Canyon Country Little League ( CCLL ): TOC/All Stars

What is the Tournament of Champions (TOC)? How does TOC play differ from CCLL regular season rules?

In Minors, Majors and Juniors play, the team winning the end of season tournament represents Canyon Country Little League in the District 40 Tournament of Champions. TOC is a single elimination tournament lasting approximately one week during early June. Little League regular season rules apply in the TOC. Therefore, the Manager of a team representing Canyon Country will need to make judgments about playing time for each player which likely will result in reduced playing time for certain players.  There is a mandatory district meeting prior to the TOC that all TOC bound Managers must attend.

When and where are TOC and All Star games?

2013 District 40 TOC and All Star schedules can be found by clicking HERE. (when available)

Which divisions have All-Stars?  

Minors, Majors and Junior players have the opportunity for All-Star play in July. All-Star practices are held, typically daily, beginning on June 15th until All-Star competition begins in the second week of July. All-star tournaments at the district level are played over a 10-day or two week period. Should a Canyon Country Little League team continue to win, it could proceed to the sectional, then divisional, and Western region tournaments. The format of the tournament will vary.  

How are All-Stars managers and players selected? How many players make All-Stars?
All-Star Managers are selected by a committee comprised of the League President and CCLL Board of Directors near the end of the regular season. Managers must submit an application to be considered for this honor.  The teams are selected by both the league players and coaches  in the division late in the season in a process conducted by the division VP, Player Agent and League President. Typically, eleven to fourteen players are selected, but the number can vary.

Selection to an All-Star team is an honor. Representing Canyon Country and winning tournaments is a great part of the Little League experience and the time commitment for players and parents is significant. Practices or games are daily, and can last from two to four hours a day from June 15th to the time the team is eliminated.  Managers expect players to be in town and ready to particpate throughout the entire tournament "season".

When will All Star players be notified of their selection to a team?

All Star teams cannot be announced until June 15th.  Players will be notified by Managers on or after that date. 

What documents are required of players to participate in All Stars? 

Proof of Age Requirement - If selected for All Stars, the player will need to show an ORIGINAL birth certificate.  This cannot be an abstract.  This requirement cannot be waived. 

Proof of Residence  - 3 proofs of residence (POR) are required.  We would prefer each player provide 5 proofs in case one of the 3 is found invalid.  There are 17 different forms of proof of residence.  For example, a Driver's License showing the address of residence of the player is one (1) form.  Another form might be a utility bill.  Please note that providing a gas bill and an electric bill is ONLY ONE form of proof, because they are both utility bills.  See the rule book for the list of forms of proof that can be provided (page 16)

Special Note - proofs of residence must have dates prior to Feb. 2013.  Again, refer to the Little League rule book, page 1 - Policy, and page 16.

Other Information

Below is  a great link from with more information about the All Star experience.