chiefs evened up their CRC Record by defeating a very good Ohio Heat Team 3-1. Kyle took the hill the again and gave up his first hit of the season to the first batter on a bunt single. 8 innings of no hit baseball was over. Next batter walked as Mill's bore down and retired the side. Chiefs go quietly in their half as the Heat is set down in order also. Chiefs string two hits together but leave the guys stranded. Game goes back forth until the bottom of the 4th when the Chiefs cross the plate behind Ward's double and Jeesh's single. Heat gets the run back in the 5th as Kyle gives up his first run of the year. 13 scoreless innings strung together. The Wahooers get the run back to go up 2-1 as Conway gets hit, steals 2nd and advances to third on a errant throw by the catcher. Joe singles to score Conway and then promptly gets picked off 1st to end the inning. KC takeover and is lights out in the 6th and 7th as the Chiefs add one more for good measure for the win, 3-1. KC gets the win for the night. Chiefs spread out 7 hits on the night and play error 'D'. Chiefs are back in action on Sunday at 4:00 pm at Lakota East HS against the Ohio Heat in SWOL action. Wear gray pants.

Upcoming games this week;

6/10- 6:30 Tri-State Rangers--    Lakota Freshmen          White Pants/Tops

6/12 - 8:30 CoBalts                          Roselawn #1              Gray Pants/Green Top

6/14 - 3:00 E-ville Outlaws              Roselawn #1              Gray Pants

6/14 - 7:30 L-ville River Rats          Roselawn #1               Gray Pants

Sunday, June 8
The headline just about sums up today's contest. On a hot day in June, the Chiefs rolled into Lakota East, about 3 miles from the parking lot no less, to play the Ohio Heat. First inning, Chiefs score on Boneau's 2nd HR of the year. Nice shot by the way. 2nd inning, well we make a few mistakes and start to scratch our heads a little about the home plate ump. No outside corner when we paint the plate black. Okay, thats cool. Pitches for the Heat in the same spot and futher outside, STRIKE. Huh, okay, we play that game too. Nope, not gonna happen. Curve balls down the middle just below the belt, change ups on the inside corner, we are told are high, low, outside, ball 3, extra swing for the Heat. What happens, you guessed it, next pitch either a hit or ball 4. Oh what fun this is starting be. Runners called out at 2nd twice because ball beats them there but slide away from tag. They were called out before infielder ever caught the ball. HUH, interesting. Chiefs just shake their head and keep plugging away. 6th inning, Chiefs put up 4 runs , 2 from Spottz who just crushes a meat pitch for a HR, Conway running wild, Meininger also, Boneau pounds the ball also. Game now tied up at 5-5. Mr.Umpire, thats being nice saying that, promptly shrinks zone as bottom of the 6th drags on for about 3 hours as the Heat crosses the white thing, thats the plate Mr.Umpire, 7 times to go up 12-5. Chiefs don't help themselves by booting the ball around the grass today either. The uphill climb continues for the Chiefs. We get back 2 runs in the 8th but guess who enters the pitcher, yup Mr. Umpire again. Thank you sir may we have another crappy strike call. And yes we get some in the bottom half. Heat plate the 13th run of the day, which now feels like day 2 out here. Ball gets past Ward, who then throws it to Greene, who tags out runner from third. Umpire motions out, says out but calls runner safe. HUH, interesting. Coach Reed's trots out for a little pow wow. Umpire clueless at this point, may have heat stroke or just a plain dumbass. Gives Coach some lame explanation about call. Coach just walks away and shakes his head at these two morons called Umpires. Coach probably should have brought out a towel to the plate and cleaned off Umpire's sunglasses, might have helped. Not sure. Chiefs get one last crack at it. By this time Mr. Blindpire is just ready to go home, probably should have stayed there in the first place and done everyone attending the game today a favor, as strikes are called that are no where close to plate. Chiefs just say the hell with it and make three outs and head for the A/C. On a funny side note, field Umpire, who was no better than his counterpart, shakes his head during the game at the strikes being called and not called. Not a good day to be a Chiefs pitcher. Wonder who we pissed off in the Butler County Umpires Assoc. Oh well, thats why we don't use them because of games like this.

Wednesday, June 11
Chiefs and Rangers tied after 8, to be cont'd

Friday, June 13
Chiefs & Balts get it on

The Chiefs took on the best Semi-Pro Team in Cincy last night at Roselawn. Basically boils down to this. Chiefs show up, take a few swings for practice, get dressed, take infield, see former teammate on opposing side, make him look like a Cy Young pitcher, record one hit and go home in 1hr 40 min. CoBalts only record 3 hits on night, so Chiefs pitchers keep big bats in check at least. Chiefs back at it on Saturday against Outlaws and RiverRats at Roselawn. First game is at 3:00 and 2nd game at around 7:30. Hope we decide to start hitting soon or this is going to turn into a climb up Mt. Everest. Gotta love a rebuilding season.

