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Congrats to the All-American Chiefs
Friday, September 21
NASPBA All-American Teams

NSPBA 1st Team All Americans (09-16-07)


1.  Drew Carson ----Hattiesburg, MS Black Sox

2. Cory O'Brien----Brunswick, MD Orioles

3.  Matt Viggiano--Detroit, MI Jet Box



1. Brent Davidson-----Indiana Outlaws

2. Jim Jaskowski----Pittsburgh, PA St. John's Lambros

3. Frank Jenny----Detroit, MI Jet Box 


1. John Kehole------South Bend,IN Senators

2. Darren Lynam ---Indiana Outlaws


1.  Rob Arnold-----Canton, OH Stallions

2. Tom Flynn------Lombard, IL Orioles


1. Joe Boneau-----Cincinnati, OH Chiefs

2. Rob Cummings--Lombard, IL Orioles


1.  Dan Barbero-----Albany, NY Athletics

2. Mark DeManna--Hackensack, NJ Troast

3. Clarence Meyers- Hattiesburg, MS Black Sox

4. Jarred Koutnik--Lombard, IL Orioles

5.  Nick Stockwell--Lombard, IL Orioles

6.  Nate Timmons---Pittsburgh, PA St. John's Lambros


1. Roger Dawson--Brunswick, MD Orioles

2. Phil Sabatka---Canton, OH Stallions


1.  John Astaff--Pittsburgh, PA St. John's Lambros

2.  Brian Boone--Catnon, OH Stallions

3.  Scott Chambers--Albany, NY Athletics

4.  Brian Gouin---West Haven, CT A-Plus Plumbers

5.  Kevin Manson--Crestwood, IL Panthers

6.  Lee Rodney----Manistee, MI Saints

7.  Mike Wassteng--Hackensack, NJ Troast


NSPBA All American 2nd Team


1. Rick Mulinix --Canton, OH Stallions

2. Rich Satcho--Pittsburgh, PA St. John's Lambros


1.  Mike Doerbecher--Canton, OH Stallions

2.  Kevin Montelbano--Hackensack, NJ Troast

3.  Josh Huebner--Indiana Outlaws

4.  Javier Jimenez-South Bend, IN Senators

5.  Jose Ortiz-- West Haven, CT A-Plus Plumbers

6. Don Watchowski--Detroit, MI Jet Box 


1.  Nick Devito-- Weymouth, MA Phillies

2.  Andy Blackwell-Pittsburgh, PA St. John's Lambros

3.  Kevin Goode-- Brunswick,MD Orioles

4.  Rick Krist----Pittsburgh, PA St. John's Lambros


1. Jeff Schulz-- Indiana Outlaws


 1.  Tom Crohan--Hackensack, NJ Troast

2.  Sean Galiher- South Bend, IN Senators

3.  Adam Eschon - Detroit, MI Jet Box

4. Scott Chistolm- Pittsburgh, PA St. John's Lambros

5. Bill Lawton- Albany, NY Athletics

6. James Ledford-- Manistee, MI Saints 

7. Kyle Hill---Detroit, MI Jet Box 


 NSPBA 3rd Team All Americans


1.  Ryan Cimino----West Haven, CT A-Plus Plumbers

2.  Craig Mastroianni- Albany, NY Athletics



1.  Tony Cipolla--Albany, NY Athletics

2.  Jason Foreman-- Pittsburgh, PA St. John's Lambros

3.  Gerred Talkington- Brunswick, MD Orioles

4. Henry Lee - West Haven, CT A-Plus Plumbers


1.  Jamie Palumbo -- Canton, OH Stallions

2.  Jack Ambrose-- Cincinnati, OH Chiefs

3.  Wes Cogdell-- Indiana Outlaws


1.  Neal Gorka -- Melrose, IL Indians


1.  Josh McDonald-- West Haven, CT A-Plus Plumbers

2.  Steve Smith-- Brunswick, MD Orioles

3.  Kyle Miller- Cincinnati, OH Chiefs

4.  Rocky D'Angelo-- Pittsburgh, PA St. John's Lambros

5.  James Pacifico- Albany, NY Athletics

6.  Mike Newstcad--Detroit, MI Jet Box


Friday, September 21
Final NASPBA Top 50 Poll

Final NSPBA / USA TOP 50 Poll  as of 9-18-07



#1 Detroit, MI Jet Box-------43-------------16------NABF WS Champions

Hattiesburg, MS Black Sox---50--------------6--NSPBA & ASPBA WS CHAMPS

Lombard, IL Orioles------------36-------------8--AABC WS CHAMPS

#2 Northwest Houston, TX Wildcats--42----4--AABC WS Runner-Up

St. John's, PA Lambros Saints----------47----3 NABF WS Runner-Up

#3 West Haven, CT. A-Plus Plumbers-------31-----5 NABF WS 3rd Place

Canton, OH Stallions--------------------32------8- AABC WS 3rd Place 

Crestwood, IL Panthers-----------------31------13- NBC WS 3rd Place 

Easton, MASS. Huskies-----------------46----14 AABC WS 3rd Place 

#4 Hackensack, NJ Troast-------------41-----8 NABF WS 4th Place

#5  Flint, MI Halo/ Foutch -------------33----8 NSPBA WS Runner-Up

#6  Indiana Outlaws--------------------40-----20 USBC WS Champs / AABC Reg. Runner-Up

#7  Albany, NY Athletics----------------46-----7 AABC Reg. Runner-UP

#8  Long Island, NY Storm--------------62-----13

#9  South Bend, IN Senators-----------33------6 AABC IN State Champs

#10  New City, NY Outlaws--------------36------5 WRWBL League & League Tournament Champs

#11  Brunswick, MD Orioles--------------28------7 BRAL League & League Tournament Champs

#12  Beecher, IL Muskies----------------35------12- CSBL CO-League Champs NABF Reg. Runner-Up

#13  Cincinnati, OH Chiefs---------28-------9 CRC League Champs

#14  Mecanicsburg, PA Cardinals--------41-------11

#15  Addison, IL Braves-----------------26-------16 NABF WS 5th Place 

#16  Trumbull, CT Bellows Baseball Club-26------6

#17  Mid Missouri Crawdads--------------17-------3

#18  Nashville, TN Angels----------------16--------3 TBF League Champs

#19  Danbury, CT Barons------------------25------10 WRWBL Runner-UP

#20 Novato, CA Knicks ------------------41--------14-- AABC WS 4th Place

#21  Berea, OH Blue Sox----------------27---------10-- Cuyahoga League Champs

#22  Weymouth, MASS. Phillies--------26----------8 Cranberry League Champs 

 #23   Louisville, KY Stallions----------27------------16

#24   Chicago, IL Wildcats------------21-------------17 

#25   Evergreen Park, IL D-Backs-----24------------7 SSWBL League Champs

#26   Detroit, MI Metro Tigers--------NA-----------NA NSPBA Great Lakes Regional Champs

#27   Manistee, MI Saints-------------27-----------14

#28  Melrose, IL Indians---------------17-----------12 

#29   Chicago, IL Intercom A's--------24------------6

#30  Nashville, TN Brewers-----------15--------------4

#31  Rockland, NY Cavaliers-----------21--------------10

#32  Davies, NY -----------------------21--------------12

#34   Tennessee Tribe-----------------28------------11 

#35  Oak Forrest, IL Indians----------15------------14 SSWBL Tournament Runner-Ups


#49   Vittum Park, IL Flyers-----------21------------10 

Great Job guys on the season, to bad Ohio cannot finish up their own poll!!!! 


