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Dear Parents of Canterbury Little League,

As some of you may have already heard the Canterbury Little League Board of Directors (CLL BOD) met on March 10, 2011 to discuss the future of CLL.  The board has been working diligently since September 2010 for the 2011 CLL baseball season. 

This year registration was down 34%.  The low registration causes a financial burden for CLL.  As a result of low registration, CLL would need to rely on Sponsorship to make up the difference.

This year CLL Sponsorship is down by 57% from last year.  The decrease in registrations also would result in reducing the funding raising abilities for CLL.  

This year we have also seen a drastic decrease in the number of parents willing to volunteer to help run CLL.  We have not been able to get firm commitments from parents to help coach teams, take positions on the Board or volunteer for fund raising.   The success of this program as with any program is the direct result of volunteers. CLL Board of directors had to take a serious look at these issues and to look to surrounding towns for help.   A number of towns are reporting low registration this year because of the number of spring sports now being offered (spring soccer and lacrosse).   

The board has met with Tilton/Northfield Little League (TNLL) to discuss the possibility of allowing the children in Canterbury to play in the TNLL program.  

The board has voted (8 to 1) in favor of dissolving Canterbury Little League.  Canterbury children will become part of the Tilton/Northfield Little League program this season.   At this time the board is in the process finalizing the details and transferring registrations to the Tilton/Northfield Little.  Once all the details are in place we send out another email with these details. 

If you do not want your child to play in the TNLL program please contact us.  It was not an easy decision to dissolve CLL.  However after much discussion it was determined that due to low registrations, sponsorship and the lack volunteers the CLL BOD had to look at what would benefit the children of Canterbury.  Please keep in mind the success of the TNLL program is the result of volunteers. 

Respectfully Canterbury Little League Board of Directors




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