Wear Gray Pants and bring your green Tops.

Monday, June 16
A Tale of 2 Teams

Over the weekend, the Chiefs once again decided to step up and play 2 top teams from outside Ohio. At 3:00, the Former Evansville Outlaws, now called Baseball Club strolled into Cincy for the first game. Venters took the pill and went straight to work. Chiefs find the plate in the bottom half, a rarity this week and go up 1-0. Jon keeps dealing zeros as the Chiefs start to wake up the bats. Scuba goes yard for a 2 run shot. E-ville gets there lone run in the third as the Chiefs pile on 4 more in the 5th and 1 for good measure in the 6th. Chiefs go onto win 8-1. Jon gets the win as the offense shows some sign of life. Waiting outside the fence were the Louisville River Rats for game 2. So the Chiefs take a break and the Rats and E-ville get it on. Good game through 4 1/2 innings as the Rats start to score as the Club runs out of pitching. Rats go onto win the game. Game 3 pits the Rats against the Chiefs. Sounds like a good game to be watched. Wrong. Chiefs commit 4 errors in the 1st inning to set the tone for the game as AJ gets his first start. Chiefs look lost on the field until the 5th as we plate our one and only run of game. At that point the Rats our up 5-1 and they add 2 more just because they can and go onto win 7-1 with only 5 hits. Chiefs make 5 e's in the game. Not going to win like that. KC is lights out again in the 7th, Reed's collects 2 of the 5 hits in the game, Conway gets the only rbi. We go from hitting well to stinking up the plate. However, we might not be playing very well right now but at lest we can say we are playing the power house teams. You don't get better playing teams with losing records. We will just keep plugging away and sooner or later it will come together.

No rest for the Tribe this week as the Chiefs face off against the;

Tri-State Rangers on Tuesday- White and White

Meridians on Thursday- Green and Gray

St.Johns Lambros over the weekend- Both Tops and Pants


Tuesday, June 17
Round 2 vs Rangers
The Chiefs looking to get their canoe straightened out, rolled into scenic Hamilton tonight to take on the Tri-State Rangers. Chiefs waste no time this go around as the War Party is looking to score. Damien leads off with a single, steals second, Ward walks. Both score on Jeesh's 1b plus an error in Center to go up 2-0. Mehle makes his return to the hill and tosses 2 innings. Gives up two hits to no avail as he ends the threat with that patented pick off to first. Chiefs get 2 more runs in the 3rd as Boneau walks, Jack lays down a SAC, Jeesh 1b again and Dick 2b in Jeesh. Rangers find the plate 4 times in the bottom half as the paddles were lost by the pitching staff until Koby returns with his Asain fastball to stop the advance. Chiefs regain the lead in the 4th but give the run right back as a quick brain fart hits the infield. 5-5 at this point for those counting. The Wahooers get it back in the 6th for the lead as Ferone 2b and Meininger drives him in. Rangers threaten again in the bottom half as Greene runs out of Fire Water. Enter KC. First batter he faces bunts back to him, runners move up. Then a pitch in the dirt as runner on 3rd takes off for home and is tagged out. Not a smart move with the ball only 6 feet from home plate. Next guy flies out to Conway, threat over. Both clubs go quitely in the 7th as the Chiefs hold on for the win to even things up at .500 on the young season. Jeesh swings the big stick tonight going 2-3, 2 rbi, Dick and Zac each record a 2b and few other hits tonight by the Boys in Green. Things looked better tonight and now the young club just needs to keep building on this one game at a time. They are back in action on Thursday at Roselawn at 6:30 against the Meridians. Green and Gray that night.

Friday, June 20
Chiefs Whoop Meridians in 5
I like running over guys smaller than me
The Chiefs took on the Meridians in CRC action. Meridians riding a winning streak of some sort thought they were going to have it easy. WRONG. First 2 batters go quitely then it started. 8 straight batters reach base and score 6 runs. 2nd inning, we tack on 3 more and spot them 1. We are being nice at this point. One more in the third and we give them one also. At this pont it is 10-2. Chiefs pull back to play all 7 innings. Mongo looking SS then decides to shoulder block Cheifs 3b to the ground. Kind of a bush league play there but thats fine. Chiefs pour it on from there and continue the ass whoopin to a mercy beating of 14-4. Everybody hits and scores and runs the bases in this one, "called a laugher because we are short of players."