Monday, August 27
Final Team Leaders


AB's                          RUNS                                 1B                              2B

Ambrose -108         Ambrose- 33                       Ambrose- 33               Boneau-  11

Eagle  -   106            Eagle     - 25                        Eagle    - 27                Dooley-   9
Hoffman  - 106        Boneau   - 24                      Dooley    - 23              Eagle   - 7
Boneau     - 91         Niemer   - 18                      Boneau    -  22              Niemer - 6

   3B                              HR                           RBI                               AVG

Eagle      - 3             Buchwald-3              Ambrose  - 24                   Niemer  .404
Ambrose - 2              Ambrose - 2            Eagle       - 22                  Spottz   .404
 Dooley  -  1               Boneau   - 2             Dooley     - 22                  Ambrose  .389
Spottz   - 1                3 guys   - 1              Boneau     - 21                   Boneau     .385
                                                               Spottz     - 20                   Dooley    .375

  HBP                            BB                             SB                                    OBP

RJ       - 13             Dooley  - 13           Ambrose  - 14                    Niemer   .585
Boneay  - 8             Niemer  - 12           Eagle       - 10                     Boneau   .482
DeLuca  - 7            Reeder  - 12           Boneau     - 6                      Dooley    .473
                             Boneau  - 10                                                    Spottz  .462


       IP                                SO                               BB                               HITS

Curtis-  48.33                  Curtis - 47                     Curtis - 27                     Curtis- 44
Dooley - 35.0                   Miller - 31                     Koby  - 24                     Dooley- 26
Koby   -  36.00                 Dooley- 26                    Mehle  - 21                    Koby   - 25
Mehle -  30.67                 Koby   - 23                                                           Mehle  - 23

        ERA                                WINS                               SAVES

Miller - 0.86                            Miller - 6                          Strobl  - 2
Strobl - 1.10                             Dooley - 4                         Dooley - 1
Koby    - 1.67                            Koby   - 4                         Sanford - 2

Dooley  - 1.89                            Curtis  - 3

Monday, August 27
Latest NASPBA Poll

Sunday, August 26

Final NSPBA USA Top 50 poll will come out after Labor Day on tuesday Sept 5th.


Final NSPBA / USA TOP 50 Poll  as of 8-22-07




#1 Detroit, MI Jet Box-------43-------------16------NABF WS Champions

Hattiesburg, MS Black Sox---50--------------6--NSPBA & ASPBA WS CHAMPS

Lombard, IL Orioles------------36-------------8--AABC WS CHAMPS

#2 Northwest Houston, TX Wildcats--42----4--AABC WS Runner-Up

St. John's, PA Lambros Saints----------47----3 NABF WS Runner-Up

#3 West Haven, CT. A-Plus Plumbers-------31-----5 NABF WS 3rd Place

Canton, OH Stallions--------------------32------8- AABC WS 3rd Place 

Crestwood, IL Panthers-----------------31------13- NBC WS 3rd Place 

Easton, MASS. Huskies-----------------46----14 AABC WS 3rd Place 

#4 Hackensack, NJ Troast-------------41-----8 NABF WS 4th Place

#5  Flint, MI Halo/ Foutch -------------33----8 NSPBA WS Runner-Up

#6  Indiana Outlaws--------------------40-----20 USBC WS Champs / AABC Reg. Runner-Up

#7  Albany, NY Athletics----------------46-----7 AABC Reg. Runner-UP

#8  Long Island, NY Storm--------------62-----13

#9  South Bend, IN Senators-----------33------6 AABC IN State Champs

#10  New City, NY Outlaws--------------36------5 WRWBL League & League Tournament Champs

#11  Brunswick, MD Orioles--------------28------7 BRAL League & League Tournament Champs

#12  Beecher, IL Muskies----------------32------12- CSBL CO-League Champs NABF Reg. Runner-Up

#13  Cincinnati, OH Chiefs---------------28-------9 CRC League Champs

#14  Mecanicsburg, PA Cardinals--------41-------11

#15  Addison, IL Braves-----------------26-------16 NABF WS 5th Place 

#16  Trumbull, CT Bellows Baseball Club-26------6

#17  Mid Missouri Crawdads--------------17-------3

#18  Nashville, TN Angels----------------16--------3 TBF League Champs

#19  Danbury, CT Barons------------------25------10 WRWBL Runner-UP

#20 Novato, CA Knicks ------------------41--------14-- AABC WS 4th Place

#21  Berea, OH Blue Sox----------------27---------10-- Cuyahoga League Champs

#22 Manistee, MI Saints------------27--------------14*
#24 Nashville, TN Brewers-----------12---------------2
#25 Chicago, IL Intercom A's--------23----------------3*

* = season is over 

Honorable Mention

#26 Melrose, IL Indians-------------15---------------9 

#27 Davies, NY (ATL) ---------------21-----------------12
#28 Tennessee Tribe-----------------21----------------11
#29 Rockland, NY Cavaliers----------21----------------10

#30 Louisville, KY Stallions----------27----------------16

Monday, August 20
NABF World Series Results
The Chiefs would like to say congratulations to the guys of Detroit Jet Box for winning the NABF Major World Series over the weekend. Losing to the World Champs in Springfield ain't so bad after all. Glad we made your Regionals interesting at least.

Umps, clean your glasses you blind asses
Sunday, August 12
Chiefs Season comes to a Close
The Final Four got under way at 5:00 pm. The Cheifs were assigned the 8:00 pm game and were told to play Fedlock. We did not draw them, we were told that that is how it was. Got to love this crap going on here. Jet Box won the 5:00 game 18-1 and was waiting for the winner of this game. So here we go. Chiefs bust out early to a 2-0 lead on Fedlock. Dools singles, Spottz walks, RJ singles and Cutris singles for the early damage. Koby takes the pill for the Chiefs and has early problems as he spots Fedlock the two runs right back. The Tribe goes back to work in the 2nd and gets one back to go up 3-2. Koby shuts them in order in the 2nd. Fedlock ties it up in the 3rd 3-3 as Koby gives way to Bradley. Fedlock takes the lead in the 4th 4-3 as the obvious is starting to happen. Yep, our old friends the umps again. A blown call at the plate costs us a run and a bad call at 2nd keeps the Fedlock rally alive. Chiefs plate another in the 5th and should have taken the lead but a hose job on Curtis results in an out. In the 6th, Bradley is forced to throw the ball down the middle of the plate which is never a good thing as Fedlock plates 2 runs to go up 6-4. Top of the 7th saw the Chiefs get Curtis HBP but Josh drills a shot to 3rd for a DP. AJ walks, Reeds singles up the middle as Joe grounds to 3rd for the last out. Fedlock moves on with a cheap 6-4 win. Chiefs go 2-2 in Screwfield this week. Hats off to Fedlock for coming all the way thru the losers bracket to play on Sunday. Damn shame you have no pitching left for Jet Box. The Chiefs can only hope that this Regional is run better next year because this is one of the most piss poor Regionals around.

Sunday, August 12
Wahoo Longballers
Ding Dong, Pitch Dead

The Scalping Squad

Buchwald  - 3
Ambrose   -  2
Boneau      - 2
Hoffmann  - 1
Niemer      -  1

Spottz      -  1

We're the Umps, we love our friends from Jet Box
Saturday, August 11
Chiefs grounded by Jet Box
The Chiefs and Jet Box tangled on the runway today in the Winners Bracket Finals at 11:00 am with the umpires acting as the landing crew sending Jet Box onto the fixed runway to the finals. Scuba lead things off for the Tribe but was stranded on first. Jet Box came out and loaded the bases but to no avail as Mehle throws a first to home to first DP ball and a ground out to stop them. Chiefs get on the board the first in the 3rd as Scuba and Boneau rip back to back Doubles to go up 1-0. The umpire promptly walks the 2nd batter for Jet Box as the next guy goes yard to reclaim the lead 2-1. They plate another in the 4th to go up 3-1. In the 5th, the Chiefs try to start a 2 out rally after Reeds get tossed for telling the umpire what he thinks of his strike zone. Jets get another run in the bottom half on a bogus balk call as the strike is now none existent for the Chiefs pitcher who is throwing bullets. Spottz leads off the 6th with a blast of a homerun into the tree line in Left Center to cut the deficit to 4-2. Dools singles. Rj singles and AJ doubles to cut it to 4-3. Jet Box looking a little nervous in the dugout with the umpires manage to stop the 7th inning rally with the bases loaded to win 4-3 and move on. The Chiefs were the only team so far in the Tournament to give Jet Box all they wanted and more. The crooked umpiring did not help but remember, this is Springfield and Jet Box is the Tournament favorite to win. Now the Chiefs will wait for the two 2:00 games to play and the re-draw to happen to see who we play next.

game on
Hey Boys, were the Chiefs
Saturday, August 11
Chiefs nip the Sox

Round Two today saw the Chiefs play the Host Team Springfield Greensox. The Greensox thinking that they were easily going to dispose of the Chiefs made a boo boo. They woke up our Tribal Bats. The Chiefs went to work in the 1st inning  plating three. Miller takes the hill for the Wahooers and gives up two hits and thats it. Chiefs get another in the 2nd to go up 4-0. Kyle was in a giving mood tonight and lets the Greensox score a run to keep it interesting. In the 3rd, the Sox pitcher, bullpen, infield, outfield, coaches, fans and Tournament Director got a huge, huge dose of the Chiefs as they sent 16 batters to the dish,  score 11 runs and just flat out ran wild around the park. Last time a pitching staff was lit up like that was that ATO ass whippin we delivered in the City. Funny thing was the Sox flapped their gums just like them too during the inning.  The Sockies go down in order in their half as the offense goes right back to work and adds an insurance run just for good measure for a total of 16-1. Now the starters are pulled and rested as Kyle goes the distance for the win. Oh yeah, the Sox did score one more time in the 5th for a final score of 16-2. Not bad for a team that supposedly sucked after beating the CoBalts last nights. Quote unquote from the Greensox. Highlights at the dish- the whole freakin batting line up. Next up for the Medicine Men is Detroit Jet Box at 11:00 am at the Stadium. No need to rush there for seats tomorrow, there hasn't been 15 people at a game yet. That includes both sides.


