Canterbury Little League: Parents

Friday, April 24

Dear Parents-  

As many of you know the Canterbury Little League (CLL) has been undergoing a lot of changes this year.  These changes have been brought on with the desire to better the experience our children have playing baseball.  All of these changes could not have been brought about without volunteers willing to take the time to help out.  All of the board members, coaches, umpires and anyone else involved in your child's baseball experience are volunteers, that is, they are not paid.  

In order for the league to continue to prosper it is so very important that we continue to have volunteers, and not just the same volunteers that help at school, on the PTO, for the church, or at the library.  Its time for new faces, ideas and fresh approaches.  

 One opportunity to volunteer this year is, we are starting a new helper for all of the teams, very similar to C.E.S's classroom parent, they would be the team parent.  One who will keep score, make sure the kids are behaving on the bench while the coach is coaching,  helping organize the bringing of water on hot days or maybe an after-game snack, organize the fundraiser for the team, etc.  Also with this website, we are able to collect photos of each team and put them up on their team's webpage, so collecting photos from parents either hardcopy or via email would be helpful too.  

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer to make your child's baseball experience the best it can be.  Contact your child's coach or one of the CLL board members about volunteering or if you know someone that would like to volunteer please pass their name on to CLL.  

Thank you.