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Monday, August 27
About Joining

Our crew has rowers from about 20 high schools in 4 counties and 2 states in the Charlotte area.  Experienced rowers are always welcome. We will be accepting new rowers for the spring season in late February, and for the fall season in late August each year.  Many new rowers join us from other sports which they find less rewarding or less fun.  Note that crew does not conflict with winter school sports.

New (novice) rowers should be high school freshman or sophomores, although we accept selected juniors. Experienced rowers are welcome at any high school grade.  At the present time we do not expect to hold tryouts or cuts.

Each participant must be able to document the ability to swim 100 meters/yards without stopping, and to tread water 15 minutes.  Any pool lifeguard or swim coach unrelated to the rower may sign off on this using the Swim Certication form, downloadable under "Handouts".  This should be done before the season begins for new spring rowers.  (We do this as a group in the fall at our Camp Thunderbird Learn-to-Row weekend)

WHERE WE PRACTICE: Practices are at the Catawba Yacht Club, on Lake Wylie's Mecklenburg County shore.  This is about halfway between Tega Cay and the (Hwy 49) Buster Boyd bridge.  In bad weather the team practices in unleased retail space at McMullen Creek Market at least until daylight savings time begins in the spring.  Afterwards we may return to land workouts at the Hemby Center, near the Arboretum in SE Charlotte.  See "Locations and Directions" in the left margin of this page.

NOTE: We will row on EVERY PRACTICE DAY unless the air temperature is below freezing, there is evidence of lightning, or the wind is causing whitecaps. We have practice on land when the weather is bad.

OUR PROGRAM COSTS: The cost for participation has been lower than comparable crew programs, and much less than local "travel team" sports.  The fee schedule is updated each semester.  The YMCA can provide financial assistance in some circumstances (contact the Siskey YMCA for more information on joining, fees, and financial support).

Fees have been approximately $200-250 for each competitive season, fall and spring.  This includes one racing uniform top, all instruction, and all supervised workouts on water and land .  Race fees have ranged from $75-150 per regatta (hotel, transportation, entry fees, and equipment transportation included).  Rowers are responsible for their own meals during transportation to and from regattas - typically Friday and Saturday evening stops for reasonably healthy fast food.  (The parent organization supplies food items for lunches at regattas, and breakfasts have typically been free at the hotels)

Costs for rowing also include small personal costs for practice clothing (lycra rowing shorts, socks, sandals), post-workout food/drink, and transportation to practices - usually via carpool.

Parent participation is essential for this all-volunteer team.  Parents help with regatta food, the regatta team tent, communication, uniform ordering, fundraisers and equipment maintenance.

For additional information about the team, contact Head Coach "Doc" Walthall at 704-488-2562 or via email at jwalth1590(at) (Please mention rowing in the header)

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