On a little side note, the Chiefs would like to congratulate Mark Dietz on his 21 years of running the CoBalts. Not sure if the rumor is true but we did hear that he was retiring from the program. If so Mark, congrats on all your accomplishments and wins over the years and for keeping the CoBalts running that long. Next time we see you, we will buy you a Nat'l Light or two.

Thursday, August 9
1st Round in the Books

The Chiefs took on their old buddies from Cincy today in the 2:00 pm game at the Stadium. With the Chiefs looking a little thin and the CoBalts looking a little thin, also, this was going to be fun. Rosell takes the hill for the Chiefs. CoBalts jump out to an early 3-0 lead after the 1/2 inning of play. Becker is up for the Balts. Scuba leads off with a 2b but we leave him stranded at 3rd base. The game turns into a pitchers duel for the next 4 innings as the Chiefs manage 1 hit and the Balts scatter 2. In the bottom of the 5th, the Chiefs went to work on Becker as they made him labor in the hot sun. Curtis k's, Jeesh leads off with a single to start the rally, AJ K's , Reeds singles thru the right side, Scube works an 11 pitch walk for the bases loaded. Boneaub gets hit, Josh scores, Rippa walks, Reeds scores, Dools single drives in 2 runs as the Chiefs take the lead 4-3. Rick pitches out of a jamb in the 6th as Evan comes on in the 7th and sits the Balts down in order and sends them into the losers bracket with a 4-3 win. Hits were hard to come by today but they came when needed. Dools goes 2-3, 2-1b,2rbi, Scuba,Jeesh,Reeds,AJ each record one hit.

Round 2 tomorrow will put the Chiefs against the Host Greensox at 5:00 pm at the Stadium.

Wednesday, August 1
Chiefs Exit Stage Right
The Chiefs stepped into Round 2 of the City and ran into a fully loaded Montgomery Inn team. What happened next was a complete surprise to the Chiefs and everybody watching. The Chiefs drew first blood in the Top of the 2nd to go up 1 nothing. Montgomery answered right back with one of their own in the bottom half. Chiefs get a runner on in the 3rd on an error but are unable to take advantage of it. In the bottom half of the 3rd, the paddles were lost to the canoes as Montgomery Inn scored 4 unanswered runs on 2 hits to go up 5-1. Miller lost the plate location as Dools put out the flames. After that the Chiefs left a runner on base the next 4 innings unable to get the bats moving in the right direction. The Ribbers added 2 insurance runs in the bottom of the 6th to go up 7-1 as the game ended. Montgomery Inn did agree to go ahead and the play the bottom of the 7th to allow the Chiefs closer to get some work before the break. Montgomery Inn moves on in the City to play on Thursday night against the other 3 fully stacked team with players that came out of the woodwork just for the Tournament. Chiefs recorded a measely 3 hits and 2 walks and 2 HBP's, Ribs record an offensive outburst of 5 hits and 5 walks on the night. By the way, read the scorebook about the final score and post it right before you write something about a game next time. Now we get ready for the next leg of our journey in August, the NABF Regionals in Springfield.

ATO thought the ass kickin' was funny
Sunday, July 29
Game One over with
The Chiefs opened the 1st round of the City against the ATO squad. Word on the street in Cincy last night was that ATO was going to spank the Chiefs and knock them right out of the Tournament. I think someone might have spiked their bottled water or laced their protein bars with something at the party last night. The only thing close to a spanking or beating the Chiefs got was from the hot afternoon sun beating down on us. Next time you boys might want to bring your bats or better yet bring a team with you because this was a blow out from the word go. Their is an old baseball saying "that you play like you practice". From your infield warmups that was very true. Once the dust settled from the Chiefs running around the bases, ATO was sent packing 16-0. Enjoy the rest of your summer in class. You guys might to think about joining the Northern Kentucky League that plays on Saturday and Sunday. That would be better suited for you. Highlights at the dish, Hell the damn Chiefs took batting practice basicially and padded the stat page. Highlights for ATO, 1 hit and 1 runner left on base. Oh yeah and two walks but you got picked off at 2nd down 14 runs. Up next in Round 2 well probably be Montgomery Inn on Tuesday at 8:30 pm at Roselawn #2. This will be a much tougher game than todays. The Chiefs have also equaled their win total from last year at 25.

Sunday, July 29
Chiefs Play Dog Warden
The Northern KY Bulldogs traveled up to a soggy Roselawn Field Saturday for the final contest of the SWOL. While the Chiefs were busy making the field playable, the Dogs were looking for some revenge after last Tuesday Night. Well boys, sorry about your luck. The Chiefs proceeded to ask for their dog tags since no dogs are allowed to run loose in the park. With no tags, the Chiefs then impounded all 11 of them. Mehle toes the rubber and keeps the Dogs off balance until the 4th when they sneak a little puppy across the plate. At that point the score was 4-1 until the Chiefs turned the horses loose and put a serious whoppin' on the Dogs as they score 9 runs in an inning. The Chiefs used everything from SAC bunts to SB's. Hit and Runs, Longball and just being patient at the plate. Big Sam gets to throw some today and looks pretty sharp on the hill again. Final rundown on the Game is the Chiefs win 13-1 and finish the regular season with 24 wins heading into the City Tournament. Highlights were many at the plate, Spottz- 2-4, AJ-2-4, Eagle- 2-3, RJ- 2-4 with a big 3 run HR.

Friday, July 27
Chiefs sweep the Colonels
The Chiefs last night walked into Roselawn for the last Thursday night League game of the season. Planning on seeing a much improved Colonels team the Chiefs were well prepared. Things looked good for the guys in Green as Kyle toed the rubber for the Chiefs. The Tribe got things going early for a change by plating two runs in the first. Miller Time goes out and throws beebees at the Colonels as they are set down in order. Chiefs take advantage the Colonles starter and his wildness and plate another run in the 2nd to go up 3-0. The Colonels go down in order again as they are just lost at the plate. Chiefs plate 3 more runs in the 3rd as the game is now put away for the Redman up 6-0. The Colonels muster there only hit of the night in the 3rd and get two runners on with a walk but do nothing with them. Chiefs add 4 more runs in the 6th for the mercy scalping as the game is over. Chiefs win big 10-0. Miller records 7 punch outs in 4 innings and the staff totals 9 overall on the night. The Chiefs finish the CRC Thursday Night League 6-0-1, tied with their buddies from CoBalts. Highlights were all over the field tonight. The Wahoo Nation seems to be enjoying the games as more seats are being filled. One more regular season game left on Saturday before the City starts. This is the final tune-up for the post-season so lets get down to business.

Wednesday, July 25
Chiefs Tame KY Bulldogs
The Chiefs traveled across the Ohio River last night to take on the Northern Ky Bulldogs in Erlanger. The Chiefs coming off a big weekend series sweep looked to keep the momentuem going foward last night as they head for the City Tournament. Not knowing what to expect from the Dogs, the Chiefs went right to work last night. In the 1st, they promptly loaded the bases but were unable to take advantage of the wildness of the pitcher. However the Bulldogs were able to plate one in their half of the 1st as Koby struggled on the hill and gave up some very weak hits. Bulldogs plate 3 more in the home half of the 2nd as Koby gets a little wild on the mound but does pitch out of the jamb. Kobs then gets into a grove and settles down as the Chiefs start to work the Bulldogs starter as they plate 2 in the 4th. Dools takes over in the 5th and goes three hitless and scoreless innings as the Chiefs turn it up a notch. The Wahooers take advantage of 3 Hit batsmen and some piss rods to the gaps as they plate 5 runs in the 6th to go up 7-4. Things go quitely and quickly in the 7th, 8th and 9th as both teams bullpens shut the hitters down. Miller looked good in his inning of work and Evan slams the gate in the Dogs face in the 9th as the Chiefs win for the 22nd time this season 7-4. Highlights were few and far between tonight at the plate, so check the box score for them. The Chiefs offense seems to be turning the corner and getting started a little earlier now in the games but we need to get it going in the 1st and not look back from here on out. Up next for the Head Hunters are the Colonels at 8:30 pm at Roselawn, in the last CRC Thursday Night League game and then the same Bulldogs crew for a 9 inning affair on Saturday at 1:00 pm at Roselawn. This is the last week of the Regular for the guys as they start the march towards Louisville and the NABF World Series. Things are going to start to heat up.

