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 "Welcome - Bienvenue  !  
 Year  2017, April 3-9 - Guelph, Ontario

60 plus+ Athletes - Enter and play in 2017 !
Masters Curling Championships of Canada. 

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 2017 Guelph Curling Club in Ontario, 
 Next Up  BC
2018, SK 2019, MB 2020 . .

September 2016: Canadian Masters Curling expects that all Masters athletes  who participate at any level in this and subsequent seasons of the Canadian Masters Championships will follow the September 12, 2016 Curling Canada Sweeping moratorium.The purpose of the Curling Canada Sweeping Moratorium is to ensure a level playing field while protecting the integrity of the sport and the spirit of fair play. Players and coaches will be responsible for ensuring that any sweeping brush brought to the field of play is compliant. Currently Nylon Oxford 420D (mustard yellow) To  Read fully,  click the link . . .

 ________________________________________________________________________ 2016 - Kings County   Masters Curling Championships of Canada 
Proud Hosts were Glooscap ( Kentville) and Wolfville CC's .

Masters Curling say Thanks  NS for  hosting the Fantastic event.
"The Masters 2016 " ran Monday, April 4 - Sunday April 10.

104 plus+ Athletes Rocked the Valley in 2016 ! - Congratulations on  reaching the very Top Echelon !
Kathy Siddall and Tony Stirling alongside the  Valley volunteers -

Click below for Standings and records.!/competitions/2064/standings/3411

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      Gold Medal Winners  2017- Teams AB & SK     
   Alberta  Ed Lukowich  (m) & Saskatchewan  Merle Kopach  (w)   

Finalists & Silver . . . Bruce Delaney  ON   &    Margaret Cutcliffe  NS

   Bronze Winners . . . Eugene Hritzuk  SK   &   Pat Malanchuk MB
      Playoff qaulifiers . .   Keith Switzer BC   &   Isabel Yeamans  NB

The Sportmanship Award Winners .  The players choice !
Rod Aube -Skip of team NB    &    Janie Horbart -Vice of team NWT


Presently  many volunteers  assist and help guide Canada's Masters National  Championship.
The Member associations of Curling Canada host and operate the Masters Championships on a rotational basis. Also, each province runs its own Masters Playdown. 

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  Press release - Ontario and the Guelph Curling Club to  Host 2017 Masters  Championships !
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____Thanks Kentville and Wolfville CC's for Supporting 60 + Athletes_________ . .
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The Best of Canada's Best, 2016

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The Latest on the Canadian Masters Championships in Glooscap and Kentville CC's

Masters Curling, like the Brier and other Canadian  Curling Championships,  is hosted annually in provinces  across Canada. . The  efforts  of the host locations have been key in developing successful Masters Curling  Championships !  

2000 - B.C. Surrey- Valley CC . . . . . 2001 - Manitoba - Fort Garry CC
2002 - Alberta - Medicine Hat CC. . . . 2003 - Saskatchewan - Assinaboia CC
2004 - British Columbia - Kelowna Club. . . . 2005 - Manitoba - Brandon - Riverview Club
2006 - Nova Scotia - Bridgewater Club . . . . 2007 - Ontario - Hamilton  Glendale CC
2008 - British Columbia - Nanaimo Club . . . .  2009 - Saskatchewan -Saskatoon Nutana CC
2010- New Brunswick -Thisle St Andrews CC. . . 2011 - Manitoba Assiniboine Memorial CC
2012- Quebec -Boucherville+Lambert CC's. . . 2013 - North Ontario Prince Arthur CC Thunder Bay
2014Coaldale Alberta Host - Co Chairs John Ellsworth  and Larry Taylor 
2015 -Whitehorse Yukon hosts -  Co Chairs Pat Banks and Elaine Sumner. YK
2016 - Nova Scotia Proud Host Masters Canadians 2016 - Tony Stirling, Kathy Sibbald Co Chairs
ROCK the VALLEY  Glooscap(Kentville) and Wolfville  Curling Centres ! Thanks for hosting.
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2017 - Ontario -Guelph CC  -  Co Chairs Rod Stork and Doug Goff & Club Manager Kathy Brown.