Thursday, June 26
Oh My

The Chiefs returned to Cincy action on Tuesday against Cheviot at Lakota Freshmen. After a brief phone conversation between coaches earlier and hearing that "you will see why we are not that good this year" turns out to be a bunch of bull. Cheviot turns it on and never looks back in the game as the Chiefs look dazed and confused on the field and at the plate. Pat pitcher holds the Chiefs to 1 run and 1 hit in 5 innings. Good god. Cheviot cruises to an 8-2 win tonight. Highlights for the Chiefs-

Conway hoses Cheviot's fastest run by 7 steps at the plate and then he runs his mouth after trying to run over catcher. Not very smart.

Tony Aicheles returns to the Chiefs and looks pretty damn good after a 2 year layoff.

Joe goes yard for #3 on the year.

Chiefs fall to 7-7 on the year as they head into the Lazy Hazy days of July. Up next is our old buddies from Yorkville at 8:30 at Roselawn.


Thursday, June 26
Chiefs play Lambros

The Chiefs loaded up there canoes and paddled up the Ohio River Saturday to play National Powerhouse St.Johns. After a brief stay at the hotel and a short drive to the field, it was game time. Very nice complex there in Robinson Twp by the way. Well, things didn't start off to well for the Chiefs. We go down in order. St.Johns, they hit the snot out of the ball and score 4 runs in the 1st and 3 in the 2nd. Chiefs string some baserunners together and plate 2 runs in the Third inning.  Lambros gets them right back plus two more. KC finally gets them to go in order in the 4th. Chiefs have a runner in the 5th when mother nature lets loose with a hell of a storm and washes the field away. Guess she felt bad for us that night.

Sunday, the Chiefs wake up to beautiful sunshine and low temps for the 2nd game of the trip. After some food and some swings in the cage, it's time to play. Mehle takes the hill and keeps Lambros quite for 2 innings. In the 3rd they plate 2 runs on Back to Back errors.  Chiefs then get one back in the 4th to be down 2-1.  Lambros gets the run back in their half of the 4th to go up 3-1 as Mehle gives way to Koby. Chiefs plate another run in the 6th but that was it as the paddles fell from the canoe as Lambros plates 4 runs in the Home half of the 6th as the Chiefs lose 8-2. Not a bad defeat considering who we were playing that weekend. Lambros returns everybody but 3 players from the 2007 NABF World Series team that were runners up. Mehle throws well, Shoaf gets plunked twice, Ambrose scores both runs, Josh drives him in both times, Hall has 2 hits as does Spottz. Now the Tribe will just keep plugging along and keep working out the kinks until the right combination is found. Lord knows the schedule doesn't get any easier from here but we would rather lose to national teams then take cheap no contest wins.

Sunday, July 6
Tourney Games

After 2 days of straight rain in the 4th of July Tourney and 10 days off becuase of rain, the Chiefs finally got to step foot on a diamond. First up for the boys were the Bulldogs from North Carolina. The Dogs playing their 3rd straight game of the day were looking for a straight sweep of Cincy teams. The Chiefs had other plans. Chiefs get out of the gate swinging as Noah singles and moves around the bases and scores. Venters take the pill for the Squad and gets out of a jamb with some help as Conway hoses the runner at the plate from left. The dogs tie the game up in the 2nd as it now turns into a pitchers and defensive battle the rest of the way. The Bulldogs go to their pen first in the 6th as the Chiefs load the bases in the 7th. Coach brings in EL Gianganto to close the door as he blows a few 90+ fastballs at the Chiefs. Tony is on in the 7th as the first guys singles, moves to 2nd on a ground out and to 3rd on another ground out. Next batter walks and heads straight for 2nd to get in pick off as the runners on third breaks for home and slides in safely, game over 2-1. Not very many highlights for the Chiefs as the rust is plain to see.

Chiefs then get to take on the Ohio Heat 18 team in the night cap. The guys seem  not to thrilled about them as we nicely give the little disrespectful bastards and their coaches 4 runs on 4 errors. Not much else to report as the Chiefs just play like crap and lose the game 4-2.

 Last game of the rain shortened poor planned Tourney today at 5:30 at Joyce Park against the Rangers. Wear White and White today and come ready to play or don't bother coming back on Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 8
Champions brings Rain
Chiefs got back to the regular season of the SWOL and things picked right up where they left off. Yup, rain out in the bottom of the 1st inning. Gotta love this weather. Back at it on Thursday at Roselawn at 6:30 pm vs. the Flames.

