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Wednesday, October 4
Final Awards for 2006
Here are the Final Tidbits for 2006, Our End of the Year Awards. These are not based on who played the most games, they are based on who contributed the most to the 2006 season.













Thursday, September 21
NASPBA All-American Team
The 2006 All-American NASPBA Team has been announced. Congrats to the Steve Eagle from the Chiefs and all the members of the this years Team.

Wednesday, September 20
2006 NASPBA All American Team
Position Players

Jim Putko...................Cleveland Mosquitos
Steve Eagle.................Cincinnati Chiefs
Mike Janos.................Westlake, Oh Titans
Mike Schade...............Clevelend Mosquitos
Wes Cogdell................Evansville, In Outlaws
Kevin May...................Cleveland Mosquitos
Nick Evilsizer...............Westlake, Oh Titans
Darren Lynam..............Evansville, In Outlaws
Josh Maurizi.................Memphis, Tenn Royals
Stipe Miocic.................Cleveland Mosquitos
Michael Ferguson.........Memphis, Tenn Royals


Stephen Procner...............Westlake, Oh Titans
Jim Rieke..........................Cleveland Mosquitos
Dominique Rodgers...........Cleveland Mosquitos
Randy Munshower............Cleveland Mosquitos
Marbry..............................Memphis, Tenn Royals

Friday, August 25
A Couple of Feathers for our Headbands
This first letter I received on Thursday from one of the Umpires during the BB18+ Tournament.

Mr. Reeder,

Thank you for your participation in the first BB18+ Championship Tournament and congratulations on your finishing spot. On a personal note, as an umpire at the Tournament, I would like to say that I enjoyed working with your team. They are a nice group of players and a great Team! Good luck to you next season and we look forward to your participation in next year's event.

Marc Landals
Roy Hobbs Baseball.

This second letter came to me today via e-mail and is for the whole season.

August 25, 2006

To the Chiefs:
I just wanted to thank the team for a successful season. I also want to thank Jeff and Jerry for their hard work. The work Jerry did on the website and the recruiting he did was outstanding and well beyond expectations. He also brings an intensity to the game that I remember having 30 years ago, but lost somewhere along the way. As for Jeff, I've had the pleasure of working with him for several years now, and I have learned more about baseball from him than I have from all my coaches throughout my life put together. I hope you players have taken the time to tap into his knowledge. If you haven’t spent time talking to him about how to improve your game, you have missed out on a wealth of knowledge he is more than willing to share.
I want to share a little advice to the players that may seem trivial and even a little ridiculous now, but when you look back on your baseball life, whenever it comes to an end, you will know what I was talking about. Play the game for as long as you can as long as you still enjoy it. Do whatever it takes. Dump your girlfriend if she doesn’t share the same passion for the game as you do. Change jobs if it interferes with baseball. Keep playing until it is no longer fun. No matter how good you think you are you can always work a little harder to improve. Spend more time in the weight room, even during the season. Don’t let yourself get out-of-shape. Cut out the partying the night before the game. Get more sleep and watch what you eat. Watch your teammates’ backs, and stand up for them. OK, that’s enough advice.
I hope the core of this team can stay together. This team was much improved over the 2005 version, and should get even better the longer you stay together. I’m not sure about what I am going to do next season, but I will continue to follow the team. I also have to see what kind of father Old School becomes. I sure hope the kid looks like its mother.
All the Best,
The Boot
I hope you guys realize what we have done here the last two years. We have returned the Chiefs name to where it once was and where it should be. Yes we had some bumps along the way this year but that happens when you are starting over from scratch. We have something special that we are building and it will only get better.
These are only two accolades that I have posted about the lasting impression we are making on people. 99% of the people we run across have only had good things to say about you guys as players and as young men. The way you play the game and respect it, is a great way to be remembered. Remember this, it is easy for someone to criticize you when they have not walked in your shoes.

Thursday, August 24
End of Season
The Chiefs have brought the 2006 season to a close on a winning note. The team got in 38 games this year, which is not bad considering all the rainouts that we had. With a final record record of 25-12-1, I would say we had a successful season for our 2nd official year back in Cincinnati.

The Chiefs would like to say thank you to all of our sponsors this year, without your donations our season would not have been possible. Thanks to all the fans who traveled with us this summer and sat through some hot afternoons and some long nights. The young men may not realize it yet, but having their parents there to watch them play is a big deal. I remember when my own dad could no longer travel to my games due to his failing health, it is tough. Thanks to the players for playing this summer. There were 36 different guys to pull on the green and white Chiefs uniforms this year. Without you guys none of this happens. You guys played your wheels this summer and showed that we can play with the big boys, not only in Cincinnati but in the State of Ohio as well. Thanks to Coach Jeff for his time that he gave to the program. Many people may not know what all goes on beyond the field but it is more than just showing up and standing down at third base giving signs to players. Thanks to Mr.Scheffel for giving up his time to help us out this summer. Many think that all he did was keep score but he was the quite Coach that helped us along when we needed it. And last but not least, I want to say thanks to my wife, who made it to almost every game this year whether I played or not. She put up with all the work that goes into a program like this and even though she said she is glad it is over, she will miss the trips to Roselawn and seeing everyone. She was one of the biggest fans that we had this summer. As many of you know, we are expecting our first child in December, so next summer I will have a new little Chief in tow with me. That will be fun.

