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Tuesday, June 24
Masters 2015 Championships - The Locations and Dates
2015 Canadian Masters
Curling  Championships 
March 30 – Apr 5 ,2015 
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  Masters Provincial Championships  Announced Locations  and dates 2015
Masters Curling=60+ Athletes
Each CCA Member association runs it  own  Masters Championships .The winning team(s) in each Province qualify for Canadian Championship  play. 

The winning team(s)  who advance to the Canadians each year earn  the right to wear the prestigious  "Canadian Masters Heart " . This Crest is emblematic of  competing at the National level for the Canadian Masters Championship ! Men and Women  divisons  send a team to " the Canadian Masters"  wearing the  Provincial colours with the "Masters Heart" sewn onto the left chest position. 

Masters curlers thank all the volunteers  and host Curling Clubs who make The Provincial Masters Championships a reality  each year !  Now onto " the Canadians " !

Yukon - Dec 2-7,'014  Whitehorse  CC   George Hilderman(m) and  Ellen Johnson(w) Win berths
Ontario - Jan 7-11, Stirling CC, Tim Hortons -  Wayne Gowan and Diana Favel
P. E. I.  Jan 16-20,  Cornwall CC - Mel Benard and Shirley Berry .
Nova Scotia - Jan 30- Feb 3,
Middleton CC - Steve Ogden and Judy Burgeess 
New Brunswick - Jan 30-Feb 2, Thistle St Andrews CC, Saint John - Brian Mackin and Monique Taylor

Newfoundland - Feb 12-15, Bally Haly CC, St. Johns - Lew Andrews
Alberta - Feb 18 -22 , Calgary Don Scheidegger and Linda Wagner  
NW Territories - Feb 19-22, Yellowknife CC, Jack MacKinnon 
British Columbia -  Mar 3-8 , Nanaimo CC. Ralph Will and Karen Lapine
Quebec  F (W) -  Mar 2-9, Lennoxville CC Alma - . Michel LacChance and Odette Trudel
Northern Ontario - Mar 5-8, IdyIdlewlyde G+CC  Gordon Williams and Marion Clarke 
Manitoba - Mar 5-9, Swan River CC
Mens Ron Westcott and  Pat Malanchuk 
Saskatchewan - Mar 11-15, Kindersley CC, Bill Weppler and Merle Kopach 
Nunavut  - NA  

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As always please check with your Provincial Curling Governers for the latest information updates..
Whitehorse Curling Club 
March 30 – Apr 5, 2015

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Welcome Masters Curlers and Guests
Tuesday, January 20
The 2015 Masters Provincial Champions - Going for the Gold in Whitehorse !

 March 30 – Apr 5 ,2015 
  Whitehorse Curling Club, 2015 EVENT  RESULTS - NOW LIVE !
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2015 Masters Provincial Champions - Women

YK-  Ellen Johnson, Elaine Sumner, Ev Pasichych, Nancy Kawalyshen - Whitehorse CC
ON- Diana Favel, Sheila Rogers, Edna Legault, Sue Kollar
 - Rideau CC, Ottawa-
C J. Ciasnocha
PE- Shirley Berry, Sandy Hope, Shelley Ebbett, Arleen Harris - Cornwall/Charlottown CC
NS- Judy Burgess, Helen Brightman, Carolyn Kavanagh, Penny Neily -
Truro CC
NB- Monique Taylor, Anna Acton, Gloria Turner, Sharon McIntyre - Sackville-Moncton CC

NO- Marion Clark, Jan Pula, Debbie Grillanda, Bev Junnila
 - Port Arthur CC, ThunderBay
AB- Linda Wagner, Sandra Turner, Judy Carr,  Shirley Fisk – Calgary CC
Karen Lepine, Susan Beuk, Agnes Sigurdson,Donna Christian - Lanley/Cloverdale CC
Odette Trudel, Donna Gorman, Debra Ann Gorman, Lorraine Levasseur-
Trois-Rivières CC
MB- Pat Malanchuk, Karen Sheldon, Nancy Scammell, Ruth Wiebe – St Vital CC Winnipeg

SK- Merle Kopach, Audrey Crosson, Linda Delver, Janet Rooks- Granite CC, Saskatoon****

HT * Host Team, Pat Banks, Marg White, Val Whelan, Lorraine Stick - Whitehorse CC

**** Defending Canadian Masters Champions

Scroll Down for 2015  Pool Assignments
*Host team balances the pool draw . **NIA NU, NL, NW, No National Womens entry for 2015.Watch for more qualifiers as they emerge. Please visit again.  Thank you!


