Charles Town - Ranson Little League: Ask the Ump

Monday, September 7






Ask our umpire-in-chief any rules and calls questions.

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Some Popular Myths of Baseball:

Myth - "The hands are part of the bat."   Fact: The hands are part of the body (dead ball if hit, swinging it's a strike).

Myth - "A foul tip is a dead ball "  Fact: A foul tip is a live ball and runners may advance at their own peril.

Myth - "Tie goes to the runner"  Fact: A "tie" goes to the umpire, there are no "ties" in safe-out situations.

Myth - "A runner must slide on a close play."  Fact: A runner must slide or "attempt to get around" only if the defensive player is holding the ball waiting to make a tag.