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Tuesday, January 27
California Chaos Travel Softball Program

The California Chaos fast pitch softball travel program was formed in August of 2000. The program initially consisted of a 14under team which competed in both the Fall 2000 and Summer 2001 seasons. A 16under team was formed in August of 2001. It competed along with the 14under team for the Fall 2001 season. During the Summer 2002 season, the initial 18under California Chaos team will take to the playing field. The 16under team will take the summer season off, but will return in the Fall of 2002 to bring the total number of Chaos teams in competition to three. The Chaos program receives its players from areas throughout the Sacramento Valley and farther.  Currently, Winter 2009, the California Chaos Travel Softball program fields one team, a fifteen member, 18 Gold team.   We We

The California Chaos program was formed to give individual young ladies the opportunity to play highly competitive softball. Those individuals who desire to play softball after high school are able to work on their skills under the tutelage of knowledgeable coaches. We believe that our young women are receiving superb development in the areas of: athletic skills, knowledge of the game of softball, collaborative learning and production, leadership, and becoming a team player. We believe these areas will help our graduates to become very positive and productive citizens in the future.

The California Chaos has a nine member governing board of directors. With players coming from such a wide range of areas, we try to have all of these areas with representation on our board.

  California Chaos Board of Directors

President Pat Dempsey Live Oak
Program Director Pat Dempsey Live Oak
Assistant Program Director    
Area Representative    
Area Representative    
Parent Liaison    


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Friday, August 9
Fall Tournament Schedule

                                     California Chaos Gold Fall 2013 Tournaments

     Date                                Tournament                           Place

Sept. 7-8                                   Grapettes "Battle of the Best"                        Stockton

Sept. 14-15                           R.R. Gold "Fall Showcase of Talent"                    Stockton

 Sept. 28-29                                     Bay Area Showcase                                 San Jose

 Oct. 5-6                                   Grapettes "October Showcase"                        Stockton

 Oct. 19-20                               Surf City "October Showcase"                         Huntington Beach

 Oct. 26-27                              Surf City "Halloween Showcase"                       Hemet  


 Head Coach: Pat Dempsey

                       cell: 530-301-4902




Monday, January 21
California Chaos Gold 2013 Summer Tournament Schedule

                       Gold 2013 Summer Tournament Dates

  Date                              Tournament                                  Place

May 25-26                     AASA Memorial Weekend Showcase                             Tracy

June 1-2                               Grapettes "June Classic"                                       Stockton

June 8-9                                    R.R. Gold Showcase                                          Stockton

June 15-16                                  Valley Invitational                                           Portland, OR

June 21-23                                 P.G.F. National Qualifier                                  Salinas

June 29-30              Summer Battle of Gold, Invitational/Showcase                     Stockton

July 6-7                      Summer Sparktacular, PGF Regional Qualifier                 Sacramento

July 13-14                            Surf City "Summer Showcase"                             Huntington Beach 

July 20-21  T.B.D.

Wednesday, August 22
2012 Verbals and Signings

Congratulations are in order for Madeleine Harvell, 2012 California Chaos graduate.  Madeleine will be attending Sacramento City College in the Fall of 2012.  We all are very happy for Madeleine and extremely grateful for her contributions to the success of the California Chaos program.

 Madeleine had the following to say about her decision to attend Sacramento City College:

"I chose to attend Sacramento City College because it is affordable, has a great coaching staff, and opens many doors for me in the future.

Sacramento City College provides a way for me to improve my softball skills, preparing me to move on to the D1 or D2 level that I strive to play at, while still receiving an excellent education at a price far reduced from that of a four year university.  While deciding on colleges to apply to, it seemed the one college I wanted to attend the most was just out of my reach financially.  Sacramento City College provides me another opportunity to attend that college in two years with only two more years of tuition to pay and a possible scholarship.

I am majoring in Kinesiology Athletic Training and am looking forward to a great experience at Sacramento City College."


Congratulations are in order for Aubrie Tolliver, 2012 California Chaos graduate.   Aubrie received an athletic scholarship to attend Sonoma State University in the Fall of 2012, where she will continue her education and softball career.  Aubrie showed herself to be an outstanding player and caring teammate while playing behind the dish for the Chaos Gold.   We are all very proud of Aubrie and her accomplishments both on and off the field.   We look forward to seeing her in a Sea Wolf uniform. 

When asked about her decision to attend Sonoma State University, Aubrie had this to say,

"After applying to many colleges such as the University of Missouri, UOP, University of Utah, and St. Johns; for me, I want to be challenged both academically and athletically.  Therefor, I chose Sonoma State, choosing to enroll as a Communications major.  In addition, I also want to compete on a highly competitive softball team, pushing me to become the best possible player I can be.  I look forward to playing the next four years under Coach Bridges and Coach McCormick."


Congratulations are in order for Paige Oliver, 2012 California Chaos graduate.  Paige accepted an athletic scholarship to attend Pomona Pitzer College, one of the nation's top educational universities.  While playing her final year of travel softball with the Chaos Gold, Paige solidified the infield with her glove work and bat.   We all are very impressed with Paige's accomplishments.  Her success story is just beginning. 


Congratulations are in order for Alex Silva, 2013 California Chaos graduate.  Alex has committed to attend school and play for Biola University in the Fall of 2013.  "Hard Worker" is definitely an attribute of Alex, clearly visible in the amount of growth she has made as a pitcher.   Alex has two more seasons of Chaos Gold softball before she takes her skills to southern California.  We look forward to Alex finishing her Chaos career in outstanding fashion.