Chollas Lake Little League: Auxiliary Board

Sunday, March 1
Hit a Thon Schedule



ALL TEAM PARENTS (manager/coach acting as TP)

Please be at the CHECK IN table by the Minor score booth at least 15 minutes  before your scheduled

Start time.  Bring  ALL ENVELOPES and any money collected.  Your entire team must be together at the

Designated field ready to go before your posted time..




                             TIME                       LOCATION                   TEAM NAME               MANAGER


                        10:30 am                    Minor field                 GIANTS                        Fogleman

                        10:30 am                    T-ball field                  Bubba 1                      Armstrong

                        10:45 am                    T-ball field                  Bubba 2                      Carol Hill

                        11:00 am                    T-ball field                  Coach Pitch 1             Norman

                        11:00 am                    Minor field                 Caps 1                         Sanchez

                        11:30 am                    T-ball field                  Coach Pitch 2             Cortez

                        11:30 am                    Minor field                 Caps 2                         Coranza

                        12:00 pm                    T-ball field                  Coach Pitch 3             Cutler

                        12:00 pm                    Minor field                 Caps 3                         Alexander

                        12:30 pm                    T-ball field                  Coach Pitch 4             Guzman

                        12:30 pm                    Minor field                 Caps 4                         Moffit

                        1:00 pm                      Minor field                 Minor 1                       Morales

                        1:30 pm                      Minor field                 Minor 2                       Winfield

                        2:00 pm                      Minor field                 Minor 3                       Burlaza


                                     GO OUT THERE AND HIT THE BALL AND HAVE FUN !

                                                            WIN SOME PRIZES TOO 



                                                                                                                                    Updated Febuary 20,2015

Sunday, February 22
2015 auxiliary

Auxiliary News!!

For the 2015 season, the Chollas Lake Auxiliary has a new President, Ciara Aiello and Treasurer, Denise (Diego) Pheonix.

We are looking for those interested in getting involved with the Auxiliary. There are many positions that need to be filled and we welcome anyone who would like to join us.

Some of the positions we are looking to fill are:

Snack Bar Workers (open and close snack bar on game days), Snack Bar Manager, Carnival Lead, Opening Day Lead, Padres Ticket Lead (selling Padres Tickets as fundraiser), Team Parent Coordinator and Shoppers.

Without volunteers to help with the snack bar, we won't be able to have it open to all of you for your enjoyment. 

We know most of you work outside the home, we do too.  We need help,  An hour or two or whatever you can do to help.  We all

appreciate it.   

Contact a Board Member and let them know you can help out..