Carolina Blazers: Travel Team Handouts

2015 Registration Form

Please fill out and return to your child's coach or an administrator.


Waiver Form

PLease fill out your waiver form and return to a Unity Athletics staff member.


Emergency Medical Form

Please fill out and return to a Unity Athletics staff member.


Free Throw-a-Thon Form

All proceeds from this fund-raiser will help to defray the cost of expenses within the basketball program. This is how it works. First, each player solicits donation quotes for every made free throw from family, friends or fans. Next, the player will shoot a total of 50 free throws. Members of the coaching staff will monitor the free throws. The number of freethrows made multiplied to the monetary donation for every made free throw, will be the total donation. It’s that simple! The free throw-a-thon will take places on Thursday, March 21 at the Ray's Splash PLanet Gym.


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