Carolina Blazers: Welcome

Welcome Home!!!!

Welcome to the site of the Carolina Blazers!!! The Carolina Blazers is a basketball club that is sponsored through our parent organization, Unity Athletics. As a Blazer, our players are provided with the skills that are necessary in order to become a successful STUDENT athlete. They are also provided with the necessary skills to foster good sportsmanship & teamwork. All these things will occur in an atmosphere fit for personal development, self discipline, and academic skills which may lead to possible scholarship opportunities. We advocate for a partnership between the books and the ball!

2015 11U/Grade 5 Team

2015 14U/ Grade 8 Team 

2015 16U/Grade 10 Team

Kendall Knox

Deon Haughton

Jaylen Pledger

Zonta Davis

Tait McMillan

Eshatu Beyene

Travis Orr 


Contact us at for more information.