Chichester Soccer Club

Travel Team Fundraising / Account Procedures


At the discretion of the CSC board, “travel” fundraisers may be organized to help the players and families defray the costs of soccer related expenses.


The intent of this procedure is to establish guidelines for earning, tracking, and spending these funds.


  1. The CSC board MUST approve all travel team fundraisers.  This will ensure that as a club, we are controlling the number of times we go to the community for funds. 


  1. All travel fundraisers must be offered out to all travel teams.  It is up to each parent to decide which they choose to participate.  There is no obligation for any team or player to participate in any fund raising opportunities, and no limit on the number of fundraisers they may participate in.


  1. Any travel team parent, coach or player may feel free to suggest and organize a fundraiser on behalf of the club, provided the fundraiser has met CSC board approval.


  1. Only players / parents who participate in the fundraiser will earn funds.  Each fundraiser must also contain a method for allocating the funds back to the players.


  1. Funds earned at these fundraisers will be held by the club and tracked by the club treasurer.  Funds must also be tracked at the team level by player, by each respective team’s coach or manager. The team manager/coach is responsible for communication and reconciliation of his/her team’s account with each member of the team.  Any discrepancies between the team manager/coach and the player should be brought to the attention of the Treasurer for resolution


  1. Funds will first be used to pay any outstanding CSC fees (registration, uniform) prior to paying any other expenses.


  1. Funds will be disbursed at the request of the team manager or coach on a per-player / per team basis, and upon approval of the treasurer and/or board.  Receipts will be required.



  1. Funds must be used for soccer related expenses only.


Soccer related expenses are defined as:

·                  Registration fees payable to CSC

·                  Uniform fees payable to CSC

·                  External training, either by the team or by an individual

·                  Team gear, such as shirts or bags

·                  Tournament fees when playing as part of a CSC team

·                  Tournament hotel fees when playing as part of a CSC team


  1. Funds can be carried from year to year, and will transfer from CSC team to CSC team if the player changes teams.


  1. The Treasurer and Team Coach and/or Manager will reconcile the team account between the end of the season and December 3 each year.  The end of season team accounts will be given to the Board for approval in the December board meeting.


  1. In the event the player leaves CSC, all funds will be forfeited to the club, not the Travel Team.


  1. The Treasurer has the final say in all account balances







CSC reserves the right to amend these procedures as needed                                     established July 2010