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Race and other Information for Parents and Rowers


Weekly Practice Schedule

       Practices will be held:

               Monday through Thursday ~4:30-~6:15 PM (Varsity/Novice Girls/Boys days to be determined)
       Saturday 9:00-11:30 AM all rowers (except Labor Day weekend and regatta days)

We expect all competitive (Varsity) rowers attend rowing practice a minimum of four days weekly, and work out on dry land at least one additional day each week.  It is important that every rower in the boat be able to help the crew.  Poor training and technique handicaps the boat rather than helping it.  If a competitive rower cannot practice two weekdays and Saturday regularly, she/he should not consider competing as a Varsity rower.

Noncompetitive rowers may practice three days per week, but should not count on racing at all regattas or rowing with the fastest rowers. If a recreational or novice rower cannot practice two days each week, she/he should not consider rowing with us.  Exceptions may be made for second semester senior rowers with good skills and attitudes.

Regattas:       We de-rig and load boats for travel on Thursdays before regattas.

Travel and overnight stays are on Friday nights.

Regattas are all day Saturday.  One race each season is Saturday and Sunday.

We unload and re-rig boats on Sundays after regattas.

Regatta Schedule Spring 2009:

3/14/09 Augusta Invitational, Langley Pond, Aiken, SC (youth, college, open)

3/28/09  Clemson Sprints, Lake Lanier, Gainesville, GA (youth, college)

4/4/09  John Hunter Regatta, Lake Lanier, Gainesville, GA (youth, college. 4's and 8's only)

4/25/09  Oak Ridge Dogwood Invitational, Oak Ridge, TN (youth, college. Adults race 4/26)

5/9/09  SE Regional Youth Regatta, Oak Ridge, TN (Youth Only)

5/29/09 USRowing Youth Nationals, Harsha Lake, Cinncinatti, OH

            (Must qualify at Regionals)

NON-Regatta Conflicts (Note, I don't have all spring break schedules yet)
3/14/09   SAT conflicts with Augusta Invitational
3/16-20   Latin Spring Break. Doc and Coach Teaff on vacation & may miss Augusta Invitational.
4/4/09     Latin Prom conflicts with John Hunter
4/6-10/09 CMS Spring Break.
4/24/09   Christian's Prom, may conflict with Oak Ridge Dogwood
5/2/09     MPHS Prom
(This is our biggest practice day before Regionals)
5/2/09     SAT Conflicts with biggest practice before Regionals
5/4-15/09  AP Tests weekdays, conflicts with preparing for and racing SE Regionals
5/9/09     Prov HS Prom conflicts with Regionals (Lana ,Alex ,PJ, Sarah and Emma)
5/16/09   SMHS and Brittany's Proms
5/22/09    Latin Graduation

Summer Club Regattas - optional
6/27-28/09 USRowing SE Regional Championships, Langley Pond, Aiken, SC (youth, adult)
      The trailer is going.  CYR rowers may attend - your choice.  CYC members may row for CYC.

For more information about races check the Regattas section of the website, which is updated periodically:

COLLEGE INFORMATION: Anyone who has learned how to row in high school is very likely to be able to row in college.  Most college rowers have never rowed before college.  Every rower from our program who wished to row in college has been able to do so.

College scholarships are available, and preferential admissions are more available.  In general, scholarships are limited in number, available to girls, and depend greatly on a rower's "erg score" - the time required to reach 2000 meters on a rowing machine.  Scholarship level for girls is 7 minutes 45 seconds (8:00 for lightweight girls).  This is a VERY tough thing to achieve.  No girl in the 4-year history of our program has yet reached that time.  However we have seen preferential admissions.  Rowing is considered a demanding sport, and rowers as a group commonly have the highest GPA of all college sports teams.  Admissions officers know this.

More detailed information is available under "Handouts".  Please see the Handbook, which is revised in detail each summer.