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Club Communications - Attention Parents, Coaches & Players

Upload your Pictures!Upload your Pictures!

CSC Stuff for Sale!CSC Stuff for Sale!

CSC Code of ConductCSC Code of Conduct

Fall Competition GuidelinesFall Competition Guidelines

Club Welcome LetterClub Welcome Letter

CSC 2011 CoachesCSC 2011 Coaches

CSC Field Layouts at Rocco Gaspari ParkCSC Field Layouts at Rocco Gaspari Park

Player Player "Soccer" Intelligence

Parking at the Park - Please ReadParking at the Park - Please Read

CSC Board and VolunteersCSC Board and Volunteers

CSC Check Request FormCSC Check Request Form

World Cup Tournament

2011 World Cup - 4 & 5th Div2011 World Cup - 4 & 5th Div

2011 World Cup - 7 & 8th Div2011 World Cup - 7 & 8th Div

2011 World Cup - Adult Div2011 World Cup - Adult Div


World Cup Field LayoutsWorld Cup Field Layouts

2011 Intramural Game Schedules

CSC KOH - Finals U8CSC KOH - Finals U8

CSC KOH Finals - U11CSC KOH Finals - U11

CSC KOH Finals - MSCSC KOH Finals - MS


CSC KOH - U11sCSC KOH - U11s


CSC 2011 Intramural Game SchedulesCSC 2011 Intramural Game Schedules

CSC Field Layouts at Rocco Gaspari ParkCSC Field Layouts at Rocco Gaspari Park

Club Family Events!

CSC End of Season CelebrationsCSC End of Season Celebrations

CSC 2011 World Cup ApplicationCSC 2011 World Cup Application

CSC World Cup RulesCSC World Cup Rules

CSC BingoCSC Bingo

Chichester HS Senior NightsChichester HS Senior Nights

CSC Night at PPL ParkCSC Night at PPL Park

CSC Coaches Corner

Check out the Links section for more great coaching info!

Coaching InfoCoaching Info

Mike Bar Blogs IIMike Bar Blogs II

Coaching Blogs from Mike BarrCoaching Blogs from Mike Barr

CSC U6 Laws of the GameCSC U6 Laws of the Game

CSC U8 Laws of the GameCSC U8 Laws of the Game

CSC U11 Laws of the GameCSC U11 Laws of the Game

CSC MS Laws of the GameCSC MS Laws of the Game

Fall Competition GuidelinesFall Competition Guidelines

PAGS Playing RulesPAGS Playing Rules

Delco Coaches GuideDelco Coaches Guide

CSC Soccer TerminologyCSC Soccer Terminology

Coaching Article from Jeff PillCoaching Article from Jeff Pill

CSC Coaching Drills I

Coaching Drills!
Try 'em out!

2 v 2 Challenge2 v 2 Challenge

3 v 23 v 2

4 v 3 Attack vs Def4 v 3 Attack vs Def

4 v 4 Zone4 v 4 Zone

5 on 5 Dribbling5 on 5 Dribbling

Angle PossessionAngle Possession

Crossing and FinishingCrossing and Finishing

Defense OverlappingDefense Overlapping

Dribbling WarmupDribbling Warmup

End Zone ChallengeEnd Zone Challenge

Guard the CastleGuard the Castle

Head Catch GameHead Catch Game

One to One 50 50One to One 50 50


Power FitnessPower Fitness


Red Light Green LightRed Light Green Light

Soccer PassSoccer Pass

Soccer Pass and MoveSoccer Pass and Move

Transistion DrillTransistion Drill

CSC Coaching Drills II

More Drills!

Soccer TagSoccer Tag

Flag GameFlag Game

Youth Soccer DrillsYouth Soccer Drills

Four Corners PassingFour Corners Passing

Pirates of the PugsPirates of the Pugs

Split the DefendersSplit the Defenders

Numbers GameNumbers Game

Sharks and MinnowsSharks and Minnows

Travel Corner

This section contains information specific to our Travel Program

CSC 2011 Travel Team SchedulesCSC 2011 Travel Team Schedules

CSC Field Layouts at Rocco Gaspari ParkCSC Field Layouts at Rocco Gaspari Park

Travel Team Approval ProceduresTravel Team Approval Procedures

Travel Training ProceduresTravel Training Procedures

Travel Fund ProceduresTravel Fund Procedures

Travel Team Check RequestsTravel Team Check Requests

Travel Team Draft and Roster ProceduresTravel Team Draft and Roster Procedures

Travel Team Info WorksheetTravel Team Info Worksheet

Cheetahs Trainer AnnouncementCheetahs Trainer Announcement

Natalie's BIONatalie's BIO

Steve Weaver's BIOSteve Weaver's BIO

PAGS 2011 Key DatesPAGS 2011 Key Dates

DELCO 2011 Key DatesDELCO 2011 Key Dates

CSC 2011 Travel Uniform Order FormCSC 2011 Travel Uniform Order Form

CSC Field Usage WorksheetCSC Field Usage Worksheet

Age Group ChartAge Group Chart

We need Sponsors!

