Chichester Soccer Club

Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday April 19, 2011




o      Equipment Needs

§       All equipment needs must be submitted to the George Valletti by June 3, 2011

§       The large soccer goal on the 11 v 11 field was damaged and needs to be repaired in order to be used

§       Club Patches (15th Anniversary) are in!

§       George will be ordering #5 Practice balls for both U13 teams.

§       Recreation uniforms need to be ordered by July 15, 2011


o      Uniforms

§       New Travel teams will be purchasing a Score uniform

§       The Holland uniform was chosen as the new Travel Uniform

§       Burgundy and White will be the primary jersey

§       Black and White will be the secondary jersey

§       Black Socks and Shorts

§       Club Logo screened on the front and number on the back

§       Teams will have to fund player names on the back if wanted


§       George will have Samples for Travel Teams in May

o      Approx cost for Full uniform (incl secondary shirt) is $50

o      Approx cost for Full uniform (1 Shirt, 1 Short, & 1 Sock) is $35


§       Existing Travel teams need to determine their uniform needs and act accordingly.

o      “Buy-back” from existing players is an option that each team will have to pursue

o      Score uniform will also be available for any team’s uniform needs


·       Treasurer

o      Registration Fees and Guidelines

§       Travel Fees - $100 per player, plus $50 family fundraiser

§       Recreation Fees same as 2010, plus $50 family fundraiser








·       League Operations


o      15th Anniversary plans

§       Looking for volunteers to form a committee and come up with some recommendations to celebrate our 15th year in Chichester Soccer


o      Fundraisers

§       Wal-Mart (Travel)

·       Christina will solicit Wal-mart for 3 dates

·       100% Proceeds will be used to fund the Travel Accounts


§       Snack Bar (Club and Travel)

·       The Snack Bar will be offered to all Travel teams this fall

·       Certain dates will be reserved for the Club

o      Club dates to be announced at a later date

·       Travel teams will be expected to stock, un-stock, and clean the snack bar

o      All products left in the snack bar upon completion of the Travel team’s day will become the property of the club.

o      The club will not buy back any items left in the snack bar

o      Travel team will have 100% of the profit credited to their travel account in accordance to the Club’s Travel Fundraising and Account Procedures


·       Club Competition

o      Spring Soccer

o      Soccer Shots

§       Saturday April 16 through May 21

§       3-5s @ 10:00 AM & 6-8s @11:00 AM

§       Using the Middle School Stadium Field















Use of Facilities

§       Have been given approval for all School District permits

§       Middle School Stadium field

o      M-F March 21 - June 3 and Sat April 2 - June 11 

o      M-F 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM & Saturdays 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM 

§       Middle School Soccer field

o      M-F August 15 - Nov 18 & Sat & Sun August 20 - Nov 20

o      Hours desired: M-F 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM & Sat and Sun 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM   

§       Boothwyn Elementary Soccer field

§       M-F June 6 - Nov 18 & Sat & Sun June 7 - Nov 19

§       M - F 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM & Sat and Sun 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM   

o      Rocco Gaspari Sr Park

o      Have permission to use in the Spring

o      Need to send letter to Township (Doug) for Summer and Fall



·       Recreation Registration - Kelly

o      Need flyers to be distributed by the end of May

o      Need to establish dates

o      Kelly will maintain a Microsoft Access Database of all registrants


·       Travel Team Info - Fred

  • 2011 “Round 1” approved Fall Teams

o      U9 Boys/Girls – tentatively coached by Fred Hembree - Pending approval since we are not sure of club interest

o      U10 Boys coached by Rob Lorusso

o      U10 Girls tentatively coached by Will Doley - pending numbers

o      U11 Boys coached by Fred Hembree

o      U12 Girls coached by Victor Boland

o      U13 Girls coached by George Valletti

o      U13 Boys coached by Doug Grace, John Hagel and Glenn Reed


·       Travel Teams must meet the Travel Team Approval Guidelines


·       Travel Team Training Fund

o      Intended to provide professional training to travel teams at minimal cost to players

o      Each Travel team will be given $400 for professional training

o      Professional training must be approved by Board prior to funds being released

o      Training money expires 12/31/11




·       Travel Field Permits

o      Travel teams will need to submit requests to Fred for field usage

o      Conflicts will be pushed back to the Travel Coaches/Managers to resolve

o      Teams are not permitted to “show up” on a field and hold practice on unscheduled times


·       Soccer Development

  • Summer Travel Camps with Coach Stapert
  • Fred will be contacting EPYSA and scheduling coaching clinics for the fall
  • Goal is to have 2011 Rec Coaches in place by August 1, 2011
  • Working on proposal to have Soccer Shots run week night practice sessions for our U4 – U8s


o      U8 Academy program

    • Goal is to develop two U9 travel teams for Fall 2012
      • One girls and one boys team
      • A Coach for each
      • Need to re-think program
      • Fred will look into Soccer Shots handling this program


  • Referee Certification Training to be held in May
    • May 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, & 12  6:30-9:30 PM
    • $100 registration fee per student
    • Chichester High School Room D19
    • 8 people registered to date



Next Monthly Board Meeting – Tuesday May 17, 2011