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Progressive Gymnastics Classes

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At CGC we offer all levels of gymnastics from Novice to Elite.  Below is a description of our progressive gymnastics classes which feeds into our competitive team. For more information on our competitive team, please see our Competitive Team Page. For additional information on any of the gymnastics classes we offer, please contact us at: (619) 449-7717 or  Or visit us in person at: 10580 Prospect Ave, Suite 101, Santee, CA 92071.   CGC Class Schedule

The sport of gymnastics is a progressive one, in that the skills being taught are in order of simplest to more difficult.  At CGC we designed these classes for athletes to work on the development of gymnastics and hand/eye coordination with an emphasis on correct technique and overall fitness.  Athletes will learn gymnastics on all Olympic Apparatuses.  They are encouraged with praise to develop their listening skills and to follow directions.  A lot of smiles and a little sweat is our goal!  Gymnastics is a great sport for children of all ages!  Here is what we offer at CGC:


• NOVICE-- -• LEVEL 1-- -• LEVEL 2-- -• LEVEL 3-- -• LEVEL 3 (Team)-- -• LEVEL 4 to ELITE (Team)


NOVICE - Ages 4 & up: 

The first developmental level in progressive gymnastics is, in many ways, the most important.  This level lays the basic foundation of gymnastics. It will introduce terminology and emphasize safety.  Athletes will learn new skills, increase strength, flexibility, and build self confidence. Athletes will work on all apparatuses including the trampoline. This is a recreational class, and is offered for both boys and girls. The boys and girls are coached in seperate classes. Class time is 1 hour. 


LEVEL 1 - Ages 5 & up:

This level continues to build upon the foundation skills the athlete has developed. The skills become more defined, execution is addressed as the athlete begins to transition into a higher level of understanding gymnastics. Athletes will progessively begin more difficult skills on each apparatus. However, this is a recreational class. The boys level 1 class time is 1 1/2 hours. The girls level 1 class time is 1 hour.  


LEVEL 2 - Ages 6 & up:

At this level the boys and girls gymnastics path changes. For the boys, level 2 continues along a progressive gymnastics pathway and continues to be recreational.  For the girls, level 2 is also recreational.  However, level 2 is where the female athletes begins their transition into competitive gymnastics (Team).

The boys will continue to develop strength and flexability as well as refining their gymnastics skills and overall understanding of gymnastics. The level 2 boys class time is 1 1/2 hours.  

For the girls, level 2 is also recreational.  However, at this level the female gymnast concentrates on refining all their skills, elements, and routines needed to become a competitive gymnast. To reach this level, the athlete must have successfully passed the previous progressive levels based on our skill evaluation. Upon completion of level 2, the female gymnasts can be invited to compete on the CGC Competitive Gymnastics Team. Level 2 class time for the girls increases to 2 hours. 


LEVEL 3 - Ages 6 & up:

For the boys, level 3 is still recreational.  However this is where the boys begin their transition into competitive gymnastics. To reach this level, the gymnast must have successfully passed all previous progressive levels based on our skill evaluation. At level 3, the focus now is on refining all skills, elements, and routines necessary to become a competitive gymnast. Upon completion of level 3, male athletes can be invited to compete on the CGC Competitive Gymnastics Team. Level 3 class time for the boys increases to 2 hours.    

For the girls, there are two level 3 options: Pre-Team and Team.

Level 3 Pre-Team classes continue to be recreational. The Pre-Team athletes continue to refine their gymnastics skills while deciding if they would like to take the leap into competitive gymnastics.  Level 3 Pre Team Classes for the girls are 3 hours.    

Level 3 Team gymnasts are now members of our CGC Competitive Team. Thus the athlete has successfully passed our skills evaluation and have been invited to begin their journey into competitive gymnastics on our competitive team.  Class time for the level 3 Team girls is now 4 hours. 


LEVEL 4 to Elite (Team) - Ages 6 & up:

For information on the CGC Boys and Girls Competitive Gymnastics Team, please see our "Competitive Team Page" or click ---> Here!    You may also contact us at 619-449-7717 or