The Ontario Curling Association along with the Guelph Curling Club and the 2017 Canadian Masters Curling Committee are pleased to announce that the 2017 Canadian Masters Curling Championship will be held at the Guelph Curling Club from April 3 – 9, 2017.   Athletes from all across Canada can qualify for the Guelph Canadian Masters Championships by winning their respective Provincial or Territorial Championships.
Ontario 2017- OCA Director Steve Chenier > clik Feb 29,2016 press release below

Proud Host - 2017 Masters Championships


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Masters 2015



Team Ron Westcott






Team Karen Lepine

British Columbia

Gordon Williams - NO



Diana  Favel - ON

Steve Ogden - Nova Scotia


Linda Wagner - Alberta

Ralph Will - BC


Pat Malanchuk - MB


Thanks Whitehorse - See you all in the Yukon -  please visit when you can ! 
Presenting Sponsor   NVD Hotel Divison !


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Masters 2014



Team Eugene Hritzuik






Team Merle Kopach


Les Rogers - AB



Diana  Favel - ON

Layne Noble - Ontario


Lorraine Jeffries - BC

Ralph Will - BC


Pat Malanchuk - MB


Masters Curlers of Canada and The National Committee
Sunday, April 14
2013 Womens Masters Champions - Ontario - Team Potter


Masters Champions of Canada = ONTARIO  wins the Gold Medals
Team Potter wins Ontario's 3rd Canadian Masters Championship (Womens)
This Team from Ottawa ( Silver winner in 2012) ran up a record of 9 and 1 through the RR and the playoffs and takes home the gold medals !  Double winners Joyce and Janelle are also Canadian  Senior Champions from a few years back.
Congratulations Team Ottawa, Team Ontario, now Team Canada ! Well done !
Experience takes the day in Thunder BAy

- 9-1 Joyce Potter, Diana Favel, Janelle Sadler, Jennifer Langley - Ottawa, Rideau CC 
   Part of a great curling article here about team Potter: Courtesy The OTTAWA CITIZEN

As a 14-year-old, Joyce played lead for her skip/sister Muriel when they won the 1964 Saskatchewan schoolgirls’ title.Almost 50 years later, which included a 15-year hiatus from competitive curling to focus on family and work, the Rideau Curling Club member has established herself as one of the top seniors (50 and older) and masters (60 and older) curlers in Canada

Since returning to curling 15 years ago, Potter has won nine Ontario championships - two in the intermediate division (1999 and 2001), four seniors (2003, 2005, 2009 and 2011), and three masters (2011, 2012 and 2013).
Her provincial achievements qualified her for seven Canadian championships, which produced two gold, two silver and one bronze medals as well as two fourth-place finishes.

She won gold at the national seniors in 2005 and the 2013 national masters in April in Thunder Bay,  Click the link for the full article . tHX OTTAWA CITIZEN for the reporting curling.


Sunday, April 14
2013 Mens Masters Champions - Alberta

Canadian Masters Champions ! - clik pic for 2014 info

 Congratulations Team Calgary, Team Alberta, now Team Canada ! Well done !
10-0 Harold Breckenridge, Don Hier, J.R. McDonald, Gord Dewar -
Calgary, Inglewood CC

Team Breckenridge goes into the record books as the first Alberta team to win the Canadian Masters Championship(M).This powerful Team from the Inglewood CC in Calgary Alberta sports a undefeated record at the 2013  Masters Championship. That record  goes really well with the Gold Medals, along with getting  thier names engraved on the  Masters Champions Shield of Honour. At least two members of team Breckenridge played well in the Soo Brier when Ed Werenich won ( 1990) so Harold,Jimmy MacD and company now have many more special memories  about Canadian Championship Curling in Northern Ontario,especially about the Port Arthur Curling  Club In Thunder Bay !  Ontario was not going to take the Canadian Championship away from team Alberta this time as Team Alberta defeated Team Ontario in both the RR and the Championship game in 2013 ! 
Canadian Championship curling  -  Where dreams and hopes can be fulfilled !

We wish team Breckenridge best of luck in 2014. A repeat the win on home turf in 2014 would be sweet,as The Masters Canadians are in Coaldale Alberta in 2014 ! See you there ! 