Friday, July 11
The header tells all about this contest tonight. Chiefs took on the Flames in CRC action. What started out as a pitchers duel quickly turned into an embrassing affair as the Chiefs just imploded in the bottom of the third. It was all down hill from there as the Wahooers couldn't throw, field, hit, run. We couldn't do anything right but boot the damn ball around the diamond. Flames put an ass kicking on the Chiefs 8-1 as once again their were more errors than hits in the box score for the Chiefs. No highlights to report in this one. Rumpke Port-A-Potty cleaner was called to clean up the pile of crap that the team left on the diamond. Up next on Saturday  is the sluggers from Pittsburgh and also on Sunday. Game time is 5:00 pm at Roselawn #2 on Sat and 1:30 pm at Hille on Sunday. Lets show up and act like we want to play.

Sunday, July 13
Weekend Series

St. Johns Lambros of Pittsburgh piled into their party wagons and headed West to the Queen City for the weekend. Being a team of their word, they still showed up with only 9 guys and 2 pitchers to play some ball. KC takes the pill looking to avenge his outing in Pitt. Chiefs get the job in the first against the Saints and in the bottom half climb on the board without recording a hit as the pitcher has some trouble with the zone. Chiefs have a hiccup in the 2nd as they give up 3 runs.  A couple walks and some bone head plays in the field kill us again. The Wahooers get one back in the home half of the inning as RJ walks, moves to 2nd and Reeds singles him home. Dami walks as the rally is snuffed out on a routine DP play. Both teams settle in for some defensive holds and the pitchers get out of jambs until the bottom of the 5th. Dami reaches on error, Chap walks, Conway singles for bases loaded. Joe hits a SAC fly to score Dami, Chapman reading the throw heads for third, Conway then steals 2nd as Noah singles in Chap. Spottz walks, Conway scores on a PB as the Chiefs plate 3 runs.  Saints go in order in the 6th as the Chiefs then go back to work. RJ gets hit, Reeds walks, Dami hits a FC and erases Reeds, Chap doubles to score RJ, Conway walks, Hannah scores on a PB, Noah drives in Chap and Conway scores on a PB as the Chiefs go up 9-3. The Saints number 4 man than hits a screaming rocket out to right for a 2 run HR in the 7th but that is all as KC mans up and throws two ground ball outs for the CG win. Chiefs look better at the dish today as the bottom 4 guys get on base and let the top drive them in.

Game 2 saw the Chiefs in a mess from the word go. Chiefs starter digs the team a huge hole as the first 8 batters get on and score. The bullpen is summoned to stop the mess and after 12 batters the third out is recorded. The Chiefs then get 2 of them back on Spottz's 3rd bomb of the year. Saints go quitely in the 2nd and so do the Chiefs. Each team trades runs in the 3rd as the Saints are up 9-3. Game stays that way as the Chiefs squander inning after inning with runners on for nothing.  Saints never threatened again as the bullpen keeps them in line the rest of the day. Final score 9-3 as the Chiefs and the Saints split the day. Sunday's game is decided a no go as the Saints have no pitching and the weather is forecasted to be bad. So the Season Series ends up in the Saints favor 2-1. Chiefs have nothing to hang their heads about on this set as they played a National powerhouse and kept the games respectable all three times. A few less errors and some key hits and the outcomes are completely different. Your Chiefs are showing signs of turning the corner as they head into the last two weeks of the regular season but the schedule still does not ease up as their are still plenty of tough games to go. We wouldn't have it any other way.  Rather lose to a good team than go out and beat up on teams that play for fun.

Wednesday, July 16
Thats Better

After the big weekend with the guys from Pitt, the Chiefs were determined to keep playing good baseball. Tuesday night would prove no different. With only 12 guys showing up, 11 of the college varitey, they took on the Ohio Heat. The Heat with about 40 players in the Uni's, thought they would have a cake walk last night. Well, lets just say that no matter how many new faces you bring and dress in the parking lot and the dugout and what not, the Chiefs were no push over. The Chiefs young guns stepped up and went right at the NABF World Series team of the Heat that was left to scratch their heads and re-check their roster when the night was over. Top to bottom, the Chiefs line up got the job done without the big guns in the order and live to play again. Somehow it looks like the guys have figured out their respected roles on the team and decided it is time to start playing as a unit and not for themselves. Jon doesn't have best stuff but throws all 8 frames as the defense went to work and laid out the leather all night long for him. Highlights at the dish, the entire damn line up was the highlight for us. Everyone did what they were supposed to do and it was a pretty site.

