Masters 2007: Welcome

Host Club - Glendale Golf and Curling - Hamilton, Ontario - Presented by Asham World Tour

Alberta and Ontario - Canadian Masters Curling Champions - 2007

Calgary and Oakville Curling Clubs

ALBERTA - Masters Curling Champions Of Canada - Ladies 2007


Linda Wagner, Sandra Turner , Marilyn Toews , Betty Clarke -  Calgary CC

Round Robin - Final Standings - Ladies Canadian Masters Championship

7-2 MANITOBA , Elaine Jones – Diane MacIver – Ruth Weibe – Ina Light
7-2 ALBERTA , Linda Wagner – Sandra Turner – Marilyn Toews – Betty Clarke
6-3 NEW BRUNSWICK , Grace Donald – Kay McGraw – Jan MacLeod - Ann Quigg
5-4 NOVA SCOTIA , Verda Kempton – Marilyn Schnare – Pat MacLeod - Diane Livingstone
5-4 SASKATCHEWAN , Carol Christopher, Shirley Palendat, Jean MacLean , Sharon Spense
4-5 QUEBEC , Pierette Boisvert – Diane Caron - Lorraine Valois - Pierrette Richard
4-5 YUKON , Pat Banks - Madeline Boyd – Elaine Summer - Phyliss Fiendell
3-6 ONTARIO , Cathy Keys – Sharyn Wilson - Vicki Polkinghome – Jackie French
2-7 BRITISH COLUMBIA , Eleanor Pierce – Ruth Threinen – Carol McFadden – Sandra Julien
2-7 NORTH ONTARIO , Heather Cousinea – Lisette Rankin - Marie Paquin - Carol Allard
......( This was the 1st year for Eight end games - All previous years were 10 end games ) 


Tie Breakers - None

Semi - Final
Alberta defeated New Brunswick

Ladies Canadian Championship Final
Alberta Defeated Manitoba  (EE)

2 ALBERTA (Wagner) 7-2        
Saturday April 7 ALBERTA (Wagner) 8-2      
9:00 PM        
3 NEW BRUNSWICK (Donald) 6-3 Saturday April 7    ALBERTA ( Wagner) 9-2  
  2:00 PM         Canadian Champions
            2007 Masters Women  
  1 MANITOBA (Jones) 7-2

The winner of the Masters Championship Sportsmanship Award for 2007 : 
   Heather Cousineau , Northern Ontario (Sturgeon Falls)


Ontario and Alberta - Finalists

ONTARIO - Masters Curling Champions Of Canada - Mens 2007

Champions of Canada 2007, Bob, Dave,Brian, Graham

Bob Edmondson, David Stewart, Brian Longley, Graham MacEachern – Oakville CC
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. . . . . . Team Sponsor  -  Moving on Real Estate (Brampton ON)

Round Robin - Final Standings - Mens Canadian Masters Championship 

7-2 ALBERTA  Keith Kaufman – Larry Bailey – Fred Mckenzie – Fred Haight
7-2 ONTARIO  Bob Edmondson – David Stewart - Brian Longley – Graham MacEachern
6-3 NOVA SCOTIA  Peter MacPhee – Jim Featherby – Don Macleod - Jim Quinn
6-3 NORTH ONTARIO  Al Gemmell – Brian Bilodeau – Bill Dubreuil - Mike Kurdell
6-3 BRITISH COLUMBIA  Hank Enns – Jerry Lawrence – Guent Drieger – Gerry Koverchuk
5-4 QUEBEC  Mike Carson – Pierre Tremblay - Jean-Luc Fortier - Andre Madore
3-6 SASKATCHEWAN  Richard Leippe – Gary Buring – Rolli Bachelu – Don Christopher
3-6 YUKON  Allan Gee – Gerry Miller – Clarence Jack – John Devries
2-7 NEW BRUNSWICK  Gord Snow – Rolly Lord – Jeff Mulherin – Dave Hall
1-8 MANITOBA  Martin Bailey – Lee Hooper – John Helston – Doug Holmes
......( This was the 1st year for Eight end games - All previous years were 10 end games ) 

Tie Breakers - None 
 - who beat who and team skills standings results set N. Ont. and B.C. aside
Semi - Final
Ontario  defeated Nova Scotia ( Peter MacPhee)

Mens Canadian Championship Final
Ontario Defeated Alberta with a score of 5-4 (Keith Kaufman)

2 ONTARIO (Edmondson) 7-2        
Saturday April 7 ONTARIO ( Edmondson) 8-2      
9:00 PM        
3 NOVA SCOTIA (MacPhee) 6-2 Saturday April 7    ONTARIO ( Edmondson) 9-2  
  2:00 PM         Canadian Champions
              2007 Masters Men  
  1 ALBERTA (Kaufman) 7-2

The winner of the Masters Championship Sportsmanship Award for 2007 :
.......Mens - Martin Bailey - Manitoba (Pinawa)

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Monday, April 16
MEDIA - World Curling Tour report

Oakville Rink wins the Canadian Masters Curling Championship

Apr 16, 2007 -- Glendale Golf and Curl - Hamilton Ontario -- It was quite the week in Hamilton at the beautiful Glendale Curl and Golf Club . Team Edmondson of the Oakville Curling Club ( representing Ontario) won the Canadian Championship in a playoff and are proud to be one of Ontario's "Team Canada's " along side the likes of Glenn Howard ( Mens open) and Anne Dunn ( Women's Seniors).

20 teams from across Canada , the "best of the best" took part in the Canadian Masters Championships. This event has been running since 2000 and is an outgrowth of the Western Canada Masters Championship which was formed in 1987.

Team Ontario played 11 games in all ( at the Canadians) and ended with a record of 9 and 2, and are now the Masters Curling Champions of Canada . Team Canada !

Team Ontario compiled a total win-loss record of 22 wins and 5 losses through the Ontario zones, regions, and provincials, and the Canadian Round Robin, Semis and Final Game to capture the Canadian Championship.

Needless to say winning the final game to become the Canadian Champions was quite the thrill for team Edmondson, and one for the ages ! Especially as the teams front end swept Ontario's final 2 rocks of the game onto the button (around a guard ) in the final end, to secure the championship. 3 rocks ended up on the button, two of them Ontario's rocks, both counting to give Edmondson the victory. David Stewart (vice) and Brian Longley (second) each made double rock takeouts of opposition stones in the last end to clear the path to set up the final winning shots.. Graham MacEachern (lead ) won his position all week long with a series on draw shots into the control zone in front of the house and the top four foot. Team Ontario's sweeping efforts were equal to the task through out the 27 game run to the Championship.

Team Oakville has won Ontario 3 out of the last 4 years and join Jim Sharples as the only other Ontario Rink to win the Canadian Masters Curling Championship Mens. Gloria Sorley of Niagara has won the Women's side two times.

All of the teams from across Canada who attended the event were happy about the WCT Players Assoc. sponsorship of this event, and hope curlers from everywhere in Canada help support The Canadian Masters Championship in the form of a note to Paul Boutlier via the WCT site. The press release can be viewed on the WCT or OCT site.