As far as the season goes. We started out slow in the Memorial Day Tourney, but we were just starting to play.  Most of the month of June and first of July we were rained out. Thursday nights this year seemed to be cursed for the League. In July we got to see some of the teams that we were wanting to see and had some success and some failures. In August we qualified for all the post-season Tournaments that we set out to get in. That was a true testament of the Teams attitude. You guys beat some real tough teams in Cincinnati and we lost to some damn good teams also. We beat some of the top teams from up North in the Buckeye Baseball Tournament and lost to the eventual Tournament Champions. You got to see what a Major League pitcher is like with Sam on the team and what it takes to get there. You got to hang out for 9 innings with Bronson Arroyo also. Sam is still pitching for Somerset and throwing well. By no means did we have a team full of studs or anything. What we had was a team of 23 players who went out and played fundamentally sound baseball and stepped up when they needed to. I would take that over a team of pre madonnas that think they don't have to try and get better. We had some guys that never played an inning of College Baseball and stood up and shined bright and some guys that played College ball and vastly improved also. Some of the guys will not return for one reason or another. All we can say is best of luck in your future path of travels. We will take 2006 and build something even better for '07. The players will get better, the schedule will get harder as we find more out of town opponents to play and the season will be made longer. I am sure there will be some more changes in the CRC over the off season and it will only make the League that much better. Look for us to hold our own Tournament over the 4th of July this year and try to get into the Qualifier for the NASPBA World Series for '07. There may also be a Second Team built over the winter months. Time will tell about that.
We are also going to established some end of the year awards to be giving out. They will be announced later this week or next. We will crown an Offensive player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Pitcher of the Year, an Ironman Award and an Overall MVP of the Year. Everybody that played with us this season, you have alot to be proud of. You went out there and played hard nosed Baseball when some people didn't think we would win a game, let alone 25 of them. So to those people I can only say this, told you so. We finished up ranked 23rd in the Nation out of 50, that is good for our first year of Semi-pro Baseball. The state rankings we do not know about because they never finished them. We won the toughest league in the City, even though I know somebody will say we did not play everyone. I do not schedule the league games and we tried to make up all the rainouts but it is what it is. Everyone enjoy yourselves at school this year and we will pick up were we left off sometime in early April. To all of our opponents I want to say best of luck and thanks for playing this summer and hopefully we will see you next year. This is the Old School righthander limping around third, stumbling, falling down and crawling to homeplate saying good-bye and have fun the rest of the year!!!!!!!!!!

Buckeye Baseball Championships
Sunday, August 20
The Awards Presentation for the BB18+ Championship
With all the games now complete at the 1st annual Buckeye Baseball 18+ Championship, the team of Sharon Center Cox Painting walked away with the Big Hardware. They defeated the Westlake Titan team in the Finals this morning at Roselawn to be crowned Champions, Westlake took second and the Chiefs took third. It was a great four days of Baseball in the Queen City as teams from all over the State traveled down to play. Sharon Center went 6-0 through the Field, Westlake was 5-1 and the Chiefs were 4-2 and Bargain Locks were 4-2 also. The highlights were a plenty for the Tournament as the Teams from up North pounded the snot out of the ball and the pitchers for the last 4 teams were awesome. Congratulations to Sharon Center on winning the Championship, to Westlake for runner ups and to Bargain Locks for still playing on the last day. Baseball is truly alive and well in the Buckeye State and will remain that way for many years.

Thanks to Ted Hardy, Tom Giffen and Tom Nerl for putting on a great Tournament and making things run very smoothly all four days. There were no glitches that I was aware of during the Tournament with the one exception of a team bagging everybody at the last minute. That was BS.

Congratulations to the following Chiefs for making the All-Tournament Team

Ronnie Whitt        -      3B/C- 6-15, 2-2B, 2HR, 6RBI, 2BB  .400
Randall Scott       -       RHP  - threw a No-Hitter in the First Game
AJ Hoffmann       -       2B/RHP - 7-18, 5RBI, 0 Errors,   .444
Brian Bonner       -       SS  -  11-17, 6RBI, 2SB,   .647

Congratulations to all the Guys who made the All-Tournament Team this year and to the 3 guys from Sharon Center for the MVP Awards also.

Spears   --    Tournament MVP overall
Konefal  --    Batting MVP
Ventura  --    Pitching MVP

Finally, congratulations to all 9 teams that played in the Championship. It truly was a great Tournament and your team helped to make it that way. Best of luck to the teams that have a few games left this year and good luck next year as we all look to return to the Buckeye Championships and make it even better next season. Congratulations to the 4 teams from Ohio that represented the State at the National Level this weekend also. The Cleveland Mosquitoes, Cincinnati CoBalts, Ohio Woodpeckers & the Canton Stallions. Great job and well done this season on making to the NABF World Series and the AABC Stan Musial World Series. The Cleveland Mosquitoes won the NABF World Series Sunday night in Louisville, 8-3.

Click on the Headline to view all the information from the BB18+ Championships this weekend. When you get to the page, click on 2006 Tournament results.


Sunday, August 20
The Final Hurrah of the Summer
The Chiefs rolled back into Roselawn this morning at 10:00 for the final game of the Tournament and the season. The only team from Cincinnati still playing, the Chiefs wanted to go out with a bang. The Tribe and the Locks were running very low on pitching and players at this point in time, so it was a battle of attrition. Both teams go quitely in the first as nobody seems to be awake yet. Bargain is set down in order in the top of the 2nd. Aicheles reaches on an error, Reeder grounds in a FC as Aicheles is out at 2nd, 1 out. RJ gets plunked, runners on 1st & 2nd. Scubs hits an infield fly, 2 outs. Shoaf rips a single that scores 'Old School' from 2nd, Bonner hits a single that scores 'Dick' as the Chiefs go up 2-0. Bargain hits a HR to close within one, 2-1. Nothing for the Tribe in the 3rd. Bargain Locks ties it up in the top of the 4th, 2-2. Chiefs plate another run in the 5th as AJ drives in Hamilton to take a 3-2 lead. The Locks threaten in the 6th to no avail as Sowder works out of jamb to hold the lead. The bottom of the inning saw the Scalpers extend their lead to 6-2 as Scubs singles, Shoaf walks, Bonner drives in Scubs, Hamilton drives in Shoaf. AJ takes the hill and sits down Bargain Locks 1-2-3 "as this one belongs to the Chiefs." Tepe throws 4 innings in his first start of the year as we pitched by committee today. Highlights include- Shoaf; 2-3, 2-1B,2SB,R,BB,RBI - Bonner; 3-4,R,2RBI - Eagle; 2-3,R. A tip of the hat to both teams this morning for nutting up and playing this game. Bargain Locks could have very easily said they were going home to play their Tournament game instead and we could have said we were wore out but both teams played a great game on a beautiful Sunday morning. Thanks to the Bulldog players that joined us for the Tournament and helped us out.

