Chaparral LAX: Welcome

Welcome to Puma Lacrosse!

Being a member of our program means a lot of time and dedication, but it will also be a most rewarding experience.  Below are a few things you need to know before you commit to our program.

You must adhere to the Academic Policy of the Team throughout the season.  Please note that the acedemic requirements to play lacrosse are above those ofthe school and school district. If a player's grades drop below a 2.1 they will not participate in either practice or games.


You must pass at least four classes each grading period.


You must have a recent (within the school year) physical and complete the medical information before starting practice.  All physicals must be turned in to the athletic department, where they will give you a ticket to play which is then given to the coach.


Be available every day for practice at assigned times.


Behavior and citizenship at school, during practice, during games and outside of school will be subject to challenge and may be cause for discipline or removal from the team.


We hope you have a great season!

The Board