Chichester Soccer Club

Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday May 17, 2011



o      Doug dropped off a letter to Lower Chi Township formerly requesting approval for field use in summer and fall


o      All equipment needs must be submitted to the George Valletti by June 3, 2011

o      The Recreation uniform order will be ordered by July 15, 2011

o      All Travel teams must submit their Travel Uniform order to George Valletti before June 3, 2011.  Cost for Full uniform with 2 shirts is $60 and the cost for Full uniform with 1 shirt is $40. Teams will not receive their team order until it is paid in full.  The club will purchase 2 shirts for each team to act as “blood shirts”. A second and final uniform order will be placed on Monday June 14 for any teams in need of additional uniforms.

o      Travel teams will work together if they want to sell used uniforms and make the necessary “buy-back” arrangements with each other.

o      The Club has 12 brand new full 1 shirt uniforms in stock.  Some of them have a name on the back, but they have not been worn.  The Club will sell these uniforms for $30 a piece.  The sizes range from YM – YXL.  Any Travel team interested in purchasing these uniforms should contact Christina.


o      We have only received a small number of Sponsors to date.  Christina will make another mailing by the end of the month. 


o      Terry distributed the latest Treasurer’s report.  We have money in the bank; however we need to increase our sponsorships in order to offset our 2011 expenses.

o      Travel Fees will be $100 per player, plus $50 family fundraiser fee. 

o      Recreation Fees will as follows – U4s $35, U6s & U8s $45, U11s $55, Middle School $55, and High School $55, plus $50 family fundraiser fee.


·       Looking for volunteers to form a committee and come up with some recommendations to celebrate our 15th year in Chichester Soccer


o      Waiting for permission to hold 2 Wal-Mart Fundraisers in the summer.  Proceeds will benefit the entire club.  Doug Grace is looking into an Applebees Fundraiser.


o      Flyers will be distributed in the schools within the next few weeks announcing Recreation Registrations before the school year concludes.



o      All of our Travel teams have received Round 2 approvals.  The U10 and U11 Travel Teams need to have 10 players paid in full by June 3, 2011 and the U12 and U13 teams need to have 14 player paid in full by June 3, 2011 in order to obtain Round 3 approval.  Teams receiving Round 3 approvals will be registered in their respective League (Pags, Delco, MASL, etc…) by their registration deadlines.  All Travel Teams’ fees must be paid in full by September 2, 2011.

§       U10 Boys coached by Rob Lorusso

§       U10 Girls tentatively coached by Steve Weaver

§       U11 Boys coached by Fred Hembree

§       U12 Girls coached by Victor Boland

§       U13 Girls coached by George Valletti

§       U13 Boys coached by Doug Grace, John Hagel and Glenn Reed


o      The club has established a Travel Team Training Fund intended to provide professional training to travel teams at minimal cost to players.  Each Travel team will be given $400 for professional training.  Professional training must be approved by Board prior to funds being released and it expires 12/31/11.


o      The Club is very excited to have Natalie Campuano and Steve Weaver added to our professional training staff this season.


o      The Club is working on a proposal to have Soccer Shots run week night practice sessions for our U4 – U8s as well as our U8 Academy program in the fall.


o      16 people obtained their Grade 8 Referee Certification Training that was hosted by our club last week


o      Darlene DiPaolo asked the Board to consider amending the club’s travel player age eligibility requirements.  She would like the club to consider players with an August birthday “Age Appropriate” if he/she is playing at their school grade level.  After the meeting was adjourned, the board discussed this proposal and agreed to amend their travel player age eligibility requirements for the 2012 Fall season.

The board will add to the exception potion of Item # 3 of the Travel Team Approval Procedures to read:

“A player with an August birthday is permitted to play in their school grade level and will not be considered an exception player as long as they are not too old for the age level”.


o      The Next Monthly Board Meeting will be Tuesday June 21, 2011 at 8:00 PM