Saturday, August 19
Chiefs get into a shootin' match
The second game for the bracket saw the Chiefs take on the #2 seed Sharon Center Cox Painting tonight. The fans that were in attendance for this game were treated to a great game that had a little bit of everything. The Chiefs lead off things and went quitely in the 1st. Sharon scored first on a solo homerun for a 1-0 lead. The Chiefs answered the run with 1 in the 2nd on three straight hits. Sharon came right back with 1 of their own to go up 2-1. Tribe quite in the 3rd. Sharon scores 2 in the bottom of the 3rd for a 4-1 lead. The Chiefs score 2 runs in the 4th to come with in one, 4-3, as Whitt is robbed of a 3r homer as the centerfielder climbs the fence to make the catch. The Painters get the run right back to go up 5-3. The Wahoo Warriors score 2 runs in the 5th to tie things up 5-5. Sharon answered the call and regained the lead with 1 run, 6-5. The Chiefs bust loose for 3 runs in the 6th to take a 8-6 lead as Sharon goes quitely in the 6th. The Guys are set down in the top of the 7th. Sharon is down to their last at bat. The first guy singles, the next strikes out, then a 2b and a 3rb push 2 runs across to tie the game. Next batter strikes out. 2 outs and a runner on third when the number seven batter hits a Texas Leaguer over the SS head to win the game 9-8. Hats off to both teams today they battled each other to the very end and never gave up. Highlights at the dish- Hamilton; 2-4,2-2B,3R - AJ; 3-4,2-1B,2B,R,RBI - RJ; 2-4,2-1B,R,RBI. With the loss, the Chiefs will face Bargain Locks Express tomorrow at 10:00 am to battle for third place in the Tournament.

Saturday, August 19
Chiefs face off against Yorkville in First Game
The first game of the elimination bracket saw the #3 seed Chiefs draw a familiar face in the Yorkville squad. This would be the rubber match up between the two teams this season. Both teams started hot out of the gate as Yorkville pushed two runs across in the first. The Chiefs answered right back in their half of the first with two of their own. Both teams went quitely in the 2nd inning. In the 4th, the Tribe busted out for 4 runs as the hit parade was on. Yorkville got back two runs in the 4th to make it 6-4. They pushed across one more in the 5th to make it 6-5 Chiefs. The Chiefs take on 1 in the 5th and 1 more in the 6th to make it 8-5. Burman closes the door on any rally in the 7th as Yorkville goes down 1-2-3 for a final score of 8-5. Chiefs win and move on to the next round of the bracket and guarantee themselves of playing on Sunday. David throws 4 1/3 for the win and Burman throws 2 2/3 for the save. Highlights at the plate include- Whitt; 2-3,2-2B,3R,BB,R,RBI - Bonner; 4-4,3-1B,2B,2R,SB,RBI - Rodgers; 2-3,2-1B,RBI - Reeds; 1-3,2B,2RBI.

Friday, August 18
Chiefs lost the Key to the Locks
The night cap of Pool Play saw the Chiefs take on the Bargain Locks Express in Round Three. The Chiefs busted out of the gate with Satterwhite and Whitt going back to back yard shots for a quick 2-0 lead. Bargain answered with 3 of their own in the bottom of the first. The Chiefs could not answer the call of comeback as Bargain tacked on 1 more in the Third for a 4-2 lead. The Tribe loaded the bases in the 7th to no avail as the Locks won 4-2. Pool Play ended with the Chiefs at 2-1 and earning a number 3 seed for the elimination bracket on Saturday. They open play up at 1:30 against the #6 seed at Roselawn. Highlights at the plate- Satterwhite Solo HR, Whitt Solo HR, AJ; 2-3, 2-1B. Hats off to the Express pitcher who settled down after the First and threw a Complete game against us for the win tonight.

Friday, August 18
Chiefs Herd up the Bisons
The Chiefs played round two of the Pool Play this morning and took on the Columbus Bisons at Roselawn. Things started out slow for the Warriors as they were not use to waking up at that hour and going to the field for a game. The Tribe got things moving in the 3rd inning as the guys pushed three runs across the plate. In the 5th they pushed another run to take a 4-0 lead. That would be enough for the Pitching staff as Mehle and Miller combine for a two hit shut out and a victory for the Chiefs. Mehle throws 5 1/3 of 3 hit ball for the win and Miller gets the save in the final 1 2/3 innings of work. Highlights at the dish include- Shoaf; 2-3, 2-2B,1R,2RBI, Bonner; 2-3,2-1B,1RBI,1SB, RJ; 1-2,1B,2R.

The Chiefs return to action at 6:00 pm tonight against Bargain Locks from up North in round three of pool play.

Thursday, August 17
Chiefs mop up the Crew
The Chiefs opened up the Buckeye Baseball Championship tonight at Roselawn against the Canton Crew from the NEO Roy Hobbs 18+ league. The Chiefs wasted little time as they jumped on the board in the first. The Tribe added 3 more in the 2nd inning. In the 3rd inning the Tribe added 4 more runs thanks to a 3 run Homerun from Whitt. In the 4th inning the wheels fell off for Canton as the Chiefs crossed the plate 6 times on two hits for a 14-0 mercy run rule win. Canton never threatened as they never got a runner passed 2nd base thanks to Scott who fired a no-hit complete shut out tonight! That was the first no-no in three years for the Chiefs. Highlights at the dish included everybody tonight for the Chiefs. The Chiefs are back in action tomorrow morning at 10:30 against the Columbus Bisons at Roselawn #1 and then at 6:00 at Roselawn #1 against Bargain Locks. (Note the time change on the 2nd game.) To follow all the action this week, click on the link above.