CSC Sponsor FormCSC Sponsor Form

Seat Cushion SponsorsSeat Cushion Sponsors

Health and Fitness

This Section contains great articles on ways to stay fit and healthy on the soccer field!


The Complete PlayerThe Complete Player

Ankle SprainsAnkle Sprains


Foods and FluidsFoods and Fluids



Landon Donovan Sweat TestingLandon Donovan Sweat Testing





Fuel Before and After SoccerFuel Before and After Soccer

Energy for TourneysEnergy for Tourneys

Sports Nutrition MythsSports Nutrition Myths

Gatorade Science - Fluids for Team SprtsGatorade Science - Fluids for Team Sprts

Gatorade Science - Fluid for FitnessGatorade Science - Fluid for Fitness

Gatorade Science - Fluid for Strength TrGatorade Science - Fluid for Strength Tr

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes and Other Meeting Notes

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 9-21-10CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 9-21-10

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 10-11-10CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 10-11-10

CSC Board Meeting Minutes  - 11-16-10CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 11-16-10

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 3-15-11CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 3-15-11

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 4-19-11CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 4-19-11

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 5-17-11CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 5-17-11

CSC Board Meeting Minutes June 21 2011CSC Board Meeting Minutes June 21 2011

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 7-19-11CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 7-19-11

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - August 2011CSC Board Meeting Minutes - August 2011

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 9-20-11CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 9-20-11

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 10-20-11CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 10-20-11

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 11-15-11CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 11-15-11

CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 12-13-11CSC Board Meeting Minutes - 12-13-11

Wall of Fame!

This is a collection of Soccer Successes for our Club over the years!

Cheetahs win Bob Urban TourneyCheetahs win Bob Urban Tourney

Cheetahs Win Episcopal Futsal League!Cheetahs Win Episcopal Futsal League!

Cheetahs are Indoor Champs Again!Cheetahs are Indoor Champs Again!

Cheetahs Win '10 Indoor ChampionshipCheetahs Win '10 Indoor Championship

Cheetahs Win 09-10 Futsal ChampionshipCheetahs Win 09-10 Futsal Championship

Cheetahs Win '09 Columbus Day TourneyCheetahs Win '09 Columbus Day Tourney

Cheetahs Finalist in '09 Ridley Tourney!Cheetahs Finalist in '09 Ridley Tourney!

Inferno Runner-up in '09 Futsal LeagueInferno Runner-up in '09 Futsal League

Cheetahs Win '09 Indoor ChampionshipCheetahs Win '09 Indoor Championship

Cosmos Win '08 Fall Delco ChampionshipCosmos Win '08 Fall Delco Championship

Board and Volunteer Info

CSC 2011 Board of DirectorsCSC 2011 Board of Directors

CSC By LawsCSC By Laws

CSC 2012 Board of DirectorsCSC 2012 Board of Directors

Fall Soccer Registration Forms

CSC 2011 Fall Registration FlyerCSC 2011 Fall Registration Flyer

CSC 2011 Fall Registration FormCSC 2011 Fall Registration Form

Travel Team Information SheetTravel Team Information Sheet

Travel Team Registration FormTravel Team Registration Form

Travel Team Add Player FormTravel Team Add Player Form



Spring Soccer

Soccer Shots Info LetterSoccer Shots Info Letter

Soccer Shots Registration FormSoccer Shots Registration Form

CSC 2010 Newsletters

CSC Volume 14 Issue 1CSC Volume 14 Issue 1

Volume 14 Issue 2Volume 14 Issue 2

Volume 14 Issue 3Volume 14 Issue 3

Volume 14 Issue 4Volume 14 Issue 4

Volume 14 Issue 5Volume 14 Issue 5

Volume 14 Issue 6Volume 14 Issue 6

Volume 14 Issue 7Volume 14 Issue 7

Volume 14 Issue 8Volume 14 Issue 8

Volume 14 Issue 9Volume 14 Issue 9

Volume 14 Issue 10Volume 14 Issue 10

2010 Chichester High School Soccer

CHS Boys and Girls 2010 Fall Home SchedCHS Boys and Girls 2010 Fall Home Sched

CHS Boys 2010 Fall ScheduleCHS Boys 2010 Fall Schedule

CHS HS Booster FlyerCHS HS Booster Flyer