Charlton MA Little League: Welcome

Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 6/29 Star Dudley LL vs. Minor League - Enberg 5:30 PM Grafton - Miner Field (Mini-Fenway)
Wed 6/29 Star Major All Stars - Reed vs. Oxford LL 7:30 PM Oxford LL
Thu 6/30 Star 10 Year Olds - Dandridge vs. Sturbridge LL 5:00 PM Charlton - Bond Road Field
Thu 6/30 Star 10 Year Olds - Dandridge vs. Sturbridge LL 5:00 PM Charlton - Bond Road Field
Thu 6/30 Star 9 Year Olds - Lucht vs. Millbury LL 6:00 PM Shrewsbury - Coolidge Field Complex 1
Thu 6/30 Star Leicester LL vs. Dudley LL 7:30 PM Charlton - Bond Road Field
Sat 7/2 Star Minor League - Enberg vs. TBA TBA Grafton - Miner Field (Mini-Fenway)
Tue 7/5 Star Dudley LL vs. Quaboag LL 5:30 PM Charlton - Bond Road Field
Tue 7/5 Star Sturbridge LL vs. Major All Stars - Reed 7:30 PM Charlton - Bond Road Field
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Thu 6/23 Star Webster LL: 2 - Charlton Junior All-Stars - Kustigian: 16 5:30 PM Webster Memorial Field
Fri 6/24 Horseshoe 2016 PONY SKILLS NIGHT 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Charlton - Bond Road Field
Fri 6/24 Star Auburn LL: 0 - Charlton Senior All-Stars - Wilbur: 7 7:00 PM Auburn - Lemansky Field
Sat 6/25 Star 9 Year Olds - Lucht: 5 - Sturbridge LL: 8 9:00 AM Shrewsbury - Coolidge Field Complex 2
Sat 6/25 Star Minor League - Enberg: 7 - Millbury LL: 2 10:00 AM Grafton - Miner Field (Mini-Fenway)
Sat 6/25 Star West Boylston LL: 4 - AAA All Stars - Bish: 9 12:30 PM Holden - Field B
Sat 6/25 Star Charlton Junior All-Stars - Kustigian: 2 - Grafton LL: 3 1:00 PM Charlton - Memorial Field
Sun 6/26 Star 10 Year Olds - Dandridge: 16 - Southbridge LL: 0 12:00 PM Southbridge LL
Sun 6/26 Star Charlton Senior All-Stars - Wilbur: 11 - Southboro LL: 7 1:00 PM Charlton - Memorial Field
Sun 6/26 Star Harvard LL: 5 - AAA All Stars - Bish: 10 3:00 PM Holden - Field B
Sun 6/26 Star Minor League - Enberg: 1 - Grafton LL: 10 3:30 PM Grafton - Miner Field (Mini-Fenway)
Mon 6/27 Star Auburn LL: 10 - Charlton Junior All-Stars - Kustigian: 0 7:00 PM Auburn - Lemansky Field
Tue 6/28 Star 10 Year Olds - Dandridge vs. Oxford LL 5:00 PM Charlton - Bond Road Field
Tue 6/28 Star Grafton LL vs. 9 Year Olds - Lucht 6:00 PM Shrewsbury - Coolidge Field Complex 1
Tue 6/28 Star Oxford LL vs. Charlton Senior All-Stars - Wilbur 7:00 PM Oxford - Greenbrier Field
Tue 6/28 Star Northboro LL vs. Major All Stars - Reed 7:30 PM Northboro LL
Tue 6/28 Star Sturbridge LL vs. Quaboag LL 7:30 PM Charlton - Bond Road Field
Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Mon 7/18 Baseball Mini-Warrior Baseball Summer Camp 2016 8:30 AM - Jul 21, 2016 3:30 PM Leicester Little League
Tue 7/19 Baseball Mini-Warrior Baseball Summer Camp 2016 8:30 AM - Jul 22, 2016 3:30 PM Leicester Little League
Wed 7/20 Baseball Mini-Warrior Baseball Summer Camp 2016 8:30 AM - Jul 23, 2016 3:30 PM Leicester Little League
Thu 7/21 Baseball Mini-Warrior Baseball Summer Camp 2016 8:30 AM - Jul 24, 2016 3:30 PM Leicester Little League
Welcome to the Charlton (MA) Little League Baseball Website

