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2001 Masters Champions - Men - MANITOBA, Women - ALBERTA


2001 Women - Alberta - Shirley Tucker, Ruth Kimmitt, Lorna Priddle, Betty Jean Buchanan


Alberta- Won the Championship with a win over British Columbia 

Finalist - British Columbia  Maymar Gemmell - Mert Snowsell - Dorothy McGowan - Marjorie Giles

Semi - Finalist Nova Scotia  (Elise Doane) Standing and RR standings now in,see below !
Thx Dave Thomas ( London Ontario) for supplying these standings

Host Province - Manitoba    Host Club - Fort Garry


 2 NOVA SCOTIA  (Elise Doane)        
Date BC (Gemmel)      
3 BC (Gemmel ) Date TBC          ALBERTA  
  Time     Canadian Champions
          2001 Womens Masters  
  1 ALBERTA (Tucker)


2001 Mens Masters Champions - Manitoba

Barry Fry, Don Duguid, Winston Warren, Barry Coleman


2001 Mens - Manitoba - Barry Fry, Don Duguid, Winston Warren, Barry Coleman

- Won the Championship with wins over Ontario (F) and Alberta(SF).

 A thrilling  last rock victory helps Manitoba  to Win this Canandian Champioship !

- Ontario Bill Dickie - Rod Matheson - George Dolejsi- Keith MacGregor- Cornwall

Semi Finalist
- Alberta   Bill Clarke - Herb Pearson - Will Sanders -Dan Smaltz - Calgary. Standings after the Round Robin ON 7-0, AB 5-2, Man 4-3  
Games memories and comment as recalled by Bill Dickie in June 2017.

"I would not know the line score of our 2001 Championship game but I do know the following:
Our Ontario team was leading Manitoba in  the final game 4 to 3 coming home; Fry picked us out from the side of the button to score 3 for a 6-4 win, with good use of the hammer.Obviously, we took 4-5 inches too much ice on that finally shot or we would have frozen on their rock on the button ! (Funny how we remember those shots forever! ?) 
Host Province - Manitoba    Host Club - Fort Garry 
2 ALBERTA (Clarke) 5-2        
Date MANITOBA (Fry) 5-3      
Time TBCPM        
3 MANITOBA(Fry 4-3) Date          MANITOBA (6-3)  
  Time     Canadian Champions
          2001 Masters Men  
  1 ONTARIO (Bill Dickie) 7-0


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Tuesday, June 13
2001 Final standings of the Teams

2001 Masters Results - 
Supplied by Dave Thomas, Canada's Curling Historian, June 2017

Mens Standings: (Note QC/SK/YK were 1-1 against each other - listed alphabetically)

ON  Bill Dickie                      (7-0)
MB  Barry Fry                       (4-3)
AB  Bill Clark                         (5-2)
QC Jean-Jacques Lafontaine (3-4)
SK  Barry McFarlane              (3-4)
YK  Gerry Miller                     (3-4)
NS Dallas King                        (1-6)
BC  Jerry Martin                    (1-6)

SF MB over AB 7-4.
F   MB over ON 6-3.

Womens Standings:

BC     Maymar Gemmell        (5-1)
AB    Shirley Tucker           (5-1)
NS    Elise Doane                (3-3)
ON    Nancy Clark               (3-3)
SK     Lee Morrison             (2-4)
MB    Doreen Lampard         (2-4)  
YK     Madeline Boyd            (1-5)

TB   NS over ON 11-6.
SF  AB over NS 13-9ee.
F    AB over BC 6-5.