Chichester Soccer Club Travel Team Information Worksheet
2011-2012 Season
Team Name   Girls/Boys  
Enter only your team name, not the Club name and team name or the age group and team name.
Proposed Roster Size  
The roster limit for U9-U11 (8v8 age groups) is 14, for U12-U14 the limit is 18, and for U15-U19 the limit is 22.
# of Underage Players  
This is the number of rostered players who are playing up in age group.
# of New Players  
This is the number of players who are new to your team for the 2010-2011 season.
# of Secondary Players  
This is the number of players who will be rostered secondary on your team for the PAGS Fall 2010 season.  The limit is 3 secondary players at U9-U14 and 5 secondary players at U15-U19.  Delco does not permit Secondary players.
Fall 2011 Age Group  
The age group your team will be in during the Fall 2010 season.   This is either the age group you are qualified for or the age group you will be playing in if playing up.
Requested Level of  Play  
Care should be taken to select the proper division when choosing a requested level of play. The top Division is Division 1 and the bottom Division is Division 10.  Teams should make their selection based upon the premise that they will not have an opportunity to appeal their placement.
Team History
Please complete all applicable items. PAGs and Delco Division placements will be done based upon the division requested and the information supplied in this section of the application.
  Event Name Div W L T Placement (i.e. 2nd of 8)
League Play Fall 2010            
League Play Spring 2011            
Recent Tourney 1            
Recent Tourney 2            
Recent Tourney 3            
Challenge or State Cup 2010            
Challenge or State Cup 2009            
Team Contacts
You must enter the requested information for at least two points of contact for your team.  Please ensure this information is accurate as all communications with your team during the Fall 2010 Season will be to this addresses.
Team Manager/Primary Contact
Name Email
Home Phone # Cell Phone #
Name Email
Home Phone # Cell Phone #
Assistant Coach
Name Email
Home Phone # Cell Phone #
Assistant Coach
Name Email
Home Phone # Cell Phone #
Pertinent Comments              
Enter any other information that you think will enable PAGS to place your team in the proper Division.  Please limit the length of these comments.
Fees Due  
Registration   (# players x $100)
Each player participating in Travel Soccer must pay a Registration Fee of $100
Family Fundraiser   (# families x $50)
Each Family participating in our Club must pay a Family Fundraiser Fee of $50