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Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Tue 7/29 Baseball Chiefs vs Dayton Dodgers 8:45 PM - 10:45 PM Roselawn Field #1
Thu 7/31 Bat/Ball 2 Chiefs vs Cincinnati Meridians 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Lakota West High School
Fri 8/1 Bat/Ball 2 Chiefs vs CRC City Tournament TBA Roselawn #2
Sat 8/2 Bat/Ball 2 Chiefs vs CRC City Tournament TBA Roselawn Field #1
Sun 8/3 Bat/Ball 2 Chiefs vs CRC City Tournament TBA Roselawn #2
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Tue 7/22 Baseball Chiefs 1 vs Bombers 6 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Roselawn Field #1
Tue 7/22 Baseball Chiefs 5 vs Roughriders 0 8:45 PM - 10:45 PM Roselawn Field #1
Wed 7/23 Bat/Ball 2 Chiefs vs Queen City Legends 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Lakota West High School
Sun 7/27 Bat/Ball 2 Chiefs vs Portland Rockets 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Lakota West High School
Sun 7/27 Bat/Ball 2 Chiefs vs Portland Rockets 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM Lakota West High School

Welcome to the Official Reservation of the Cincinnati Chiefs Baseball Club. The Cincinnati Chiefs are a Nationally Ranked Semi-Pro 18 & over Wooden Bat Team, playing in the Cincinnati Recreation Commission Major Division, the Southwest Ohio League, the NABF Unlimited Major Division & AABC Stan Musial Division. The Cincinnati Chiefs are affiliated with the Nat'l American Semi-Pro Baseball Assoc and the WBC.  The Chiefs were started back in 1984 by Jeff Hannah who is still the current Manager of the Tribe. Come out and join the Chiefs as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Team and gear up to play an even tougher schedule than last season. Over the last 24 years the Chiefs have amassed an overall record of 573-240 as they established themselves as one of the Top teams in the State of Ohio and in Cincinnati Baseball.



OVERALL               CRC                 

  9 - 6 - 1              7 - 1 - 1 




preview welcome

Wednesday, July 23
CRC Splitsville

Last night the Chiefs hooked it up with the Bombers. Lots of goodies on the line in this one. Brennan on the mound for the Chiefs, Bombers trot out a fireballer. Game starts out like its gonna be a pitchers duel but the umpire quickly decides that all the fans in the stadium have come to watch him call balls and strikes. Bombers are spotted 2 runs in the first thanks to the 3rd strike not being called twice. Chiefs push 1 run across in the 2nd as Gibbons walks and Colburn 2b's down the line. Mr. Umpire enters the game again as batters are giving an extra pitch instead of being rung up and the result is a big blow as 4 runs cross the plate. Thats all the Bombers pitcher needed to cruise thru 6 innings. Both teams pitchers and hitters battled the circus strike zone all night. What was a strike in the 3rd inning was a ball in the 4th and a strike again in the 6th. No excuse for umpiring like that but it is what it is. Chiefs take the loss 6-1 and move on.

The Roughriders are up next as Lefty takes the hill. The struggles for the offense continues as guys are having terrible at bats. The fly out is killing things until the 5th as Flamm walks, Cotton gets plunked and Farmer awakens from a drought and rips a 2 run Double to left center. Chappy keeps the shut out going. 6th inning sees some more offense as Tilley gets hit, Addington to run and steals second, Kennett reaches on an error and Spottz goes deep for a 3 run blast. DK takes over in the 7th and is lights out as the Chiefs win 5-0.

Next up will be the Queen City Legends tomorrow at Lakota West High School at 6:00 weather permitting.

Saturday, July 19
Beautiful Complex, Ugly Showing

On Saturday, the young Chiefs showed up to Prasco Park in Mason to take on the Spikes. Seeing a youthful team and an awesome field, pitchers in tow, things looked right for the Chiefs. Well thats about as far as it went for the boys in green. Game 1 sees the Chiefs look bad at the plate. Umpire squeezes the daylights out of Erik on the mound and next thing we know the Spikes are up 6-0. Chiefs finally find the plate in the 7th to make it 7-1.