Tuesday, July 24
Newest National Poll
Week # 11 heating UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007 N.S.P.B.A. Top 25 (Wood Bat Teams) as of 7-23-07

#1 St. John's, PA LAMBROS----------26---------------2
#2 Hackensack, NJ Troast-----------33---------------3
#3 A-Plus Plumbing West Haven, CT 18---------------1
#4 Albany, NY Athletics------------33---------------4
#5 Flint, MI Halo / Foutch---------30---------------4
#6 South Bend, IN Senators---------23---------------5
#7 Brunswick, MD Orioles-----------28---------------5
#8 Long Island, NY Storm-----------43---------------10
#9 Lombard, IL Orioles-------------16---------------6
#10 Trumbull, CT Bellows------------20---------------3
#11 Indiana Outlaws-----------------36---------------16
#12 New City, NY Outlaws------------21---------------4
#13 Cincinnati, OH Chiefs-----------21---------------6
#14 Mecanicsburg, PA Cardinals------28---------------8
#15 Manistee, MI Saints-------------23---------------8
#16 Beecher, IL Muskies-------------22---------------8
#17 Nashville, TN Blazers-----------18---------------5
#18 Mid Missouri Crawdads-----------17---------------3
#19 Nashville, TN Angels------------11---------------3
#20 Berea, OH Blue Sox--------------25---------------8
#21 Addison, IL Braves--------------14---------------7
#22 Evergreen Park, IL D-Backs------16---------------1
#23 Danbury, CT Barons--------------19---------------7
#24 Crestwood, IL Panthers----------22---------------12
#25 Evergreen Park, IL D-Backs------16----------------1

Honorable Mention

#26 Chicago, IL Intercom A's--------17----------------3
#27 Davies, NY (ATL) ---------------14----------------5
#28 Tennessee Tribe-----------------20----------------9
#29 Rockland, NY Cavaliers----------17----------------8
#30 Detroit, MI Jet Box-------------23----------------10
#30 Louisville, KY Stallions--------24----------------16

Paybacks are a Bitch
Sunday, July 22
A Little Payback for the Chiefs
The Louisville Stallions saddled up yesterday and rode up to Cincinnati to take on the Chiefs in a DH at Roselawn. The Stallions looking a little thin put their normal nine out there and one big ol' boy on the mound to do battle. The Chiefs still had memories of last years two ass whoppin's they took down south at the hands of the Stallions. The Horsemen drew first blood scoring 1 in the first as the Chiefs looked flat again on Saturday. As a matter of fact the Chiefs looked like crap for 4 innings as they watched the Stallions build up a 3-0 lead. Looking like they were attending a funeral, the Chiefs finally score a run off of big boy. Curtis snuffs out a 6th inning Stallion rally then gives way to Strobl in the 7th as he sits the 3-4-5 hitters down in order with the hammer. Chiefs are at the end of the line again in the bottom of the 7th, down 3-1. Anybody getting a weird feeling again. Yup that's right, comeback time. Like last week, Buchwald destroys a pitch over the fence and half way up the hill again for a lead off homerun. 3-2 now. Deluca singles, Dooley singles and Ward walks, bases loaded. Scuba hits a sac fly that ties the game with 2 outs as Boneau steps to the plate. He drills the 3rd pitch he sees up the middle to score Dooley as the Chiefs win the game 4-3. The Comeback Chiefs seem to be getting good at this. Stallions look a little dejected after that. Sorry boys.

Game 2 was basically a good ol' fashion ass kicking as the Stallions runs the same guys out with a softball pitcher. Chiefs send Dools out to extract the final amount of revenge from the Stallions. They tried to get something going but only managed to get one runner to third as the barefoot Thirdbase Coach just sat and watched and shook his head. The Chiefs never looked back in this one as we win 6-0 and get the sweep on the Stallions. Hats off the Stallions for coming up to play with 10 guys and doing so when their season is over for them. Highlights at the dish for the day: Boneau- 2-5,2-1b,GW rbi, Deluca- 5-7,2-1b,2-2b,2r,rbi Buchwald-3-5,2-1b,HR,3rbi,bb,hbp, Dirty Sanchez- 3-4,3-1b,r, Ward-2-5,2-1b,bb,rbi. Chiefs pick up their 20th & 21st win on the Season as they head into the final week of the regular season. The Boys are back in action on Tuesday at St.Henry HS in Erlanger at 7:00 for a 9 inning game against the NKY Bulldogs.

Tuesday, July 17
Chiefs sweep Rangers in SWOL
The Chiefs took on the always tough Tri-State Rangers at Roselawn in a 9 inning affair. With Mother Naturs debating on whether to rain us out or not, the game got moving on time . The two teams traded hits and outs until the Chiefs broke the deadlock by playing small ball and forcing a run across. Then in the 7th, the Wahoo Guys started to pound on the ol' pill and plated 5 runs to the dismay of the Rangers Coaching staff. After a quite 8th for the Rangers, the Chiefs decided to have another long inning and plated 3 more runs to go up 9-0 heading into the last frame. The Rangers string some soft, soft base hits together off Evan to get three runs but that was it as the Chiefs decided to stop the charity runs and close things up. Evan gets his 1st win as a Chief, Ambrose breaks out of the hitting slump and Newbee Oberly sores 2 runs in his debut and Willie Mays joins in on the fun for the evening. Chiefs push their record to 19-6-1 on the year. Yes that goofy tie does reflect on our record, shame somebody didn't want to finish the game. Chiefs are back in action at 6:30 pm at Roselawn against the always fun and tough Montgomery Inn boys. We always look foward to playing Steve Imhoff and his guys as they are a class act and a good group of fellows to play.

Sunday, July 15
Chiefs and Titans Get It On
The Ohio Fightin Titans rolled in from Cleveland yesterday for a 2 game set with the Chiefs at Roselawn. The Titans get on the board first by taking advantage of some lazy and sloppy playing by the Chiefs. After 2 innings, the Titans are up 3-0. Koby starts the game but leaves in the 2nd with a cramp in his calf. Mehle comes on and keeps us in the game through the 5th. The Chiefs get on the board in the bottom of the 5th to cut the lead to 3-1.Then the flood gates open up in the 6th as Mehle gets roughed up for 5 runs on 5 hits as Blake Blair comes in to stop the rally. The Titans are then retired in the 7th as the Chiefs get last crack at it. Buchwald leads things off with a Solo HR half way up the hill in left. Spottz singles, Whitt doubles, Eagle doubles to score 2, RJ doubles to score Eagle, Reeder pushes RJ to 3rd, one out, AJ then blasts a 2 run HR over the left field fence to cut the lead to 8-7. The rally is then stopped as the Chiefs go down 8-7. The Chiefs mount a great comeback in the 7th as they tattooed the Titans Pro Pitcher for 5 runs in the 7th. Highlights at the Dish- Boneau; 3-5,1r,2sb,3-1b, Buchwald; HR,rbi,r, Spottz: 2-3, bb,2-1b,r,rbi, Whitt; 2b,r, Eagle; 2b,r,2rbi,bb, RJ, 2b,r,rbi, AJ; 2r-HR,r,2r. All in all in this, a few hits here and there and we win the game.