Sunday, August 13
Final NABF Game

Saturday, August 12
Game 3 from the NABF

Friday, August 11
NABF Game 2

Friday, August 11
First Round of NABF

Tuesday, August 8
Big Smooth Update
On July 22, the Chiefs helped Sam McConnell return to professional Baseball as he signed a contract with the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League. The Somerset Patriots are three time Atlantic League Champions. Sam started his first game for the Patriots last night against the first place Long Island Ducks and lost a 6-2 decision. He allowed three earned runs on six hits, striking out five and walking two in 6.1 innings pitched. Sam has appeared in 4 games starting 3 of them, has a 4.15 era in 21.2 innings of work so far. The Chiefs wish Sam the best of the luck the rest of the year and hopes he returns to the Majors this season or next. In other Chief news, Koby has officially signed with Bellarmine University in Louisville Ky for the upcoming season. After spending last season at Shawnee State he was looking for a different location to better himself as pitcher. Nathan Timberlake has also signed for a new college. Nate will be joining the team at West Virginia Tech this fall. He has spent the last two seasons at Shawnee State and looks to return to his freshman year status at West Virginia this fall. The Coaching Staff are also helping two others current members of the team sign on with colleges before the fall season starts.

Wednesday, August 2
Chiefs sleep Walk through the game

Sunday, July 30
Chiefs sink the Yorkville squad

Friday, July 28
Chiefs and Yorkville battle until Wed Morning

Thursday, July 27
Chiefs tame the Bulldogs

Sunday, July 23
Chiefs pound down some Firewater

Sunday, July 23
Chiefs a little asleep in game 1

Sunday, July 23
Chiefs lock up with the Stogies

Thursday, July 20
Chiefs order their Ribs to go

Tuesday, July 18
Chiefs Right the Ark

Saturday, July 15
What a Day in Louisville

Saturday, July 15
The Sun came out

Thursday, July 6
Chiefs blank the Aces

Saturday, July 1
Mid-Season Recap

Friday, June 30
Chiefs handcuff the Warriors

Friday, June 30
Chiefs top the Challenge

Wednesday, June 28
Chiefs take the Series from the Royals

Monday, June 26
Chiefs beat DJ's Bulldogs

Saturday, June 24
Chiefs roll over the Indians

Saturday, June 17
Chiefs split the Weekend Series

Friday, June 16
What the %*" Happened

Wednesday, June 14
Chiefs extinguish the Cincinnati Heat

Friday, June 9
Chiefs take a few swings at the Swingers

Monday, May 29
1st Weekend in the Books

Sunday, May 28
Were off and Running

Sunday, February 19
2005 Season
2005 turned out to be a good season. The team put was put together really quick and it took some time for everyone to get comfortable on the field with each other. By the time the NABF Tourney rolled around the Chiefs were firing on all cylinders and made an impressive run thru the Tourney. With the returning starters and a few key acquistions in the off season, this should prove to be the year that the Chiefs make a lot of noise as they return to the top of Cincinnati Baseball. Good luck to all the teams this year and lets play some ball!!!

Sunday, May 14
NSPBA Pre-Season Top 25 Poll
The Chiefs have gotten the affiliation with the Nat'l Semi-Pro Baseball Assoc. taken care and the OABA Affiliation also. The OABA has been renamed the Buckeye 18 and we are still awaiting their poll to be released. However, the NSPBA have released the latest pre-season poll on April 30. Given, this is only a pre-season poll and it does not mean to much right now. The Chiefs have taken over the 19th position in the poll in only their 2nd full year back in the CRC and their 1st year in the NSPBA. This speaks highly of our strength of schedule, roster and last years accomplishments. The true tell of the team will begin in the Mem. Day Tourney. With a little work and some polish on the rough edges, there will be no reason why the Chiefs cannot climb the poll after the Tournament. Let's work harder in practices and start feeling like a team and the rest will take care of itself. And now the Top 25 Poll: 2006 NSPBA / USA Top 25 as of April 30th Team------------------------------------Wins-------Loss's #1 Hattiesburg, Miss. Black Sox-----------9-----------0 #2 Paschells Bakery, CT. #3 Brunswick, MD. Orioles #4 Indiana Outlaws ----JULY 22 OPPONENT #5 Danbury, Ct. Barons #6 South Bend, IN. Senators #7 Mecanicsburg, Pa. Cardinals #8 Cleveland, Ohio Mosquitoes #9 New City, NY. Outlaws #10 Chester County, Pa. Crawdads---------3------------0 #11 Brooklyn, NY. Falcons #12 Rockland, NY. Cavaliers #13 Charlotte, N.C. Cardinals #14 Milford, Ct FPA #15 Trumbell Ct. Bellows Baseball Club #16 North Castle, NY. Lookouts #17 Columbia, Tn. Curve-------------------7-----------1 #18 Manistee, Mich. Saints #19 Cincinnati, Ohio Chiefs #20 West Allis, Wisconsin Nationals #21 New York Riptide #22 CT. Storm (Strattford, Ct.) #22 Milwaukee, Wi. Angels #23 Fordham, NY Paw Sox #24 West Lake, Ohio Titans #25 Racine, Wisconsin Kiwanis #25 Charlotte, N.C. Astros #25 Myrtle Beach, S.C. White Sox----------0----------1

Wednesday, June 14
New National Rankings
flaming ball
2006 NSPBA / USA Top 25 as of June 14th
Team------------------------------------Wins-------Loss's ___________________________________________________________
#1 Chicago, Ill. Prairie Gravel---------------5------------2
#2 Hattiesburg, Miss. Black Sox------------35-----------1
#3 Cleveland, Ohio Mosquitoes------------15-------------2
#4 Paschells Bakery, CT.--------------------3-----------0
#5 Brunswick, MD. Orioles-----------------10-----------0
#6 Memphis, Tn. Royals---------------------16----------1
#7 Danbury, Ct. Barons----------------------7-----------1
#8 Mecanicsburg, Pa. Cardinals--------------3-----------1
#9 Mid Missouri Crawdads------------------5-----------2
#10 Lombard, Ill. Orioles--------------------4-----------2
#11 Tradwater Ky, Pirates ------------------13----------0
#12 Brooklyn, NY. Falcons------------------7-----------1
#13 Indiana Outlaws-------------------------12----------8
#14 South Bend, In. Senators ----------------6-----------0
 #15 North Castle, NY Lookouts-------------8-----------2
#16 Milford, Ct FPA-------------------------5-----------1
#17 Trumbell Ct. Bellows Baseball Club------5-----------1
#18 Chicago, Ill. Wildcats--------------------0-----------0
#18 Chester County, Pa. Crawdads----------3-----------0
#19 Columbia,Tn Curve ---------------------26----------7
#20 Manistee, Mich. Saints -------------------0----------0
#21 Cincinnati, Ohio Chiefs--------------------4------------3
#22 CT. Storm-------------------------------1-----------0
#23 Westlake, Ohio Titans---------------------8------------3
#24 Crestwood, Ill. Panthers -----------------0-----------0
#25 Peeksville, NY Tide---------------------7------------2
#25 Charlotte, N.C. Astros------------------5------------1

