Carolina Cougar Fastpitch Softball Organization: Cougar FAQ

Common Questions and Answers about the Carolina Cougars Fast-Pitch Organization

Are Carolina Cougar teams competitive travel fast-pitch teams?
YES. The Carolina Cougars Fast-Pitch Softball Organization (CCFPSO) is a highly competitive travel ball family. Many of the tournaments we participate in are State and/or National Qualifiers.
Unlike Recreational or "Rec." softball, players are not guaranteed playing time. The team batting order, a player's position and/or time on the field are determined solely by the coach. This determination is based upon skill, effort, attendance and attitude

How can my daughter try out for the Carolina Cougars? 
Twice each year, generally in late winter and again in late summer, we conduct structured tryouts for open roster positions. However, this does not preclude inviting certain players to join the team without a tryout or conducting special/limited tryouts as deemed necessary.
Prospective players are always welcome to practice with us for the purpose of evaluation. Contact any member of the coaching staff of the appropriate team if you are interested in becoming a Carolina Cougar.

How will I know if my daughter makes the team?
You will be notified by a member of the coaching staff, along with an evaluation of your daughter’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.  

What will be expected of my daughter?
Each player is expected to respect their coaches, their team mates, opponents, fans and most of all, themselves. They are expected to do their best, within the limits of their ability, during practice as well as during tournament play. 
Each player is expected to demonstrate a positive attitude and a passion for the game of fast-pitch softball. Attendance, attitude and personal responsibility are key. Players are expected to behave in a manner worthy of representing the Carolina Cougar Fast-Pitch Softball Organization both on and off the field.

What will be expected of me?
Parents are expected to abide by the same basics of sportsmanship and commitment as are expected from our players. Parents are responsible to see that players are in attendance and on time for all team and organizational functions unless unavoidably hindered. Parents are to display a supportive attitude of players and coaches.
In the event of misunderstanding, questions or concerns, parents are encouraged to discuss issues with the members of the coaching staff, provided it is in a professional and appropriate manner. Matters of a sensitive nature are not to be discussed in the presence of the team or individual players.

How much will the team travel? 
The majority of tournaments in which we participate will be within 150 miles of our home base.  Tournaments for State or National championships, as well as other tournaments of particular interest to the team, may be exceptions to this rule.
During the fall season, our participation in tournament play will be limited to four or five tournaments. During the spring and summer, our schedule intensifies and the number of tournaments increases. The spring/summer season will typically require participation in about ten tournaments. During this time we will average two tournaments a month. 
Not all tournaments warrant overnight stay and most tournaments do not require more than one night.

What will the practice schedule look like?

Practices vary by team, however most teams try to practice at least one day a week, usually Saturday or Sunday.  These practices will usually run about 3 hours. 
During the off season we will typically practice every other week (mid November to mid January).      

How much will it cost for my daughter to play for the
Carolina Cougars?
The typical fee structure will include a New Player Fee which covers uniforms, helmet and bat bag. (average fee:  $200.00)
Fall participation requires a fee that will cover tournament entry fees for the fall season. Each team's fee will depend upon the number of tournaments and types of tournaments.  Showcases (older age groups) and State and Regional tournament are more expensive.  Please verify with each coach the fee.
Spring/Summer participation requires a fee that will cover sanction fees, insurance and tournament entry fees.   Each team's fee will depend upon the number of tournaments and types of tournaments.  Showcases (older age groups) and State and Regional tournament are more expensive.  Please verify with each coach the fee.

Do the Carolina Cougars require fundraising?

Yes. Fundraising efforts must be performed, on occasion, for the benefit of the entire team. Funds raised are used to offset team expenses, special events, and equipment upgrades, thus minimizing potential financial impact to parents and players.

If my daughter makes the team, will she automatically progress to the next season?

Once rostered, most girls will be invited to participate in the next portion of the travel season. The decision by the coach to extend an invitation will be dependant on the player's attitude, effort, overall performance and both the player and parent's level of commitment.

How do the
Carolina Cougars give back to the local community?
We as an organization see community involvement as a contribution, as well as a learning opportunity.  Through volunteerism, we will undertake two community service projects during the calendar year. With the approval of the CCFSO board, we will determine the opportunities that best link our team to the community.

Do the Carolina Cougars foster the importance of education?
The framework for opportunity is education. CCFPSO does not lose sight of this. In the event a player’s grades suffer because of softball, parents are asked to notify their daughter's coach so that appropriate considerations can be made. Softball can only take our daughters so far, education will take them further. Through-out the season, the Carolina Cougars will highlight the academic achievement of our players. We support the concept of positive recognition and high academic standards.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call or send us an e-mail.