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Canadian Masters Championships April 8-14, 2013 - Across Canada since 2000 -

The 2013 Masters  Curlers will be Curling In Central Canada  at the Historic Port Arthur. Part of Thunder Bay. During April 8- 13th 2013  "the Masters Championship" checks into the oldest reported curling club in the region , that is  the Port Arthur Curling Club, which first opened in January of 1888.  Click above for some history and photos.

Port Arthur Curling is celebrating its 125 season during the 2012-2013 season

Thunder Bay's central location in the centre of the continent and at the head of the Great Lakes made it a natural meeting and trading site as far as the Paleo-Indian civilization 11,000 years ago.

Probably first occupied by French fur traders as early as 1678, the site where Thunder Bay now sets was permanently settled only after the birth of the towns Port Arthur and Fort William in the 19th century.

Fort William originated shortly after 1800, when the North West Company built a fur-trapping fort at the mouth of the Kaministiquia River.

Port Arthur, the Hill City, developed in the 1850s as a silver-mining settlement on the hummocks a few miles to the north. Both communities prospered in the early 1870s from silver strikes in the vicinity. An intense rivalry that existed between the two for some time was resolved with the unification of their harbor facilities in 1906.

Thunder Bay began a period of extraordinary growth as a result of transcontinental railway building and the western wheat boom.

  • The Canadian Pacific Railroad double-tracked its Winnipeg-Thunder Bay line.
  • The Canadian Northern Railway established facilities at Port Arthur.
  • The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway began construction of its facilities at the Fort William Mission in 1905
  • The federal government began construction of the National Transcontinental Railway.
  • Grain elevator construction boomed as the volume of grain shipped to Europe increased.

The boom came to an end in 1913-14 aggravated by the First World War, but a war time economy emerged with the making of munitions and ship-building.

The forest products industry has always played an important role in the Thunder Bay economy from the 1870s. Logs and lumber were shipped primarily to the United States. In 1917 the first pulp and paper mill was established in Port Arthur. It was followed by a mill at Fort William in 1920. Eventually there were four mills operating.

Plans to amalgamate the twin cities began in the 1950s, and the merger created the city of Thunder Bay in 1970.

Thunder Bay is Ontario's largest port, and Canada's sixth largest port, rated by tonnage of cargo. It is one of the largest grain handling ports in the world, with grain elevators having an estimated 2 million tons of storage capacity. The forest sector companies presently account for roughly 5.4% of Canada's total forest-based sales output.
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Thunder Bay - Home of Canadian and World Curling Champions

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 Thunder Bay is considered by many to be the "Curling Capital of Canada". Many
national and international champions have developed their skills in the area curling clubs..

Port Arthur and Fort William , now Thunder Bay, have a long and glorious curling history:
They can boast of World Championship rinks in both the men's and women's categories.

Some of the  achievements of ThunderBay area teams include:

 Bill Tetley Rink... (Brier Champions, 1975)
 Rick Lang Rink... (Mixed Canadian Curling Champions, 1979, 1981
 Al Hackner Rink... (Brier Champions, 1982, 1985;
World Champions, 1982
.   and  Canadian Senior Mens Champions 2006

 Heather Houston Team.World Champions, 1989.. (Canadian Women's Champions, 1988, 1989
Eila  Brown - Canadian Senior Womens Champions 1991

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Will 2013  be the first ever Canadian Masters Championship for a NOCA team ?'s_Canadian_Champions

See Eila Brown Team on U tube.  .

The Port Arthur Curling club in Thunder Bay is a great and historical curling venue !

As a provincial or Territory Masters Champion  you will be "curling where the legends play".

Curl hard. . .and shoot to win "The 2013 Canadian Masters Championships " at the PACC in T-Bay ! Make history by winning the Canadians here.

Will  NOCA's 1st Canadian Masters Title be captured at the Port Arthur Curling Club
Canadian Masters Titles have ben contested  in various forms since 1986 and across Canada from year 2000.

Best of success and  enjoy the SIX -TEE  + plus  game ! 
See you all April  8- 14, 2013 for the  shoot-out !
The best Canadian Masters  ever is just around the corner !  Enter - Curl - win   ! 

SIX-TEE + Plus Curling rules in 2013  !  !  !   . . think M A S T E R S   !

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Tuesday, November 6
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