Monday, June 19
The Newest Nat'l Poll
4th Rankings are out
2006 NSPBA / USA Top 25 as of June 18th

#1 Paschell's Bakery Hamden, Ct. ------------13-----------2
#2 Brunswick, Md. Oriloles-------------------10-----------0
#3 Tradewater, Ky Pirates--------------------15-----------0
#4 Hattiesburg, Miss. Black Sox--------------38-----------2
#5 Flint, Mich. Halo Burger/Foutch Auto------15-----------1
#6 Memphis, Tn. Royals-----------------------20-----------1
#7 Clevelnad, Oh Mosquitoes-----------------15--------------2
#8 Lombard, Ill. Orioles-----------------------9------------2
#9 Chicago, Ill. Prairie Gravel------------------5-----------2
#10 New City , NY Outlaws------------------12-----------4
#11 Mid Missouri Crawdads-------------------9-----------2
#12 Indiana Outlaws---------------------------16-----------8
#13 Danbury, Ct. Barons----------------------10-----------4
#14 Mecanicsburg, Pa. Cardinals---------------9-----------4
#15 South Bend, In. Senators-------------------7-----------2
#16 Trumbell, Ct. Bellows Baseball Club--------7-----------1
#17 Charlotte, NC Astros-----------------------5-----------1
#18 Milford, Ct FPA----------------------------6-----------2
#19 Westlake, Oh Titans--------------------------10------------4
#20 Rockland, Ny Cavaliers--------------------10-----------4
#21 Manistee, Mich. Saints----------------------1-----------1
#22 Portland, In Rockets------------------------8------------2
#23 Crestwood, Ill. Panthers--------------------5------------2
#24 Peeksville, NY Tide------------------------9------------3
#25 Columbia, Tn. Curve----------------------27------------9

Sunday, April 9
League Rankings in the USA
This will give you an idea of how our league compares with other leagues around the US. We have some very tough teams as you can tell. This poll is straight off the NSPBA website and is from last year.

2005 NSPBA USA TOP 25 League Rankings
 -#1 Chicago Suburban Baseball League
-#3 Pacific International League
-#4 Double I Semi-Pro League
-#5 Cincinnati Recreation Commision- OUR LEAGUE-
-#6 Blue Ridge Adult Baseball League
 -#7 Minnesota Baseball Association
 -#8 Yawkey Baseball League (Boston, Mass.)
-#9 Westchester Rockland Woodbat League
-#10 Western Semi-Pro Baseball League (San Diego, Cal.)
 -#11 Dallas Amateur Baseball Association
 -#12 New Jersey Majors Met League
-#13 Atlanta Stan Musial League
-#14 Ft. Wayne Amateur Baseball Federation
-#15 Houston AABC League
-#16 Memphis Amateur Baseball Federation
-#17 Indiana Amateur Baseball Congress (Central Indiana)
-#18 Derby City League (Louisville, Ky)- HOME OF THE LOUISVILLE STALLIONS-
 -#19 Central Florida AABC League
-#20 Cuyahoga, Ohio AAA League
 -#21 Dayton Amateur Baseball Congress (Dayton, Ohio)
-#22 Nashville Stan Musial League (Nashville, Tn)
 -#23 Federal Semi-Pro Baseball League (South Florida)
 -#24 Mon Claire League (Western Ill St.Louis Metro Area)
-#25 Illiana States League

Monday, July 17
Newest NSPBA Poll July 5th
5th Rankings are out
2006 NSPBA / USA Top 25 as of July 5th


#1 Brunswick, Md. Oriloles------------------17-----------1
#2 Tradewater, Ky Pirates-------------------26-----------1
#3 Hattiesburg, Miss. Black Sox-------------45-----------3
#4 Peschell's Bakers West Haven, CT.------17-----------2
#5 Lombard, Ill. Orioles---------------------15-----------2
#6 Cleveland, Ohio Mosquitoes-------------23-----------2
#7 Flint, Mich. Halo Burger/Foutch Auto----24-----------3
#8 South Bend, Indiana Senators------------14-----------2
#9 Bellows Baseball Club Trumbell, Ct. -----9------------1
#10 Jasper, Indiana Reds-------------------12------------3 USBC Champions 7/4/06
#11 Mid Missouri Crawdads---------------16------------5
#12 Crestwood, Ill. Panthers---------------19------------4
#13 Charlotte, North Carolina Astros--------7------------1
#14 Chicago, Ill. Prairie Gravel--------------9------------4
#15 New City , NY Outlaws---------------14------------5
#16 Mecanicsburg, Pa. Cardinals-----------21------------6
#17 Cincinnati, Ohio Chiefs-----------------12------------6
#18 Memphis, Tn. Royals------------------22------------2
#19 Danbury, Ct. Barons-------------------12------------5
#20 Portland, Indiana Rockets--------------14------------5
#21 Peekskill, NY Tides--------------------11------------3
#22 Milford, Ct FPA-----------------------16------------8
#23 Indiana Outlaws------------------------22-----------16
#24 Rockland, NY Cavaliers---------------12------------5
#25 Westlake, Oh Titans-------------------15------------10

Next poll to be released August 1st after the 2006 National Semi-Pro Baseball Associaiton World Series in Evansville (Wood) & Hattiesburg (Metal), Please email all current Win / Loss records and big wins to The current Poll will be modified and expanded as we recieve 2006 NSPBA Affiation fees. Remember this is only a regular season poll the final poll of the season will reflect on how well ones team does at the National World Series.

