Chatham Titans Wrestling: Welcome

The Chatham Kids Club Wrestling Team is a club wrestling team that hails from Chatham, Illinois. The Chatham Kids Club Wrestling Team competes in Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF) wrestling tournaments throughout central Illinois.  

Our Mission:
Under the leadership of an experienced coaching staff, Chatham Kids Club members enjoy wrestling while learning the skills, tactics, and sportsmanship required to make them better wrestlers, a better team, and better individuals. The Chatham Kids Club Wrestling Team was established for the love of the sport and as an opportunity to share quality coaching with skilled wrestlers. Our organization wants to help mold young wrestlers into role models on and off the mat. We want to help develop wrestlers for junior high and high school programs and to prepare wrestlers for the future by teaching the principles of self-discipline, dedication, and high self-esteem. Together, we will build a successful team with the combined efforts and commitment of our wrestlers, coaches, and Parents.  Below is our tentative schedule for the 2008-2009 Chatham Kids Club wrestling season.