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Canadian Masters Curling - 2011 - Host Team !

Front row (sitting) left to right - Paul Batchelor, Gord Riddell, Terry Brownlee
Second row left to right 
- Bob McNaughton, John Helston, Lorne Gregorash, Jack Callum, Kathy Cox, Bob Picken, Neil Hagen, Bruce Burton
Missing - Elaine Jones, Jim Smith, Ralph Bullock

Championship Summary - Winnipeg - AMCC
2011 Canadian Masters Curling Championship                                              

Final report

The 2011 Canadian Masters Mens and Womens Curling Championships were held in Winnipeg MB from March 30th until April 5th at the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club. These dates were chosen so as not to conflict with two major bonspiels on the Club Calendar.  The official Hosting Agreement with Curl Manitoba was signed in late Apr 2010.  


Selection of a Host (Planning) Committee commenced in Feb 2010 and I am pleased to note that only one significant personnel change took place from start of the long planning process until delivery of a first class event in late Mar 2011.  The Committee met on a monthly basis and exchanged many E-Mails/phone calls while the sub committees met as required.   Integral to the composition of the Host Committee was the active involvement of Curl Manitoba staff members who provided very valuable administrative assistance, guidance and served as the point of contact with the other Provincial/Territorial Curling Associations.

 As per the attached list, all key areas of responsibility were under the direct control of the applicable chairperson with volunteers either assigned from a pool or hand picked.  I could not have asked for a more hardworking, dedicated and well connected Host Committee who simply made things happen while ensuring that everyone was kept fully informed of their activities.

The 100 or so volunteers, comprised mainly of club members as well as a number from the local curling community, stepped into the hack and went out of their way to make the curlers and guests feel as though they were part of the AMCC family.  Visitors to the Event took comfort in knowing that concerns were quickly addressed by simply chatting with a person wearing the distinctive red or blue golf shirt c/w event logo.  Competitors’ surveys were extremely complimentary concerning all aspects of the Host Committee/volunteer efforts including arrival, accommodation, hospitality, transportation, ceremonies, social aspects, officiating, publicity, ice and facility.  Those volunteers who ended up working on more than one sub-committee did so without hesitation and for the overall benefit of the Event.

The outstanding efforts of a volunteer photographer, which included a complimentary DVD for all curlers, added a definite touch of professionalism to the Championship.   All volunteers were recognized in a Appreciation Night which featured food, liquid refreshment and draws for a large number of prizes.  

Our Committee was extremely fortunate in having Elaine Jones as the National Committee Liaison and John Helston as an Event advisor.  Both of these individuals brought a wealth of corporate knowledge to the table, both from a competitor as well as organizational perspective.  Elaine and John were instrumental in the inauguration of the annual Men’s Martin Bailey Sportsmanship Award and the Curl Regina Sportsmanship Award for women as selected by participating teams for curlers who best combine a top skill factor with sportsmanship, leadership and a passion for the game. We were extremely pleased that Linda Bailey was able to present the Men’s award to Ignace Baranieski from Team Saskatchewan while Ellen Brennan, a long time competitor from New Brunswick, received the Women’s Award.


Through constant contact I was able to acquire valuable guidance and assistance from Mike Carson National Chair and other members of the National Committee.  Mike’s visit to the AMCC during the Championship was extremely beneficial in bringing a National focus while gaining immediate feedback from the competitors concerning the way ahead for Masters curling.   Pierre-Yves Roy, member of the 2012 Host Committee, also spent a few days at the Event gaining valuable insight into the planning and execution of a major Championship.


Following the Event, all Host Committee Chairs were asked to submit a report giving a brief overview of their area of responsibility, listing things which worked well and including lessons learned for the benefit of future Championships.


These unedited Reports are included with the understanding that issues such as use of time clocks, draw format, discrepancies in the rules, event duration, registration deadline, improved web site coverage, and title sponsor must be dealt with at the National Level.    Although not enunciated in a formal report, it should be noted that the very small Ice and House sub committee worked very hard with AMCC staff in providing an excellent ice surface and superb management of the facility.  The Financial Statement confirms that we exceeded our initial expectations, thanks in large part to the judicious budgeting of our Treasurer and very hard work on the part of the Sponsorship Chairman. 

