Chollas Lake Little League: 2015 Spring Season Divisions

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Coach Pitch
Coach Pitch (Ages 5-6)

Overview: Coach Pitch is a developmental division. Games are conducted in a non-competitive atmosphere with an emphasis on skills development and having fun. Players will have an opportunity to receive a number of pitches from their own coach (using a soft core baseball), and then a tee will be used if necessary. No score is recorded. Players are rotated to all positions, all players bat each inning (outs are not counted), and no player sits on the bench.

Caps (Ages 7-10)

Overview: The Caps division is an instructional division, and teams will use a reduced injury 5 equivalent baseball. Some player pitching elements are integrated with coach pitch to keep the games moving while allowing the players to start developing their pitching and hitting skills. . A scorekeeper is required to keep track of playing time and Pitch Counts. Informal scores of each game may be kept, but league standings will not be kept. Players are rotated, all players bat, and no player sits on the bench more than any other player.

Minors (8-11)

Overview: The Minor division is a more competitive division than the Caps division, but it is still considered an instructional league. The emphasis will be on developing fundamental baseball skills. All games will involve player pitching only. Players will rotate between the infield and outfield, all players will bat, and there are still minimum play rules above the Little League requirement. There are no standings kept throughout the regular season. . A scorekeeper is required to keep track of playing time and Pitch Counts. There is a double elimination tournament at the end of the season to see who will represent Chollas Lake Little League in the District 33 Tournament of Champions.

Majors (9-12)

Overview: The Majors division is competitive, and requires the highest level of commitment. All games will involve player pitching only. A scorekeeper keeps official scores and Pitch count. Everyone on the roster and present will be in the batting order. Rotation of Players and equal playing time are encouraged, but the requirements are not as strict as in the Minor and Caps divisions. There is great encouragement to keep a great learning environment and to keep the practices and games fun. There must be great attention and commitment on the players part to allow the environment to be fun While Learning.

Questions regarding players ages 4-6

Questions regarding players ages 7-12