Charlton MA Little League: Spring All-Star Teams

Sunday, June 8
2014 Majors All-Star Team - Road to Williamsport

2014 Majors All-Star Team

Manager: Eric Rubin
Coach: Michael Savage
Coach: John Hackett

Colin Allain # 2
Sam Gaudette # 20
Cam Hackett #10
Cole Hackett # 4
Zack Hill # 99
Jared Kapurch # 8
James Labarge # 40
Chase Mckenney # 11
Joey Rubin # 1
Brant Savage # 13
Luke Snay # 44
Andrew Sweet # 21


The Major League All-Stars travel the road to Williamsport and Connie Mack Tournament, if that road ends early.

Good Luck Players!!!!  

Sunday, June 8
2014 11-Year Old All-Star Team

2014 11-Year Old All-Star Team

Manager: Tim Hennessey
Coach: Mike Savage
Coach: Brett Kustigian
Coach: Ed Knopf Sr.

Bitar #9
Fortin #2
Harmon #13
Hennessey #1
Owen Hughes #3
Connor Johnston #5
William Kinnes #15
Ed Knopf Jr. #11
Chris Kustigian #4
Lavoie #39
Andreas Papoutsides #14
Cian Savage #10

The 11-Year Old All-Star Team attends the Millbury Tournament every year.
Good Luck Players!!!

Sunday, June 8
2014 10-Year Old All-Star Team

2014 10-Year Old All-Star Team

Manager: Michael Jacobs
Coach: Dan Fields
Coach: Steve Sanderson

Kody Bartkus  #23
Kyle Burlingame  #24
Nate Dreitlein  #11
Mark Fields  #10
Colin Hughes  #27
Colby Jacobs  #17
Andrew Lavoie  #90
Brayden Michaelson  #31
Aiden Murray  #54
Matthew Reed   #42
Eric Sanderson  #6
Sam Streeter  #37

The 10-Year Old Team plays in the annual 10-Year Old District 5 Jimmy Fund Tournament in Oxford.

Good Luck Players!!! 

Sunday, June 8
2014 AAA All-Star Team

2014 AAA All-Star Team

Manager: Rich Lucht
Coach: Scott Bodamer
Coach: Matt Pingeton

Connor Barton  #34 
Justin Barton  #43
Cameron Bodamer #11
Austin Brush #1
Liam Coleman  #15
Matthew Delaney #13
Justin Generella #33
Camden Lucht #68
Brad Luciani  #7
Michael Mullaly #12
Eric O'Loughlin #31
Zachary Pingeton #64
Henry Weiland #35

AAA All-Star Team will play in 2 Tournaments:
Holden AAA Tourney
Charlton AAA Tourney

Good Luck Players!!! 

Sunday, June 8
2014 8/9 Year Old All-Star Team

2014 8/9 Year Old All-Star Team

Manager:    Wayne Cluett
Coach:        Mike Savage
      Coach:        Brett Kustigian
         Coach:        Martin Mullen II

#5     Josh Carignan
#77   Connor Cluett
#1 Spencer Courville
#34   Brian Gosselin
#6     Luke Hill
#23   Matthew Kustigian
#2     Kyle Moody
#42   Martin Mullen III
#28   Jackson Philion
#15    Hunter Pocis
#9      Matthew Rousakos
#12    Caden Savage
#73    David Trevarthan

This team will compete in two tournaments this season
Shrewsbury June 25 - July 9
Webster July 12 - July 19

Good Luck Players!!!

Sunday, June 8
2014 Minor League (7/8 Year Olds) All-Star Team - Inaugural

The 2014 Inaugural Minor League All-Stars


Manager  John Reed

Coach      Adam Daniels

Coach      Mike Dandridge

Coach      Ed Ramsey 


Thomas Carragher           #2

Troy Dandridge                #7

    Logan Daniels                   #22

                      Chris Davey                       #33                    

  Caleb Green                       #12

Joshua Harrison              #11

 Tommy Hennessey           #1

   Alex Lanpher                     #10

   Nick Ramsey                      #77

   Jacob Reed                         #27

   Adrien Roach                     #00

  Trent Szela                          #87

Andrew Trudel                  #9 


This team will play in 2 Minor League Tournaments:

Grafton (Mini-Fenway Field)



Good Luck Players!!! 