 Welcome to the website of Charlton Little League Baseball

Celebrating 54 years in Little League

Charlton Little League is committed to a Little League culture that assures all players, coaches and parents enjoy a high level experience in all facets of the game. We aspire to be an educational/athletic program that teaches the games most fundamental lessons: 

·         Promote proper skill sets and strategies of the game
·         Explain merits of being part of a team and subsequent life lessons that derive from being a team member
·         Enjoy the sport and make every effort to improve. 

We recognize Little League as an important aspect in every child’s life and shall base every decision and action using a single guideline – determine what is best for our players as they grow.

Charlton Little League
P.O. Box 780
Charlton City, MA 01508


 The Charlton Little League: Board of Directors

Members of the Charlton Little League Board of Directors preside over the needs of the league for a term of one year. Each board member volunteers their personal time to ensure fields are maintained, uniforms are purchased, vendors are managed, communications are published, registration is taken care of, rules are established, teams are created, managers and coaches are selected, and sponsorships are secured.

The board formally meets each month throughout the year, and informally in subcommittees, as needed, through the guidance of the 2016 Executive Committee.

2016 Baseball Executive Commitee Members: John Reed (President), Wayne A. Cluett (Vice President),
Kevin Morin, Patrick Lefebvre, & Richard Enberg

Charlton Weather Link

Monday, June 27
Lost & Found Site

      Charlton Little League will keep a running list of items lost and found.

Please contact Wayne Cluett ( to post either lost or found items.


May 16th - Lost at Center Field - Rawlings Navy catcher's Mitt w/ red stitching.
If found, please contact the Amaru family @

June 11th - Lost at Bond Road: Glove belonging to Brady Wisniewski.
If found, please contact the Wisniewski family @

 June 15th - Lost at Bond or Center - Black Eastion Chest Protector.
If found, Please contact the Fields family @

June 27th - Lost black Mizuno lefty glove and green Rawlings bat. 
If found, Please contact Jared Green @





Thursday, June 23
2016 Fall Baseball - REGISTRATION is OPEN

2016 Spring Baseball Registration

Online registration for 2016 Fall Baseball is:


Click on image for Online Registration

Tuesday, June 21
2016 Annual Golf Tournament, Dinner, & Silent Auction - Postponed to August 27th

The Golf Tournament has been moved to Saturday August 27th @ 7:30am

(Check in @ 6:30am).

Golf Tournament is now August 27th!!!

Wednesday, June 22
2016 Spring Home Runs


Tuesday, June 14
2016 CLL Raffle Winners

2016 Charlton Little League Raffle Winners

 $1500 - First Prize - Megan Bange (Southbridge), sold by Summer Alteiri.
$750 - Second Prize - Amy Green (Charlton), sold by Caden Green
$250 - Third Prize - Ed St. Germain (Worcester), sold by Caden Green

Top Team Average Ticket Sellers  - Charlton Oil Cubs (19.25 avg. tickets/player)

Top League Ticket Seller - Preston Enberg ($240.00) 


Congratulations to the winners

Brewers 2016
2016 Major League Champions - Ted's Package Store Brewers
Wednesday, June 22
2016 Charlton Little League Champions

2016 Minor League Champions - O'Malley's Auto Body Royals

2016 Charlton Little League Champions 

 Major League

Regular Season Champions: Incom Cardinals
Manager:  Mike Jacobs

Playoff Champions: Ted's Package Store Brewers
Manager: Wayne Cluett 

Ted's Package Store Brewers 6 - Incom Cardinals 3

Will Reece started the game with a 1-2-3 inning for the Cardinals. Energized, the Cardinals scored 3 runs in the bottom of the first off of the Brewer's Mark Fields (5 2/3 w/ 13 Ks) . Colin Hughes started the scoring by scoring on a single by Colby Jacobs (2/2, 1 RBI). Matt Rousakos (1/2, 1 RBI) hit an single to score Jacobs.