After a few minutes of rest and some water on the desert infield, we kick off game two. Chiefs drew first blood this time as Buchwald sends another pitch off the Titan Ace half way up the hill in left for a 1-0 lead. The Titans answered right back with a run of their in own the bottom half of the inning. The Chiefs are then held at bay as they struggle to figure out the Titan pitcher. The Titans score one in the 2nd, 4th and 5th. Both sides go quitely in the 6th as the Chiefs are down to their last AB in the top of the 7th. With one out, Spottz starts the rally with a single, moves to 2nd on a WP, Whitt then hits a 2b as Spottz scores, RJ walks as Strobl runs for him, Eagle then hits a single that scores Whitt as Strobl moves to 3rd on the throw as Eagle moves to 2nd, Reeder lays down the squeeze as the Titan pitcher throws the ball away as Strobl races home, Eagle hustling from 2nd scores the go ahead run as Reeder heads for 2nd on the play. The rally then dies as the Chiefs take the lead 5-4. The Titans then go down in order as Strobl picks up the win tonight. Chiefs earn a split on the day against a tough Titan bunch. Highlights at the dish- Spottz; 2-3, 2-1b,r, Whitt; 1-2,2b,bb,r,rbi, Eagle; 1-3, 1b,gw r,rbi, Reeder; 1-3,squeeze, ga rbi,1b. Hats off to the Titans for making the trip down to play us. Chiefs move to 18-6 on the season heading into the final two weeks of the regular season.

The Chiefs learned a few things tonight about the team as to where we are and where we need to get to. First, we need to show up better prepared and focused on the game. This half ass attitude that we bring to the field some nights has got to go. Come prepared to play every game and act like you want to be there. If not, then we will find guys that want to play and put them in your spot. Second, having only 10 guys to play the field for DH's and week night games is going to stop. If we are going to start playing better baseball than we need everybody there for the games. After this coming Saturday's game, the not showing up is done. If Jeff and I can make every game then you can too. We both work alot more hours than you guys and have families and we still show up every night. Get you asses to the game, if not, then we will find guys to replace you. Third, our offense and defense needs to step up. Batters need to start working the pitchers and getting good pitches to hit. Make them throw you something to hit instead of swinging at bad pitches. The defense needs to hustle after every hit ball and start making the tough plays look routine. We have way to much speed in this lineup that we are not using to our advantage. Lets stop swinging for the fences only to hit a pop up out and start putting the ball into play. You saw what happened when we hit the ball on the ground, they kicked it around the field. Be aggressive at the plate look to move runners. Fourth, the pitchers did a good job today of keeping us in the game but need some help. We have bullpen help coming over the next couple of games. We have 2 of them here with us and two or three more coming to round out the staff and help carry us to August. The schedule is not going to get any easier as we head down the final stretch the next 2 weeks. So lets pick it up and start playing like we are capable get after it. Now is the time to start our run to Louisville. It is either nut up or shut up time. You decide. And last item. I know the Metro Softball is starting up soon. NO MORE SOFTBALL UNTIL WE ARE DONE!!! If we find out that you are playing softball, then plan on dropping off your gear. Getting hurt playing that useless game does not help us win ball games. There is plenty of time for that when we are done in August.

Next up for the Chiefs are the Tri-State Rangers at Roselawn at 6:30 pm for a 9 inning contest. Everybody show up with a new attitude and lets get this thing rolling in the right direction.

Sunday, July 15
Hmmmm, this is interesting
Well looky what I found tonight, some more Rankings for the State of Ohio. This is without a doubt one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Ohio Amateur Baseball Top 20
July 16, 2007 -  -- 
1. Youngstown Roth/Bud (24-0) YRL
2. Canton Stallions (22-6) Canton Class A
3. Lake County Knights (27-6) Cuyahoga
4. Cincinnati Patriots (21-6) CRL
5. Canton Pizza Oven (20-8) Canton Class A
6. Portage South (19-4) Akron Class A
7. Firestone Rangers (18-1) Akron RH
8. Ohio Fightin Titans (21-10) NOSPBL
9. Champion Marlins (19-6) Warren League
10.Berea Blue Sox (24-7) Cuyahoga
11.Go Veterans (22-7) Cuyahoga
12.Cleveland Mosquitoes (21-7) NOSPBL
13.Sharon Center Cox Painting (18-3) Akron Class A
14.Cleveland Blackwolves (20-9) Cuyahoga
15.Cincinnati Chiefs (18-6-1) CRL
16.Youngstown Metros (18-6) YRL
17.Youngstown Tamburros (17-7) YRL
18.N.C.Terriers (17-14) Canton Class A
19.Cleveland Steve Sports (17-5) CABF
20.Canton Terriers (16-14) Canton Class A

Ohio Amateur Baseball Top 20
June 27, 2007 -  -- 
1. Cleveland Mosquitoes (14-2) NOSPBL
2. Youngstown Roth/Bud (16-0) YRL
3. Canton Stallions (14-4) Canton Class A
4. Canton Pizza Oven (11-3) Canton Class A
5. Lake County Knights (15-3) Cuyahoga
6. Cincinnati Chiefs (13-4-1) CRL
7. Portage South (14-1) Akron
8. Cincinnati Patriots (14-3) CRL
9. Veterans Go Baseball (14-4) Cuyahoga
10.Ohio Fightin Titans (13-5) NOSPBL
11.Cleveland Blackwolves (13-5) NOSPBL
12.Canton Terriers (10-7) Canton Class A
13.Champion Marlins (12-3) Warren
14.Cincinnati Cobalts (8-3-1) CRL
15.Sharon Cox Painting (10-3) Akron
16.NC Terriers (10-7) Canton Class A
17.Youngstown Metros (12-4) YRL
18.Mahoning Valley (12-3) Warren
19.Berea Blue Sox (16-6) Cuyahoga
20.Cleveland Steve Sports (12-4) CBF

Tuesday, June 19

 Ohio Amateur Baseball Top 20
1. Canton Stallions (10-2) Canton Class A
2. Cleveland Mosquitoes (11-2) Northern Ohio League
3. Cincinnati Patriots (13-1) Cincinnati Rec
4. Youngstown Roth/Bud (11-0) Youngstown Class A
5. Canton Pizza Oven (8-3) Canton Class A
6. Cincinnati Chiefs (12-2-1) Cincinnati Rec
7. Go Veterans Baseball (14-3) Cuyahoga Class A
8. Cleveland Blackwolves (10-3) Northern Ohio League
9. Ohio Fightin Titans (11-5) Northern Ohio League
10.Lake County Knights (12-3) Cuyahoga Class A
11.Mahoning Valley Knights (10-1) Warren League
12.Portage South (9-1) Akron League
13.Canton Terriers (7-5) Canton Class A
14.North Canton Terriers (7-5) Canton Class A
15.Champion Marlins (9-3) Warren League
16.Cincinnati Cobalts (6-3-1) Cincinnati Rec
17.Sharon Cox Painting (7-3) Akron League
18.Berea Blue Sox (12-5) Cuyahoga Class A League
19.Cleveland Bruins (3-3) Northern Ohio League
20.Cleveland Steve Sports (8-1) Cleveland Baseball Federation

Indian Horse
Equis surrender!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday, July 13
A Scalping at Hille
The Chiefs headed down to Hille Field tonight on a mission to wright the canoe after Tuesday's mess. The mission, beat somebody. Out come, oh we did that. The boys from Dos Equis had no idea what they had gotten into tonight with the Chiefs. When the dust settled, they were left waving the Mexican Flag as they surrendered to the Tribe 10-0 after 5. The Chiefs lead 2-0 after 2 and the flood gates opened up as the Tribe plates 7 in the 3rd and 1 in the 4th for the win. Miller Time goes 4 allowin only 2 hits as he was being nice. Newly acquired Bearcat closer, Evan Sanford slammed the door in their face as he fanned the 3 batters he faced in his debut tonight. Highlights at the plate: the whole damn team tonight folks. The Chiefs return to action Friday night as they travel up stream to Little Miami HS to do battle with the Cincinnati Force at 6:30 pm. Look for the Chiefs to start to get things going as they prepare for the post-season that is quickly approaching.

Great Win Tonight
Saturday, July 14
Chiefs Wright the Canoe
The Fighting 9 Chiefs hopped into their Big Canoe and paddled up stream to Little Miami High School for a Friday night SWOL contest with the Force. What looked bad at game time turned into a 3-2 win in 8 innings as the very short handed Chiefs beat the loaded dugout Force, again. Dooley takes the pill and gives us a 7 1/3 inning, 1 hit shut out until the Force hits a dinger and then is promptly put in their place and retires the next five guys in order for the win. The Chiefs played fundamentally sound defense behind Dools and kept their hot bats moving at the plate. Highlights at the Dish- Basically everybody did their job tonight with a team effort. Up next for the Wahoo Guys are the Ohio Fightin Titans from Westlake at 4:00 pm at Roselawn for a DH. This should be a good set of games.