Media Link - Courtesy Calgary sun - NATIONAL CHAMP AT LAST !
 The fifth time was the charm for Harold Breckenridge. ... Calgary skip Harold Breckenridge won the Canadian Masters curling championship Sunday. Story here:April 14 -2013

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Canadian Masters Committee = The Great Volunteers

2016 CANADIAN MASTERS-Lost out in 2016 ?
Win your zone, region, province. Shoot to 'Win Gold at the Canadians' !

Put your 2016 and 2017 Masters team together now .
Join the Provincial and Territory Champions
The players choice 's !  Recognized at the players  National Banquet  annually !
- MASTER CURLING ROCKS! the numbers !
Did you know that from  2007-2015:
 > > over 3000 Masters teams have entered the Master Playoffs  with a dream of Victory.
That is over 12700 athletes  
Support Masters Curling - Enter your team in the Play-downs.  Grow the Champioships !


Scotland  National Masters Champions list  - Info here:
GRAND MASTERS CURLING TAKES OFF . . Now  a Curl Ontario Sanctioned event !
 Rod Matheson and Eldon Coombe  and wins the 2012 Championship ! Emondson wins the 2014 Grand Masters
 Canadian Curling Association Fact Book and Season of Champions 
 These CCA  publications  honour the  Canadian  Masters Curling Champions.  

HAll of FAME - ONTARIO GALS   two time Canadian Champions !
Click here  for picture.
Niagara Sports Hall of Fame click here.Then search for

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2017 CANADIAN MASTERS -  Watch here for this exciting location in Ontario 

Masters Curling Canada - Since 1987 Click for 2013

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2012 CANADIAN MASTERS CHAMPIONS - McDonald (M-NFLD) Kopach ( W-Sask)

Toby McDonald, Wayne Hamilton, Lloyd Powell, Paul Aiken - Ballyhaly CC

. . .  2012 Canadian Masters Champions 

Canadian Masters Champions 2012  - Men - Newfoundland
Finalists - Toby McDonald of Newfoundland wins over Lawren Steventon  of Quebec .
Canadian Masters Champions 2012- Womens -  Saskatchewan
Finalists  - Merle Kopach of Saskatchewan wins over
rJoyce Potter of Ontario.

Merle Kopach, Audrey Crosson, Linda Delver, Rae Wilson - Granite CC , Saskatoon

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Saturday, March 24
2012 Championship Standing - Quick List - CLICK THIS LINE FOR RESULTS.

2012 Championnats de curling des Maîtres  Flashback info !
The  Curlers  say
Thanks - Merci  ! "Boucherville + St lambert

Provincial and Territory  Masters Curling Champions !
Hello Canadian Masters Curlers  !  
Build your team now for  The  2016 Masters   Hosted By Nova Scotia's Glooscap  and Wolfvulle CC's .

Masters Athletes - Across Canada Curling Championships Since 2000 - Start 1987

GOLD Leaders - Canadian Masters Curling Championship


Canadian Masters Championship - Provincial Gold Leaders – Women

Alberta  . 4 - 2008, 2007, 2001, 2000 - Oates, Wagner, Tucker, Raymond
Ontario. . . 3 - 2013, 2005, 2003 - Potter, Sorley, Sorley

Saskatchewan . 4 - 2016,2014, 2012, 2009 -  Kopach, Kopach, Morrison,
N. B. . . . . . . 2 - 2004, 2002 - Vaughan, Vaughan

Nova Scotia. . 2 - 2010, 2006 - Bartlett , Bartlett 
Manitoba . . . . . . 1 - 2011 - McDougall 
B.C. . . . . . . . . . . . .1 - 2015 - Lepine

Canadian Masters Championship - Provincial Gold Leaders - Men

Manitoba . 6 - 2009, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001 - Westcott, Orr, Armour, Bailey, Grove , Fry
Ontario. . . . 3 - 2010, 2007, 2000 -  Dorey,  Edmondson, Sharples
B.C. . . . . . . . 3 - 2011, 2008, 2006 - Gelowitz, Pugh, Mackenzie
Alberts . . . .  .  2 - 2016, 2013 Lukowich, Breckenridge
Quebec. . . . . .  . 1 - 2003 - Moon

Newfoundland . . 1 - 2012 - McDonald

Saskatchewan . . . . 1 - 2014 - Hritzuk


1st Masters
The 1st Canadian Masters Champions - Team BC

Masters Champions 1987

The Canadian Masters Curling Championships started in 1987 and  became an across Canada National Championship event in year 2000 . The  Western Canadian Masters Championship was the forerunner of this event alongside the Maritimes Masters Championship.  Athletes who compete must be 60 years of age. Sixty (+) curling is one of the largest group of curlers  in Canada.The Masters Championship event is held annually in provinces across Canada. HELP WANTED - HELP FIND THE KEN WATSON SHIELD !  If you have ever seen this award( Pictured above) or know the wherabouts - Let us know  ! Help keep this historic throphy in circulation,
Plus if  you have had your picture taken with the Watson Shield ( 1987 to 1999) please forward a copy. 