Chiefs are back at the dirt patch of Roselawn on Thursday at 6:30 pm. Wear green and gray.


Saturday's contest will be play in Swallowfield Ky, just outside Louisville at 3:00 pm. DH that day against the Hogs.

Friday, July 18

On a hot mid-summer night, the Chiefs travel party were signaled to the dirt patches of Roselawn. One by one, the Warriors came from the tree lines to meet up. Standing around and looking at each other, some members were missing. Must have taken the wrong path said Chief Han Han. No worries. We play anyway. White man shows up in Gold and Blue with big numbers in dugout. Chiefs very low numbers and no thumpers. Uh Oh, not good says tribe. White man on mound throws hard, made us look bad last time, we in trouble.  Not so fast says Chief Han Han, just play hard and see what happens. Young tribe does that and take an early 1-0 lead. War Party feeling good about themselves as they explode for 4 more runs in the  3rd to go up 5 to zip. Young Warriors then trip over their mocassions in the 4th and give lead to White Man in yellow, 6-5. Chief Han Han says " just keep play young warriors, keep playing." Little Lexi Indian Franklin, singles, moves to 2nd and 3rd, then scores on bad throw by catcher to tie the game.  White man coach not happy with team. Young Tribe holds off another advance by Yellow Team as the time limit is now in effect for last AB. Warrior Dami's singles, steals 2nd, Meininger walks, Noah gets hit, all with one out. Balts pitcher then throws a wild pitch as Damien scores the winning run for the walkoff win. Chiefs again use the never say die attitude to walk away with the win in a game that was sure to be a lopsided affair. Robbie provides the big blow in the third when he sends a Rosell pitch deep into the woods in left for a 3 run blast. Chiefs now head to Frankfort for a double dip with their buddies from Swallowfield before heading back home on Tuesday against the KY Royals.

Sunday, July 20
The Swallowfield Stomp

The Chiefs packed up their travel canoes and head down river to a quite little place named Swallowfield on Saturday. Why you ask on a day hot enough to cook eggs on asphalt. Two reasons, one we heard their was a nice little ball field there and people say "that if you build it, they will come" and we did. Number two, we aren't afraid to leave Cincy and the State of Ohio to play teams. After the  Tribe from Lexington waited on the Tribe from Cincy, that got lost in Ol' KY, the guys were ready to go. The Chiefs were a little sluggish in the first from the ride down and were busy taking in the sites at the field. Some guys were worried aboout finding snakes in the outfield. KC takes the pill and walks the first guy but Robbie guns his butt down at 2nd. After two ground balls that scared the ants in front of the pitchers mound, the Chiefs got down to the business at hand. Well, 10 batters later, the Chiefs go out on defense again, just real quick. Up 5-zip, they add another in the 3rd and then pour it on in the 4th as 11 guys bat. KC throws 4 innings of 2 hit ball and Tony corrals the Hogs back to the pen in the 5th for the Mercy win, 11-0.

Highlights at the dish- see the stat page on this one.

Game 2 got started right away as the Chiefs were ready to paddle their rearends back home. All up hill from this town. Hogs get their lone run of the day off a hit batter, a passed ball and a wild pitch. They squealed liked crazy. After the 3rd, not a sound was heard again from them as 4 Chiefs pitchers delivered a No-Hitter over 5 innings. The Tribe just went to work in this one from start to finish as the pitchers even got to swing the lumber for a final good ol' fashion ass kicking 13-1. Chiefs climb back over the 500 mark and are now locked onto a target as the month of July winds down.

Highlights at the plate- see the note above.

Wahoo's Guys return to the ol' grass patch of Roselawn on Tuesday at 6:30 pm against the KY Royals of the SWOL. Bring your Tidey Whites and fans buckle up as this well be a good one.

Wednesday, July 23
Chiefs take on the Royals

Tuesday night saw the Chiefs return to action after a huge performance last week. The opponent for the game was the Kentucky Royals of the SWOL. Things got going very uneventful for both teams as the pitchers and the defense traded outs. The Royals record the first hit of the night in the 2nd but do nothing with the runner. Chiefs get their first runner of the evening also in the 2nd via the walk but nothing. In the 5th, the Royals get two runners on but the next 2 batters are sent back to the dugout on three pitches each. Chiefs get on the board in the bottom half. Ferone reaches on an error,  Josh singles and both wind up scoring on the play thanks to throwing errors and not knowing which base to cover.  Chiefs up 2-0. Royals cut the lead in half in the 6th but the Chiefs answer the call score 3 more runs for a 5-1 lead. The Tribe adds another in the 8th as the Royals score one more in the 9th for a final of 6-2. The teams play 9 innings in under and 1hr 45min. Chiefs don't look real sharp at the plate as signs of sore arm muscles are evident from the past week of hitting the ball. Everything is still good with the guys and no helmet racks get broke in the game.

