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The Canadian Masters Committee - We are proud to serve the Masters as an All Volunteers Group

-These folks Guided and Faciltated The National Championships for our Masters Athletes of Canada  2007- 2017! 
In April of 2017 they  retired from this voluteering segment.. It has been our pleasure to serve and watch the Masters grow and flourish  each year. 
We wish  future success for Masters Curling  Championships  by the  present and upcoming curling executives of Canada alongside the Masters athletes. Thanks folks !

Mike Carson , Terry Vandale, Doug Bakes, Pat Banks ,
Paul Batchelor, John Helston, Bob Edmondson,
alongside the Host Event organizers each year. See complete list by scolling down. Merci !


National Chair Masters Championships, 
Mike Carson -    
CMCC 's -Proud to be
assisting with the data base and  Canada's Masters history - pindawg Dave Thomas- Canada's Curling Historian Thx Dave

If you can help maintain the site  moving forward please contact Bob Edmondson ______________________________________________________________________ 

Community Minded volunteers . support Masters curling !
Consider Signing on, have fun  and  and help Build Masters Curling ! Call your loacl curling executives !


Hello  Provincial curlers , needed  area representatives for the  Masters National Commitee
  Think about assisting to  Build  Masters Curling . Keep it alive ......since 1986. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Please  contact any  of the above CMCC  members . Thank you for considering this chance to serve !

THANKS for Serving  
   The event Chairs of Masters Curling Championships of Canada.
2019 - SK Jim Wilson  A World and x 2 Canadian Champion and present local contact
2018 - BC  Nigel Easton,mngr - Susan Martin-Darrrell Zbeatnoff  Event Co-Chairs (2018)
2017 - ON Doug Goff - Rod Stork  Event Co-Chairs
2016 - NS Tony Stirling - Kathy Siddall  Event Co-Chairs
015 - YK  Pat Banks - Elaine Sumner  Event Co-Chairs
2014 - AB Roger Hohm - Larry Taylor  Event Co-Chairs
2013 NO John Ellsworth
  Event Chair  
2012 - QC Michel Castonguay
   Event Chair  
2011 - MB Paul Batchelor  Event Chair  
2010 - NB Valerie Laing  Chair and Thistle Saint John CC President
2009- SK Warren Klassen-Vern Affeldt -   Co-Chairs - Saskatoon Sask
2008- BC Judie Roberts –  Chair + Curl BC Executive –  Nanaimo British Columbia 
2007 -ON Doug Bakes Mngr & OCA Executive
2007 -ON Judy and Barry MacklinMasters Co-Chairs - Hamilton ON 
2006 -NS Chester Smith - Jim Smith - Masters  Co-Chairs - Bridgewater NS
2005 -MB Walter Pickett - Bernice Nebras- Masters  Co-Chairs - Brandon MB - Riverview
2004 -BC Tony Volk-Carol McAstocker- Co-Chairs - Kelowna BC
2003 -SK Trent Richards and Trace Corman  Co-Chairs - Saskatchewan Assinobia CC
2002 -AB Des  Grant - Masters Championship  Chair - Medicine Hat, Alberta
2001 -MB TBL ?  Masters Championship  Chair(s) - Brandon MB - Riverview
2000 -BC TBL ? Masters Championship Chair(s)   - Surrey BC - Valley CC
The names of the Canadian Masters Event Chairs for 2000, 2001 are requested . If you  can provide any information please forward -Thanks  _________________________________________________________________
Most Past  Committee Members List . Thanks for serving  !  Appreciated !

Elaine Jones  - Member, Manitoba Sports Hall of fame + MB Curling hall of fame
Al Gemmell - Past Chair CMCC  2008, 09, 10 - NOCA Past President, retired.  
Nicole McCann  -
New Brunswick
Sandra Franey 2008-09-10 CMCC Member and New Brunswick CA Delegate
Don Bacon –  CMCC 2009 Chair ex - officio - Director Saskatchewan Curling (Retired)
Ian Staniloff
– CMCC- Executive Director Manitoba ( retired)
Wayne Braun – CMCC-Past President Curl BC
Ian Hennigar – CMCC- Former Executive Director - Curl BC 
Jim Pringle -CMCC - 2008-2009 - Alberta Curling Federation ( ACF) Director
 Help wanted - Volunteers recognition
Please send information about any contributors during the 1986 to 1999 Canadian Masters Championship era Thx.

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