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Wednesday, March 6
2013 League Amended Rules

Chollas Lake Little League Amended Rules 2013



  1. 9 Defensive Players will be on the field for each defensive half inning. For teams with more than 9 players present at the game, there will be players not in the defensive line-up each inning. No player shall sit more than 1 consecutive innings. Example: When your substitutes are rotated in, the starters will sit the bench. The next inning they will go back in with new starters coming out. This will continue until all starters have sat the bench. The whole process will then start over. (Playing a defensive position for another team to fill out their defense will have no bearing on this rule) Any player sitting a second defensive inning shall not sit out a third until all players have sat a second defensive inning. (Continuous for additional innings).

The exception to this is for a pitcher currently in the line-up as the pitcher. The pitcher may continue until their maximum pitch count at which time they would be removed from the mound. Once removed from the mound the pitcher must complete their time on the bench equal to the player that has sat out the most defensive innings.

The penalty for violating of this policy may result in a one game suspension for the manager (or acting manager). The second offense may result in a 3 game suspension. During the 3 game suspension, the manager must present to the board why they should not be removed as manager and what they will do to ensure the situation will not reoccur. Failure to present this to the Board of Directors during a scheduled meeting will disqualify the manager from participating with the team for any activities until they present themselves to the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting. During the second suspension the manager may not participate in any team activities including practice. Failure to hand over equipment and medical releases to the coaches will result in immediate removal as the manager of the team for the remainder of the season.

  1. Continuous Batting Order (everyone on the lineup bats).

  2. Three outs or 4 runs will end a half innings, whichever comes first. In the 5th inning there is an 5 run limit and in the 6th inning there is a 6 run limit on runs scored.

  3. One (1) defensive coach is allowed in the outfield grass in the first half of the season. The coach must remain on the outfield grass area only. Coaches are not allowed in the infield unless time is called to talk to pitcher and this is considered a visit. The coach in the outfield is allowed only 1 time out to address a player. If they are slowing down the game, they will be charged with a second time out. At that time they will be removed from the outfield and play the remainder of that 1/2 inning without an outfield coach. The outfield coach must not come onto the dirt or grass infield or will be charged with a time out.

  4. No new inning will start after two (2) hours weekdays and one hour forty-five minutes (1.75) on Saturdays.

  5. Scores will be kept BUT no standings will be kept during the regular season.

  6. Every pitcher shall pitch 3 balls to the batter. If the batter hits the ball, the play stands. If after 3 pitches the batter does not hit the ball, they will get two balls pitched by the manager/coach. If the last ball is a foul ball the batter will continue until a strike or ball hit fair. **Pitches made by manager or coach do not count against pitch count. *** When the manager/coach is pitching the ball, they MAY NOT instruct the batter or any runners. They are no longer a base coach at this point.

  7. There are NO STEALS in Caps. The only way a runner may advance is on a batted ball.

  8. Player may take 1 base on an overthrow of a ball thrown in an attempt to make a play on a runner. This would mean the base that they are going to plus one additional base. The runner does advance at thier own risk. A play may be made on the runner once the overthrow is made. Once all runners have reached the next base, the play is dead. No runner may take more than 1 base even if there is a second overthrow.

(The purpose of this rule is to encourage players to make plays. For this reason the overthrow rule only applies to the balls thrown with the intent to make a play on a runner. The application of this rule is at the sole discretion of the umpire as to the intent of the fielder. A throw to a cut-off man or to an unoccupied base shall not be considered an attempt to make a play on the runner.)

  1. A ball hit to the infield will end when the batter/runner reaches second base. Any runners on base can advance no more than 2 bases. A ball hit to the outfield is live and runners may run as many bases as they can until the ball is thrown back to the infield. Once the ball is in the infield, if the fielder throws to the base in front of the lead runner, that runner must stop at that base whether the play is made or not. All other runner must stop at the base that they were going toward. If there is no play made, the runners may continue to advance.

  2. One (1) manager and three (3) coaches will be allowed in the dugout.

  3. Two (2) adult base coaches will be allowed for the first half of the season.

  4. Player rotation is STRONGLy encouraged!


SECOND HALF CHANGES: A) No defensive manager/coach will be permitted on the field.

B) There will be one (1) adult and one (1) player base coach.





  1. CONTINUOUS BATTING ORDER (everyone on the lineup bats).

  2. All players must play 3 innings in a 6 inning game.

  3. On weeknights there is no time limit. Games will be played for 6 innings or until called for darkness. On Saturday’s, no new inning will start after one hour forty-five minutes (1.75) from the start time.

  4. There will be a 5 run rule limit on every inning except for the 6th inning. There is an 8 run limit for the 6th inning.

  5. Scores will be kept BUT no standings will be kept during the regular season. There will be a double elimination tournament of all the minor teams at the end of the regular season to determine which team goes to TOC.

  6. All other rules will be as described in the Little League rulebook, INCLUDING pitch count.

  7. For the first half of the season there may be two (2) adult base coaches. At the start of the second half it must be one (1) adult and one (1) player base coach.

  8. One (1) manager and three (3) coaches are allowed in the dugout.

  9. Whichever team advances to TOC only one (1) manager and two (2) coaches will be allowed in dugout.







  1. CONTINUOUS BATTING ORDER (everyone on lineup bats).

  2. Two (2) adult base coaches (entire season).

  3. One (1) manager and three (3) coaches are allowed in the dugout.

  4. Whichever team advances to TOC only one (1) manager and two (2) coaches will be allowed in dugout.

  5. No team may pull a player up from minors in the last two weeks of the season. For the DISTRICT TOC team, no player may be pulled up from the minor’s once closing day ceremonies are complete. The purpose of this rule is to ensure teams do not drop players in the last two (2) weeks of the season so that they can pick up players for next season. For teams in contention for TOC, the priority is to win this season, so that the concern of dropping players just to enhance next season is not there. The board of directors must approve all dropped players.




    1. NO game may start without a scorekeeper. The home team scorekeeper will be the official scorekeeper of pitch count. The umpire and league officials will go by the official score keeper pitch count


    1. All managers are still responsible for keeping track of their team pitch counts.

Friday, March 18
TBall and Coach Pitch League Amended Rules
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