Tuesday, July 10
Flat, Flat & Flat
The Chiefs made their way back to a grassy thing in Cincinnati called a Ball Field tonight for the first time in 10 days. Think maybe we should have called a practice or something because it looked like we had never played the game before. Man were we rusty and flat as hell tonight. The Bulldogs made short work of us and the game as we complete 7 innings in under and 1hr and 20 minutes. To make a long story short, we lost 0-4. End of story. Highlights at the dish, 2 hits, thats all. Josh, 2b, Curtis 1b. One a good note, there was a Boneau sighting tonight as he made his return to the Chiefs after an extended illness due to the Clifton streetwalkers.

Chiefs return to actionon Thursday night at 6:30 pm at Hille Field against some team that I cannot pronounce. Hopefully the rust will be gone by then for us and we turn the bats up a notch or two.

Sunday, July 1
Some Notes
First order of business is schedule changes. We will now play on Tuesday July 10th at Roselawn at 6:30 pm against the Bulldogs instead of playing at CHCA that night. Tuesday July 24 we will play the N.Ky Latecomers at 7:00 pm at St.Henry HS in Erlanger and then play them again on Saturday July 28th at 1:00 pm in Cincinnati. Both games will be 9 inning contest and are SWOL games.

Next order is the rosters. Guys start paying attention to the Post-Season dates in August. We have to turn rosters in by July 10th, so I need to know if you cannot go to the post-season with us soon.

Finally, for you rumor mongers out there. This crap that the Chiefs are in trouble and don't schedule games with us and what not. I know who the big mouth is saying this and he is basing it off of me making a schedule error. First one in three years. Big deal. I guess if I played all my games close to home I would be perfect to. Build a travel schedule like we do while running your own business and see if you make a mistake. I think that it is great that you all are so perfect and that you never make mistakes. Next time, your lazy ass can schedule all the dates that you want to play us instead of making me do all the work. We have no intentions of forfeiting games this year as we always make sure we have enough players to play. So like it or not, the Chiefs are here to stay this year and next and we will make sure that we are a pain in all of your asses the rest of the summer.

Hog Roast at 6:00 pm
Sunday, July 1
Chiefs Roast the Hogs
After a few days off, which by the way felt great, the Chiefs got back to business. Looking to bounce back on the winning side of things, the Boys headed South of the Border to a liitle town called Swallowfield. After hiking many miles through the woods and over mountains, the 10 man hunting party arrived at a clearing in the woods. Low and behold there was a field. The Road weiry Chiefs got suited up to do battle against the First team of the day as we wait for 2 lost Tribe Members to arrive and one lost umpire. Umpire arrives but no players so we began batting with 8 guys. Chiefs knock the ball around a little but do no damage. Boomer toes the rubber for the Wahoo guys and keeps the Hogs corralled for three innings. In the 3rd, the guys push a run across for a 1-0 lead. In the 4th, the Tribe plates 3 more runs for a 4-0 lead. The piggies answered with 2 of their own in the 4th to cut the lead in half. They get 1 more in the 5th to be down 4-3. Chiefs plate 1 more in the 7th to go up 5-3 as Cutris completes the game for the Chiefs and the win. Highlights at the dish; Spottz-2-4,2-1b,2rbi, DeLuca-bb,r,hbp,sb, Weimer-3-4, 3-1b,rbi,sb and few other guys throw some hits in there. After a 25 minute pow-wow and a change of clothing, the Tribe get ready for game 2. The other dugout has about 9 new faces for this one as we play the Swallowfield All-Stars. I think somebody was wanting revenge for the scalping we gave them on Memorial Day weekend. The Chiefs go down in order the first 3 frames as the All-Stars plate a run in the 3rd for a 1-0 lead. Chiefs then open up the teepee in the 4th and bust out the sticks and pound the pitcher into the dirt as they plate 5 runs for a 5-1 lead. We plate 2 more in the 5th for a 7-1 lead. The Hogs get back 3 runs in the 6th as AJ runs out of gas and DeLuca stops the rally. The Tribe scores 2 runs in the 7th for a 9-4 lead as the Hogs score 1 last run before the door is shut for good on the game as the Chiefs win 9-5 and complete the season sweep of Swallowfield. Highlights at the dish- Ambrose; 3-4,2r,2-1b,2b, Weimer; 2-4,2-1b,2r,rbi,sb, Spottz; 2-3,1b,2b,3r,2rbi,hbp, Eagle; 2-4,sac fly,2-1b,rbi,r, Curtis; 1b,3rbi,sac fly, Niemer; 1-2,2bb,1b,sb. AJ goes 5 2/3 for the win today. The Chiefs now enjoy a rest period as we hit the All-Star break. All in all, it was a good day for the guys, with only 10 players and no bullpen at the game, we played our wheels off for 2 wins today. Chiefs next game is scheduled for July 5th at 6:30 at the friendly confines of Roselawn.

For a man to start a baseball league and build a baseball field on his own property just so guys have a place to play says alot about a person. Mr. Junie Arnold has followed the old saying that if you build it they will come. Give that field a few years and it will be a nice diamond. I tip my hat to you Junie for what you have built in Swallowfield.

Sunday, June 24
Chiefs Drop 2 to the Royals
The Road weary Chiefs traveled down south to Boone County High School for a DH with the Royals on Saturday. At first, we all thought that we were at the wrong field but weren't. That is said because that has to be the smallest Baseball Field we have ever seen. Left Field measured about 300 ft, Left Center about 360 ft, Center 290 ft, Right Center 240 ft and Right field 230 ft and that might be pushing it. First bad omen for the day. Four Starters missing today, next bad omen and then the umpires, oh hell, here we go. Lets just say that now we realize how much better the CRC Umpires are. With a tight strike zone and small outfield, couple of routine pop flys at any other Field turn into Homeruns for the Left Handed hitting Royals. Curtis throws all 8 innings and takes the loss on a bases loaded walk as we go down 7-6. Pitches belt high in the 8th become balls and pitch number 4 right down broadway was ball 4 for the final run. Hope the Umpires had many laughs about that game in the stands with all the Royals parents afterwards.

Enter game 2, same field, same line up for the Royals and same Umpires but switched spots. We now feel the wrath of Mister Suckie behind the plate out in the field as he blows two straight calls in the 7th and his blind partner is even worse than him at the plate. Chiefs batters are raising their arms and diving backwards to avoid being hit only to hear that the pitch was a strike. Can somebody tell us what the 25 second count is in Summer Baseball as that was pulled on us also. Short of the matter is that we wasted $110.00 in umpire fees and money on gas to drive down there to play on the best Tee-Ball Field in Florence KY. Chiefs go down in game two 7-4. What a day, what a day. Oh well, at least all of our players wear matching hats and shirts!!!! For highlights about the day , check the box scores. But it sure is fun watching Ambrose tear the cover off the ball this summer as he destroyed the baseball this weekend again.

Friday, June 22
Chiefs knock off the Colonels

The Short-handed Chiefs showed up at Roselawn tonight for the late game against the always tough Colonels in CRC league action. Now we are the really short-handed Chiefs as we sign to new helpers at game time to avoid the forfeit. The offense promptly goes to work in the 1st as we load the bases but get nothing for it. Kyle keeps the Colonels quite for 3 innings as he allows only 2 hits while K'ing 5. The Chiefs get on the Board in the 2nd as new guy Culver walks, Miller singles, Scuba singles, steals 2nd, Ambrose reaches via an error, Scuba steals Third for a 2-0 lead. Chiefs score again in the 3rd behind no hits as the Colonels boot the ball around the Diamond for a 3-0 lead. A walk and two singles in the 4th allows another run for a 4-0 lead. Bulldog Knue keeps the shutout going by throwing a DP ball. The Tribe adds one more in the 7th for a 5-0 lead as the Colonels finally string some hits together for two runs and as the game ends with their runner getting picked off first as the Chiefs win 5-2. Highlights at the dish- Miller; 2-3,2-1b,1r,1rbi, Deluca; 2-3, 1b,2b,hbp,1r,1rbi and a few others with some rocket shots tonight. The Chiefs move to 13-2 on the season as we head for Boone County HS for a twin bill with the Kentucky Royals on Saturday. Look for the Chiefs to add some reinforcements to the Roster as we start gearing up for the month of July.

On a Transaction side note, former Chief Brad Thoma, was signed on Tuesday by the Charlotte County Redfish in the South Coast League in Fla. Even though he only played a handful of games with us, it is nice to see guys continuing their careers after pulling on the Orange and Green of the Chiefs.