In the Top of the 2nd, Mike Mullaly (2/3, 3 RBI) smashed a fastball just inside the left field line and over the fence for his first homerun to get the Brewers on the board. The score remained 3-1 on the baffling pitching dual between Reece and Fields.

In the 4th inning, Mullaly hit a 2-run ground rule double to score Josh Natale and Fields. Luke Hill followed on the hit-train with a single to score Matt Kustigian (1/2, 1 RBI). Adrien Roach (2/2, 1 RBI) hit a single to score Mullaly to extend the lead to 5-3.  In the 6th inning Kustigian singled in Fields to finish the scoring at 6-3.

Fields went 5 2/3 with 13 strikeouts before reaching the maximum pitch limit. Kustigian followed on the bump to finish the game with a final strikeout.

The Brewers Road to the Championship
Ted's Package Store Brewers 12 - Fairway Mortgage Dodgers 9
Ted's Package Store Brewers 9 - Incom Cardinals 5 


AAA League

Regular Season & Playoff Champions - Country Bank Mariners

Country Bank Mariners 14 - Camosse Masonry Rockies 13

Mariners got on the board with a deep 3 rbi double from Caleb Green. Antoine Nassour and Owen Reese battled hard on the mound with a back and forth game with the Rockies, who were countering the Mariners point for point making it 13-13 at the end of the 4th. Mariners were able to score one final run in the 5th inning before being shut down by the pitching of the Rockies Garret Lucht. Tommy Hennessey took over on the mound in the bottom of the 5th with a near flawless performance of 5 strikeouts out of the 7 batters he faced. Sawyer Ayotte provided defensive highlights with a critical catch to end the 5th inning. Tommy and Andrew Trudel each hit triples to help get the Mariners on top. 

The Mariners Road to the Championship
 Country Bank Mariners 14 - O'Malley's Auto Body Nationals 13
  Country Bank Mariners 10  - Laer Realty Athletics 3

Minor League

Playoff Champions - O'Malley's Auto Body Royals
Manager:  Rich Enberg

T-Ball League - Skills Challenge Results

Fastest Runner - Jacob Cote
Longest Hitter - Tate Lefebvre
Most Accurate Throw - Jacob Cote
Pop Fly Champion - Zachary Nyhaug



2016 AAA Champions - Country Bank Mariners

Thursday, June 23
2016 Junior League All-Star Team

2016  Junior League All-Star Team

Manager: Brett Kustigian
   Coach: Jarrod Johnston
 Coach: Keith LaPan
  Coach: Brian Lavoie

Brent Burlingame
Jacob Fortin
Cam Hackett
Zachary Hill
Connor Johnston
William Kinnes III
Christopher Kustigian
Parker LaPan
Brian Lavoie
Chase McKenney
Jared Merchant
Andreas Papoutsides

Monday, June 20
2016 Majors All-Star Team - The Road To WIlliamsport

2016  Major League All-Star Team

Manager: John Reed
  Coach: Steve Sanderson
Coach: Gregg Dreitlein
 Coach: Jerome Michaelson

Kody Bartkus #23
Austin Brush #9
Kyle Burlingame #24
Nate Dreitlein #11
Mark Fields #16
Colin Hughes #27
Colby Jacobs #17
Matthew Kustigian #34
Brayden Michaelson #10
Zachary Pingeton #64
Matthew Reed #42
Eric Sanderson #6

Friday, June 3
2016 Joseph N. Fortier Memorial Scholarship- Charlton Little League

Joseph N. Fortier Memorial Scholarship


Help needed scholarship applicants!!! The Charlton Little League had an unfortunate incident happen to the 3 applications that were received in the PO BOX. The applications were stolen from a vehicle. If you are one of the 3 students who submitted an application for scholarship, please contact Michael Jacobs for additional information.