Enter Game 2. Chiefs score 2 runs right away. Maybe the bats have woken up. Not so fast my friend. Spikes get the 2 runs right back behind some sloopy defense. 5th inning sees the Spikes blow the game open as they score 6 runs on 2 hits. Holy cow as harry Carey wouold say, Holy cow. So the day ends as the Chiefs take two loses at the hands of the Spikes. An ugly day at the field is an under statement for this group today. So we pack up and look at Tuesday night as the guys return to CRC action. First pitch is 6:30 at Roselawn against the Bombers followed by the 8:45 against the Roughriders. The NABF bid is on the line Tuesday night as is the League Title. Gotta be better guys.

Wednesday, July 16
Chiefs earn a Tie

After a cancellation on Sunday due to lack of players on both teams, guess guys have better things to do then play a ball game, the Chiefs return to CRC action. Tonights opponent is Yorkville. Farmer takes the mound and has his good stuff but looks out to see a depeleted outfield as again guys have better things to do then come to the park. Hell the RF is 39 years old tonight. Oh man. Chiefs score in the 3rd as Addington 1b and moves to 2nd and scores on a DK 1b. Yorkville scores right away in the bottom of the inning. Chiefs score 3 in the 4th as Champman 1b, Gibbons 1b, Colburn hits a 3b, Reeder singles and Yorkville scores 3 runs. Fun fun. In the 5th Chiefs score as DK singles and Farmer drives him in. Yorkville answers and scores. 6th inning sees Yorkville go up 2 runs. Enter the 7th inning. Seaman singles to leadoff, Addington walks, DK walks, Flamm gets plunked. Down 1 run now. Addington steals home on the catcher throwing back to the pitcher. Next pitch DK takes off for third as the throw sails into LF as Flamm hustles from 1st base to score also. So now the Chiefs laead 9-7. Guess what? Yorkville scores 2 runs to tie the game as it ends 9-9. WOW!!!


Up next will be the Midwest Prospects on Wednesday at 6:30 at Lakota West. Wear white pants and black tops. Hopefully some missing faces return for this game.

Thursday, July 10
Interesting Night

Chiefs roll into Lakota West to face the Queen City Legend from the League we aren't allowed to play in. Things start off on the wrong foot as the field is locked, grass unmowed, dirt not drug and grass all over the mound and plate. Non the less we play. Hunke toes the rubber and cruises thru 3 innings but the wheels fell off giving up 2 runs on 5 hits. Nate takes over but fairs no better giving up 2 runs on 2 hits in an inning and a third. Colburn gives up 2 runs in one inning of work on 3 hits and sloppy defense play. Chiefs score 1 in the 1st as Cotton 2b and scores on a PB. 1 in the 3rd as Cotton walks, Werner 1b, and Addington hits a SAC fly. 1 run in the 5th as Cotton walks and scores on an Addington 2b. In the 6th the Chiefs are charging with the bases loaded as the sprinkler system kicks on ends the game. Unreal but fitting for the field tonight. So the Chiefs take a loss and move on.

Next game is Sunday at 4:00 at Lakota West against the Bombers.

Wednesday, July 9
Chiefs throw No No and 2 League wins

Tuesday night saw the Chiefs return to action for a Twilight Double Dip in League play. First up for the guys is the Roughriders. Hillard takes the ball and goes 5 strong giving up 3 walks while punching out 7 batters and no hits. Thurnauer keeps the no no going making his debut going 1 inning. Chapman throws the 7th and looks sharp. The offense scores 4 runs in the 1st and 1 in the 4th to cruise to the 5-0 win. Kennett has a 2b and is on base all times, Gibbons hits a big 2b in the first to pace the offense.

Game 2 sees the CoBalts take the field. Lefty takes the ball and gives the team 5 strong innings giving up 1 run on 4 hits while striking out 6. Kevin goes 1 inning for the hold and Nate throws the 7th for the save as the Chiefs win 3-1.  CoBalts sidewinder goes the distance giving up 7 hits and 3 runs.  Chiefs score 1 in the 1st without a hit, 1 in the 5th on a Addington FC, and 1 in the 6th as Browning singles, moves to 2nd on a WP and then steals 3rd before the next pitch is thrown. Spottz singles home Browning as the Chiefs win 3-1 move to 6-0 in the League.

Next up for the boys is the Queen City Legend as Lakota West tomorrow night at 6:30.

Tuesday, July 8
Big Sticks are Used

Chiefs return to the ball field after a beautiful weekend of not playing baseball. Thanks for the invite Mike Bricker and Jeff Fruitwurth. Tonights opponent is the Queen City River Bandits. The sun is out for once and their dugout is not looking good. Finally they have 9 guys arrive and here we go. Chiefs struggle in the first as the pitcher is changing speeds between slow and slower. Lots of pop ups. Farmer is chuckin fastballs that they never saw. Fast Foward to the 5th, Chiefs are up 16-0 as Farmer throws a 1 hitter on the night. Everybody hits, everybody scores and everybody plays. Feels good when that happens.