 Securing adequate sponsorship was difficult at best and the Host Committee is extremely grateful to a number of businesses, individuals and levels of Government for their generous support of the Championship.  The City of Winnipeg deserves special recognition for hosting the Championship banquet.  

 In summary the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club was very pleased to host the 2011 Canadian Masters Mens and Womens Curling Championships. 

The Host Committee is very appreciative of the support shown by the Board of Directors and the untiring efforts put forth by all staff members in ensuring that all aspects of our facility were in keeping with the expectations of an event of this magnitude.  With rare exception the competitors and their guests were very welcome additions to our club and the Winnipeg Curling Community in general. 

We congratulate the Garry Gelowitz British Columbia team on winning the Men’s Championship and Joyce McDougall’s Manitoba foursome for capturing the Women’s crown. 

Many of us will have fond memories of early spring 2011 and will reflect on a lot of hard work culminating in a very rewarding experience.  It is our hope that this National Championship will be afforded its due recognition by the highest level of curling in Canada and future Host Committees will have a little easier task, particularly as concerns sponsorship.   

Please address concerns or queries to the undersigned and I will follow up with the applicable sub-committee chair.

Respectively submitted 

Paul Batchelor       Host Chairman 
           National Masters 2011    


Thursday, February 10
- 2011 Masters Press Release - National Field Announced

 Confirmation has been received  finalizing the provincial  entries for
 the 2011 Canadian Masters Curling Championships, to be held March 30th-April 5th
 at Winnipeg's Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club.
 Manitoba will have two men's teams  making a total of 12, divided
 into two divisions for round robin play plus four-team page playoffs. The
 winner and runner-up in the Manitoba Masters Championship March 10th-14th in
 Killarney will qualify for the nationals. The runner-up will be identified
 as the Host team. They will face teams from the
Yukon, North West

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario,
, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
 The women's field will have 10 teams, divided into two five-team
 divisions with crossover games in the round robin plus four-team page
 playoffs. For 2011, the Territories will not enter a women's team and
 Edward Island
and Newfoundland-Labrador will not compete in either category.
 The Joyce McDougall team from the Brandon Curling Club, with Linda
 Van Daele, Cheryl Orr, and Karen Dunbar, won the Manitoba Credit Unions
 Women's Masters title in December in Carman. The
Brandon foursome will carry
Manitoba colors at Assiniboine Memorial, and will try to become the first
 women's team from the province to win the event since it became a national
 competition in 2000.
 Manitoba has won the men's Canadian Masters title five times, guided
 by Barry Fry (2001), Ken Grove, subbing for an ailing Orest Meleschuk
 (2002), Martin Bailey (2004), Doug Armour (2005), and Ray Orr (2009).
 The 2010 Canadian Masters Champions ..were Mike Dorey's
 team, a come-from-behind 5-4 winner over
Manitoba's Ron Westcott in the
 final, and Team Nova
Scotia's Sue Ann Bartlett, who won seven straight
 games. Elaine Jones of
Manitoba was eliminated in the 2-2 page playoff in
 the nationals, held at the Thistle St. Andrews Curling Club in
Saint John,
New Brunswick.
Feb 09, 2010 Press release as Per Mike Carson( CMCC) and Paul Batchler of Manitoba  Masters Host Committee

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Changes for the 2010 Canadian Masters Championships
Crest2010Small 2x2Web view.jpg
Athletes Crest


The Canadian Masters is curling’s fastest growing national championship. The field for 2010 championship will be the largest ever.
12 women’s and 13 men’s teams from the Yukon to Newfoundland & Labrador will compete.  

In the past, this has been an eight-day event — a full round-robin with a maximum of two games a day per team. Using the same format in 2010 would increase the number of games by 60% versus 2009 and extend the duration of the event by two additional days. This would, of course, significantly increase the burden on the Host Committee and their volunteers. Since the cost of attending the event is borne by the curlers, accommodation costs would also increase for competitors.


