Charles Town - Ranson Little League: Sam Michaels Renovation Project

Thursday, August 14

Sam Michaels Renovation Project.........

Charles Town Ranson Little League is planning to break ground on a $170,000 renovation of Sam Michaels Parks baseball complex.

CTR plans on breaking ground at the end of July. The renovation project consists of a 20x30 two story concession stand with a 20x30 covered portico, public rest rooms, lights on our major league field and a large batting cage to come last but not least.

The work will hopefully be completed for our grand opening Saturday, April 4th 2009.

Updates will be posted as the project moves forth. We are presently having blue prints drawn and permits pulled. Our light will be delivered from Musco lighting on August 20th and holes will be drilled by then. The light should be hung by the end of the August. Then waiting for Allegheny to provide power as we are presently working on installing the under ground electric lines.

Please pass the word and help with our goal in reaching more children to join in on the excitement of the most modish Youth Sports Complex in the Panhandle right here in Jefferson County.

Monday, August 25


 The lights have arrived



Our light package was delivered from Musco on Wednesday, August 20th. A special thank you goes out to Mitch Viands, Sam Mackey and Ryan Alverez for taking their personal time off to unload the large polls and store the small parts safely. THANKS GUYS!!!!

The company has started to peace the polls together and are currently drilling the holes as well. The hanging of the lights should be done by end of this week.

The paper work has been filed with the county on the concession stand and we are waiting on the permits to be approved. A breaking ground ceremonies would be scheduled shortly there after in hope for a completion date of December.

Stay tuned for more updates with photos of construction out at the park.

CTR on 3!

Wednesday, September 3

Moving along.....

The holes have been dug,for the lights and passed county inspection. Due to the bad weather two days last week the concrete could not be poured and lights will not be hung until next week. Again weather permitting.

We have also received the building permit from the county. The builders should start the construction on the concession stand next Monday the 8th.

Our concession stand supervisor is researching appliances and working with Pepsi to supply the coolers, fountains and others needs.

Saturday, September 20

Moving Along Nicely.....


The footers are dug and poured. The blocks have been delivered as well.

Saturday, September 20

 The lights are up!


Monday, October 13
Stuff is getting done....

Sam’s and his committee of field Supervisors are working hard and are making headway in several areas. The tree line from the parking lot to the two lower fields have been cleared to allow the fields to be seen from the parking lot while still having a barrier separating the parking lot from the children play area. We will mulch the tree line and put benches under the trees to create a nice shaded sitting area for those hot summer days.

All the holes for the lights polls have been backfilled. The electricity lines have been run from Job Corps Road to the front of the area and backfilled. Next step is to mount the electric boxes in the designated closet in the new concession stand.

Not much to report on the building. The builder is finishing up on another job and then will aggressively work on the concession stand.

A special thanks to Dave Jackson for lending us his electrical experience for this project and all his hard work for CTR as well as all the guys who have been spending many hours making our park the place to be in the spring. THANKS AGAIN GUYS!!!

Monday, November 3
Taking Shape....



The new concession stand is starting to take shape. The final curse of block has been laid and has passed county inspection. It is ready for the concrete slab to be poured. The trusses for the second floor and roof will be delivered on Thursday the 6th of November.

Monday, November 17
Houston we have a roof....

From the second floor lounge you can view all three games being played at once through the large windows facing each field. The first floor will be brick, matching the dugouts on field A & B, with green 8 inch vertical siding for the top floor. Steal security windows have been installed as will be security doors for the entrances, rest rooms and the storage room. Next to be installed is the roof for the patio. Check back for more updates.

Sunday, December 14


The brick is finished being laid on the first level and the roof for the patio is up. Columns will be installed and green vertical siding for the second level will be complete by weeks end.

Sunday, December 14
Views from the coaches lounge...


Pictures taken out of the coaches lounge windows. Top left is the minors/softball field taken from the left side of the room. Top right is the major league field taken from the center window while the bottom left is the junior league field taken out of the right side of the room. The lounge itself is 20x30 with the three 5x5 viewing windows.

Monday, December 29
Renovation project makes headlines.......

December 22nd article in the Journal.

Sunday, January 11
Work, Work, Work....

The material has been installed on the roof top which matches the materials used on the Recreation buildings roof top also on the compass of Sam Michaels Park. Permanent beams holding the porches roof has also been installed. The steal security windows are in and installation of the ceiling with recessed lighting is in process. A trench for the septic systems has been dug. Thanks to CTR Field Supervisor Committee members Mitch Viands and Dave Jackson the first stage of the electric systems is completed and is standing proud at side entrance of the park!!!

Tuesday, January 20
Dedicated Members....

CTR board members trench in 20 degree weather in order to get the conduit in the ground to link the new electric system presently being installed. Their commitment to the league goes without question and if not for men like these CTR would not be experiencing the transformation that we are correctly in. CTR Field Supervisor Committee members Sam Mackey (Chairmen), Rob Richard, Gary Howell, Doug Davis, Ryan Alverez and William Day come through once again. Thanks guys! All of our children will enjoy a wonderful new experience under the lights this spring do to your admirable efforts.

Sunday, February 22
Its getting there....

Lots of projects have been completed. Sorry for the delay in updates. The bathrooms are forming and the septic system is installed. The grease trap system has been installed. The septic field has been filled. All the conduit for the lighting systems has been laid and covered. The disturbed grounds have been tampered. The electric system is looking good and we are almost ready to hit the switch. The insides are starting to take form and the electric room inside is taking shape.

Sunday, March 1


The builder only has some small work to complete yet and our field supervisors have maintained the grounds beautifully during the construction. They have cut a warning track on the big leagues field and used the sod around the disturbed grounds surrounding the new building. A foul line was also cute on the major/minor field and a firemen house will be placed and packed around the stone dust securing a nice visible foul line that will not need to be lined by our crew each week. Mrs Laura Viands, our concessions supervisor, looks over her new digs in delight and the field supervisors view their hard work after a hard day at the park. GREAT JOB GUYS. CTR on 3!!!!!