Monday, July 17
BB18 Rankings from June 24th
Buckeye Baseball 18+
2006 Ohio June 24th State Rankings
- - June 24th, 2006  - -








 Cincinnati CoBalts

Cincinnati R/H



Merger with Hilltoppers make this a "superteam" who will likely be heard from in the Ohio state tournament


 Portage South / Glory Days 

Akron AA



Sitting atop the very strong and deep Akron AA league


 Sharon Center / Cox Painting

Akron AA



Last seasons Akron AA champion continues to show potential top 5 status


Westlake Titans

Northern Ohio



One of Ohio's deepest teams. Captain Mike Janos leads with .459avg; Steve Procner is an ACE on the hill


Green Highlanders

Akron AA



Resiliant Offensive attack and power pitching make Green tough, downed then #5 westlake 12-6


 Bison All-Star baseball club




Perenial Powerhouse in the COMABL; offense full of strong hitters in weak pitching league


Kaufman Realty

Tusc. County A



Tuscan County Class A leader is easily a top 10 candidate


 Cleveland Bruins

Northern Ohio





 Firestone Park Rangers






 Cheviot Patriots

Cincinnati R/H



Patriots have been at it since 1912, and will keep playing hard in the cincy R/H division


Canton Crew






Cleveland Black Wolves

Northern Ohio





Tallmadge Titans






Hamilton Twp Black Sox




Best Piching staff in the COMABL; 1B Adrian Riley's hot bat makes Sox a force in COMABL


Vandall Landscapes

Tusc. County A





Randolf Reds

Akron AA



In a strong league like the Akron AA the Reds are a surprise force to watch in 2006


North Star Metal

Tusc. County A





Twinsburg Bulldogs




Bulldogs have always been waiting to take home a league title, switch back to R/H makes them canidate


Akron A's

Akron AA





Columbus Sharks




Power bats always beat weak arms in Metal bat baseball, Sharks will contend


C21 Belden Redskins




One of three undefeated teams in the 28+ R/H open division


Akron Athletics




One of three undefeated teams in the 28+ R/H open division

23 Express




One of three undefeated teams in the 28+ R/H open division


 Mayfield Nine 

Northern Ohio



Won 2 of 3 to take series from defending champion Titans in NOMBL


 Akron Irish




Monday, May 1
Buckeye Baeball Pre-Season Poll
Buckeye Baseball 18+
2006 Ohio Pre-Season State Rankings
- - May 1st, 2006 - -

#.          TEAM NAME
#1.          Cleveland Mosquitoes
#2.          Cincinnati CoBalts
#3.          Lake County Knights
#4.          Cheviot Patriots
#5.          Westlake Titans
#6.          Sharon Center / Cox Painting
#7.          Cincinnati Chiefs
#8.          Garfield Blue Streaks
#9.          Crestwood Steamers
#10.        Canton Akron Legend
#11.        Green Community Baseball Team
#12.        Alliance White Physical Therapy
#13.        Cleveland Bruins
#14.        Columbus Hammerhead Sharks
#15.        Cleveland Black Wolves
#16.        Firestone Park Rangers
#17.        Hilliard Ohio Indians
#18.        Portage South / Glory Days
#19.        Bison All-Star baseball club
#20.        Akron Irish
#21.        Tri County Diamonds
#22.        Akron Trojans
#23.        Ellet Shockers
#24.        Mayfield Nine
#25.        Hebron Renegades
Honorable Mention:
             - -Delanie's Grille
             - -Akron Athletics
             - -Fairview Marlins
             - -Hamilton Township Black Sox

Sunday, July 23
BB18 Rankings July 19
Buckeye Baseball 18+
2006 Ohio June 24th State Rankings
 - - July 19th, 2006 - -
1. Cleveland Mosquitoes (32-4) Cuyahoga Class A

2. Canton Stallions (28-9) Canton Class A

3. Ohio Woodpeckers (35-1) Miami Valley League
4. Canton Pizza Oven (23-7) Canton Class A League

5. Cincinnati Cobalts (24-5) Cincinnati Rec.

6. Youngstown Bud/DiCioccio (24-3) Youngstown League

7. Sharon Cox Painting (21-6) Akron AA

8. Mahoning Valley Knights (20-5) Warren League

9. Crestwood Steamers (23-10) Cuyahoga League

10. Lake County Knights (21-10) Cuyahoga League

11. Steve Sports (20-5) Cleveland Adult Baseball Federation

12. Cheviot Patriots (24-17) Cincinnati Rec League

13. Canton Terriers (17-11) Canton Class A

14. Stark Terriers (17-12) Canton Class A

15. Cleveland Blackwolves (25-10) Northern Ohio Baseball League

16. Cleveland Bruins (15-2) Northern Ohio Baseball League

17. Ultimate Building Maintainance (19-5) Warren League

18. Roth Brothers (19-8) Youngstown League

19. Portage South (20-6) Akron AA

20. Westlake Titans (16-12) Northen Ohio Baseball League

21. Garfield Blue Steaks (17-6) Cleveland Adult Baseball League

22. Canton-Akron Legend (17-10) Akron AA

23. Berea Blue Sox (14-12) Cuyahoga Class A
24. Ellet Shockers (17-10) Akron AA

25. Fairview Bubba Q's (14-12) Cuyahoga Class A

Honorable Mention: Fairview Marlins, Springfield Giants, Cincinnati Chiefs, Toledo All-Americans.