Therefore, the Masters Committee, in conjunction with the Host Committee, has decided to adopt a pool format in 2010.  There will be two pools. The Women’s Championship will have six teams in each pool; the Men’s will have one pool of six teams and one pool of seven teams. Seeding of the pools will be based on last year’s results with new provincial representatives ranked according to their most recent participation.


Each pool will complete a round-robin.

The top two teams in each pool will qualify for a Page cross-over playoff. (The 1st place teams in each pool will play against each other in the 1-2 Game while the 2nd place teams will play against each other in the 3-4 Game. Etc.) The remaining teams will play a crossover game between equally ranked teams to determine the seeding for 2011. By adopting the pool format, we are able to complete the event in six days and reduce the costs for all competitors

We are also introducing a new crest this season. Not only is it the classic heart shape, it is the same quality as crests awarded at other Canadian championships. These hearts are green, unisex and bilingual. Special thanks to the Canadian Curling Association for assistance with the design and for supplying the hearts.


The 2010 Canadian Masters Championship will be hosted by the Thistle-St. Andrews Curling Club in Saint John, New Brunswick from March 28th to April 2nd.


Notes from Al Gemmell - Chairman Canadian Masters – Feb 4 -2010

 Above is the memo that I have distributed to all the associations 
but thought you might also be interested. If you are competing again 
this year, share the info with others competing

We had to go to pools because the number of games for a full round 
robin would have increased from 90 in
Saskatoon to 144 in St. John
The committee just doesn't have the volunteers and the extra days 
would involve increased ice costs. It's not perfect but we feel it is 
the best alternative.

The important piece is that the curlers should travel on Saturday, 
March 27th (no change) but depart Saturday, April 3rd (previously the 
event was to end on the 4th). So, a couple of days shorter than 



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Press Release - 2010 Masters Championship

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    March 22, 2010.   


 The Thistle St. Andrews Curling Club in Saint John, New Brunswick, will host curlers from around the country at the Canadian Masters from March 28th through April 2nd.

The event, for men and women curlers 60 years of age or older, is one of the fastest-growing competitive curling championship in Canada. This year’s field will feature 13 teams battling for the men’s title and 12 rinks vying for the women’s crown.  “Based on the numbers of competitors in playdowns across Canada, this championship has one of the highest number of participants,” remarked Valerie Laing, Host Chair of the event. "

“We’re extremely pleased to have the final 25 teams competing here in St. John.”  

This year, the event will unveil a new crest — green in color, the same for both Men and Women and bilingual. Al Gemmell, Chairman of the Canadian Masters Curling Committee, noted that, “…this new crest is of the same quality that curlers have come to expect at other Canadian championships.” 

There are men’s and women’s teams from every province, Northern Ontario and the Territories.  The Masters field is proof that curling is indeed a lifetime sport, as many noted men’s and women’s champions compete for this national title. Past men’s participants have included former Canadian champs and Brier participants Don Duguid, Barry Fry, John Helston, Art Lobel, Joe Gurowka and Doug Armour.

 This year, reigning World Senior Men’s champion, Eugene Hritzuk, makes his Master’s debut. On the women’s side, Lee Morrison skipped her team to the Masters title last year and was a part of four Canadian women’s championship rinks. Sue-Ann Bartlett is back at the Masters this year — she skipped Newfoundland & Labrador in numerous Scotties Tournament of Hearts and won this event in 2006.

Also returning is Alberta’s Sandy Turner, the 2007 champion. Senior Women’s champions competing this year include Lois Baines, Mary-Ann Robertson and Maymar Gemmell. New Brunswick has captured two Masters titles —Marlene Vaughan skipped rinks to wins in 2002 and 2004.  

“We may not have youth on our side anymore but you’ll see a lot of great curling during the Canadian Masters,” added Gemmell. “The players who compete at this level have so much experience and really understand the game. And they all play to win.” 

Ed. Note Masters Athletes are 60 + years of age and typically curl upwards of 100 games each season. Masters Athletes form the backbone of almost every curling club in Canada !

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 Please visit the web site or contact Al Gemmell at 705.849.0316