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Sunday, February 6
Newsletter 4 February 2011
Chollas Lake Little League 

February Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 1

Chollas Lake Little League 6005 College Grove Drive, San Diego, CA 92115                                                     Web site   

Inside This Issue

Key Dates (February to Opening Day)                                    

Opening Day details                                                                 

Booster Club                                                                             

Key Dates


Team Parent meeting February 9th                          
Denny’s 6:00 – 7:30 PM
6970 Alvarado Road
San Diego, CA 92120619-461-2862

Managers and Coaches meeting February 9th

Denny’s   7:30-9:00                                        

6970 Alvarado Road                                             

San Diego, CA 92120                                          

619-461-2862 Opening Day March 12th 9:00 am

Team activities start at 10:10 am

Lunch 11:00-2:00PM

 March 13th Practice games/ training sessions

First teams will start at 11:00 am

Teams will be scheduled for 2 hours (T Ball and Coach Pitch 1 hour) Scheduled times will be given when team schedules come out.


Booster Club


There are four different plans for the booster club.      

Here is an approximate value on the items that you would receive. The items you receive vary depending on which Level is selected.

4 Opening day / 4 Carnival day meal tickets- $48 ($24 each day)

20% off Snack bar food items- $40 (average family)

Sports Bottle with free refills- $30 (average family)

Front of the line privileges during Saturday peak hours - Priceless

Stadium Seat- $15.00

8X10 Action Photo- $10.00

Logo Blanket -$15.00

Parking Spot- $25.00 (price of sign)

Team Hat- $10.00


Opening Day Activities


All teams will have a schedule to follow for the day. Details are being worked on and we expect to have the schedules out by March first. Each team will participate in Opening day, team pictures, A baseball activity that is age appropriate, and the hit a thon. Details will be communicated through the team parent. Additional details will be given at the February 9th Team parent meeting.

Opening day tickets for the All You Can Eat Buffet will be $7:00 for adults and $5.00 for children 4-12 (Children 3 and under may eat off Parents ticket)



Sunday, December 12
Newsletter 3 December 2010
 Managers and Coaches Wanted

Chollas Lake Little League is looking for Qualified Coaches for Junior Baseball and Softball. Our Number one commitment is to our player’s physical and emotional safety. All Volunteers are screened through a professional background check. Managers must be at least 18 years of age (Coaches can be 16 with an adult present).

For Junior Baseball we currently have a qualified Coach with College Playing experience and years of coaching experience. We are looking for a manager that can organize practices, administer the teams required paperwork, and provide communication to the families.

We do not currently have softball at Chollas Lake Little League. After years of running a successful program we combined play the last two years with another league. It is our intention to revive softball at Chollas Lake. We are looking for Managers and possible Board members whose focus would be on softball. We have great resources to help support a softball program.

If you feel you are qualified, have a passion for the game, and are able to pass the background check please email Ned Kern at with your interest and qualifications. 

Thank you

Ned Kern, President CLLL

Chollas Lake Little League

Newsletter December 2010

Presidents Message:

We have concluded early registrations and we have had a very good response. If you still need to register see dates and times to the right We have several new programs that we are reviewing at registration.. Here are the highlights:

1. Clinics-We have 3 clinics for 7-12 year olds and 2 clinics for 4-6 year olds that we will be sponsoring. In the past we have had a discounted rate for these clinics. These clinics are normally $75 (last year we ran a discounted rate of $50. This year they will be $75 each, or for minimal volunteer time these clinics will be free. See Handout section for Volunteer requirements.2.  Bar B Ques- We will be having a parent sponsored Bar B Que on Opening day and Carnival. This will be a feast for all who join in. This will be a great way to get to know others in the league as well as have an amazing feast!3. Booster- There is four levels of Booster Club Memberships. Please see the Booster page in the Handout section of the website for details. This is an amazing program for an amazing price. We also have two ways to get the Booster for free. Refer 3 or more new players to the league or bring in a sponsorship and you will receive a Booster Club registration for free. Bring in more or either and move up in levels. The top booster level will have their own parking spot.  

We are very excited about the 2011 season and look forward to seeing you at the ball field 

Partnership with Professional Coaches:

Chollas Lake is the Official Adopted League of Reggie Waller. (Former MLB Assistant General Manager and Scout


Partnering with Al Price or Big Al Baseball (Author of Little Leagues Training materials) for a Players Jamboree

Clinics are free to those players that have their families meet their minimum volunteer obligations. 