Highights for the night- Josh 2-2, 2-1b,R,2RBI,BB,SAC

                                        Noah 2-4, 2-1B,R,RBI

                                        Ferone - 2B, 2R,RBI

Up next for the Chiefs is the final CRC game of the year and than a Saturday set before the City Tournament and all it hijinx and what nots again.

Friday, July 25
Chiefs stumble against Heat

The Chiefs played their final regular season Thursday night game against the Heat. Looking to keep their momentum moving foward into the City, they needed this game. Kyle takes the hill and pitches out of a 1st inning jamb as the guys go quietly in their half of the frame. Heat finally crosses the plate in the 3rd.  Chiefs just keep leaving runners on. Two errors in the 4th almost cost the team some more runs but Kyle buckles down and gets the out. Chiefs climb on the board in the bottom of the 4th, though it should have been 2 runs instead of 1 but field umpire blows the call at second big time. Chiefs go ahead in the 6th inning as Robbie drives in the both runs on the night. The Tribe must now go out and hold onto the lead in the 7th. Nate gets the first two batters to pop up, then the wheels fall off as a HBP, BB, 2 singles, a throwing error and a wild pitch let the Heat take the lead again. The Chiefs go down in order as the game slips away from them for a final of 2-3. Chiefs finish up on Thursday night at 3-4 as the guys just never got moving in the right direction this year in the toughest league the CRC had.

So the Tribe plays today at 3:00 at Roselawn against Cheviot in the final tune up before they head into the City Tournament on Sunday with a #8 seed. Game for Sunday is at 4:30 pm at Hille Field against the #12 seeded Reds. With a win the Chiefs will play on Monday at 6:30 pm at Roselawn against the #1 seeded Hawks.

Saturday, July 26
Chiefs Unload Big

In their final contest of the regular season before the City Tournament, the Chiefs were set to do battle with Cheviot. Flashback to last time they played, Cheviot put a whopping on the Chiefs. So lets see what happens this time. Well, Cheviot looked like they were starting to go through roster drought, which is never a good thing at this point in the season. Chiefs, they are heading towards full strength, oh yeah. Cheviot gets two runners via KC walks before he throws a taylor made double play ball to get out of the inning. KC, guaranting victory before the game if the team can wear the orange tops, would not disappoint. Going 4 innings of 1 hit baseball with 3 K's. Conway starts the game with a leadoff 2b, followed by Chapman & Lankford 1b's as Boneau delivers the big blow with a 3 run blast, his 4th of the year. Cheviot just never got things going as the Chiefs score 4 in the 1st, 4 in the 2nd, 1 in the 3rd, 2 in the 4th and 2 in the fifth for a final of 13-0. Tribe pitchers hold the Pats to just three hits on the day. Chiefs offense breaks out of the short term hitting slump. Makes a person scratch their heads and wonder what would have been had we hit like this all season long.

Up next for the gang is the march to the City Championships which begins tomorrow at 4:30 at Hille Field. Jon V will toe the rubber for the good guys. Wear your green tops and gray pants for the game.

Sunday, July 27
Chiefs Move on
Bullpen puts the defense to sleep
The Chiefs took on the Reds in the 1st Round of the City Tournament today at Hille Field. Let's just say that after 3 innings it was 14-0 when the starters were pulled and the dugout was turned loose on the field. Bullpen gives up the run rule by not being able to throw strikes and let the 7 guys standing in the hot sun not do much. Walks really suck and they are boring as hell, boys. Reds hang around for all 7 innings as the Chiefs still get the win and move to the 2nd Round tomorrow at 6:30 at Roselawn. Wear white on white for the game. It will be a much different game at this one, guaranteed folks.