2015 Masters Provincial Champions – Men

YK- George Hilderman, Gord Zealand, Clarence Jack, Richard Trimble - Whitehorse CC
ON- Wayne Gowan, Rhod Trainor, Paul Bolduc, John Nixon
 – Dundas Granite CC
NL- Lew Andrews, Randy Pearcey, Les Barbour, Michael Witherspoon – Bally Haly CC

Steve Ogden, Brad Meisner,Peter Neily, Jamie Barr - Truro CC
NB- Brian Mackin , Chuck Kingston last Rock, Tom Rubec, Ken Smith
- Capital WC, Fredericton
AB- Don Scheidegger, Don Sanderson, John Wood, Doug Mullin -Lethbridge CC

Ralph Will,skip(lead rocks) Gerald  Kent(4),Peter Sweeetman (3) Laddie Pavlis (2)- Cranbrook CC
Jack Mackinnon, Garry Tkachuk, Al Hartman, Ben MacDonald - Yellowknife
NO - Gordon Williams, Edward Pedersen, Ernie Surkan, Ed Koivula,  - T Bay, Port Arthur CC 
-Michel Lachance, André Lessard, Omer Roussy, Marc Boulianne, Laval Chouinard(5th) Sept-Îsles CC  
MB- Ron Westcott, Keb Dusablon, Bob Boughey, Howard Restall - Fort Rouge CC
SK-Bill Weppler, Bob Waller, Jim Loos, John Grundy - Highand CC, Regina

Scroll Down for 2015 Pool Assignments
Mel Bernard, Lou Nowlan, Earle Prode, Alan Montgomery Silver Fox CYC

** NIA- NU and PE No National Mens Entry for 2015.
Watch for more qualifiers as they emerge. Please visit again. Thank you !

Teams Listed as they qualify or upon notification.

5th players are not used at the Canadians in 2015, but may be listed as a  Provincial Champion here.

 March 30 – Apr 5 ,2015 
  Whitehorse Curling Club, 2015 EVENT  RESULTS - NOW LIVE !

NOW LIVE Team info, Pictures, Draw,GAME RESULTn  NOW LIVE.
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Tuesday, January 20
Advance Notice - Masters Championships 2016, 2017, 2018

Championships  scheduled for Nova Scotia, Ontario, British Columbia 

        Get your team ready  and Enter and Play ! Thrive on 60 +plus curling

 Canadian  Open Masters Curling since 1986. Across Canada since year 2000 !

Become  part of  one of Canada's  great sporting traditions. Curl Masters !

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Thursday, February 19
BASIC OVERVIEW OF 2015 Championship Format of Play

The following is Summary Display  about the 2015 Competition. For additional information on the Format, Stone Assignments/ Selection, etc., please consult Section 3.0 of the Guide for the Specific Rules governing the Masters. Please refer to your own  guide  for any official information Please note that your provincial association representatives should provide to you, your personal copy of the  full Masters players guide  upon becoming the Provincial Champions of your Province/Territory .
Best of curling and Competing at the Canandian Masters Championships 2015.

2.1 Format for the 2015 Competition:  

A. General: The Canadian Masters always welcome all fourteen (14) Provincial/Territorial Member Associations to the 2015 Canadian Masters Curling Championship under its equal access policy. However, this year’s Event will have twelve (12) Men’s and twelve (12) Women’s teams

B.  Pre-Competition Practices      Will be held Monday, March 30st



            a)  The twelve (12) teams will be seeded into two (2) Pools of six (6) teams and each Pool (A & B) will play five (5) preliminary Round-Robin games within their section.  Standard seeded practice with the 2014 standings used as the Ranking basis:

Men Pool A


Men Pool B

Seeding Position

Women Pool A

Women Pool B
































   b) The Top-4 from each Pool will advance to the Championship Pool (C), carrying forward their    5-game R-R records, where they will then compete against the Top-4 teams from the opposite pool.    After, and including these Championship Pool games, the ‘’new’’ Top-4 teams will advance to the Playoffs.    

             c) The Bottom-2 in each Pool will advance to the Seeding Pool (D), carrying forward their R-R records and will play three (3) more games (two vs. the opposite section plus a ‘’re-match’’ vs. their original Pool team to ensure that each team will play a minimum of eight (8) games while at the Event.


    d) Tiebreaker games will not be played at any stage of the Event. Team Rankings will determine  the teams  that advance to Pool C or D and also those who advance to Playoffs.





     MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015             
   Womens and Mens
 Semfinal Playoffs 8 end games
Saturday April 04 2015 


     2015 Masters Champions of Canada
Winning Team

       Whitehorse CC YK - Sunday April 05,2015   


 GOLD, 2015  TBD

  RR 1  Qaulifier One    
  RR 4  Qaulifier Four     
           Masters Championship Finalist  
         Masters Championship Finalist  
  RR 2  Qaulifier Two  
  RR 3  Qualifier Three  


  Semi Final Winners advance to the Championship GOLD and SILVER match  !.

  Semi Final losers qaulifY  and play in the BRONZE Medal match ! 

  Pictorial only is shown. The actual draw and official draw will be On Site at the Whitehorse Curling Club.
 The Masters are adhering to a 2014 CCA decision taken by all Member Associations and Board members    to  have a similar format for similar Events (their Seniors and Mixed).

              e) The Director of Officials and Chief Umpire will make all final decisions with regard to the administration of all Championship Pool and Seeding Pool games.

  D. Team Rankings      When the ranking of teams cannot be determined by comparing their win/loss     records against the teams involved in the tie, the ranking shall be determined by using the DSD (Draw Shot Distance results.






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This spot reserved for Masters Champions of Canada

Canadian Masters Championship - Provincial Gold Leaders – Women

Women 2015  - The Masters Champions will win the Canadians  In Whitehorse 

Alberta  . 4 - 2008, 2007, 2001, 2000 - Oates, Wagner, Tucker, Raymond
Ontario. . . 3 - 2013, 2005, 2003 - Potter, Sorley, Sorley
Saskatchewan 3 - 2014, 2012, 2009 -  Kopach, Kopach, Morrison
New Brunswick. 2 - 2004, 2002 - Vaughan, Vaughan

Nova Scotia. . . . . 2 - 2010, 2006 - Bartlett , Bartlett 
Manitoba . . . . . . .  1 - 2011 - McDougall 

Canadian Masters Championship - Provincial Gold Leaders - Men

Men 2015 - The Masters Champions will win the Canadians  In Whitehorse 

Manitoba . 5 - 2009, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001 - Orr, Armour, Bailey, Grove , Fry
Ontario. . . . 3 - 2010, 2007, 2000 -  Dorey,  Edmondson, Sharples
B.C. . . . . . . . 3 - 2011, 2008, 2006 - Gelowitz, Pugh, Mackenzie
Quebec. . . . . . 1 - 2003 - Moon
Newfoundland . . 1 - 2012 - McDonald

Alberta . . . . . . . . .1 - 2013 - Breckenridge
Saskatchewan . . . . 1 - 2014 - Hritzuk

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2015 Masters Gold Winners and Champions
Champions and Golds Winners will be pictured here 

     Canadian  Open Masters Curling since 1986. Across Canada since year 2000 !


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2015 Masters Silver Winners
Championship Finalists TBD
Become  part of  one of Canada's  great sporting traditions. Curl Masters

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2015 Masters Bronze Winners and Playoff Finalists- The Ambasssadors
Championship playoff Surviors   Curl Masters !

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2015 Sportsmanship Award Winners will be honoured here ! Clik here for Past winners
Canadian Masters Sportsmanship Awards 

The 2011 Masters in Winnipeg featured the inauguration of annual Sportmanship awards.

Selection is voted  on each year by the all the participating players at each Championship.
The awards are presented each year to the curlers who best combine top skill factors,
alongside sportsmanship and leadership qaulities,  plus a passion for the game!

Good curling , good play and good sportsmanship!   Bonne Chance and fair play !
The players choice !
 WOMENS Sportsmanship Award - Sponsored by Curl Regina   !
MENS Sportmanship Award - The Martin Bailey Memorial  !

Plan Ahead for Masters Curling Success !

Canadian   Masters   Athletes   2015 and 2016    

. . Become the Champions of Canada ! win the Gold !

. . . . Get your team in game shape !   Enter and play in Nova Scotia in 2016 !   

. . . . . Win your Zone, Region, Province / Territory -  Have Fun - Play hard !

. . . . . .  Give it a Go !   -  Club Sixty+ Athletes  play  hard !

Congratulations - Masters Athletes - enter - shoot and play to qualify for the Masters Championships 


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