Chollas Lake Little League: Silent Auction

During Opening day, Carnival Day, and Parent Appreciation Dinner Chollas Lake Little League will be having silent auctions. A silent auction is when an item is displayed with a bidding paper in front of the auction item. Anyone may bid on an item by writing their name, contact information, and a bid amount (dollar amount). For some items there are minimum bids and minimum raises. During the Carnival, each team is required to provide a basket for the silent auction. During opening day and parent appreciation the Board of Directors solicit items for the auctions.

As we get items for the silent auction we will list them here on the website so you can decide if this is an item you would like to bid on. We will have listed if there is a minimum bid on an item. Not all items will be listed as we do not always get the items in time to post.

Opening Day:

Item 1: Rickey Henderson autographed major league baseball with HOF '09. Minimum bid is $25 with a minimum raise of $1.