Charlton Little League is once again offering (2) $500.00 scholarships


  • All applicants for this scholarship must be graduating seniors who have participated in the Charlton Little League program for a minimum of two (2) years.
  • A typed 150 word or fewer essay must accompany this completed application form and must be titled:
    "How Charlton Little League Enriched My Life."
  • Due Date: May 20, 2016
  • Award: Two (2) $500 Scholarships will be presented by the Charlton Little League Scholarship Committee upon review of all applications.  
  • 2016 Scholarship Application is available in the handouts section of the website.
    The following information is needed:
  • Name, Date of Birth, Address, Telephone, E-Mail, Parent's Name(s)
  • Team(s) you played for; Where you have been accepted; School you plan to attend;
  • Your Signature; Parent(s) Signature.

 Mail applications to:

Charlton Little League
P.O. Box 780
Charlton City, MA 01508
Attention: 2016 Scholarship Committee Chairman 

Handout: 2016 Joseph N. Fortier Memorial Scholarship Application

Monday, June 20
2016 Connie Mack Tournement Team

2016  Connie Mack (U12) All-Star Team

Manager: Robbie Barton
  Coach: Rob Sheehan
  Coach: Bob Delaney
  Coach: Rich Lucht

Jordan Sheehan #5
Beau Desrosiers #21
George Koronis #50
Anthony Barbale #7
Coby Merchant #3
Camden Lucht #15
Connor Barton #34
Justin Barton #43
Andrew Forskett #2
Sam Streeter #37
Matthew Delaney #13
Michael Mullaly #12
Justin Generella #44

Monday, June 20
2016 AAA All-Star Team

2016  AAA All-Star Team

Manager: Robbie Bish-Warner
  Coach: Patrick Lefebvre
Coach: Mark Szela
Coach: Dave Ugrinow

Peter Barbale #7
 Jayden Bish #4
 Camden Blum #99
Chase Brush #2
Braden Bullard #44
Garrett Clardy #5
Barry Hanson #10
Cruze Leonard #3
Nathen Louis #1

Luke May #36
Trent Szela #13
Andrew Trudel #37
Jack Ugrinow #15 

Wednesday, May 11
2016 MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run Competition Results

4th Annual MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run Competition presented by MLB & Scott's

Results from May 7th

AGES 7/8

Preston Enberg (Hitting, Pitching, All-Around Champion)
 Joshua Hemingway (Running Champion)

Ages 9/10

Peter Barbale (Pitching, All-Around Champion)
Matthew Rousakos (Hitting, Co-Running Champion)
Kyle Moody (Co-Running Champion)

Ages 11/12

Marty (Bub) Mullen III (Hitting, Pitching, Running, All-Around Champion) 

Ages 13/14

 Zack Hill (Pitching, Running, All-Around Champion)
Matt Reed (Hitting Champion)

 Congratulations to all winners, who will now compete at the Regional Competition in Canton on May 15th.


Friday, June 3
Summer Camp Week - July 18 to 21 - MOVED TO LEICESTER LL

Due to low registration numbers - this week's camp is moving to Leicester LL.


Wednesday, April 27
Snack Shack 101

Snack Shack 101
Submitted by Kristin Kustigian 


This is a general overview of how to operate the snack shack, for those who have not yet had the pleasure.  Your coach should have a key to open the shack, bathrooms and equipment area.

*The key for the metal window cover at Bond is above the microwave.  Just unlock, push the metal cover up, and put the locks in the shack snack above the microwave.


Cash Box

The cash box is located inside the bottom cabinet near the sink (in both shacks).  It should contain $40 (a mix of ones, fives and a ten) and a bunch of coins.  Please be sure to leave small bills for the next shift.


The prices for all items are listed near the windows. 

There are frozen items in the freezers: pretzels, ice cream, hotdogs and buns.

Drinks and condiments are in the refrig.  Thawed hotdogs and buns might be in refrig too.  Usually, water, soda, ice tea, gatorade.

There is a keurig for making coffee.

Microwave for making popcorn (2.15 mins), pretzels (1.15 mins), hot chocolate (8 oz cup is 1.30 mins).

There is a steamer for making hotdogs.  Fill the bottom reservoir to the line with water and turn it on.  Hot dogs go in the middle compartment, and buns go in the top.  It has a timer, so you know when they are ready.

Lightening Detection Device

There is a lightening detector device plugged in near the countertop, and it will alert you to bad weather in the area.  If the 3-8 miles light comes on, please let the coaches and ump know.  