Next game is tomorrow night as we have the twilght DH. 6:30 against the Roughriders followed by the CoBalts at 8:45. Wear White pants and White Tops.

Thursday night we return to the friendly confines of Lakota West High School at 6:30 against the Queen City Legends and Sunday at 4:00 pm. Weather looks good for once to get some games in.

Wednesday, July 2
Chiefs Win with a Walkoff

After another trip to Roselawn to take a rainout and a rain delay tonight, the Chiefs finally got to play a game. Tonight we would take on the Bombers. Looking to gain ground in the CRC and avenge a bad loss early to them, the guys came out swinging. Hillard works out of a self created jam in the 1st as the Chiefs put 2 runs up in the bottom half behind Flamms single and Farmers thrown out at 3rd double. Nothing in the 2nd. Bombers get 2 in the 3rd to tie but the Chiefs answer back with 2 of their own as Addington scores on a throwing error and Werner singles in Browning. Hunke gives up 1 in the 4th behind a throwing error at the plate as the scores moves to 4-3.  Nobody Bombers find the plate in the 5th as the Chiefs add 2 more runs. Kroell enters the 6th and the dramatics begin as the Bombers score 4 unanswered runs. Chiefs down 7-6. Farmer singles to leadoff, Tilley walks, Seaman walks. Addington hits an FC to tie the game. Two pitches later Addington takes off for 2nd and the throw hits CF as Tilley scores and the Chiefs win 8-7.

Afterwards we are approached by the CRC folks asking us to stay and play another game against the team on the other since they won by forfit. Well 15 minutes later, we pay umpires to play and then the other team says they can't play. Geez. So no game and we have the weekend off of the 4th of July since the two baseball kings that run the other local league didn't feel the need to invite us to their 4th of July Tourney cause we have some older guys that play for us and college kids don't gain nothing playing them. Ok wise man, thats a real good excuse for keeping teams out.

Next game is Tuesday night at 8:45 at Roselawn 2 against the team that didn't want to play tonight. Green and white.

Wednesday, June 25
Rained Out Again

Chiefs take 2 rain outs on Tuesday night again. Grrrr....  No game on Thursady due to know field available. Saturday DH at 1:00 @ Dearborn High School. Wear white pants and green pants.

Sunday, June 22
Chiefs split the Weekend

On Saturday, the Chiefs traveled up to Springfield to play the College Miami Valley Wolverines. Leaving the meat of the line up in different parts of the United States, the challenge would be fun. Game 1 sends Hunke to the hill. Chiefs start out and get 2 runners in scoring position against the hard throwing Wolverine pitcher but walk away empty. Hunke sits them down in order. Again nothing for the Cheifs in the 2nd, same for the Wolverines. 3rd inning we hit pay dirt as the bases are loaded as Farmer drills a shot to LC for 2 runs. Leadoff man reaches and gets pickled off first, then an error and a HBP and a single gives the Wolverines their 1 st run of the game. Zeros are exchanged in the 4th. Nothing in the 5th as Hunke gives way to 2 arm Nate. A defense hiccup ties the game at 2. Wolverines bullpen is summoned and the free passed are issued as Colburn hits the big blow 2b as we score 3 runs. Nate puts up a zero. Top of 7th gives the Chiefs 2 more runs as Gibby drives in 2 to push the lead to 7-2. A leadoff single followed by a smooth DP and a groundout finishes the game as the Chiefs win.

Game 2 quickly follows as the Wolverines score right away and go up 1-0. Chiefs score 2 in the 2nd as Chapman and Browning record RBI singles. Wolverines score 1 in the bottom of 3rd to tie the game at 2. Chiefs plate 4 runs in the 4th as Colburn SAC fly brings in 1, Kennet big 2b plates 2 followed by Farmers RBI single as Chiefs go up 6-2. Hillard takes over and gives up a run, 6-3 now. Then the walk bug and error bug bites as the Chiefs give up 5 runs in the last 3 frames to lose 8-6. Still a good day on the diamond as lots of AB's were taken and the pitchers logged in more innings. Hopefully the vacation and other things to do by guys is coming to an end so the Team can start playing at full strength every time out.

