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Sunday, February 22
Waller Clinic Recap

Reminder to Chollas Lake Families- Friendly reminder that registration fees are due.  Families who stated they “will pay fees on team announcement day” well that day has come and gone,

Please take care of your fees so that we can continue to keep costs down for everyone.





Saturday February 21st , Chollas Lake held  their annual “Waller Clinic” for  all players, managers and coaches.  Clinic was Lead by Reggie Waller, former MLB player himself.  The players had a day of learning and skill development.  Players and managers/coaches  Went to different stations learning different techniques, throwing drills, running, catching, and learning the correct way to slide along with other valuable tools to share with the teams.  It looked to me like everyone was having a good time while out on the field learning from Reggie. They always say, you learn the most by attending clinics.  I’m sure everyone left the field learning something they didn’t know before.  That makes it all the better. 

                                                                                          Thank You Reggie



Field Day has come and gone.  I wish to Thank all the  Chollas Lake Little League Teams, family members and all the volunteers who came out and worked hard to get the fields ready for Opening Day on March 7th.    There’s still work to be done these next couple weeks, so if you have some time, stop on by and we’ll get you started.  Any help is appreciated..


Sunday, January 25
2015 Spring Season Registration Information

A big Thank You to our new 2015 Sponsors.

Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry  -  Triple Grand Slam Sponsor 

Mission Brew Coffee @ Kroc Center - Ground Rule Double Sponsor

When visiting our sponsors let them know your from Chollas Lake Little League.



Registration fee:

Ages 4 -9 $85   Ages 10 – 12 $95  Ages 13 – 14 $105  

Chollas Lake Little League will hold another sign up day this Saturday, so stop on by and come play some baseball.  Look at the District 33 Boundaries map to find your neighborhood. Make sure that you are in the Chollas Lake boundaries.  Be sure to bring with you an original birth certificate and three forms of proof of residency to registration.  


Tuesday, February 3
Thank You

A big “Thank You” goes out to everyone who came out for Team Announcement Day January 31st.  Parents showed up as early as 7:45  (my error on start time).  People made the best of it by stopping by “Ned’s Shed” (the league store) and checking out equipment and what all we have available to our players and their families.   Great deals of the day for everyone.  The kids were running, laughing, tossing around the ball and having a good ole time.  We had a lot of walk up registrations to include placement of players on teams before ceremonies began. 

Thank You for being so patient.



Thursday, February 12
Equipment Pick Up



Monday Febuary 9th  3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Tuesday February 10th  3:00 pm  - 5:30 pm 

Wednesday February 11th  3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Thursday February 12th 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Friday February 13th  3:00 pm - 5:30 pm 

Saturday February 14th  9:00 - 12:15pm (longer if needed) 

Sunday February 15th  FIELD DAY @ 9:00 am  

The store will open at some point during field day.   First priority will be field day.

If these times won't work for you please email kelly at or call 619.519.5167