First Aid/ AED

There is an AED, ice packs, and first aid kits if the need arises.

End of Shift

At the end of your shift:  Count the bills and leave $40 in the cash box ($15 in ones, $15 in fives, and $10 in tens).  If you don't have this combination -- just leave $40 in the smallest bills you have.   

Put the rest of the money in an envelope (found in the drawer) mark the envelope with the date, amount, and your name and seal it and put it in the drop box located on the floor (under the micro at Bond // behind the door at Center).  A board member empties the drop box and deposits the funds regularly.  

Please wait for the next shift to arrive prior to leaving.

Last Game of Day


Empty and clean the steamer, wipe the counters, and put away all food items.

Please return the cash box with the $40 plus coins to the bottom cabinet.  Put your envelope containing all other cash, your name, date and amount in the drop box.  

The locks for the metal window cover at Bond Rd are hanging above the microwave.

The coach should lock up the snack shack, bathrooms and equipment shed.  

Monday, June 20
2016 10-Year Old All-Star Team

2016 10-Year Old All-Star Team

Manager: Mike Dandridge
  Coach: Chris Robertson
 Coach: Adam Daniels
 Coach: Art Rousakos

Chase Buniowski #10
 Thomas Carragher #2
Troy Dandridge #7
Logan Daniels #14
Joshua Harrison #1
Thomas Hennessey #5
Kellen Kinnes #17
Kyle Moody #11
Martin Mullen III #6
Jacob Reed #22
Adrien Roach #25
Matthew Rousakos #9

Monday, June 20
2016 9-Year Old All-Star Team

2016  9-Year Old All-Star Team

Manager: Rich Lucht
Coach: Jeff Avoglia
Coach: Cory Moody
Coach: Ed Ramsey
Coach: Scott Hemingway
Coach: Mark Szela

Anthony Avoglia #1
Connor Fox #12
Joshua Hemingway #8
Garrett Lucht #85
Owen Lucht #68
Colin MacConnell #10
Kyle Mazur #50
Zachary Moody #11
Jeffrey Popsuj #21
Nicholas Ramsey #57
Benjamin Streeter #47
Reid Szela #20
Jacob Wojcicki #34

Friday, April 10
Medical Insurance Reimbursement

Fallon Medical Reimbursement:
To receive a confirmation letter that your child/children are enrolled in the current season,
please email the CLL player agent Jerry Michaelson at with:

Your name and the children(s) name, a
ddress and children(s) date of birth.  

You will only receive a letter for the current season - no letters will be produced for previous seasons.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

Not a member of Fallon - please check with your Health Insurance Carrier for possible reimbursement programs.

Charlton Little League - Facebook Site


Monday, June 20
2016 Minor League All-Star Team

2016  Minor League All-Star Team

Manager: Rich Enberg

  Coach: Jared Green
 Coach: Kevin Morin
Coach: Matt Gale
Coach: Brett Kustigian

Alex Brouillard #13

 Dominic Calcagni #8
Anthony Desto #6
Preston Enberg #2
Caden Green #12
Andrew Henault #34
Gavin Hennessey #11
Joseph Kustigian #28
Adam LaFortune #4
Jacob Ramsey #24
Devin Rowden #16
Ed Simon #36


Friday, April 25
Please, No Cemetery Parking @ Center Field

Regarding Parking Regulations at Center Field 



The Cemetery Commissioners voted unanimously at their June 3rd meeting that I should write to advise certain groups that use the municipal recreation fields that  are between the Library and the Westridge Cemetery that parking within the cemetery is NOT allowed and individuals who do park there may have their vehicles ticketed or towed.  This rule was made several years ago for safety reasons and the Commissioners intend  to fully enforce this rule so that no one gets hurt.  We request that each Charlton team that uses the field help us enforce this rule by advising all parents and those of the visiting teams.


We appreciate your assistance in this matter.


Thank you.

Cemetery Commissioners

            Donna L. Neylon, Clerk

            Kristen Russell-May, Chairman

            Jason Sciarappa, Vice Chairman

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