Chichester Soccer Club

Travel Team Draft and Roster Procedures


The intent of this procedure is to establish guidelines and procedures to be used to establish new Travel teams and/or add new players to existing rosters. The spirit of this procedure is to make sure all players have the best possible opportunity to be placed on an age appropriate team.  The CSC Board will use this procedure as a prelude to the Travel Team Approval procedures.


  1. The Club will decide on a number of Tryout dates and communicate to the community.


  1. All existing coaches, new coaches, as well as CSC Board members will attend each tryout and form a committee.


  1. All players will be registered and ranked by the committee.


o      Any players wanting to register after the original tryout dates will have to attend new tryout dates with a committee in place to evaluate.


  1. Players will be offered to play with one of the Club Travel teams (new or existing) based on skill level, age appropriateness, and gender based on recommendations made by the committee.  The Director of Club Competition and the Director of Soccer Development will make the final decisions in the event the committee cannot decide.  If needed, the Club President will be the final deciding factor on a player’s placement.


  1. Players will be notified of their placement and will be asked to make a decision to accept their placement.  Players that do not accept their placement will not be expected to participate in the club’s Travel program. 


o      No players will be placed on a travel team unless they’ve gone through this process.  This includes late registrations.


  1. Once the new players have been placed and accepted, the Coach(es) will proceed with the exiting Travel Team Approval procedures.




CSC reserves the right to amend these procedures as needed                                     Established June 2011