Tuesday, July 29
Barn Burner at the Old Grass Patch

Round Two tonight saw the Chiefs and the #1 seeded Cincinnati Hawks draw each other. In a game that was sure to not disappoint, it didn't. Kyle takes the pill on short rest and steps up big. Chiefs start out the contest with the 1st batter grounding out, Chapman walks, is erased on a FC by Noah, Joe 1b, moves to 2nd on Spottz's walk, Robbie rips a single to plate 2 runs. Hawks get the first man on and then go down in order. Chiefs tack on 2 more in the 2nd as Jeesh 2b, moves to 3rd on a FC, Dami rips a 3b to score Josh and later takes off for home on a run down with Chapman. Hawks come flying right back in their half of the inning plating 5 runs with a grand slam to help. Chiefs fire right back to tie the game up as Joe 2b and Jamie drives him in. 5-5 now. The next 9 Hawk batters are set down in order as Kyle digs in deep for the game. Chiefs take the lead in the 4th as Dami 1b, Conway 1b and Noah 1b to drive in Dami but then is shot down trying to get to 2nd base. Hawks pitcher then sits down 6 straight Chiefs. Kyle runs out gas in the 6th after getting the first two guys on K's, then a walk and a single as he gives way to Mr. Tony. Tony just rears back and fires the ball to strike out the batter. The Tribe gets the leadoff man but a ground ball DP throws that away. Mason then works a 15 pitch walk and scores on Noah's rocket 2b to the fence to go up 7-5. Chiefs continue on to load the bases as Hawks pitcher induces a ground ball to stop the rally. Tony works the 7th by getting a fly ball, gives up a walk, another fly ball and then gets a ground ball back to him for the last out as the Chiefs win 7-5. What a game it was and anybody who didn't enjoy watching two of the top teams in Cincy battle each other for 7 innings, then it is hard to say what you enjoy. Hats off to the Hawks pitcher who threw the entire game and kept coming right after the Chiefs all night.

The Guys are back at it tomorrow at 6:30 pm on Roselawn #1 against the Flames, another good match up for certain.

Tuesday, July 29
Chiefs Stumble into Loser's Bracket
The Chiefs took on those pesky Flames again for the 2nd time this year and once again we just go flat against them. Not real sure what the deal is with these guys but Chiefs record 2 hits, just 2 damn hits all night. Game is over before 8:00. It was a quick one except for the first inning. Now the Tribe plays out of the loser's bracket. Tomorrow's game is at 8:30 pm at Roselawn #2 against the winner of Cheviot/Yorkville. Wear White pants and Orange tops will show up. Let's be better prepared to play this time.

Thursday, July 31
Chiefs get Knocked Out of City

The Cincinnati Chiefs have been knocked out of the 2008 CRC City Tournament after a tough 5-6 loss to Cheviot. More to follow.


Next game is still being worked on for Saturday or maybe Sunday at Roselawn against the Columbus Bears. Check back for more details.

game on
Wednesday, August 6
NABF Regional Time

The Cincinnati Chiefs now get ready for the NABF Regionals being held in the Queen City. Starting tomorrow at Roselawn, the Chiefs and 7 other hard charging teams from the Tri-State will descend upon the green grasses of Roselawn for 4 days of all out baseball. Winner earns a trip to the Major World Series, loser's pack it in until next summer. So the Chiefs must either step up to the task at hand or wait until next year for that ever elusive bid to Derby City. Lets go Chief's!!!!!!


                POOL B

Round 1  Chiefs vs Cobalts   W  3-2

Round 2  Chiefs vs Xenia Trophy Sports --- W  7-0

Round 3  Chiefs vs Cheviot   ----   8:30pm   L  2-7 

Saturday will be Winner of Pool A vs Runner up of Pool B and Runner up of Pool A vs Winner of Pool B at 1:00 pm.      9 innings

At 4:00 pm, the 2 winners will duke it out for 9 innings for the right to go to Louisville and the NABF World Series.

Friday, August 8
Great Game in Round 1

For the third time this season, the Chiefs and the CoBalts meet up at Roselawn. Don't think this will be the last time that the two clubs will meet. This time in the NABF Regionals in the first round again. Didn't this happen last year in Springfield. Damn blind draws. CoBalts win the coin flip and trot their ace onto the hill in the first. Second pitch of the game he smokes Damien in the head, then walks Noah but the threat is brought to an end. The Chiefs run rookie Stang onto the bump. After a walk, he induces a GB DP to get out of the inning. The two clubs settle in for a defensive and pitchers battle. Balts find the scoreboard after and error and two singles. Robbie then throws the runner out trying to steal second and the next batter is frozen at the plate for a K. CoBalts threaten one more time in the 5th but nothing as Young Stang just keeps dealing some flith at the batters. Chiefs get to Rosell in the 5th. Scube bunts his way on, Dami is hit again, Noah bunts for bases full of Chiefs, Jamie's FC plates the 1st run, than a bases loaded walk brings in the 2nd as the game is tied. Balts bring in the bullpen and a bases loaded walk brings in the go ahead run. Young Stang finishes up the game as he pitched the game of his life just like Coach Spriggs told the young man to. Great pitching on both sides of the field last night and just a great game by both clubs overall. Chiefs back at it this afternoon at 3:30 against Trophy Sports and then at 8:30 against Cheviot for Round 2. Wear your gray pants and green tops. Anybody that did not show up last night, bring your white tops with you today.

