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Welcome Home!!!!

Welcome to the site of the Carolina Blazers!!! The Carolina Blazers is a basketball club that is sponsored through our parent organization, Unity Athletics. As a Blazer, our players are provided with the skills that are necessary in order to become a successful STUDENT athlete. They are also provided with the necessary skills to foster good sportsmanship & teamwork. All these things will occur in an atmosphere fit for personal development, self discipline, and academic skills which may lead to possible scholarship opportunities. We advocate for a partnership between the books and the ball!

March 16, 2013

This season kicked off with our annual Blazin Hoops Invitational. The high school team looked very impressive with wins over the Stanley Suns and the Lincoln Gators before failing to the Cobra Elite in the final game. Keep up the good work. Our next tournament will be in Winston Salem on March 30.

April 1, 2013

Both the grade 8 and grade 10 teams had excellent showings in the US Sport Invitational held in Winston Salem on March 30. Both teams battled their way to 2nd place finishes with records of 2 wins and 1 loss. Everyone enjoy your spring break and get those free throw-a-thon sponsors.

April 7

The tournament schedule for the month of April has been updated. Also, all initial payments must be paid in full by Tuesday, April 9 in order to be eligible for the Davie County Fastbreak tournament on April 13. Also, our annual raffle will begin on April 25th and end on May 9th. Thanks.

April 15

The teams had another stron showing at the Davie County Fastbreak tournament. Both teams finished second in the respective brackets. Let's keep improving and moving forward in what has been a very successful season.

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Wednesday, April 24
Hot Hoops Invitational Tournament

Hot Hoops Invitational Schedule

 Grade 8  JV  Varsity
 3 Ball Elite  Denver Nuggets  Denver Nuggets
 Carolina Blazers  Lincoln Gators  Carolina Select
 Islanders Basketball Club  TCA Pistons  SC Hurricanes
   Charlotte Reign  3 Ball Elite
   Carolina Tornadoes  

  RAYS (329 N. Irwin Ave)  Frans (2600 W. Trade Street)
 9:30  IBC v Blazers (8)  Denver Nuggets v Charlotte Reign (jv)

 Blazers v Carolina Tornadoes (jv)

 Denver Nuggets v SC Hurricanes (v)
 11:30  3 Ball Elite v Carolina Select (v)  TCA Pistons v Charlotte Reign (jv)
 12:30  IBC v 3 Ball Elite (8)  Carolina Tornadoes v Denver Nuggets (jv)
 1:30  3 Ball Elite v SC Hurricane (v)  TCA Pistons v Blazers(jv)
 2:30  Denver Nuggets v Carolina Select (v)  3:00 JV seed #4 v seed #1
 3:30  Blazers v 3 Ball Elite (8)  4:00 JV seed #2 v seed #3
 4:30  Carolina Select v SC Hurricanes (v)  
 5:30  3 Ball Elite v Denver Nuggets (v)  
 6:30  IBC v Blazers (8)  
 7:30  JV Championship