Up next is a Twilight DH on Tuesday at Roselawn 2, starting at 6:30. Wear white pants and bring the green tops just in case. Lets go get 2 wins fellas!!

Tuesday, June 17
Chiefs go Hard and Fast

Tuesday night saw the annual renewal of Chiefs vs Yorkville. As in years past, these games never disappoint. With a nice crowd seated around Don Johnson Field at Roselawn, your Chiefs looked to bounce back after Saturday. Hillard takes the bump and gets out of a bases loaded jamb. Browning starts the game with a screaming 3b to left center followed by a Cotton laser to third, a run down with a throwing error to left and we lead 1-0. Yorkville gets a runner to second but Hillard gets a ground ball to end it. Newbie Hunke deals a 0 in the 3rd as the Chiefs use a Browning leadoff error and a sac fly from Flamm to plate run #2. Another zero in the 4th for Hunke. Enter the top of the 5th. Inning starts with the entire complex going dark. 25 minutes later we have lights again as Boone is on. After 2 walks, newly aquired Colburn comes in. An error, a dink and a seeing eye barely fair 2b to right allows Yorkville to plate 4 runs.  Ok, answer the bell. Seaman, walks, Browning walks, Cotton unloads on one to rc for a 2 rbi triple. Farmer nearly kills the pitcher as Cotton scores and the Chiefs lead 5-4. Colburn holds the lead in the 6th as Farmer comes on and slams the door in the 7th as the Chiefs win 5-4. Nice job tonight gentlemen. Good win.

Up next is a double dip in Springfield at the Annex Field at Carleton Davidson Stadium by Wittenberg Univ. First pitch at 1:00. Wear white pants and green tops and lets roll up a pair.

Saturday, June 14
Chiefs take it on the chin

The Chiefs rolled into Testermann Park on Saturday for a game with the Cincinnati Bombers. The numbers were not super high in terms of players but the squad was talented. However one big thing was not packed for the guys in green, strikes. Chiefs pitching staff gives up 13 free passes along with 11 hits, which makes for a long day at the park. The 4th inning does us in for the day as 17 Bombers see the dish. Ouch!!! BRight spot as we did score 2 runs of the hard throwing righty of the Bombers as Farmer drills a pitch to right for a 2b, Seeman takes a walk and Tilley nails a shot to center for a 2b. One in the 5th as Browning leads of with a 2b and Addington 1b him home. But it is early and we will keep swinging and pitching and fixing what has to be fixed.

Next up is Tuesday night at Roselawn at 8:45 against Yorkville. Wear White and White.

Tuesday, June 10
CRC Game is Cancelled

Due to the wet conditions at the newly revamped Roselawn complex, all games are cancelled for tonight.

 Next game is tentatively set for Saturday. Location and time to be worked out. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 4
Chiefs open CRC with Big Numbers

Chiefs open the 2014 campaign with a 17-0 win against new team the Queen City Bandits. More to follow....

Tuesday, February 11
Cincinnati Amauter Baseball Lost a Great One

As we all sit and stare out the windows of our homes or places of work, we see lots of ice and piles of snow all around us. And we wonder if it will ever warm up and allow us to take the field to play the game that so many of us deeply love. As the day comes to an end, many baseball players throughout the Tri-State Area and all over have started to hear the sad news about one of the greatest Ambassadors and all around respected guys of the game. Today we have lost the greatest One Eyed Umpire in the game, Max McCleary. Max has now been assigned to umpire the biggest game of all, the one that has no time limit, no run rule and always welcomes everyone in. It is truely as sad day to the many and many players, coaches, fellow umpires and people that Max touched each and every day, whether it was on the field or just in passing. All he ever talked about was baseball, baseball and more baseball. Max, you were one of the truely great ones and you will be forever remember and deeply missed.

The Cincinnati Cheifs would like to extend their deepest condolences to the McCleary family in this heart breaking moment of loss. We had the great honor of Having Max do many of our summer games through the years and Jeff & Jerry had the honor of Max doing a High School Tournament game. We were humbled that Max always went out of his way to talk with us and very proud that he called us his friend. We will never be able to give to the game what Max gave and for that, we will always be in debted to him.

 Thank you Max for all that you did for everyone and may you keep a watchful eye over everyone now from the your perch high in the heavens. God bless you and may you Rest In Peace my friend.

Cincinnati Chiefs
Cincinnati Chiefs
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