Central Mass Thunder 18u Showcase: Welcome

2013 Baystate Champions
2013 Baystate Champions
Thursday, August 8

Congratulations to the Thunder players from Milford HS (Bonvino, Fairbanks, Levine) and Grafton HS (Page, Roy) for winning BACK TO BACK Massachusetts State Championships in Division 1 and Division 2 respectively.

Welcome to The Central Mass Thunder 18u Showcase Team website.  Our softball program is dedicated to providing a challenging and rewarding environment for success.  Our success is to be measured not only by the results on the field, but by the process. 

The Documentary that was done on the 2011-2012 team is finished.  Click on the links below to view the 2 minute trailers or the whole thing.  Thanks to Matt Seifert from Starfield Productions for his patience and commitment:

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdwcJPgpNCY&feature=relmfu (Trailer 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEwPFQxfcg0   (Trailer 2)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE28zBTW9IM (Trailer 3) 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_idnopPQuQ (Trailer 4)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcow5PhSWxE&feature=plcp (Finished Documentary)


Congratulations on recent college commitments  

Kendal Roy (2014) verballed to Assumption College

Rachel Levine (2013) committed to Boston University

Lauren Keast (2013) committed to Bryant University

Becca Seifert (2013) committed to Wheaton College

Ali Page (2013) committed to Bryant University

Caroline Fairbanks (2013) committed to Wheaton College

Taylor Butler (2013) committed to Pfeiffer University (NC)

Breanna Shaffer (2013) committed to Bridgewater State Univ


2012-2013 Final Team Record

             (42 - 22 - 2)

2013 Summer Schedule (30 - 17 - 1)

June 14-16    Baystate Thunder Fathers Day Classic (4-2)

CMT vs Northern Crush - Tex                WIN

CMT vs Baystate Thunder                     Loss

CMT vs Polar Crush Elite                       Loss

CMT vs Baystate Thunder                     WIN

CMT vs Polar Crush                              WIN

CMT vs Northern Crush - Powers           WIN

CMT Wins Baystate Thunder Fathers Day Championship (4-2)

June 21-23     Polar Crush Showcase (4-2)

CMT vs NE Phoenix Gold                       Loss

CMT vs Polar Crush Gold                      Win

CMT vs LI Hawkeyes                            Win

CMT vs NE Hurricances Gold                 Win

CMT vs Ct Green Devils                        Win

CMT vs Worcester Hawks Gold              Loss

June 28-30     Tradition Showcase (3 - 1)

CMT vs NH Comets Red                         Win

CMT vs Fairfield Fury                            Win

CMT vs NJ Sparks                                  Win

CMT vs Tradition South                          Loss

July 3-7          Galaxy of Stars Showcase (4 - 4)

CMT vs Sting Gold                                 Win

CMT vs Charlotte Magic                        Win

CMT vs Legends Elite                            Loss

CMT vs Fairfax Fury                               Win

CMT vs Virginia Synergy                        Win

CMT vs Rockets                                      Loss

CMT vs Delaware Diamonds Grey           Loss

CMT vs EMass Panthers Gold                  Loss

July 12-14      EC Firecracker Summer Sizzler (7 - 1)

CMT vs NE Diamond Gems                      Win

CMT vs LI Express Blue                           Win

CMT vs Northern Crush Black                 Win

CMT vs Mass Drifters                              Win

CMT vs LI Sharks                                     Win

CMT vs NH Comets                                  Win

CMT vs Taunton Dynamites                     Win

CMT vs East Coast Firecrackers               Loss

July 19-21      Newtown Rock Showcase (2 - 4)

CMT vs Ewing Elite                                   Loss

CMT vs Cent Jersey Tornadoes                 Win

CMT vs Warrington Blue Thunder             Loss

CMT vs Delco Diamonds                            Loss

CMT vs Homerun Elite                              Win

CMT vs The Wicked                                  Loss

July 26-28      Nor'Easter Classic        (4 - 1)

CMT vs Central Mass Xplosion                   Win

CMT vs Dover Xtreme                                Win

CMT vs Vermont Rockers                           Win

CMT vs S. Maine Extreme                          Win

CMT vs Central Mass Xplosion                    Loss

Aug 2-4           NE Finest Showcase (2 -2 -1)

CMT vs EMass Panthers Gold                     Win

CMT vs NJ Flames Gold                              Loss

CMT vs Battery Lightning Gold                  Win

CMT vs NJ Hiest                                         Loss

CMT vs NE Firebirds                                   Tie

2012 Fall Schedule   (12-5-1)


Sept 15-16     NSA Fall Brawl      (6-0)                  

CMT vs Nashua Nightmare        (Win)

CMT vs NE Phoenix                   (Win)

CMT vs Hudson Heat                 (Win)

CMT vs Mass Destruction          (Win)

CMT vs NH Comets Red             (Win)

CMT vs Middlesex Crossfire       (Win)  CMT Wins Championship


Sept 21-23   RI Thunder Gold Showcase (3-1-1)

CMT vs NE High Voltage           (Win)

CMT vs NJ Venom Gold            (Win)

CMT vs RI Thunder Elite           (Tie)

CMT vs LI Heat Gold               (Loss)

CMT vs Electric City Bombers (Win)

Sept 29-30     CMT Invitational   (2-0)

CMT vs Empire State Huskies   (Win)

CMT vs LI Express Blue             (Win)

Remaining Tournament Games Rained out


Oct 13 -14      RIT Showcase       (1-4)

CMT vs RI Thunder Gold   (Loss)

CMT vs NJ Pride Gold       (Loss)

CMT vs LI Anthem Elite    (Loss) 

CMT vs KP Pride                (Win)

CMT vs RI Thunder Gold    (Loss)



2011- 2012 Tournament

Final Record of 39 - 18 - 4