Sunday, July 23
New NSPBA Poll
#1 Tradewater, Ky Pirates----------------37-----------1
#2 Flint, Mich. Halo Foutch---------------30-----------3
#3 Hattiesburg, Miss. Black Sox----------49-----------5
#4 Lombard, Ill. Orioles-------------------20-----------3
#5 Cleveland, Ohio Mosquitoes-----------32-----------4
#6 Brunswick, Md. Orioles----------------24-----------5
#7 Peekskill, NY Tide---------------------22-----------4
#8 Peschell's Bakers CT.------------------20-----------6
#9 Bellows Baseball Club Trumbell, Ct.---12-----------1
#10 Chicago, Ill. Prairie Gravel------------21-----------5
#11 South Bend, In. Senators-------------22-----------4
#12 Mecanicsburg, Pa Cardinals----------24-----------8
#13 Crestwood, Ill. Panthers--------------24-----------7
#14 Jasper, Indiana Reds-----------------12-----------4
#15 Mid Missouri Crawdads------------- 16-----------5
#16 Indiana Outlaws----------------------29-----------21
#17 Memphis, Tn. Royals-----------------32-----------4
#18 Charlotte, North Carolina Astros-----10-----------2
#19 New City , NY Outlaws--------------20-----------7
#20 Portland, In Rockets------------------21-----------8
#21 Rockland, NY Cavaliers--------------18-----------8
#22 Danbury, Ct. Barons------------------17-----------8
#23 Columbia, Tn. Curve------------------33-----------14
#24 Cincinnati, Ohio Chiefs----------------16------------7
#25 Western Kentcky Rattlers-------------20-----------14

Friday, August 4
New NSPBA Rankings
6th Rankings are out
2006 NSPBA / USA Top 25 as of August 2nd

Defending AABC Stan Musial World Series Champions Flint , MI Halo Burger /Foutch Auto has climbed to the #1 Spot this week. The Ohio Wood Peckers are a close #2. More rankings to come after the AABC / NABF Regionals and the NBC World Series are done. Next rankings out Aug 14th.


#1 Flint, MI Halo Foutch-------------------40-----------4
#2 Ohio Wood Peckers-----------------------40-------------1
#3 Chicago, IL Prairie Gravel---------------28-----------5
#4 Lombard, IL Orioles---------------------22-----------5
#5 Peschell's Bakers CT.--------------------22-----------6
#6 Memphis, TN Royals---------------------45-----------6
#7 Brunswick, MD. Orioles------------------28-----------6
#8 Cleveland, OH Mosquitoes---------------33-------------7
#9 Tennesse Diamond Kats------------------30-----------16
#10 Hattiesburg, MS Black Sox--------------52-----------7
#11 Tradewater, KY Pirates------------------38-----------6
#12 New City, NY Outlaws------------------26-----------8
#13 Jasper, IN Reds-------------------------18-----------6
#14 Mid Missouri Crawdads-----------------23-----------5
#15 Peekskill, NY Tide-----------------------26-----------6
#16 Indiana Outlaws--------------------------39-----------24
#17 Mecanicsburg, PA Cardinals--------------31-----------7
#18 Bellows Baseball Club Trumbell, CT------18-----------5
#19 St. Louis, MO Golden Spikes-------------48-----------16
#20 Crestwood, Ill. Panthers-------------------26-----------11
#21 Charlotte, North Carolina Astros----------11-----------2
#22 South Bend, IN Senators------------------29-----------7
#23 Rockland, NY Cavaliers-------------------21-----------8
#24 Portland, IN Rockets----------------------24-----------11
#25 Chicago, IL Wildcats----------------------34-----------18
#25 Columbia, TN Curve----------------------42-----------18
#25 Cincinnat, Ohio Chiefs ----------------------19-------------7

Tuesday, August 15
Newest NSPBA Poll
Defending AABC Stan Musial World Series Champions Flint , MI Halo Burger /Foutch Auto is still in the #1 Spot this week and is the only NSPBA to make it to the Stan Musial World Series. The Ohio Wood Peckers come in at #2 after winning their 1st NABF World Series Bid. Peschell's, Brunswick and the Cleveland Mosquitoes round out the top 5 this week. All 5 NSPBA Teams that made it to Louisville will be in the same brackett this week. Crestwood, Ill Panthers make the biggest jump to # 6 after an impressive showing and a 3d place finish at the NBC World Series in Wichita. Final Poll to be released on August the 22nd New rankings as of 8-14-06
 Team------------------------------------Wins-------Loss's ___________________________________________________________
 #1 Flint, MI Halo Foutch----------------46-----------5
#2 Ohio Wood Peckers--------------------50-----------2
#3 Peschell's Bakers CT.----------------28-----------6
#4 Brunswick, MD Orioles----------------33-----------6
#5 Cleveland, OH Mosquitoes-------------38-----------8
#6 Crestwood, IL Panthers---------------40-----------14
 #7 Tennessee Diamond Kats---------------31-----------16
 #8 Chicago, IL Prairie Gravel-----------30-----------7
#9 Memphis, TN Royals-------------------45-----------7
#10 Lombard, IL Orioles------------------28-----------8
#11 Hattiesburg, MS Black Sox------------52-----------7
#12 Tradewater, KY Pirates---------------38-----------6
#13 New City, NY Outlaws----------------26-----------8
 #14 Portland, IN Rockets----------------30-----------14
 #15 Jasper, IN Reds---------------------18-----------6
 #16 Beecher, IL Muskies-----------------NA-----------NA
 #17 Mid Missouri Crawdads---------------23-----------5
 #18 Peekskill, NY Tide------------------26-----------6
#19 Indiana Outlaws---------------------44-----------26
 #20 Mecanicsburg, PA Cardinals----------31-----------7
 #21 Bellows Baseball Club Trumbell, CT--22-----------6
#22 St. Louis, MO Golden Spikes---------48-----------16
 #23 Charlotte, North Carolina Astros-----12-----------2
#24 South Bend, IN Senators--------------37-----------10
 #25 Rockland, NY Cavaliers---------------21-----------8
 #25 Chicago, IL Wildcats-----------------34-----------18
 #25 Columbia, TN Curve-------------------44-----------22
 #25 Cincinnat, Ohio Chiefs --------------21-----------10

Final NSPBA / USA Top 50 poll to be released August 21st after the AABC & NABF World Series, Please email all current Win / Loss records and big wins to The current Poll will be modified and expanded as we recieve 2006 NSPBA Affiation fees. Remember this will be the final poll of the season will reflect on how well ones team does at the National World Series. If you are not a current affilaited member of the National Semi-Pro Baseball Association you will not be considered in our NSPBA / USA Rankings.