Monday, June 2
2014 All-Star Team Announcements

2014 All-Star Team Announcements


The 2014 All-Star teams for all divisions will be announced on Sunday, June 8th.

** This season the Charlton Little League will be requiring an All-Star Player Fee of $40 per player to defray costs in practice/game shirts and increasing tournament fees for all teams. Charlton is the last town in our district that has instituted an All-Star player fee. The Charlton BOD agrees by instituting a Player Fee will allow the regular season fees to remain the same at this time. 

Teams competing for Charlton Little League this post-season:

  • Junior League All-Stars
  • Major League All-Stars (Road to Williamsport)
  • 11 Year Old All-Stars - Millbury Tournament
  • 10 Year Old All-Stars - Oxford Tournament
  • AAA All-Stars - Holden & Charlton Tournaments
  • 8/9 Year Old All-Stars - Shrewsbury & Webster Tournaments
  • **NEW - 7/8 Year Old All-Stars (Minor Leaguers) - Grafton Tournament**

Sunday, June 9
2013 Majors All-Star Team

2013 Major Division All-Stars : Road to Williamsport

Manager: Jason Kapurch
Coach: Kenneth Johnson
Coach: Michael Jabobs

2013 Players

Colin Allain
Cole Hackett
Jake Hughes
Curran Jacobs
Jase Johnson
Jared Kapurch
Nikolas Kapurch
Noah Latour
Nicholas Nuttall
Drew Paulhaus
Michael Rousakos
Jake Schaefer

Friday, June 21
2013 11-Year Old All-Stars Team

2013 11-Year Old Division All-Stars

Manager: Matthew Pingeton
Coach: Chris Merchant
Coach: Frank Manzi

2013 Players

Nathaniel Berthiaume
Brent Burlingame
Colin Doherty
Jaydon Fisher
Samuel Gaudette
James LaBarge
Patrick Lange
Frank Manzi
Jarad Merchant
Anthony Pingeton
Luke Snay

Friday, June 21
2013 AAA All-Star Team

 2013 AAA Division All-Stars

Manager: Dan Fields
Coach: Steven Frederico
Coach: Ed Knopf

2013 Players

Andrew Bitar
Cameron Bodamer
Andrew Bullen
Liam Coleman
Mark Fields
Jacob Fortin
Samuel Frederico
Eli Harmon
Colby Jacobs
Edward Knopf
Brad Luciani
Henry Weiland

Sunday, June 9
2013 10-Year Olds All-Star Team

2013 10-Year Old Division All-Stars

Manager: Eric Rubin
Coach: Mike Savage
Coach: John Hackett
Coach: Michael Savage

2013 Players

Camden Hackett
Ryan Hennessey
Owen Hughes
Connor Johnston
Christopher Kustigian
Chase McKenney
Andreas Papoutsides
Jack Racicot
Joey Rubin
Brant Savage
Cian Savage
Andrew Sweet

Sunday, June 9
2013 8/9 Year Olds All-Star Team

2013 8/9 Year Old Division All-Stars

Manager: Wayne Cluett
Coach: Michael Savage
Coach: Steve Sanderson
Coach: Jerome Michaelson

2013 Players

Kody Bartkus
Kyle Burlingame
Connor Cluett
Nathan Dreitlein
 Colin Hughes
Matthew Kustigian
Coby Merchant
Brayden Michaelson
Tyler Reinke
Matthew Reed
Eric Sanderson
Caden Savage
Samuel Streeter
Cole Wilson

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