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09-30-15 12:56 PM
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Chatham, Illinois
Coach duties prior to game:
Coaches with first game on Friday or Saturday must set up gym. 
Community Center: 
1)  Rim heights may need adjusted.  Adjustment tool is on stage with pole to use as guide for rim height.
2)  Scoreboard controller must be set up and 2 scorebooks with pencils need to be brought out from equipment room.
3)  Each team will need to supply one parent.  One will keep score in the book and one will run the clock/scoreboard.
3)  Before each game each coach will need to enter his players last names and numbers into the scorebook - please do this in numerical order to help out the scorekeepers.
Ball Elementary:
1)  Rim heights may need adjusted.  Adjustment tool in cutout along north wall under scoreboard.
2)  Scoreboard controller must be brought out from under stands (enter from door at west end of bleachers) and set up.
3)  Home team should supply one person to run scoreboard during game.

Coaches duties after last game:
The coaches of the last game each Friday & Saturday will need to close things down.
Community Center:
1)  Put the benches back on the stage behind the curtains 
2)  Put back in the storage closet:
    - scoreboard controller in the grey box
    - possession arrow indicator 
    - scorebooks, pencils, three ring binder with rules
    - All YBA basketballs should be returned to closet
3)  Please make sure all trash is throw away from stands
Ball Elementary:
1)  The scoreboard controller must be returned to storage area under bleachers.
2)  All YBA basketballs need to be returned to YBA box to storage area under bleachers.
3)  Please pick up trash left behind.  (Remember the schools are providing the gym time to YBA and we need to clean up after YBA games are complete.)

Chatham YBA
Chatham YBA

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