2007 Spirit of curling announcement helps build curling  athletes

The Asham WCT and Capital One Grand Slam of Curling,  are pleased to assist the continued development of the Masters  level within our sport. The Masters players have laid the foundation for the Olympic athletes of today, and this is our way to say “thank you!” Our assistance with this National Championship is something that makes all players on the Asham WCT proud !...(  2008 and 2007 Press releases - Asham World Curling Tour  Sponsorship)  Masters Curling says 'Thanks World Curling Tour' for supporting !

Canadian Masters Curling Championship


The Masters Canadian Championship was sanctioned by the CCA delegates at the 1999 AGM.

     Masters Curling Championships of Canada has grown to 25 plus teams each year. This Championship is guided by the Masters Championship Committee of volunteers.  Each year a host committee organizes the Canadian Championship and takes a huge responsibility of funding  and sponsorships to  help provide the annual costs of hosting the Canadian Masters Championship. The CCA Member Associations  assist with some of the uniform, travel and lodging costs. Since 2007 a volunteer committee has povided the guidance on of thie event,

Exopected soon CC stewardship and operational guidance and equitable funding. 


      The future of  Canadian Masters Curling Championship  requires the resources of the CCA, the Provincial Associations along with existing support groups . Sponsorship  development  will strengthen further as the full resources of the CCA and Member associations are applied  to the Canadian Masters Championship Event. The Masters is now a part  of the annual CCA Congress process.  
Masters Curlers thank the efforts of The Canadian Masters Committee Members and  the  Championship event volunteers , who alongside the event sponsors make this event a reality each season !
Masters Curling -Since 1987 ! - Across Canada from year 2000 to present.

Click for Masters Champions Honour Roll
Click Canadian Masters Tab for all Masters Champions !

TwoTime Canadian Masters Champion (2004 Champs Photo) - NB

NOTE: This is an information site about Masters Curling in Canada.
Historical data is posted from time to time as it is collected from competitors, volunteers and other  sources. Accuracy is  work in progress and is maintained as well as data sourcing permits.  Additional  details about the Canadian Masters Champions, Finalists, Semi-finalists, participating players and RR standings is welcomed from persons who  can supply data for this  Masters historical data base. The vision is to have this "Masters Collection" information placed on  web sites such as  Canadian Curling Association or the other Member associations. The Canadian Masters Champions  have been featured in CCA publications  (  Extra End Mag  and Annual fact Book) since 2008.
Note: No liabilities are assumed by the volunteers. Corrections and updates are welcomed. All rights reserved.  Please request permission to use any data from this site.
Thanks to all persons and sites who have fowarded data so far. Enjoy  your visit ! 
Copyrite from 2008- 2012  plus ,the day- night you might visit this web-site.
Masters curlers from 2007 to 2011  number over 2050 teams  who have entered Masters playdowns.That is over 8200 curlers who have said YES to MASTERS CURLING CHAMPIONSHIPS. A much bigger number of participants  exists if you roll back and add in the teams and players from 1986 through 2006 !
Beyond the Championship playdowns , it is thought that  60 + curlers form the backbone of most/many  curling clubs in Canada.

Manitoba - Barry Fry, Don Duguid, Winston Warren, Barry Coleman

Canadian Masters Committee - Please Click this line for information.

If you are able to serve as  a member of the Canadian Master Championships  Committee please contact the CMCC Chair (Mike Carson)  or Elaine Jones in Winnipeg.. 

note: No liabilities are assumed or will be  assumed by the CMCC or the volunteers. CMC is a voluteer group of individuals  building Masters Curling in Canada. Copyright properties are in place 2000-2013. Thanks to all sources for the courtesy of any or all shared info that may be posted on this site. Masters Curlers thank  all contributors of content forwarded and posted.  Should you wish to assist on keeping this site alive with donations of time or $$ or company sponsorship , please contact Chair Mike Carson. ( easy  to do..visit the committee page ) Enjoy your time on the CMC Web ! 

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