Wednesday, June 20
Chiefs Turn Their Canoe Backover
little man
We Hammer the Ball Tonight
The Chiefs traveled to CHCA this evening to take on the Cincinnati Force in SWOL action. Once again we take the field very short handed and things looked bad. The first 3 Chiefs walk to the plate and promptly walk back to the dugout as the Force pitcher was blowing gas at us. Koby toes the rubber for the Tribe and works out of a bases loaded jam in the first as he is still getting loose. The Chiefs finally wake up their bats in the 3rd as Koby bunts to get on and then the flood gates open as we hit the Freedom stud and hit him hard for 3 runs to go up 3-0. Koby settles into a grove and keeps a shut out intact until the 6th. The Wahoo Guys plate 3 more runs in the 6th to go up 6-0. The Force scores 2 runs off one hit in the 6th as we enter the 7th. The Chiefs rally is killed by a line drive DP. The Force starts a little rally off some walks but Jeesh picks the runner at third and Strobs makes a sliding catch in left to end the game as the Chiefs win 6-2. Hey, not bad for the 9 Fightin' Indians that took the field tonight. Highlights at the dish- Scuba; 2-4,rbi,sb, Ambrose; 2b,2rbi, Deluca; 2-4,rbi, Reeds; 2-3,rbi,r. Jeesh throws out 5 runners tonight on the defensive highlight reel. Chiefs are back in CRC action Thursday Night at the friendly confines of Roselawn at 8:30 pm against the Colonels.

On a side note, tonight with the win Jeff hit the 450 win mark with the Chiefs. Another great milestone for Jeff and the Chiefs Program.

Sunday, June 17
Chiefs Flip over their Canoe
What happened
What Happened to the Offense Today??????
The Chiefs rolled into Hille Field today to take on the Capitals of Chillicothe in some Non-League action. The Chiefs climbed on the Board first in the 2nd to take a 2-0 lead. The Caps got to Curtis in the 3rd and the 4th to tie the game at 2. The Wahoo Guys re-take the lead by plating a run in the 5th and the 6th for a 4-2 lead. The Capitals then scratched their way back to cut the lead to 1 run in the 8th. In the 9th, the paddles fell off the canoe as the bullpen can't close the game up as the Chiefs watch their lead and the win fly over the right field fence on a 3-2 pitch right down Broadway with two outs. Curtis throws 6 strong innings only to get a no decision for all his work. One again the Chiefs strand more runners and have more pop outs than they have base hits on the day. For highlights at the dish, go read the box score as there weren't many. The guys get back to action against the Cincinnati Force on Tuesday at 6:30 at CHCA. We better come read to play or the Force will leave a butt kickin' that will hurt.

Thursday, June 14
Chiefs and CoBalts Lock Horns
A Tie
The Chiefs took on the always tough CoBalts tonight in CRC League action. This game did not disappoint as it was a battle of the Old Power and the New Power in the League. CoBalts got on the board first in the 1st. The Chiefs quickly responded by sticking 2 runs on the Board themselves for a 2-1 lead. Things go quitely until the 4th as the Balts push 2 runs across for a 3-1 lead. Chiefs answered the call and raised the bet as they put 2 up and retake the lead 4-3. Enter the 7th inning. CoBalts push 2 runs across for a 5-4 lead. Our turn now, 2 outs and down to their last strike, Strobl laces a Three Bagger to Right Center. Eagle singles thru the right side to tie the game 5-5. CoBalts get the winning run to second and then got greedy as the runner was thrown out stealing third as the next guy singles and then a pop up. Chiefs have their final shot as the mystery time limit is being imposed now. First batter K's, then a single, a walk a pop up and a another infield single for the bases loaded and 2 out as the next batter pops up as the game ends in a tie. That is no way for a game to end, a tie. Lets see, no courtesy runner, no pitcher DH, a time limit and a tie. Wonder what is next in store for us in the League. Oh well, no harm done to the Chiefs as we get back to action on Sunday at 1:00 pm for a DH at Hille Field against Chillicothe.

Tuesday, June 12
Chiefs take on the Rangers
For the Third straight game, the Chiefs got to play Cowboys and Indians today. The Tribe paddled up the river a little ways to Hamilton to take on the Tri-State Rangers in SWOL action. The Chiefs sent Koby to the mound tonight with a shot of fire water and he did not disappoint. The game moved along a good clip until the 4th as the Chiefs climb on the board first for a 1-0 lead. That quickly changed as the Rangers plate 3 runs on three errors in the bottom half for a 3-1 lead. In the 5th, the spurs fell off the Rangers starter as the offense went to work and ran him off the mound as the Redman plate 4 runs for a 5-3 lead. They add one more in the 7th as insurance as Koby goes the distance for the win tonight 6-3. Highlights at the dish- Boneau; 2-4,2-2b,2rbi,2r, Ambrose; 2-4,2-1b,3rbi,1r, and a few others hits along the way.

The Chiefs push their record to 11-1 now as we get into the meat of the schedule. Up next for the guys are the CoBalts on Thursday at 6:30 at Roselawn. Get their early for a good seat as this should be a good one.

Sunday, June 10
Chiefs Lay down the Laws
We Come to Play

The Chiefs rolled into Georgetown for a Sunday DH with the Tough E'ville Outlaws. After playing musical fields through Georgetown b/c people don't know how to schedule fields, the Chiefs found themselves a diamond and played Ball. In game 1, the Short Handed Chiefs get on the Board first. The Short Handed Laws answered back with one of their own to tie the game. The Chiefs then put up 2 more in the 4th for a 3-1 lead. They then added 3 more in the 5th for a 6-1 lead. Evansville pushes 1 across in the 6th and then hit into a game ending DP as the Chiefs win 6-2. Curtis picks up 2nd win of the season going 5 1/3 innings with Strobl closing things up. Highlights at the dish- Ambrose; 3-4,1r,2-1b,2b,1sb,1rbi , Buchwald,2-4,2r 2-1b,  Curtis,1-2,2b,1rbi , Strobl; 1-1,2b.

In game 2, the Chiefs found themselves down 1-0 after 3 innings. In the 5th, they score 3 runs for 3-1 lead. The Redmen then push 4 more runs across as the Laws run out of pitching as the game ends for a final of 7-1. Mehle goes 3 innings of solid baseball, Koby picks up the win with 3 innings of shut out baseball for the Tribers. Highlights at the Dish- Ambrose; 2-3,1b,2b,2r,1rbi,hbp, Spottz; 3-4,1b,2-2b,4rbi,1r,1sb, Dools; 1-2,2bb,1b,1rbi.

The 2 wins push the Chiefs record to 10-1 on the Season as they get ready to battle the Tri-County Rangers on Tuesday at 6:30 pm at Joyce Park. Weather forecast is beautiful for this game.

Sunday, June 10
Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy
The Cincinnati Chiefs Baseball Club would like to take a moment and Congratulate their Head Coach Jeff Hannah. Before the DH today, Tim Turpin, Head Coach of the Outlaws and President of the NASPBA, announce the induction of Jeff Hannah into the NASPBA Hall of Fame. Jeff was presented a Plaque at Home Plate by Tim as the announcement was made. Tim stated " Jeff, for 23 years of service to the Chiefs Organization and countless years of work for Amateur Baseball in Cincinnati and beyond, I would like to congratulate you on your accomplishments and your induction in the Hall of Fame." Jeff recieved a round of applause from the crowd and said a big thank you to Tim and all of his players. Beyond that, he didn't know what else to say. Jeff becomes the First Coach from the Cincinnati Area to be inducted to the NASPBA Hall of Fame. Jeff's accomplishments can be seen on the NASPBA website this week as they will be posted by following this link 

Congratulations Jeff from all your players past and present, you deserve this Honor.

Friday, June 8
Chiefs Sweep 2 in the CRC
The Chiefs rolled into Roselawn for a Thursday Night Twlight Double Header last night. Game one saw the Chiefs take on the Thunderhawks. We spot the Hawks a 5 run lead in the top of the first for whatever reason. Chiefs get back 3 runs in their half of the first and 1 more in the 2nd to be down 5-4. The Redman tie it up in the 4th at 5-5. Then the Hawks got their wings clipped, feathers plucked and throwed on the fire pit as the Chiefs open up the bat bag and score 11 runs in the 5th and 6th innings to go up 16-7. The wounded chickens plate two more for fun in the 6th as the door is promplty shut on them in the 7th as the Chiefs win 16-7. Highlights at the dish were the whole team, enough said about this one.