Thursday, August 31
Final NASPBA Poll - The Top 50 Teams in US!!!
Cleveland, Ohio Mosquitoes, #1 in 2006 / Final 2006 Poll Released!

The Cleveland, Ohio Mosquitoes take the NABF Major Division Crown 8 to 3 over the Detroit, MI Jet Box Team.

Final NASPBA / USA Top 50 Rankings as of 8-21-06

#1 Cleveland, Ohio Mosquitoes---------43----------9 NABF World Series Champs
#2 Crestwood, IL Panthers--------------43---------16 NBC World Series 3rd Place *
#2 Long Island, NY Storm--------------76---------12 AABC World Series Champs *
#3 Brunswick, MD Orioles--------------36----------8 NABF World Series 3rd Place
#4 Tennessee Diamond Kats------------31----------16 ASPBA World Series Champs
#5 Ohio Wood Peckers-----------------52-----------4 NABF World Series 4th Place
#6 Flint, MI Halo Foutch----------------47-----------7 AABC World Series 4th Place
#7 Indiana Yankees National Team------31----------16 NSPBA World Series Champs
#8 Peschell's Bakers CT.----------------28----------10 NABF World Series 5th Place
#9 Memphis, TN Royals-----------------54-----------9 ASPBA World Series Runner-Up
#10 Hattiesburg, MS Black Sox----------52-----------7 ASPBA World Series 3rd Place
#11 Danbury,CT Barons-----------------35-----------7 WRWBL League Tourn. Champs
#12 Lombard, IL Orioles-----------------50----------17 CSBL League Champs
#13 Chicago, IL Prairie Gravel------------30-----------7 NBC World Series 7th Place
#14 Tradewater, KY Pirates--------------38-----------6 Double I League Champs (NBC)
#15 New City, NY Outlaws--------------26-----------8 WRWBA League Tournament 2nd
#16 Portland, IN Rockets-----------------30-----------14 AABC East Central Reg. 2nd
#17 Jasper, IN Reds----------------------18-----------6 USBC World Series Champs
#18 Beecher, IL Muskies------------------NA----------NA NABF World Series 4th place
#19 Mid Missouri Crawdads---------------23-----------5 USBC World Series Runner-Up
#20 Peekskill, NY Tide--------------------26-----------6 WRWBA League Champs
#21 Indiana Outlaws-----------------------44-----------26 NSPBA (WS)2nd USBC (WS)3rd
#22 Mecanicsburg, PA Cardinals----------43-----------10
#23 Cincinnati, OH Chiefs-----------------25-----------12 CRC League Champs
#24 South Bend, IN Senators-------------37----------10 INDINA AABC State Champs
#25 Bellows Baseball Club Trumbell, CT--22-----------6
#26 St. Louis, MO Golden Spikes---------48-----------16
#27 Columbia, TN Curve------------------44-----------22 ASPABA World Series 4th
#28 Westlake, OH Titans------------------24-----------12 Ohio State Tournament 2nd
#29 Charlotte, North Carolina Astros------16------------5
#30 Rockland, NY Cavaliers---------------21-----------8
#31 Chicago, IL Wildcats------------------34-----------18 NSPBA World Series 4th
#32 Thomasville, AL Travelers-------------32-----------12 ASPBA WS 5th Place
#33 Milford, CT. FPA---------------------22------------9
#34 Louisville, KY Stallions----------------27------------18
#35 Oak Forrest, IL Shooters-------------18-----------12
#36 Yonkers, NY Indians-----------------17-----------10
#37 Charlotte, NC Cardinals--------------14------------6
#38 Crystal Lake, IL Cardinals------------15------------13
#39 Brooklyn, NY Falcons----------------16------------13
#40 Mrytle Beach, SC Astros-------------10------------6
#41 Western KY Rattlers------------------21------------16
#42 Manistee, MI Saints-------------------15------------13
#43 Fordham, NY Red Sox----------------16------------11
#44 New York, NY Riptide----------------12------------7

#45 thru 50 TBA with in the next week when we get final Win Loss Records in.

* = Tie for 2nd place

Wednesday, August 30
Final NASPBA Stat Leaders
Here are the end of the season leaders for all Catagories. Congrats to the guys from the Chiefs on their season.


At Bats

Janos..Westlake Oh...124
Eagle.Cincy Chiefs...111


Janos...Westlake, Oh.47
Eagle...Cincy Chiefs.43

Avg.   (90 AB's min)

Eagle..Cincy Chiefs...387
Janos...Westlake, Oh..379


Eagle...Cincy Chiefs.29


Eagle...Cincy Chiefs.10


Tmbrlake.Cincy Chiefs.4





OBP (100 PA's min)





Procner..Westlake, Oh..7
Kiefer...Manistee, Mi..6


Miller..Cincy Chiefs...3
Tepe.....Cincy Chiefs..2
Sowder...Cincy Chiefs..2
Burman...Cincy Chiefs..2

ERA (40 inn min)

Procner.Westlake Oh....0.84
Kiefer....Manistee Mi..2.04
Dooley...Cincy Chiefs..2.33


Procner...Westlake OH..92
Watson...Columbia, Tn..54
Klingbiel.Westlake Oh..63


Procner...Westlake Oh....67
Klingbiel.Westlake Oh....57
C. Brown..Evansville.....49.1
Watson....Columbia, Tn...45
Dooley...Cincy Chiefs....42


Sowder..Cincy Chiefs....15
Tepe....Cincy Chiefs....14
Bolish...Manistee, Mi...14
C. Brown.Evansville.....13
Kobyashi..Cincy Chiefs..13
Procner..Westlake, Oh...12

Cincinnati Chiefs
Cincinnati Chiefs
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