Carolina Cougar Fastpitch Softball Organization: Cougar History

Carolina Cougars Organization - Established in 2004

The Carolina Cougar Fast-Pitch Softball Organization was formed in the fall of 2004 with one 18-under team.  The first 18-under team had great success, even though it was predominantly made up of high school sophomores and juniors.

In October of 2004, the 14-under Wilmington Waves joined the Cougar organization and became the 16-under Carolina Cougars.  Having such an outstanding group as the Wilmington Waves join the Cougars validated what the Carolina Cougars was started for:  to provide a place for elite softball players in the Southeastern part of NC to play and be showcased for college recruitment. 

In November of 2004, a 12-under team was formed.  Fundraising and organizational activities were in high gear during the holiday season of 2004.  The new 12u team began practices in January of 2005, and tournament play started in March, 2005.

Rather quickly, with a 12-under, 16-under and 18-under team dotting the fields of USFA, NSA, WFC, and Pony tournaments, the Cougar name began to get around.  Due to the exceptional play, results, and team comraderie the teams exhibited, the Cougar name became synonomous with excellence and good sportsmanship. 

In August of 2005, tryouts for new 10-under and 14-under teams, and for the current 12-under team took place.  Over 60 Cougar hopefuls came out for about 36 spots on the 3 teams. 

The 16's and 18's swung into the fall showcase season with great results!  Lots of great looks from college coaches and scouts resulted in 7 early signings for players from the 18u team!

With the addition of an 8-under team for spring 2006, the Cougar Softball Organization is fully formed.  Visit our website often to see how the Carolina Cougar organization grows and fulfills its mission to showcase the best softball talent!