Chollas Lake Little League: Welcome

Wednesday, February 22
 Chollas Lake Little League 
 "Where the Stars of Tomorrow Play Today” 
 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 152153, San Diego, CA 92195    
Field Location: 6005 College Grove Drive
San Diego CA 92115 Snack Bar#:  619-263-9270
At Chollas Lake Little League we strive to make our park a  safe  family  oriented  facility. 
There are "NO DOGS", "NO GLASS BOTTLES" and "NO ALCOHOL" allowed at any time. As well, smoking is only permitted in the East Parking Lot (asphalt) areas, this is the parking lot areas just to the right and left sides of the snack bar (No smoking in the Umpire or Auxiliary parking areas)     Bike Riding, Skate Boarding and Scooter Riding are NOT ALLOWED at fields..on game days, Thank You for your cooperation

                                    SATURDAY FEBRUARY 25th  &  SUNDAY FEBRUARY 26th  

                                          FIELD  WEEKEND

    We need everyone's help to get the fields looking good for opening day.  Jersey's will be handed out on field day. 

                                        TEAM BINDERS Have been ready for pick up.  If you haven't picked up your Team binder/Team Parent Binder give  Scott Hill a call at  619-674-7649.

           If you have any yard tools that will help you on field day, bring them with you.  We are also looking for a couple wheelbarrows to use, other tools you think will come in handy to help with field day would be great.  We do have rakes, shovels, gloves, etc,. if you want to bring yours, please do.  

           Teams, don't forget,  Opening Day is the Hit a Thon fundraiser.  Double check your players are working on getting their pledges.  Team Parents Binders are ready.   Managers who don't have a team parent, please talk with your parents about team activities..  Opening Day, Hit a Thon, What each division is assigned to bring for opening day "Picnic in the Park" league fundraiser lunch. Tickets are $6.00.  Lots of activities going on at the league.  

            If you have any questions please call Carol Hill at  619.450.3589  or Kelly Ruth 619.519.5167 

                                          Your Manager has the  information also.   

60th Anniversary  
Come on out and celebrate this milestone for Chollas Lake Little League Baseball
We have come a long way from where we started.  From dirt parking lots and outhouses to a real snack bar and restrooms.  Picnic Pavillion and improvements over the years.  A lot of hardwork from families who played at Chollas and  our community to keep Chollas Lake Little League going for 60 years.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Opening Day is Saturday, March 4th, come on out have some fun, eat lunch and watch some kids swing for the fences.  Food, Fun and good company is a great day for baseball at Chollas Lake Little League.


        Opening Day is just a couple weeks away.  Don't forget that we have the Hit a Thon fundraiser event going on that day.  Remind your players about getting their pledges in by Opening Day.  We also will have a "Picnic in the Park" lunch taking place and the cost is $6.00 ticket.  Fried Chicken and sides will be served, and all teams have been assigned a selected item to bring.   Please help out by contributing to the Opening Day festivities.  

                        MAJOR/MINOR TEAMS - DESSERTS (non-parishable)

                        CAPS TEAMS  -  DRINKS (boxed/pouch drinks, canned drinks)

                        COACH PITCH TEAMS -  FRESH FRUIT  

                        BUBBA TEAMS  -  ROLLS 



All managers, coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, scorekeepers and any person  who is volunteering at Chollas Lake Little League on a continuous basis must complete an volunteer application and have a background check done by First Advantage, to include sexual and criminals checks on all volunteers.
PLEASE TURN IN YOUR 2017 VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS along with a government ID.  If you need a form we have them in the snack bar, or online.  Ask and will get you one.
                                                                             Upcoming Events



Saturday           2/25              Field Day  for all Teams                                          9:00 am

Sunday              2/26              Field Day  for all Teams                                          9:00 am


March              Saturday             3/4                    Opening Day                                                            9:00                                                                                             Hit-a-Thon   &   Lunch      

                          Sunday               3/5                    Picture Day

                                               3/27 – 3/31                Spring Break                      

April                 Monday               4/3                 Games resume @ field

                          Friday                   4/7                  Carnival Booth Set-up                                         5:00 pm

Saturday              4/8               Carnival  (all teams involved)                           10:00 – 2:00pm

                          Thursday             4/13                       Board Meeting                                                        7:30pm

       Friday – Sunday                4/21 – 4/23         Cactus Tournament


We will have registrations at 8:30am on Saturday February 4th before Team Announcement Ceremonies begin. If you haven't registered yet stop on by.  We'll see you then.



                         We welcome all children 4 year olds - 12 year olds  to come on up and have some fun playing baseball at Chollas Lake Little League. 



Chollas Lake requires Managers, Coaches to attended this clinic.  If you thinking about coaching or managing it is

 a little league requirement to attend 2 clinics.  Manager/Coach clinic and a safety clinic.  Get it done here, both

clinics taken care of the same day.  It's free.... You'll go away learning something .....  Dad's, Mom's etc.  come

attend the clinc, even if your not a manager or a coach you are welcome to attend.  You will be glad you did. 


Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Location: Serra High School Gym

(5156 Santo RD. San Diego CA 92124)


        Big Al  Clinic

District 33 is proud to host the 2017 "Big Al" Coaching Clinic featuring Al & Scott Price on Sunday January 29th, 2017. Al's teaching philosophy comes from decades of experience he has culminated over the years into this comprehensive, easy-to-follow approach to learning the fundamentals of baseball, softball and tee ball. Scott, (Al's son) will assist at the clinic and brings a fresh new perspective to the training after playing college baseball in Texas and graduating with his Kinesiology and Teaching degree and from running his own Player development Camps.

Each component of the program ties together principles of learning that have proven effective time and time again. Al and Scott have distilled their knowledge in a way that makes it easy for kids, parents and coaches to learn. Here's how he does it, in a nutshell: All the fundamental skills are clearly identified. Each skill is broken down into a series of simple, straight forward steps presented in a learnable progression. Skills are presented in a creative and motivating manner that is easy for anyone from the novice to the more experienced to follow. Above all, he never forgets that the game is supposed to be active - and fun. Big Al's Teach it - Try It - Game It approach has helped both new and experienced coaches build Little League teams with a solid foundation of basic skills.

Take advantage of this great, well-planned program: do it for the kids! Al and Scott have developed a complete series of instructional resources that match the clinic instruction. The resources were reviewed and approved by Little League International in the spring of 2010.

Big Al will have Membership Cards for his 4 online training and development programs for coaches and parents available for purchase at the clinic. Coaches of players 4-8 and 9-12 as well as for Parents of those age groups.

Big Al now has a League-Wide License approach and pricing for leagues. Leagues can either invest in a League Wide License for all of their Coaches…or invest in the League Wide License for all of their coaches and parents.
Individual Memberships:
Individual Coaching Memberships are $30.00 ea
Individual Parent Memberships are $25.00 ea

Depending on the size of your league you can get Memberships for all of your coaches for as little as $200.00 for leagues with 6-10 teams or $400.00 for leagues with 11-30 teams and $600.00 for leagues with 31-50 teams. Contact Big Al at 1 866 940 0227 or email him at to get a League License order form and all of the detail on how you can provide memberships to all of your coaches at a great price in 2016.

District 33 - This is a free clinic to everyone in District 33. You can register by clicking on the link next to the clinic description or at the door for each clinic. We are asking for all members of our local leagues board of directors that have not attended a coach's clinic to please attend this one. D33 requires that all managers and coaches attend both a coaches and a safety clinic every 3 years. Every team must have a coach that has attended a coaches and a safety clinic in 2016 in order to participate in our District ran tournaments, such as CBI, DDM and TOC. These clinics fulfill the D33 coaches' clinic requirement. Parents are welcome to attend as well.


  2017 Assessment Schedule


has been postponed until Saturday January 28th

stay tuned for  more information as it comes in. 

       Tryouts are required for all players in the age groups listed, and are for the purpose of the draft.  Little League baseball runs a draft to guarantee the fairest way to ensure competition. The draft determines what division the player will play in.

                                                                 No player will be left off a team. 

Baseball Assessments

7-8 yr olds      Saturday  January 21st 2017          8:00am - 10:00am

9-10 yr olds        Saturday  January 21st 2017     10:00am - 12:00pm

11-12 yr olds     Saturday  January 21st  2017       12:30pm - 2:30pm

 Please come prepared:  Bring your baseball gear with you.  You will be on the field doing some fielding, throwing, hitting, infield throws, etc...

 If you haven't registered,  come on up and register, and do the assessments all at the same time.



Chollas Lake Little League

 2017 Spring Baseball Registration Dates

                                      Saturday Jan. 14 2017       10:00 am - 2:00 pm       

                                    Sunday Jan. 15 2017    11:00 am - 3:00 pm

                                                                       Registration Fee

                         Ages 4 -9    $85    Ages 10 - 12  $95    Ages  13-14   $105          

                         Documents are being uploaded so please check back for updates.  Thank You

                          BOARD MEETING  Thursday, January 12th 7:00pm

                          at Darnell Elementary School    6020 Hughes Steet 

                               District 33's,   Olivier Wardenaar will be our guest at the meeting.

                  We will be discussing upcoming  assessments, meetings, new requirements for safety, etc.

 With the upcoming season just around the corner, we are in need of volunteers.  If your interested in volunteering at Chollas Lake Little League, or if you have a student who needs volunteer hours, we could use your help.  We have many opportunities here at Chollas.  You have a special talent?  Let us know.  Would you like to attend a board meeting to see what's all involved.  We'd love to have you.  Please contact Carol Hill at (619.450-3589)


Visit the Chollas Lake Store (Ned’s Shed) for all your baseball needs. We carry uniform supplies, cleats, bats, gloves, and much more ~ located in the heart of the Chollas Lake Little League Fields!