Saturday, August 9
Chiefs Hit the Semi-Finals

The Chiefs finish up pool play tonight by going 2-1 and are the winners in Pool B. Game one today saw the Chiefs pound Trophy Sports into the dirt with a 7-0 win. The Chiefs run hired young lefty Mike Peterson to the bump and turn him loose. The lefty does exactly what he is supposed to retiring the first 7 batters before issuing a walk in the third and then strikes out the next batter. the lone base hit for Trophy came in the 4th as Mike somehow loads the bases and strikes out the side, sweet. After a walk in the 5th, he retires the next 8 straight batters again for the complete game win. On the other side of the field,the Chiefs had a ball with the Trophy Sports pitcher scoring 2 in the first, 3 in the 3rd and 2 in the 6th for the win. The order hits or gets on base top to bottom in this one. The Win ensures the Cheifs winners of Pool B.


Game 2 the Chiefs kinda sat back and just played not looking to do anything special and wind up losing to Cheviot 2-7. With the Top Spot in Pool B, the Chiefs decided not to use up any pitching and hold out for Saturday knowning that Louisville is waiting at the hotel. So we go out and hand Cheviot a gift in their last game of the season and just look to get home and rest up before tomorrow. Chiefs finish up with a 2-1 record in Pool Play followed by the CoBalts at 2-1 also. Should make for some good match ups tomorrow in the Semi's no doubt as 3 out of the 4 teams are from the very tough Thursday night league.


So the Chiefs will now battle the Louisville Angels at 1:00 pm on Saturday, winner plays the winner of the other 1:00 game between CoBalts and the Flames. Wear gray pants and Orange Tops for the first game. Lets go do work Chiefs!!!!

Sunday, August 10
Chiefs break the Halos

The Chiefs took on the Louisville Angels in the NABF Regional Semi yesterday at Roselawn. After about 30 minutes of listening to the Angels talk about who they were going to be playing at 4:00, the game got underway. Angels get first crack at things. KC takes the hill and goes to work. Angels third batter singles and then they think that the game is over and we are through already. Nah boys, we got 9 innings of this to play. Pop out to center and that is over. Chiefs turn as the Angels trot out a pitcher fresh from the Great Lakes League, nice move by the way. This guy is throwing beebee's for strikes. The Chiefs get a walk but nothing else. Angels go silently through the 3rd inning. Chiefs get another walk in the 2nd but nothing again. The Halos get to KC for a run in the 4th but are quickly snuffed out of the inning. Chiefs finally get a hit as Robbie singles, moves to 2nd on a pass ball, Josh get plunked but the threat ends. Chiefs find pay dirt in the 5th as Noah walks, Joe blisters one to LC for a rbi double, Bonner hits an rbi single, Ward singles but the rally is brought to an end. Chiefs up 2-1. Angels score 2 in the 6th on a single, double, FC and a SAC fly. Chiefs come roaring right back as Josh gets plunked for the 2nd time in the head. After a few choice words between pitcher, Josh, Reeds and the Angels dugout, play resumes. Zac moves Josh over, Scuba walks, Damien singles, Noah reaches, Joe hits a FC, Bonner walks, Ward smokes a 2 rbi single as the bullpen is knocked round. Chiefs now lead 6-3. KC nuts up and induces 4 outs on weak ass ground balls back to him over the next 7 batters. Chiefs than add some insurance in the 8th as they score 2 more runs as 7 guys go to the dish as the Angels are silenced for good. Tony takes over the 9th and stuffs it right up their rear ends as the Chiefs move onto the finals with an 8-3 victory.

The Finals would see the Chiefs play their biggest killer of the season, the Flames. The Flames riding a come from behind walk-off win over the CoBalts were living large. Chiefs looking to break the curse of the Flames look over and see that they have a pitcher warming up who never threw for them all season. This is team that had maybe 3-4 pitchers all season and now they have lots of new arms just for the Tourney. RIGHT!! Well the hired gun does the job as the Chiefs are held at bay all day recording only two hits during the run rule shortened game. Flames once again just disassemble our pitchers as they hit single after single on the day. Everything the Chiefs hit today was a piss rod but just right at someone. Man that makes for a long day. Chiefs walk away with a nice size runner-up trophy for the second time in 4 years. Flames advance to the World Series in Louisville.

Cincinnati Chiefs
Cincinnati Chiefs
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