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Ned's Shed

    Chollas Lake Little League Store
Now Known As: "Ned's Shed"
Is Dedicated to bringing you top quality equipment
for Rock Bottom Prices!!!!

 Store Hours.........
 (In the event of rain, the store WILL NOT be open)
Ned's Shed (Store)
Monday March 2nd 2015 - Friday March 6th
from 3:00pm - 5:30pm



Ned's Shed

The Chollas Lake Equipment store, now known as Ned’s Shed is open for business.

   We started out with two goals in mind:

1.      To make sure the youth of our league was able to get the right equipment at an affordable price.

2.      To contribute to the leagues finances by:

a.      Giving all profits to the league treasury

b.      Getting great buys on League Equipment

We have worked very hard to ensure we bring in the right apparel, equipment, accessories, training items to enhance our youths baseball experience in a safe manner. By selling only leather gloves to caps and above, we ensure they are getting the protection they need. We work to ensure that we carry the team colors so that families do not have to run around to find team colors.

The store has contributed over $20,000 to the league funds. In addition we have saved nearly $10,000 over the past 4 years in league equipment. To put this in Perspective the $30,000 contribution is half of what registrations have brought in over the last 4 years.

The store started out as Chollas Lakes secret, but has grown to include families from neighboring leagues as well as leagues and travel ball teams. Not only are the list prices 25%-50% below even sales prices, but we set prices with the sales tax included. Yes we have a business license and pay sales tax on our sales.

If you are unsure of the store hours and need something please check this link on the website for store hours. If you do not see the store current Store hours please email Ned :

Families outside of Chollas Lake Little League are always welcome as are league buyers.

Please check back for Specials that are running.

Thank you



Dear Chollas Lake Little League members,

Little League has announced a moratorium on composite bats for all divisions. Though we have included the announcement it will be with a disclaimer and some concerns:

First of all there is no concern that the bats were found to be performing at a rate above the 1.15 BPF rating (1.15 BPF means they preform 15% better than a wood bat). If a bat is dangerous lets get it out of Little League!                                                                                       

With that said I believe strongly that Little League has a responsibility to be truthful, forthright, and responsible. When Little League said that they have been keeping the local leagues informed along the way this is not only misleading, this is a irresponsible characterization of their approach and openness. Little League without warning changed the standard for Large Barrel Bats. They did so with stating that they had evidence that the bats outperformed the standards after the break in period. These are the same composites that are used in the small barrels. Little League stated in September that they had made no decision to change the major league and below bats, but would study it. They sat on this until November and then announced that they had hired someone for the Study. They waited until after Christmas to make the announcement.                                                   
The current announcement is very lacking. It states all Bats for 12 an under. Does this mean t ball that has a soft ball and does not require a BPF rating? Does this mean composite handled bats with Alloy barrels? The current wording means that the Little League 12 and under bats have a stricter standard than the High school bats that allow Composite handles.                                        
For Little League to frame this as they have been keeping the local leagues informed each step of the way is at the least a misrepresentation, but appears to be more of a way to shift the blame for their lack of communication to the local leagues. The lack of communication and process lays square on their shoulders.

To be clear this is not the first test that Little League has run. Little Leagues former position was that high end Alloy and composite bats posed no additional danger than wood bats.

We as a League will abide by the new rule and are working on getting clarification on this vaguely and poorly written announcement. We will update you as we get clarification.

Ned Kern                                                                                                    

Little League International Issues Update Regarding Composite Bats: Moratorium Imposed Immediately in All Baseball Divisions 

Little League International has placed a moratorium on the use of composite bats in the Little League (Majors) Division and all other baseball divisions of Little League, effective immediately.
 “Today’s decision of the Little League International Board of Directors Executive Committee is based on scientific research data from the University of Massachusetts (Lowell), which was contracted by Little League Baseball,” Stephen D. Keener, President and Chief Executive Officer of Little League Baseball and Softball, said. “The maximum performance standard for non-wood bats in the divisions for 12-year-olds and below is a Bat Performance Factor (BPF) of 1.15. The research found that composite bats, while they may meet the standard when new, can exceed that standard after a break-in process.”

Local Little Leagues were first informed of the research last September.

“From the beginning, and throughout this process, we wanted to keep everyone informed,” Patrick W. Wilson, Vice President of Operations at Little League International, said. “Our intent was to provide local league constituents clear direction regarding composite bats. There is a process through which manufacturers can submit individual models for a possible waiver if they wish to seek it. Going forward, we will let our leagues know which ones meet the standards for the Little League Baseball (Majors) 12-and-under divisions, if any.”

On Sept. 1, Little League International placed a moratorium on composite bats in the Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball Divisions of Little League. Subsequent to that moratorium, some composite bat models have received a waiver and may be used in those divisions. Information on the composite bats that have received waivers for the Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball Divisions of Little League may be found here:

At present, no composite bats for the Little League (Majors) Division and below have received a waiver. If and when any models do receive a waiver, Little League International will inform its leagues of that decision.

The moratorium on composite bats, which now applies to all baseball divisions of Little League, does not apply to any softball divisions of Little League.

The ban is for composite bats only in the baseball divisions. If you are buying a bat or received one for Christmas, please be sure that it's made of alloy and has no composite in it. For now do not purchase any bat that has composite in it, until a list of approved bats from Little League is posted.

Please read below message from Ned Kern, 2011 League President 
The Chollas Lake Little League Store (Ned's Shed) is stocked with many youth bats that are 100% alloy. The ban being considered is for Composite Bats. If buying bats from local retailers please be sure to only buy Alloy bats without composite. If the youth bats go the way of the Junior bats there will be some composites approved and bats that are composite handles with Alloy hitting surfaces will be allowed. For now I would not take a chance on any Bat that has composite in it.

Thank you,

Big News on Gloves

Ned Kern, 2011 President, has worked long hours to bring all our families a way to learn about baseball gloves and understand the care involved. Ned's Shed is offering its largest selection of baseball gloves ever which include many High End Gloves. Please read the attachment to get informed.

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