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Get your AAU card here
Click here to join AAU. Joining AAU is a requirement for league play. Your coach must have a copy of your AAU card on file before you are eligible to practice. So please bring it with you to your first practice.

1. Click the above link.
2. At the top, click "Join AAU now".
3. Click the "Athlete Category" link.
4. Complete the form as follows:
    4.a. Program type is "Youth"
    4.b. Regular membership expiring Aug. 31, 2007
    4.c. Sport type is "Basketball-Girls"
    4.d. Nothing for club name or code
    4.e. Answer the heath question as appropriate.
    4.f. Answer "No" to the auto-renewal"
    4.g. Click "Save and Continue"
5. At this point you can add another membership (for a sibling or if you are a coach). If neither of these apply, click "Finish".
6. Here you can add a T-shirt if you wish.
7. Complete the order.
8. Print 1 copy for your records and one to bring to the first practice. I must have it on file prior your child's first practice night.
9. The AAU card requires the signature of a parent AND the player.

What is AAU anyway?
Information about Amateur Athletic Union

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