Chichester Soccer Club

Travel Team Check Request/Reimbursement/Payment Procedures


If at all possible, CSC recommends that all Soccer Club related expenditures be paid by the Soccer club.  However, based on special circumstances and/or timeliness of the payment, members may need to pay for Soccer Club related expenditures from their personal funds.  At the discretion of the CSC board, the Treasurer is able to reimburse these expenditures based on the following guidelines/procedures.


  1. All communications concerning Travel Team reimbursements and/or Travel Accounts will take place between the Team Coach/Manager and the Treasurer.  Members should be communicating with their Team Coach/Manager.


  1. The requestor must complete the CSC Check Request Form and submit to the Treasurer with all necessary paperwork (receipts, invoices, registration form, etc…).


  1. The CSC Treasurer and one other CSC board member MUST approve the request.


  1. Where applicable, the Travel Manager or Coach must provide the necessary details to use existing Travel Player Funds as payment.


  1. The Treasurer will fulfill all approved requests within 5 business days or less.










CSC reserves the right to amend these procedures as needed                                     established March 2011