Chollas Lake Little League: Mission Statement

Tuesday, November 2
Chollas Lake Little League Mission Statement

1) To teach each youth in the league the importance of:

  • Hard Work and Dedication
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for Authority
  • Accepting Constructive Criticism
  • Accepting Responsibility for Inappropriate Behavior

2) To teach the fundamentals of baseball and softball to each player registered in our league.

3) To protect the youth of our league from influences of drugs, alcohol or other illegal activities.

4) To have a board of directors that will act responsibly and with total accountability with respect    to the finances of the league.

5) To have all managers willing to follow the objectives given to them by the divisional representative.

6) To have all adults follow the following guiding principles while on the property of Chollas Lake Little League or while representing Chollas Lake Little League

  • Maintain or enhance the self-esteem of our youth
  • To treat all players, adults and league officials with respect
  • To create an understanding that Chollas Lake Little League is a community based on volunteer organization to benefit the youth of our community
  • If you feel something can be done better, then volunteer. Nothing can influence the youth of our league more than a commitment of time and unselfish giving
  • To follow Chollas Lake Little League Bylaws and Audits and the Rules of Little League Baseball