Chollas Lake Little League: Handouts

Registration Documents

Registration Pack consists of these 3 forms

2015 Medical Release Form2015 Medical Release Form

2015 Registration Pack2015 Registration Pack

2015 Photo-fundraiser release2015 Photo-fundraiser release

Managers & Coach Application

3 pages complete and submitted to board for review. Must also pass background check

Manager Coach Code of ConductManager Coach Code of Conduct

2015 Manager Coach Application2015 Manager Coach Application

2015 Volunteer Application2015 Volunteer Application

2015 Sponsorship Agreement

2015 Sponsorship Agreement2015 Sponsorship Agreement

Booster Club

2015 Booster Club2015 Booster Club

Player and Parent/Volunteer Pledges

Parent Code of ConductParent Code of Conduct

Constitution & Bylaws

2015 CL Constitution2015 CL Constitution

2015 CL By-Laws2015 CL By-Laws

Ned's Shed (Store)


Coaching Tools






League Amended Rules

Caps League Amended Rules 2015Caps League Amended Rules 2015