Email address for Ned


Registrations resume

January 8th 10am-1pm

January 9th 12 noon – 3pm

January 15th 10am-1pm

January 16th 12 noon – 3 pm


The Store will be open December 18th from 10-12 and the store will be open during registrations, and all events scheduled at the field.  All Players are to come to Assessments, including Major Property Players. Major Players will still be on their same team, but they will have a chance to be with professional coaches during the assessments.



Monday, November 1
Newsletter 2 Novemeber 2010

Chollas Lake Little League

Fall Ball Newsletter November 2010

Presidents Message

Dear Families of Chollas Lake Little League,

I want to start out by letting all of the Managers, coaches, players, and parents how proud I am of all of the Fall Ball Teams. I have seen great improvement in the play of each team and I have seen great sportsmanship and participation. 

The board of directors has set up and Registration for the regularseason during Fall Ball for the first time at Chollas Lake Little League. We have done this as a way to say thank you and makeit more convenient for those that took advantage of the combodeal. We still need to fill out the registration information even if you have paid, but this should make that a simpler process.The registration is open to all Fall Ball Players as well as thegeneral public. For those that have not paid for the regular seasonthere is a $10 early registration discount.  

There will be four main areas of focus for next year. You will seesome changes to help support the focuses that we have set for Chollas Lake Little League. The focus’ are:

  • Increase players by a minimum of 10% (we were up over 40% for Fall Ball
  •  Improve the community (families) involvement through incentives
  • Validate all decisions with the Mission Statement (you will get a copy of the Mission Statement in the Parent Packet)
  • Increase the consistency of Coaching through professional Teachingand B.A.K. to Basics Techniques. (Balance, Arm and Hand Angle,Knocking Knuckles) 

1. Increase Player registrations: We are counting on Players and Families to help us bring in additional new players. Preston and his family have already brought in 3 new players for next season. For this they have already earned the second tier Booster level. They will be receiving among other items: 4 Opening and 4 Carnival Meal tickets/ 20% off all Snack bar food items for the entire year. A Chollas Lake Sports Bottle with free refills all year. Carnival Tickets, $10 gift certificate for Ned’s Shed, a team cap, and Front of the Line privileges during the peak hours at the snack bar on Saturday’s. Every Family has the ability with referring 3 new players that have never played at Chollas Lake to get the same Booster level, and with additional players there are additional levels of Booster Club memberships. 

2. Increase Community involvement: Little League is a community based volunteer organization. The intent of Little League is to have all families involved in the running of the League. We know that there are a lot of pressures on our time and on our wallets. I know this very well as I work full time, travel out of state 8 weeks out of the year, and work as far away as Palm Springs, Riverside, and L.A. on a weekly basis. Because we know there are a lot of other things that we spend time on we are asking that everyone puts in some time, but have worked to design a program that does not require a lot of time. Of course there are some positions that are volunteered for will take more time, such as Board positions, coaching, team mom. We appreciate those of you that take on these positions. When families have met their volunteer time the players will attend the clinics and competitions for free. If you are unable to meet the volunteer requirement for a family the player may still participate at a rate of $75 per event.            

3. Validate all decisions with the Mission Statement: The mission statement has been in every year end program since 1994. Unfortunately few members have ever read it. We have included a copy in the parent packet for this year. As a chartered Little League we are required to have an approved Constitution, follow all Little League rules, have approved insurance, and Follow a Little League approved Safety Plan. This is required of all Leagues. What sets a league apart is not the amount of Championships, but how they conduct themselves on a Day to Day basis. The Mission Statement helps guide up to be the best League possible and to make the best decisions possible.

4. Increase Consistency of Coaching: Along with the increase exposure to Professional Coaches we will be having additional non game baseball activities that the players will be able to participate in, for free, as long as the families have met their minimal volunteer requirements. Players will be able to participate for a fee if the volunteer time has not been met. We will have Coaches clinics for new and experienced coaches alike. Along with this we will be asking all coaches to focus on three fundamentals. Balance- this is critical when fielding as well as hitting. Arm and Hand angles when batting as well as Throwing. Knocking knuckle while batting. There are many other techniques and fundamentals that make a player into a better player, but these are the fundamentals that all players must have to be good players.