Game 2 of the night saw the Tribe get the Cincy Sting ( formerly the Suds, Patriots and whoever else) for the night cap. Both sides go quitely in the first. Chiefs plate 1 in the 2nd off Dools two bagger. The Tribe then plates 5 runs in the Third thanks in part to Joe B's 3 run bomb as the Chiefs go up 6-0. The Sting gets on the board in the 5th scoring 4 runs on 1 hit. Pitching Staff took a nap real quick. The Wahoo guys answered right back plating 2 more runs in the 6th for a 8-5 lead. The Sting gets one back in the 6th. Once again the Chiefs plate 3 more runs in the 7th for a 11-5 lead. The Sting scores 1 run in the 7th as Ambrose fires two rockets from right to stop the rally. Chiefs win 11-6. Highlights at the dish: Boneau;2-2.1b,3R-HR,3rbi, Ambrose; 2-4,1b,2b,2rbi,2r, Thoma; 1-2,2bb,2r,3b,2rbi

Chiefs push their record to 8-1 on the season as they head to Georegtown to play Cowboys and Indians with the tough Evansville Outlaws. Should be a fun filled day of baseball for the guys.

Wednesday, June 6
Chiefs ground the Talons
well done
The Chiefs got back into business in the SWOL tonight against the Cincinnati Talons. The scouting report on the Talons turned out to be a load of crap as the Talons gave the Chiefs a ball game. The Chiefs get to the Talons starter in the Third and plate 2 runs on three singles and a Sac Fly. Game stays that way the rest of the night as we finish in 1hr and 50 minutes and head to the parking with a 2-0 win. Koby fires 5 scoreless innings of 1 hit ball, Knue gets the hold and Strobhl gets the save. Chiefs record 6 hits, 2 by Nate Perry, 1 by Brad Thoma, Dan Buchwald, Dooley, Hoffmann. 4 guys get hit also, Deluca gets it twice.

Chiefs push their record to 6-1 as they head into a Thursday Night Twilght DH at Roselawn against the Thunderhawks and the Sting. Should make for a fun night of Baseball.

Sunday, June 3
Chiefs Split with the L'ville Bombers
Yesterday, the Wahoo Redman took to the diamond at Roselawn as the skies rumbled above for a twin bill against the Bombers from Louisville. Once again, the Chiefs start the game short handed as two Indians paddled as fast as they could from Lexington. In the first, the Bombers struck first scoring a pair on one hit. The Chiefs returned the favor by batting around on the Bombs to take a 4-2 lead. The Bomb Boys add one in the 3rd to make it 4-3. Wahoo's guys add one in the 4th to go up 5-3 and then 3 more in the 5th for an 8-3 lead. The Bombers add 2 in the 6th and then go away in the 7th on a game ending double play worthy of the a web gem nominee. Mehle pitches 6 innings for his 1st win as Strobhl picks up the save in the 7th.

Game 2 saw the rain go away as Dools takes the hill for the Chiefs. Bombers go 1,2,3 in the first. The Chiefs load the bases and hit into another one of their famous line drive DP's today. What a rally killer. The Bombs then rough up Dools the next 2 innings for 6 runs to go up 6-0. They add 1 more in the 4th for a 7-0 lead. The Chiefs tried to rally all day but to no avail in this game as the baseball gods were not smiling on us. To hit a pitcher as hard as the Chiefs hit the Bombers starter and score no runs is a real downer. Bombers win Game 2 7-0 and earn a split against the Chiefs.

Highlights for the Chiefs at the Dish today: Boneau; 5-5, 4-1b,2b,bb,hbp,rbi : Dooley, 3b,1b,r,rbi : Ambrose, 2-1b,bb,sb : RJ, 2-4, 2-1b,2hbp,1r : Reeder, 3-6, 2-1b,2b,1r,2rbi .

The Chiefs are back in action in Tuesday against the Talons at 6:30 at CHCA. See everybody at the park.

flaming ball
Kyle's pitching
Thursday, May 31
Chiefs Roll Past Meridians
A small bad of Indians snuck into Roselawn Park tonight for a game in the CRC League against the Meridians. The Tribe fields 9 guys plus two Scalpers in the bullpen and walk away a few hours later with a 6-0 victory. The Wahoo Warriors did bring their bats tonight to support flame thrower Miller on the mound. Ambrose goes yard in the 3rd for a 2 run shot for a 2-0 lead. Tack on 2 more in the 4th and 2 more in the 5th was all the Chiefs needed tonight. Kyle goes 5 for the win with 8 K's and 0 runs, Tepe and Koby throw perfect relief to close up the game. Lil Andy gets a batting average also tonight with his first hit on the year. That a boy!!!  Highs at the dish; Ambrose: 2-4, 1b, HR, 2rbi, 2r ; Eagle: 1-3, 1b,2r,bb ; Boneau: 2-4, 2b, 1b,1rbi,1r.

The Chiefs are back in action this weekend in a DH as group of Mad Bombers from Louisville will look to blow up Roselawn on Saturday. First pitch is at 4:00. Plenty of good seats still available for this game.

Monday, May 28
Chiefs keep the Canoe Moving
The Chiefs sent out a 10 man hunting party and 3 head hunters into the hills of Southern Cincinnati. The 13 man tribe meet up with the Big Chief at Heritage Park for a battle with Yorkville. Neither team hit the ball much today as Yorkville took the lead via walks in the 2nd. The Tribe answered back with one of their own via the walk and then strung some hits together to tie it up in the 4th. The Yorkies tried to rally as they were stopped dead in their tracks each time. In the 7th, Old School reached via the walk, moved to 2nd on a bunt by Scubs, moved to 3rd on a ground ball by Ambrose and scored on a deep single by the Big Man Spottz for the victory today. Overall, a gritty performance by the Wahoo Gang today considering we didn't hit squat, but it is still early.  Perhaps we left our sticks in Georgetown. Somebody call down there ask for us!!!! We get our First win in the SWOL Today also.  Boneau; 1-1, 2bb,1r , Dick; 1-2, bb , Reeds; 1-2, rbi, r, bb , Jeesh; 1-3, 1b.

Up next for the Guys will be the always tough Meridians Thursday night @ 6:30 pm at Roselawn for the opening of the CRC  League. Look for a few more Indians to be running around lose at the Park that night.

Big bat
we are off and runnin'
Sunday, May 27
Chiefs sweep the Hogs in G-town
The Chiefs rolled into Georgetown College today for a 2 game set with the Swallowfield Sweathogs. Wahoo's guy looking to avenge a late season loss last year to the hogs shook off the rust and busted loss for three runs in the 2nd inning. They added insurance in the 5th with one more. Young Gun Michael Curtis kept the Sweat's in check until the 6th when a little shaky defense let in 2 runs and then one more in the 7th before he said enough and struck out the side for the complete game win. Great job today by the guys for their first game out of the gate. The offense was paced by Scubs; 2-3,2h,2sb , Jeesh; 2-2,1b,2b,1rbi,1r , Ambrose ; 2-3,1b,3b. Curtis, CG, 4hits, 14 K's 2 BB on the hill. Just about everybody got to run around the base paths in this game.

Game Two saw the Chiefs deliver a little different message to the Hogs as they pounded out 9 runs on 8 hits to cruise to a 9-0 win. Tepe starts and picks up the win as Koby throws relief for the war party today. The defense looked sharper and the bats were a lot more lively in this one as the hogs threw everybody and the kitchen sink at us in the game. The Scout Party leaders were basically 1-10 in the line up as everybody contributed to the win. The Hogs were sent back to the barnyard to regroup and clean up after todays games.

The Chiefs are now 2-0 on the young season as the look to do battle with their old friends from Yorkville tomorrow at 1:00 pm at Heritage Park in Ross Oh. Plenty of tickets available for the game still so get there early to get a good seat.

Newest Little Chief
The Off-season is boring!!!!!!
On December 19, 2006, General Manager Jerry Reeder and his wife Jenny welcomed the newest addition to their family and the Chiefs Organazation. Erin Nichole Reeder was born at 4:08 am and weighed in at 6 lbs 14 oz and was 20" long. A beautiful and heathly little baby girl with a full head of hair. Yes that is her hair not clip art! Little Erin and Mom are both doing great and are in good health. Once Erin gets her days and nights straightened out, Mom and Dad will be able to get some sleep and get ready for the fun that lies ahead. No doubt she will be the loudest cheerleader at the park this summer when she is not sound asleep. Congrats from the Chiefs organazation.

Cincinnati Chiefs
Cincinnati Chiefs
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