Champion Gymnastics And Cheer: CGC Coaching Staff


Head Coach: J.J. Ross

JJ has been in the gymnastics world since age 7. He competed for 12 years throughout the Junior Olympic Qualifiers and Regional Invitationals. JJ's heart was in love with the sport as well as coaching it. He knows the hard work and countless attempts to achieve the skills in this sport. To be able to share that with others, is something that he has wanted for a long time.  JJ coaches just about everything. Currently, JJ is the Head Coach for our Level 4 to Elite Boys Compulsory/Optionals Competitive Team. He also coaches most all of our tumbling classes. If it has to with gymnastics....JJ coaches it! 

JJ Says: "What does a fall do? A fall teaches you what not to do as long as you are willing to learn. Every mistake can lead to improvement."


Coach: Jack Annala

Jack has been in the field of gymnastics since 1995. He competed for 6 of those years, and ended his career as a Class 2. That is a Level 9 in today's progression of levels. Jack started coaching gymnastics in high school and knew he enjoyed coaching just as much as competing. To Jack, there is nothing more rewarding than to see an athlete succeed after tirelessly working on a certain skill.  Jack currently coaches several of our progressive gymnastics classes.  He also coaches all levels of our Girls Competitive Team as well as coaching many of our tumbling classes.  Jack also coaches anything that has to do with the sport of gymnastics.   

Jack Says: "One more time! Now do it again.  Ok really, this is the last time, and make it count!"


Coach: Sherri Rothenberger

Sherri has been involved with gymnastics her entire life.  She began at age 6, and  progressed to the Elite Level by age 12.  Because of chronic injuries, Sherri stopped competing at age 16 and then began coaching at 19. After coaching for 5 years at Olympic Gold Gymnastics Center, She opened her own gym with two other partners, Elite Gymnastics Academy. She was the Program Director at Elite for 5 years before leaving to pursue other interests. She began judging gymnastics at all levels (JO, NCAA, and CIF), choreographing floor and beam routines throughout the US, and personal training.  She is a nationally rated USGA judge, an Ironman Triathlon Fininsher and also a mother of one. Sherri brings a lot of experience to CGC and we are happy she is a part of our team. Sherri is currently the Head Coach for our Level 3-10 Girls Competitive Team. 

Sheri Says: "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare."


Coach: Savannah Steele

Savannah has been involved in gymnastics most of her life.  She began at age 6 when her first grade teacher recommended she take up gymnastics to "channel her energy".  She began at the YMCA in the progressive program and eventually worked her way up to the competitive team.  Vannah competed at her first JO Nationals as a Level 7,  then moved to CGC where she continued to compete thru Level 9.  After her competitive career ended, Vannah began coaching at CGC.  She is currently coaching our Level 3-10 Girls Competitive Team.  She also coaches several of our progressive gymnastics classes as well.

Savannah Says: "To be a champion, you must train like a champion."


Coach: Patrick Wehrung

Patrick began tumbling at age 3 at his local YMCA.  He then went on to participate in their progressive gymnastics classes. Before he knew it he was a member of the competitive team!  He competed for a few years and then decided  to pursue coaching.  He coached at the YMCA with Coach JJ for a few years before leaving for college.  Upon returning from college, he decided to return to coaching gymnastices and joined us at CGC.  He loves sharing the sport of gymnastics with others and wants to be a part of a gymnastics coaching team that creates a family oriented experience.  Well Patrick is a perfect fit here at CGC!  He currently coaches our boys progressive gymnastics classes.

Patrick Says:  "Tell me what you think you CAN do, not what you think you CAN'T do." 


Coach: Lee Nichols

Lee is originally from Philadelphia.  He began participating in gymnastics at age 7 at the local YMCA in Philadelphia. He competed at the YMCA for six years.  Lee then moved to a private/club gym and competed there for another five years.  Lee's competitive gymnastics career ended after he graduated from high school.   However while attending college in North Carolina, he began participating in competitive cheer.  Lee was later named the head student coach for stunts and tumbling.  Then eventually Lee was promoted to the cheer team's assistant head coach.  His career in Criminal Justice brought him to San Diego where he eventually became a part of the CGC coaching team. Lee currently coaches our High School Gymnastics Classes and our Cheer Classes.

Lee Says: "Always point your toes and keep your head up."   

Brittany_1 (2).jpg

Coach: Brittany Pharis

Coach Brittany was born and raised here in San Diego.  She began gymnastics at age 3 and continued in competitive gymnastics until age 18. Then in 2008, when Brittany's competitive career ended, she began coaching.  At that time she also began judging high school gymnastics and is a certified National High School Federation Judge.  Brittany was also a cheerleader. She was both a sideline/spirit cheerleader, as  well as a competitive cheerleader. Brittany's passion however is dance.  She has an extensive background in all types of dance. She has participated as a dancer and has been a dance choreographer also. Brittany is currently CGC's Dance Director. She also coaches our CGC Girls Competitive Team, as well as some cheer and tumbling classes. With such a diverse background, Brittany brings a lot of experience to CGC.  

Brittany Says: "Let's work together, have fun, and success with follow."   

Coach : Sam Basset
Coach Sam began gymnastics at the age of 3, and competed until the age of 16 with Aztec Gymnastics. She began coaching at the age of 12. Beginning with Mommy and Me classes she soon realized what she wanted to do.  Sam Spent the last 6 years at TRC Gymnastics.
Over the years, Sam has had multiple Vault and Uneven Bar State Champions as well as many gymnasts who placed top 5 in their levels.  In 2011 Sam was the only coach in San Diego to qualify a gymnast to the TOPs National Testing at the Olympic Training center in Houston, Texas. Her gymnast was 1 of 3 ten year olds in California to make the team. Coach Sam is also a judge, and has judged through out California since 2011. Coach Sam has a 4yr old daughter named Amonnie who is also very excited to part of the CGC family!
Sam Says: "Hard work will lead to greatness."


Special Olympics Coach: Steve Rodriguez

Steve's interest in gymnastics began at age 8.  He was from a small town that did not have a competitive men's gymnastics program.  But that didn't stop his continuing desire to pursue gymnastics. He continued to work out and train until graduating from high school.  Steve never lost that passion for gymnastics, and several years later when his daughter took an interest in the sport, that passion was rekindled.  Steve has coached the Boys Special Olympics Gymnastics Team since 1998.  He has coached several Special Olympics State Champions and even coached a Special Olympics Level IV World Champion! We are fortunate to have Steve as part of our CGC coaching staff.

Steve Says: "Don't say I can't. Instead say I am working on it and I will be able to do it soon!"    


Special Olympics Coach: Michelle Milczewsky

Michelle began tumbling at age 5.  She continued competing through high school.  Life then took Michelle in another direction, until she became close with the mother of a child who had Downs Syndrome. That child just happened to be involved in Special Olympics Gymnastics. From that point on, her love for the sport was awakened. Since then she as become a Certified Special Olympics Gymnastics Coach, and has been since 1992.  She has even coached athletes at the Special Olympics World Games!  She loves working with these special athletes and is inspired by them.  CGC is honored to have Michelle as part or our coaching staff.

Michelle Says: "Athletes like it when I challenge them with my sayings like: Oh really? Is that all you got?"