I hope you will see that the Focus’ are directly linked to our Mission statement

 Excerpts from the Mission Statement:


  • To have all Managers willing to follow the objectives given to them by the Division Reps
  •  To create an understanding that C.L.L.L. is a community based organization to benefit the youth of the community
  • To teach the Fundamentals of Baseball to each player registered in our league


Monday, November 1
Fall Ball Newsletter 1 October 2010

 Chollas Lake Little League

Fall Ball Newsletter October 2010

Presidents Message 

Dear Families of Chollas Lake Little League Fall Ball,

We are off to a good start for Fall Ball and the 2011 Season. I want to welcome the new families to Chollas Lake and to thank those families and players returning and again choosing Chollas Lake Little League. I want to thank Ed Kirkpatrick for his leadership as President for the past two years and in various positions over the past ten years.

We have a unique situation as we have four past presidents serving on our Board of Directors with a total of 9 years experience amonst them. Myself (1995, 1977, 2003), Ed (2009, 2010), Sami Kern (2006, 2007, 2008) and Patty Tall (Cordero) (2004).

As we start the 2010 Fall Ball Season and especially when we get into the 2011 Regular Season you will see some changes that we all feel will benefit the players, their families and friends. We have approved the budget for 2011 and here are some of the highlights:

  • The overall expenses budgeted are $49,700
  • Budgeted income is $51,100
  • Sources of income
    • $13,000 Registration
    • $6,000 Sponsorship
    • $5,000 Ned's Shed
    • $15,000 Auxiliary (including Hit-A-Thon)
    • $5,000 CDBG (Federal Block Grant for past improvements)
  • $7,000 Player Clinics: this will be one of two major changes that will be seen immediately by the players and families. By bringing in Professional Coaches like Reggie and Tye Waller as well as Little Leagues long time Coach Advisor and Writer of Little Leagues Official Materials, Al Price, we will improve the teaching of our players and coaches.

We will be holding families to a more consistent standard of volunteering. We are a community based volunteer organization and we need volunteers tomake our league work. There will be rewards for those who fulfill their volunteer obligations.

This leads to the second biggest change that you will see for 2011. We will be having several big days for players and families that will have a baseball and community theme. We will have all teams involved in helping to put on these events and there should be a lot of fun, food and baseball for all!

Some other changes you will see include:

  • Rewards for bringing in new families to Chollas Lake Little LEague
  • The league now has Facebook that links past players to each other and is a way to announce news
  • The league is working on a tutoring program that will be available for free to all players
  • Expanding our league communications through the Chollas Lake website

Some things that WILL NOT be changing:

  • Family atmosphere
  • Adherence to Little League Rules as well as League Rules
  • Background checks on ALL Volunteers
  • Great snack bar with new items (last year's hits included Fries, fried Twinkies and Snickers)
  • Ned's Shed (though there are new items offered)

Best of Luck this Season,

Ned Kern, President


Fall Ball Hats: We want to let the parents know of a decision that was made with the Fall Ball Hats. The cost for fall ball to put the CL on the caps would have been over $400. As we worked and reworked the budget we had to decide to cut one of the following:

  • CL for Fall Ball (to stay withing the uniform budget)
  • One of the Clinics
  • A badly needed nail drag for the fields (keeps the dirt flat and keeps it from becoming hard)

The decision was made to not have the CL for Fall Ball only. We have found a source for Regular Season that will alow us to have the CL and stay within budget.



About Reggie and Tye Waller

Reggie Waller was the Assistant General Manager for the Padres, as wellas a scout for the Padres and Astros. Reggie is known around baseball asone of the top evaluators of talent and he is known around Little League as one of the best teachers to youth players.Tye Waller was with the Padres organization for 18 years. Tye has A plaque at Hoover as one of the players that made it to the majors as a player. Tye is currently the Bench Coach for theOakland A’s Major League club.

About Big Al

Al Price is the Author of the Little League official Training materials. Since going out on his own he has updated all of these materials. These are the best training materials for youth Baseball. For many coaches in San Diego they have received training from Al and the Big Al Clinics. The Padres were so impressed they had Al doing their youth coaches’ clinics at Petco Park. You can read more about Big Al and order materials online at


Wednesday, October 1
Board of Directors Meeting @ 7pm @ Coco's in College Shopping Center